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PAIRING: Barbara/Helena

Broken Wings
By Faechick

Book Three: Epilogue

There was a really big fight after Kendra left. Everyone was out to take a piece of me but dad. I really didn't have much to say in my own defence, though. I did sort of deserve it all.

Barbara's retreated to her room with Dickie. Seems he showed up a few hours after I left to help clean up the mess that is Gotham City. And of course, he ranks higher on Barbara's list than I do. He always has.

I kick some snow off the balcony as I stare down the side of the Clock Tower. I'm so engrossed in my moping that I don't hear Batgirl -

Cassandra's her name, apparently - come up behind me. She taps me on the shoulder and I give her a rather irritated look. She doesn't have her cowl on right now, and her face is so young. She can't be more than seventeen. She's smiling a little and she turns around to draw something in the snow.

It's a flower.

"What do you mean, kid? You want flowers or something?" She shakes her head, rolling her eyes at me and pointing inside. "You want me to bring flowers for the Clock Tower?" I'm really lost here.

"She wants you to bring Barbara flowers." Dad's come up to the balcony doors. He's pulled his mask down for the evening and is resting against the frame. His hair's tousled. So that's where I get that from. "I'm going to have to agree with her on that."

I scoff at them both, turning about around to stare into the darkness below. "Why should I bother?" I'm tapped on the arm again, and this time I turn to see Cassandra's drawn a heart in the snow. "Yeah," I mutter. "I do love her."

"Then you should tell her that." Dad's come to stand beside me now. He puts his hand on my shoulder. "You have nothing to lose that you might not have already lost."

"Gee, way to pep talk, dad." I stress the last word, rolling my eyes and biting back the bitter tears that well up inside me. I rest my head on my hands. "Why does it have to suck so much?"

"I don't know." He walks away, and takes Cassandra with him.

Well, I'll say one thing. Batman makes a lousey father figure.

It's well past midnight as I sit on the floor outside Barbara's room. Dickie left a little while ago. He passed me on his way out the balcony doors, but he didn't say anything. We don't really like each other much.

I get the feeling he hated mom, or something.

I've got a pretty ratty looking flower in my hands. It took me the better part of three hours to find, but damned if I didn't seek the little thing out. I think it's an orchid of some kind. I found it in the remains of the park. I can only hope that Barbara will like it.

Sighing, I stand up and knock on the door before I have the opportunity to over think the situation. I knocked pretty loudly, so she should have heard me. But maybe she didn't. I suppose that means I can just leave and come back some other time. Or maybe I should knock again, because that would be the least pussy-like thing to do. I raise my hand and start to knock, only to be met with Barbara's none-too-happy face.


"Um." I lower my hand and stare blankly at her for a few moments before remembering what I've brought her. I hold it out, terror oozing out of my pores. She takes the flower gently, looking at it as though it's some kind of great treasure. Her eyes drift up to mine after a moment, and her gaze is thoughtful. "What's this for?"

"I didn't know how to make it better and-" Here we go. My mouth's running away with me again. "And Cassandra suggested bringing you flowers and dad seemed to agree with her and since I'm obviously not too good at any of this I took their advice and-"

She grabs my shirt collar and pulls me roughly down to her level, looking me in the eye before kissing me squarely on the lips. I sigh into her, moaning a little as she pulls away. "You should listen to them more often. They seem to know what they're doing."

Barbara kissed me. I grin at her. It's really all I can do at the moment. Barbara kissed me! I shake my head and try to regain control of my body. I think I've managed it. Yes. Definately. I look at her solemnly for a moment before getting down on my knees, my hands resting on the arms of her wheelchair.

"Barbara. I know I've been stupid, and scared, and stupid. But." I stop for a minute, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. "I love you. I really do. I love you desperately. Do you- Do you love me, too?"

She smiles, and I can see the threat of tears welling up in her eyes. She cups my face with her free hand and nods a little. I close my eyes and my shoulders sag in relief. "Helena." I open my eyes to look into her beautiful green ones. "I've loved you for a long time. I thought you knew."

"I-" Huh. "Well, I am dumb." I grin at her, and she swats at me playfully.

"You're not dumb. Denser than a neutron star, maybe, but not dumb."

"Keep talking like that and I won't be able to keep my hands to myself, Miss Gordon." I crawl up her body to kiss her again. We stay like that for a while, just kissing, getting to know each other's lips. She's the one that moans this time, as I pull away. "I'll let you get back to sleep, now."

She hits me softly in the arm. "Tease." I just wink at her and head back towards the living room. I meant it. She really should get some rest. I hear her roll back into her room and shut the door as I step out onto the balcony. I stop when I see dad leaning against the rail.

"So, how'd it go?" His breath mists in the air. I move over next to him, mimicking his position. "I'd say, all in all, that Operation: Winter Flower was a distinct success."

He laughs slightly. "We'll have to work on your naming skills." I pull away, pretending to be offended. He keeps talking before I can get out a witty retort. "I just want you to know that I'm happy for you. However you choose to live your life. I always wanted you to be happy."

"Always? I thought you didn't know-"

"I knew. She didn't tell me, but I knew." He turns to me, the weight of this confession written across his face. "I kept tabs on you both, put money away for you, set it all up so that you could have it whenever I was legally declared your father. But she didn't want me to know, so I just pretended like I didn't."

"You really loved her, didn't you?" My voice is soft, and he nods at me. He's smiling just a little.

"I wanted us to be a family, but she just..." He trails off and I move to hug him. It's awkward, but I think we both need it. We stay like that, embracing each other for the first time, for several moments.

I pull away, and he lets go quickly. I wipe at my eyes. "Well. We can be a family now, if you want?" I cock my head at him.

He nods. "I'd like that."

Snow begins to fall again as we return to the rail of the balcony, watching the sky in silence.

The End

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