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Being Blonde is Overrated
By Ann


Worried that Sabrina was ill, Kelly let herself into her lover's apartment without bothering to knock. Bosley had said that the angel had been out of sorts all day, mumbling under her breath and staying in a foul mood the entire time she'd been at the office. Granted, Sabrina had been swamped in paperwork, but Bosley believed that something was definitely wrong with the brunette.

"Bree? Where are you?"

No answer.


A pause. "I'm on the balcony. Grab a beer from the fridge and join me."

The 'other' dark haired angel peered through the sliding glass door to find her lover sitting in a patio chair with her feet propped up on the railing. Not really in the mood for alcohol, Kelly moved into the kitchen and retrieved a beer anyway.

"Hey," Kelly offered, brieflly pecking her lover on the lips before taking a seat next to the brooding angel. Several empty beer bottles lay on the table nearby, and only one was still sporting its label. Glancing down, Kelly noted the tiny pieces of paper lying all over the floor. Something was definitely wrong with her lover if she'd taken to peeling off the labels and especially if she'd haphazardly allowed the remnants to litter her balcony.

The couple sat in silence for several more minutes. Sabrina finished her current beer and immediately began to worry at the paper surrounding her bottle, a frown appearing on her face as she concentrated on her attempt to remove the label in one big piece.

Kelly reached over and steadied the other woman's hands. "Sabrina, what's bothering you? Did something happen at the office?"

Nothing. Nada. The other woman just continued to work a fingernail under the edge of the label.

Folding her arms over her chest, Kelly narrowed her eyes. "Okay, the silent treatment may very work with Bosley, but it's not going to work with me. So, spit it out."

The dark haired angel looked at her lover, focusing on Kelly's equally raven hair.


"Excuse me?"

"Blondes. I volunteered to help Bosley organize all the old case files, and I found myself reading the different specifics of each case as I was categorizing. At first, I was only looking at the dates, placing the files in chronological order, but I got bored."

Shrugging, Sabrina frowned. "I'm tired of being the 'smart' angel, the go-to girl, the one who always had to bail Jill out and, now, Kris, too. Well, most of the time anyway. I'm the angel Charlie always turns to when he wants results or when he needs answers. I want to be the blonde for a change."

Changing to a sing-song voice, the brunette continued, "Call Sabrina, she'll figure it out. Sabrina, Kris needs help. Oh, Sabrina, can you check out the suspect's apartment while Jill uses her feminine wiles on him?"

"And what am I? Chopped liver?" Kelly protested teasingly, making up for her semi-abrupt tone by standing and straddling her lover's legs, causing Sabrina to have to lower her feet from the balcony railing.

"Huh?" Sabrina seemed to come out of her ranting long enough to realize that she may have inadvertantly dissed her lover as well.

The slightly inebriated woman quickly attempted to backstroke her way out of potential trouble. "Oh, no. I'm not complaining about your skills, Kelly."

Cupping her lover's face, Kelly looked into glassy dark eyes. "I know, Bree, but I have to admit to being guilty of turning to you too many times as well. It's just that you have a sixth sense and see things so much clearly than the rest of us. It's kind of sexy."

Sabrina brightened at the comment. "Sexy? You think I'm sexy."

"Yes, honey, I do. Brains are veerrry sexy."

"So, you love me for my brains?"

Kelly slid her hand behind her lover's neck and leaned in close. "Yes, Bree, but I love you for your other skills just as much."

Sabrina smiled and wormed her hand under the other woman's shirt. "What other skills?"

In a single motion, an adept hand freed Kelly's breasts from the confines of her bra, sliding to caress her nipple before she could respond to her lover's question. Leaning into the strong hand, she managed to moan her reply.

"Um, let's see. Your dexterity is second to none."

Squeezing hard, Sabrina's tone turned cocky. "Like this?"

"Oh, yeah. Just like that."

"What else, Kelly?"

The dark haired angel seemed to be sobering by the second; any effects of the beer long gone as Sabrina continued to fondle her lover while managing to skillfully manipulate the zipper of the other woman's pants.

"Um, did I mention how good you are with your hands?" Kelly was quickly losing all ability to think and, recalling her lover's earlier words, she wondered if this was how Jill functioned on a daily basis.

Sabrina chuckled as she slid a hand into her lover's pants. Without losing a beat, she squeezed both an ass and a nipple in perfect synchronization, amazing herself with her ability to make her lover moan so easily. Her earlier thoughts faded into the background as she changed her focus to the here and now. So what it she always had to come up with the strategies and solutions? It'd worked just fine up to now.

Manuevering into a more upright position, the brunette teased her lover's lips with gentle kisses as she moved her hand to where Kelly needed her most. Soon, fingers and tongues came into play; both women moaning in obvious pleasure. As her lover slowly began to ride her hand, Sabrina gladly accepted her fate in life.

Smart? Smart was good. In fact, it was very, very good.

Being blonde? Now, that was definitely overrated.

The End

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