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Business as Usual
By alastria7

"Well, how do you work THAT out?"

"It is obvious, Lieutenant."

"Not to ME, it isn't. Am I being a little stupid here? Is that what you're saying?"

"Calm yourself. It will serve no useful purpose if you are angry."

"But you MAKE me angry. I was perfectly calm before you arrived."

"Then I require you to resume that mode."

"Well now, how the hell am I supposed to do that? You're still here!"

"Irrelevant. You should be able to control your emotions in any situation. May I suggest that a visit to Tuvok."


".may aid you in meditation techniques and mind control."

"Get out!"

".and therefore temper control."

"You see that door over there?"


"You can control my temper by just going through the damned thing!" (Gosneth idarr d'hakis ksoi'dd targ kakk-iwn.)

"You may whisper, Lieutenant but I can hear you, AND understand Klingon. I am perfectly well aware of what you just said."

"Get out!"

".and I have to disagree."

"Oh, well, why wouldn't you! You are entirely disagreeable. You are the most disagreeable person I ever met."

".I do not in any way resemble."

"Get out, Borg!"

". a Klingon targ. The creature has four legs. Clearly I have only two, and it."

Anger dissipated by the look on Seven's face, B'Elanna now has a wistful smile, folded arms, and is looking at Seven

"Tell me? How can I stay mad at you?"

"It is the pregnancy. We will discuss this later, in our quarters. Calmly. I am not entirely sure our child should hear her parents arguing."

"You mean you're actually leaving? I get a break?"

"Unless you require me to stay at this time. I could explain it to you again if you."

"Get out!"

"I will comply."

"That'll make a nice change."

"Goodbye, Lieutenant."


It dawned on Carey, as B'Elanna rounded on him, that he had never been much good at fighting or running at the Academy, and so a brave man stood ready to accept his fate

The End

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