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Blistering in Miami
By The Other Liz


Calleigh slowed the Hummer to a stop at the light and pulled the sweat soaked shirt from her chest. Air conditioning or not, it was still hellaciously hot.

"Ugh... this is ridiculous..." she said.

She glanced at the two CSI's in her rearview mirror who were wearing the same look of uncomfortable disgust.

"I don't see why, given the current heat wave, we can't wear something more casual." Ryan grumbled.

"Doesn't help that half the Hummers are in the shop so we all have to pile into one." Eric said.

Natalia continued to gaze out the window, wishing she were anywhere on the beach that she saw. Calleigh smirked, knowing where her girlfriend's mind was. Calleigh reached out and softly brushed her hand against Natalia's. The boys had long since gotten over the fact that the two hottest female CSI's in the state were taken... and with each other.

"Where are you at?" Calleigh asked softly.

Calleigh also knew that this case was taking its toll on Natalia. Slowly but surely, the domestic issues between the deceased wife, the frightened children and the more often than not angry father became apparent. Natalia pulled her eyes away from the beach to drown in emerald eyes instead. Natalia laced her fingers through Calleigh's and squeezed gently.

"Dude, it's green! Go!" Ryan interrupted the moment.

Calleigh and Natalia both jumped as the boys high fived.

"Asshole..." Natalia muttered, a smirk present on her face.

She reached over and hit the seek button on the radio until it landed on something she preferred. Calleigh smiled as she recognized the beat to the song. Natalia giggled at the memory of her and Calleigh jumping around their living room singing it while Calleigh wielded a plastic guitar controller.

"Aw I love this song!" Ryan said, shoving himself between the seats to turn it up.

Calleigh pushed him back to the backseat by his head.

"Put a seatbelt on!" she smirked as she let off the brake and hit the gas, sending him flying back into his seat.

"Ha! Pwnd!" Eric laughed.

The song had gotten quieter as the frontman whispered the lyrics. Each team member wore a deliciously evil smirk. Calleigh glanced over at Natalia whispering the lyrics right along with the song.

"I'm high as a kite. I just might stop. to. check. you. out!"

The other three, no longer resisting the temptation of singing the ridiculous song joined in.

"Let me go on like a blister in the sunnnnn.... Let me go onnnnn big hands I know you're the one!"

Calleigh laughed as the three others did their own spontaneous air guitar for the end of the song. If anyone in the traffic outside the Hummer were to look over, the three of them would appear to be having complete spazmatic fits. Now that's a 911 tape Calleigh would pay to hear.

'There are three county criminalists who appear to be having seizures in one of your Hummers right now!'

The blonde shook her head and smirked.

"Ok ok... one thing should be said right now."

"What's that?" Natalia asked still laughing.

"H never finds out about this." Calleigh grinned.


The End

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