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Holodeck Boo
By T.J.

B'Elanna heard the chime to her quarters sound and she called for the door to open even as she walked toward it. Standing in the corridor outside of her room was young Naomi Wildman, dressed as Starfleet Captain, pips and all.

"Trick or treat!" she called with laughter in her voice.

B'Elanna had forgotten that today was an ancient earth holiday called Halloween. Sam had finally given in and allowed Naomi to celebrate the day in the traditional way and had informed many of the crewmembers that they could expect a visit from Naomi in search of goodies.

"Hang on a second Spike while I replicate you something good…hmm let's see, how about Serpent worms, or maybe you'd like some heart of Targ."

"No silly," Naomi squealed, knowing full well that she was being teased by her favourite engineer. "I want something sweet."

"Sweeter than you…I don't know Spike."

"Chocolate!" Naomi finally demanded with an ear-to-ear grin.

"Chocolate it is then Captain Wildman." B'Elanna gave the young Katarian a mock salute as she dropped a bar of Risan chocolate into a sack that looked suspiciously like a star fleet issued pillow case.

"Thanks B'Elanna," said Naomi, turning to leave. "Are you coming to the holodeck to see the haunted house that Neelix made for me?" She asked, turning back to face B'Elanna. "It'll be lots of fun."

"I wouldn't miss it," B'Elanna replied as Naomi skipped off to the door across the hall.

Neelix had been talking about the program he had written as a gift for the young Katarian; he had invited half the ship, urging them all to get into the spirit and dress up in spooky costumes. B'Elanna was happy to go and share the fun with Naomi, but dressing up just wasn't her thing, so she decided to have dinner in her quarters and simply go in her uniform. That way she could stop by engineering afterward for a surprise inspection of the Beta shift. Now that was always fun.

After she had eaten she wandered down to the holodeck, and was admitted by green-faced monster that looked suspiciously like Neelix. The room was dark, with creaking sounds emanating from every direction. There was a low fog hanging about the floor, and corridors leading off in every direction. She could hear the sounds of Naomi's laughter from the entryway. She began to explore the program, stopping to chat with several people she recognized underneath their outlandish costumes. She turned around yet another corner into a dead end hall. Hearing a noise coming from the darkened end of the hall she decided to investigate. She was surprised to find Seven of Nine sitting on a wooden coffin, dressed in a large pink and white bunny suit, holding an overstuffed toy carrot in one hand, her floppy feet and ears dangling miserably; she was crying softly. For a moment B'Elanna contemplated backing quietly away; it was no secret that she and Seven were on less than friendly terms, but B'Elanna's compassionate heart won out and she stepped forward slowly to see what was the matter.

"Seven, what's up?" She resisted the urge to add the word 'Doc' to the end of the sentence. Damn Tom and his infernal TV. At least she'd had the good sense to break things off with him.

Seven looked up and swiped the back of her paw across her eyes in an attempt to hide her tears from the engineer.

"You were right all along," she said miserably.

"What?" B'Elanna had no idea what was happening here.

"You once said that the Borg wouldn't know how to have fun if they assimilated an amusement park, and you were correct. I thought that if I came here tonight and had fun with other members of the crew that they would begin to accept me, but I am incapable of having fun. I will never be accepted." She paused for a moment before continuing in a dejected tone of voice. "I am tired of being lonely."

B'Elanna was floored by Seven's display of emotions. She hadn't known the Borg was capable of such a thing. She didn't really get along with the haughty former drone, but just seeing at her in that ridiculous outfit, looking so sad, her heart went out to her.

"You have friends Seven…what about Naomi and the Captain."

"A child, and my commanding officer. These are my only companions. One too young to know better, the other duty bound to teach me about humanity."

"Hey now, Naomi is a great kid, and the Captain isn't your friend because she has to be, she's your friend because she wants to be…but I know what you mean." B'Elanna had to admit that Seven had a point. Playing Kadis Kot with Naomi was fun, but it wasn't exactly adult companionship, and you couldn't exactly head off to Sandrine's and get drunk with the captain if you decided you wanted to. "Come on," she said suddenly, grabbing Seven by the paw and pulling her to her feet.

"Where are we going?" Seven asked, even as she allowed B'Elanna to pull her along the corridor.

"To have fun."

B'Elanna led Seven back to the beginning of the haunted house, and the two of them began to explore the holodeck together. They crawled through the darkened maze, and giggled together when they got lost in the hall of mirrors. Seven actually laughed out loud when they stood side by side in the trick mirrors that made her seem short and squat, and B'Elanna seem very tall and skinny. To her amazement, Seven found that she was actually having fun. The last part of the tour involved sitting in tiny vehicles that traveled a preordained route through the final wing of the haunted house. Seven had trouble getting her huge floppy feet into the tiny car, and she fell backwards with a decidedly unBorglike squeal. She felt B'Elanna's strong arms catch her as she fell.

"Whoa…careful there," she said as she steadied the beautiful blonde in her arms.

She kept her hands on the former drone's waist as she helped her get into the car. It was a tight fit in the child-sized vehicle, and B'Elanna had to put her arm on the back of the seat. It felt as if she had her arm around Seven, and she was surprised by how good it felt.

Seven, for her part, was reeling from the array of emotions to which she'd been exposed in the last few minutes. First the feeling of B'Elanna taking her by the hand, and then actually laughing with the volatile Klingon instead of arguing—it was amazing. Feeling herself held tightly in her strong arms and now, at last, feeling herself pressed tightly against B'Elanna's lean muscular body, her arm around her shoulders felt indescribably wonderful. When the little car took a sharp turn to the right she let her body press even closer to B'Elanna's. She wasn't certain but she thought she felt B'Elanna's arm tighten around her shoulder, pulling her closer still.

Ahead of the tiny vehicle a set of swinging doors opened and as the car bumped its way through them a large ugly creature swooped down, only inches above their heads. Seven jumped nervously, and was surprised to find herself practically lying in B'Elanna's lap; she looked up into the liquid brown eyes of the Klingon hybrid. B'Elanna brushed the pink bunny ear off of Seven's face as the former drone reached up a furry paw and pulled the engineer's head down for a gentle kiss. When their lips met B'Elanna felt a jolt of desire rush through her body like a tidal wave; when Seven's velvet soft tongue teased its way into her mouth, she knew she'd died and gone to Stovokor. The little car made several circuits around the house before Seven and B'Elanna even noticed that time had passed and people were staring. They climbed out of the car and, holding hands, walked to the door of the holodeck.

"Did you have fun Seven?" Naomi asked as she waved goodbye to them at the door.

"I did indeed Naomi Wildman, I did indeed," she replied with a beatific smile.

They were in the hallway on their way to B'Elanna's quarters when B'Elanna spoke.

"So Seven, what do you have on under that bunny suit?"

"I believe it would be more 'fun' if you were to find that out for yourself," Seven replied.

The End

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