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NOTE: Fourth in Newtonian series.

Bodies in Motion
By Cirroco DeSade


Naomi Wildman

Earth-Science/History Report

…In 1666 a Terran scientist named Sir Isaac Newton had already begun to describe three laws of physics that he believed governed the universe. Despite the fact that in his time there were none of the instruments we use today to prove his theories, his brilliance in mathematics, at the early age of twenty-four, made way for other scientists on Earth. Seven centuries later, we have found that, barring extreme chaotic circumstances, his laws hold true. In their most simplistic terms he stated that, a) for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction, b) acceleration equals force divided by mass and c) A body in motion tends to stay in motion while a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Further study has shown that…

Hours before Alpha shift was to begin, B'Elanna Torres awoke to the pitch black of her room. She was instantly aware of everything around her, her senses on edge as she realized the import of the day. Never had she felt so in touch with her Klingon side as much as she did now, at least not in a positive way. Most times her Klingon side had only provided her trouble. However all that had changed in the last few weeks and one amazing woman was responsible for that change. A woman whose outlook was so different from anyone else B'Elanna had ever known. A woman who could look deep down inside of the oft-troubled hybrid and find something to love.

The chronometer at her bedside read 0500. B'Elanna bound out of bed and stretched. She made her way through a healthy breakfast, performed a few stretches and exercises, and finally returned to her en suite to prepare herself for what lay ahead. She spent some of her few remaining rations on a hydro-shower and scrubbed herself pink. Partly because she wanted to be perfect, but also because it gave her an outlet for the case of nerves she was developing.

The terrifying idea that this all-out effort to give her heart to Seven might fail threatened to shake her apart. However, she had stopped running away from problems years ago. Apart from that, she knew how important this was for both of them. Failure was not an option. They were meant to be together, and she would fight tooth and nail to make it happen.

After she was fresh and clean, she dressed herself in loose white pants that tied at her ankles and waist with simple drawstrings. She forfeited any underwear, and finished her outfit with a loose, deep-purple tunic. It was long sleeved, with a v-neck because instead of buttoning or zipping, it wrapped around her, with long ties that wound around her waist to knot in the front.

She checked the clock. 0525. It was time to go. She left her quarters hoping that when she returned everything would be as it should be. She padded down the hall barefoot, not passing a single person all along her journey to the cargo bay. 'I will change this no matter what happens today. She shouldn't have to live in a cargo bay.' Letting her mind roam over details of what it would take to move an alcove, she found herself a lot less nervous when she arrived. She strolled in calmly and took her place in front of Seven's alcove, then waited patiently for the cycle to end.

"Regeneration cycle is complete."

The ice blue eyes she had long to connect with opened, then immediately focused upon her. Her hearts felt like they stopped for a moment as she saw and felt Seven look over her appearance. She noticed the flicker of what looked like desire in Seven's eyes before the former drone changed her expression to the guarded blank mask that she normally wore.

"B'Elanna," was all Seven said. Inside the young woman was frozen, terrified of what could happen now. She knew that she would encounter B'Elanna again, and she knew that she could not predict her own responses, but she had not expected it to happen so soon. The ex-drone hoped her fear and attraction was not apparent to the hybrid. She swallowed hard against the lump in her throat and waited for B'Elanna to speak.

The moment seemed to draw out, expanding uncomfortably before the engineer spoke. "I've come here to ask you… Will you let me show you something? Will you give me the chance?" the smaller woman asked softly.

Seven suddenly felt as if her larynx had taken leave of her body; her voice simply wouldn't appear, so she just nodded. B'Elanna smiled beautifully in reaction to her affirmation, and Seven felt weak in the knees. She felt that she had no control of herself. Instead, her emotions were reigning supreme suddenly, and the logical part of her mind knew she was opening herself up to the possibility of great pain.

B'Elanna held out her hand to the blonde, who cautiously accepted it, then she called out, "Computer, begin program: Torres Proposal." They were transported away to the holodeck.

The blonde looked around curiously as they appeared in the middle of a large circular cavern. Along the curving wall there were hundreds of candles that lit the room. Pedestals holding more candles, weapons, and various other items were scattered around. She noticed that flagons of wine with glasses were on more than one pedestal. There were five doors set into the dome like structure of the room, but no windows. The room was rough, everything appearing to be made out of stone.

"What-" the blonde began to ask, but was stopped when B'Elanna placed two fingers gently upon her lips.

