DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story depicts a loving/sexual relationship between people of the same gender.

Blessed by Kahless
By Ezrilover

B'Elanna as a three year old woke up one morning smiling and her mother asked her, "what's so great" with a quark in her ridged brow.

B'Elanna answers, "I had a really neat dream…" while jumping up and down in excitement.

Miral smiled and through back her head in a hearty laugh, "well what was it about silly?"

"I was playing with this girl…"

"And what did she look like?"

B'Elanna's little bright eyes rolled up in thought, "she had really light hair almost white and she was definately human." She finished with a bobbing head and an overly enthusiast smile.

"And what were you playing?"

B'Elanna's little mouth opened and shut, she bit her little pouting lip and her brow furrowed, "I'm not sure, but we were speaking Klingon."

Miral's mouth opened, this could be a sign from Kahless, "do you know what you said."

"Only in Klingon. I don't know what it means."

"Let me hear it, please." Miral said looking into her little daughter's eyes, this could be anything, for Kahless sake he could be telling her that her child is going to die.

"Wa' tIq Wa' Dol" B'Elanna said with a smile, remembering the little blond kneeling in front of her whispering those words as did B'Elanna. Neither with any coaching from the other or anyone else.

Miral let out a large soft exhale and smiled with relief, "it means "One heart one entity" it's a betrothal promise. Do you understand what that means?"

B'Elanna looked excited as she shook her little head no and her long brown hair drifted around her shoulders

"That someday when your all grown up you'll and that girl will find each other and mate for life, Kahless has willed it so," Miral said smiling at her beautiful young daughter, she had always worried that B'Elanna wouldn't find someone who could accept her as she was, but Kahless wouldn't make a match between incompatible people.

Annika Hansen sat up in her little bed and looked out the starry window of the Raven, and tried to remember the features of this girl in her dream she was beautiful with dark eyes and hair and ridges on her brow. Annika smiled and wandered out of her bedroom just on to the bridge, "mommy?'

Erin Hansen smile at her beautiful young daughter, "yes honey?"

Annika smiled at her mommy, "is there as a um, spices, of um, hum…an…oid, that has ridges on it's head?"

"Quite a few actually. Here does what your talking about look something like this…"

name? said as she polled up a picture of a Klingon.

"Yes…" Annika said leaping up and hugging her mother, "thank you."

And then Annika Hansen returned to her bedroom to play because she knew her mother and father wouldn't want her on the bridge where she could get hurt.

Seven of Nine Tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix zero one broke her regeneration cycle and went to her workstation and documented the fragment of memory that had just resurfaced.

Memory Resurfacing Manifestations


Tonight I remembered a conversation I had with my mother when I was very young, I asked her what spices had ridges because as I can just barely deduce I had a dream of a Klingon, all I know is that the dream was pleasant.

B'Elanna Torres sat up in her bed covered in sweat and shivered deeply sensually, "What a dream."

"Why do I continue to have this dream, you would think puberty induced dreams would go away after puberty. Not that I'm really complaining it's the best sex I've ever had." B'Elanna said to herself before laughing out loud and falling back into her bed happily, "I suppose I'll have to get ready for work."

Seven shook herself out of her regenerator and walked to her terminal…

Computer open Memory Resurfacing Manifestations


…They've become dreams now, but some how I know that they should be remembered dreams. I feel as if I was always meant to have these dreams of a dark soft feminine body covering mine and whispered words I can't make out.

B'Elanna woke with the words, "Wa' tIq Wa' Dol" on her lips.

"Oh Kahless, how cruel of you to allow me to find that my heart belongs to another when I'll never find her." B'Elanna now recognized the bond and with tears on her pillow fell asleep to dream of the love she should have had.

"One heart one entity." Seven's mind whispered to her while she regenerated. When she awoke she turned on her terminal and wrote those simple words.

Memory Resurfacing Manifestations


One heart one entity, I'm sure this is an oath of some kind I most find out what this all means. I still don't know what the woman of my dreams looks life or what species she but I know this was what was truly meant to be. What was meant to be can never be.

B'Elanna walked past Seven who was slumped rather un-inquiringly over a data padd mumbling, B'Elanna stopped in her tracks and smiles crookedly she had to know what was bugging Seven.

As B'Elanna moved closer to Seven she started to hear bits of what Seven was mumbling like she was trying to translate the same thing into as many languages as possible, B'Elanna heard Vulcan and Betazoid, and finely she heard the words, "Wa' tIq Wa' Dol," and her heart stopped.

"One heart one entity," she whispered shakingly under her breath but Seven heard.

"What did you say?" Seven asked turning around to face B'Elanna.

"It's an ancient Klingon bonding oath that has for as long as Klingon's have been among other spices has been secret and solemn, no one knows it not even the Vulcans."

"You just broke that rule." Seven said while raising a metal brow.

"Not if you need to look the words up, the only reason someone would look those words up in that pairing all of a sudden like was if they had just found in their deepest of dreams the memory of their oath." B'Elanna was moments away from hyperventilating, could it be Seven.

Seven's mouth dropped open, "the dreams" she said very quietly.

B'Elanna looked at Seven's wide blue eyes and saw her confusion, "do you remember the original dream?"

"I do not know, what would have been like?" Seven asked very softly sounding more human than B'Elanna had ever heard her.

"You would have been a child in the dream because it would have happened at the youngest possible age, who ever was born first and at the age of three."

"Yes I remember a dream as a child of playing with another child, but all I remember other then that was the after waking I asked my mother what species had a ridged forehead."

"And I remember a young human girl who was so blond her hair looked white, I've dreamed of her for years and thought that was as is most common the last time I saw her face I did meet with her often in a more adult fashion after puberty. You missed puberty and probably never had those dreams."

"No, I have had them recently it was in one of those dreams that I heard the words One heart one entity." Seven looked into B'Elanna's eyes for the first time ever, "We are bonded by Kahless' oath"

"Yeah, that explains a lot." B'Elanna said remembering the bite on her cheek, and touched the spot with the tips of her fingers.

Seven noticed this and smiled leaning forward "Mine."

B'Elanna felt her skin break in a moment of pure bliss, she had been claimed, and now she would claim that which truly belonged to her. "Mine," she said softly before breaking Seven's beautiful pale skin before the whole of the mess hall.

There was silence all around as the crew of the starship Voyager watched a joining blessed by Kahless.

The End

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