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The Bond Manual:
For Super Sexy Spies

By ralst


Rule Number Three: always drive the sexiest car

Jane slid into the soft leather seat, the warmth enveloping her as she relaxed back into the moulded comfort of Q's latest automotive delight. She doubted the crotchety old devil gave much thought to the caress of supple leather against the curve of her spine, or that he'd ever intended her to drive semi-nude while entertaining a former KGB agent, but she admired his quest for perfection all the same.

Putting the car in gear, she contemplated the luxury of an automatic transmission, but whatever the advantage, entertaining-wise, she wouldn't sacrifice the precision and control of a manual gearbox even for the most adventurous of passengers.

"You take me ... home?"

"Yes." The car hugged the outside lane as Jane manoeuvred past a dawdling Audi; in her opinion, the road was no place for vehicles that refused to go over ninety. "And no."


With the press of a button, a secret compartment was revealed, and along with it, a chilled bottle of Champagne.

"I thought you might prefer somewhere a little more, shall we say, private?"

Gravel crunched beneath the tyres as Jane pulled up to a private beach, overlooking one of the most picturesque views in the whole of Central America. The setting sun bathed the area in burnt amber and created the perfect backdrop to Jane's plans for the evening.

"Are you trying to ... how you say ... seduce me, Jane?"

Jane pressed a second button on her console and both their seats reclined with practised ease.

"A Bond never tries to seduce." Soft music filtered in from the hidden speakers as Jane pressed the final, mechanical button of the evening, turning the windows midnight black. "We just seduce."

The End

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