"Please," B'Elanna said softly, "I have a few more things I have to say… that you need to hear."

Seven trembled with conflicting emotions, but she wanted to give B'Elanna this last chance. She was hoping, with strength of desire she had never known before, that B'Elanna would open up to her, would give her the love she desired. She felt the connection with those endless brown eyes in front of her, and acquiesced with a nod.

"Computer seal door from outside entrance with encryption code 'Maquis-Torres- zero-zed-alpha-Toby.'" B'Elanna commanded still staring at into the beautiful blues eyes. The little beeps of a completed command sounded so B'Elanna continued. "Computer allow Seven of Nine access to all commands and door exits at any time."

B'Elanna did not want Seven to think she was trapped, and she would not force the issue. This was her first scary moment. At this point, she half expected the Borg to turn and leave. The hybrid paused, giving the Borg the time to decide if that was what she wanted. After a full minute had passed with Seven merely tilting her head and curiously raising her ocular implant, B'Elanna continued with an internal sigh of relief.

"Computer, Disengage all safety protocols under Federation Mating Freedom regulation 1574-a, specifically Klingon," the smaller woman ordered. She had done her research.

"Two species present," the computer answered. "Interspecies mating requires authorization of…"

B'Elanna interrupted the computer. "Halt, Access EMH file 'Torres request 53792' and Janeway file 'Torres request 53792'."

"Command permission accepted. Safeties are offline," the computer intoned a moment later. This surprised Seven greatly; both the Doctor and Kathryn knew that B'Elanna was going to do this since yesterday, but neither had told her.

B'Elanna stood silently for another minute just to let the blonde digest all she had done. She hoped her commands gave away how serious she was about this. "Computer, State time remaining for occupants in holodeck," was her last command. She had managed to get all the way through the first part of her plan.

"Nineteen hours and forty four minutes," the computer answered. This response caused both of Seven's eyebrows to rise in surprise.

"This isn't a game to me Seven," B'Elanna said trying to convey all her feelings through her facial expression. She walked a few paces away from the blonde, prepared to accept the odd violent nature of the Klingon mating ritual if Seven chose to display it.

"tlhIngan jIH <I am a Klingon! > qabej <I watch you.>" B'Elanna growled out loudly. She had rehearsed everything she wanted to say for hours. She had learned more Klingon phrases, the ones she thought Seven might say in response, so she could counter them. She was determined to give the blonde what she had asked for… everything.

"'IH SoH <You are beautiful, > val SoH <you are intelligent, > HoS SoH <you are strong, > qaHo' <I admire you. >" she said more gently, then gathered her breath and barked out, "qawIv <I choose you!>"

"chowIv <You choose me?> " asked incredulously. Her long legs took her around the room. She faced B'Elanna the whole time and they paced in a circle orbiting an invisible point. "bIpas <You are late!> qapIH <I am suspicious.> chotoj <You deceive me.>"

The blonde approached a pedestal and took a D'k tahg up in her palm. B'Elanna's eyes became wide, and she swallowed hard. Yet, she wouldn't back down, no matter the blonde tactics, and especially this early.

"bImuj Soch <You are wrong, Seven,>" B'Elanna cried. "qa'IH <I am sincere!>"

Then B'Elanna dove to the floor as the weapon sailed through air at her. She had read that there was often extreme pain involved for the aggressor in this ritual, but having a knife thrown at her seemed a bit extreme. She rolled up and into a crouch getting her bearings and observing the blonde. She gathered her courage and began again.

"qatlha'<I chase you!>" B'Elanna exclaimed.

"jItlhab <I am free!>" the Borg answered.

"Hija' 'ach bImob <Yes, but you are alone,>" B'Elanna said sadly. "chomuv <join me.>"

Seven felt her heart rip in half by being reminded of how alone she had felt all these years on Voyager. Unknowingly she threw a punch blindly at the nearest pedestal with her enhanced hand. As it shattered into a million pieces most not larger than specks of dust, B'Elanna realized how the blonde had held back her anger through all their fights. She had never seen the raw power available to Seven before now.

"cho'oy' <You hurt me!>" the young woman cried out.

"BIlugh <You're right,> qaQIp <I'm stupid> 'ach qaQos <but I'm sorry>" B'Elanna said getting down on one knee "qaqoy' <I beg you>, qaghajnIS <I need you>…" she couldn't keep up the shouting growl anymore, her voice was cracking. Despite all her efforts, tears began to flow down her face. "qathlob <I ask you>… chomuv <join me> chongagh <mate with me,>… qaparmaq <I love you.>"

Seven crossed the distance between them in two long steps and fell to her knees in front of B'Elanna. She slowly, very tentatively, reached out and brushed the tears off of one of the smaller woman's cheeks with her thumb, cupping the long-admired face in her palm.

"Klingons do not beg," the ex-drone said softly, her own voice cracking. "And I have never seen you cry."

"I'm not much of a Klingon bangwI. I did this for you," she replied softly.

"Why?" Seven questioned.

"Because you hold my hearts Seven… I was a fool not to realize what was right in front of me for so long. Then you pointed it out to me, and you went away…" B'Elanna answered the blonde as she held the blonde's hand upon her face. "I've been so empty since then… I've felt like half my soul was ripped away. I need you bangwI. I love you."

Taking a chance she leaned in and kissed the blonde ever so softly. At first she only brushed her lips over the blonde's, but when she felt Seven starting to respond she pushed it farther. She poured her feelings into the kiss, opening her mouth, letting her tongue dance with her love's. She moaned when she felt Seven's hand brush through her hair to the back of her neck to pull her in tighter.

B'Elanna wrapped her arms around the taller woman's waist and pulled their bodies together as their kiss deepened. Seven didn't seem to be able to get enough of B'Elanna's mouth, but the hybrid had no desire to complain, letting Seven take command. The blonde caressed the half-Klingon's face, neck and through her hair as she took her fill of B'Elanna. They straightened up, gathering closer together, knee to knee, chest to heaving chest, heart to heart. B'Elanna let her hands roam over Seven's back and shapely behind, feeling her hearts hammering out of control. She didn't want to stop for air, but it was inevitable and surprisingly the blonde pulled away first.

Seven held her tight and rested her forehead upon B'Elanna's staring into her eyes. She knew that she had no more defenses against this woman. She would do anything she ever asked: cross the universe, fight a war single handedly, or die by her side just because she wished it in a battle against an insurmountable enemy. All she had ever needed, whether she had believed it at first or not, was here in her arms and she never wanted to let go.

"Thank you B'Elanna," the ex-drone said softly.

"For what?" B'Elanna asked.

"For giving me my heart back," the blonde answered. Then she smiled. "And for approaching me as a Klingon, with the rituals."

"Well, I won't say you didn't scare the hell out of me a few times," B'Elanna blushed and hid her face in Seven's neck. It only took a few nanoseconds before the lure of the soft skin had her nuzzling and kissing it. However she stopped after only a few kisses, and looked up into Seven's eyes again. "There's only one thing I've truly wanted to say to you in my mother's tongue."

Seven leaned down, unable to resist nipping the caramel beauty's lower lip before sitting back and returning the earnest stare. "What is that beloved?"

The hybrid swallowed hard and leaned back to rearrange herself onto one knee. She stared into Seven's eyes, feeling herself drawn in by the deep pools of blue, staring long enough for Seven to become nervous. She smiled to reassure her love. Then she gathered the Borg-enhanced hand in her own, choosing it purposefully, bringing the fine wrist to her nose. She inhaled the scent of Seven's unique combination of cybernetics and humanity, and then placed a gentle kiss on the pulse point. Entwining their hands and pulling them to her chest, she felt something in her world finally click into place.

"jIH dok" came the words that she had never believed she would say.

"maj dok" was Seven's confident response.

Then somehow they were together again, arm in arm. The universe seemed to have given up her secrets to B'Elanna as time no longer moved normally. She would always remember every nanosecond of Seven's beautiful smile… how she tilted her head and closed her eyes, presenting her left cheek for the bite. She would always remember the sweet taste of her blood, the sweet exhalation the blonde released, before whispering a breathy 'yes.' Never would she forget how she felt their hearts beating together in their chests, seeming to slow down to synchronize, before resuming the heavy beats brought about by their love. Finally, she could not forget if she lived a thousand lifetimes how right it felt when she offered herself over to the blonde: her skin pierced quickly, expertly, then the precious wound gently licked cleaned by the blonde's tongue.

Then the newly joined mates began their lives together discovering passions neither had ever known, beginning with a kiss so powerful it could have propelled the intrepid ship back home. Yet there, in the holodeck, for all the time left to them, two destined souls explored all of the home they would ever need… in each other's arms.

The End

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