This is my answer to Ralst's challenges, and being the smug git I am, I decided to combine them into one!!

Challenge One:

1 Seven and B'Elanna go on holiday (vacation) somewhere other than the holodeck (alone or with others)
2 One of them has to try something they've never done before - I don't mean anything sexual
3 They also have to end up in trouble with the cops/security
4 Lastly funny would be good but simply sappy is fine *g* think fluff people
If you'd rather leave numbers 2 or 3 out (but not both) I guess I can restrain from using my hornets to punish you!

Challenge Two:

1 B'Elanna and Seven do or are supposed to have done something, which causes the ship's rumor mill to believe they're involved (they are not and hadn't ever really thought about it)
2 How will the crew react?
3 How will B'Elanna and Seven react?
4 Will rumors become fact?

Disclaimer: Star Trek, and all the main characters are owned by Paramount, A Viacom Company. Star Trek Voyager. Created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor. Based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenbury
This is a piece of fiction, concerning an implied F/F relationship (PG13). If anyone objects to same sex relationships, you should not be on this sight, and should read the Star Trek Range of Novels from Pocket Books, or find another sight!
Noggin the Nog, was written, conceived, and narrated, by the top man of English Children's Programs. The god that is Oliver Postgate.
Dedicated to RalSt, who set the challenge.

By Michael

"Lt can I speak with you for a moment?"

"Sure Seven, come into my office."

As the door shut, and B'Elanna sat down. "Well Seven, what can I do for you?"

"B'Elanna why aren't you taking shore leave?"

"Cause I have to much to do here."

"No you haven't, the captain has given all your paper work to Lt Cary to complete, while you and I are going camping."

B'Elanna was about to interrupt.

"No arguments Klingon, you can come willingly or the captain will order you."

B'Elanna, thought about it for a couple of minuets. She had been working hard over the last couple of months, and was quite exhausted, and going camping with Seven, her new best friend, would be rather exciting.

"You have never been camping before have you Seven?" The half Klingon asked the former Borg, when she discovered that Seven had not got a sleeping bag.

"No B'Elanna, I've never been camping before."

They had hiked up the side of a mountain, and had made camp for the night. It was only after they had erected the single tent, that B'Elanna had discovered, that Seven had not got a `bag' with her.

It was getting cold, and B'Elanna knew that Seven would feel the cold that night. "O.K. Soch," she sighed, calling Seven, by her Klingon name, you better sleep in my bag with me.

The look on Seven's face, made B'Elanna laugh. "My god, is this the same Seven of Nine, who has faced down the Borg Queen, who is now terrified of getting in the same sleeping bag as little old me!"

Seven face turned indignant. "Certainly not B'Elanna, I am just not comfortable with sleeping with other people."

Later on that night. "B'Elanna, I can't sleep."

B'Elanna looked at Seven. "Have you tried counting sheep?"

"What has wooly grass eating mammals, got to do with sleeping?"

B'Elanna tried not to laugh, the way Seven put it; it did sound funny. "Don't know really, but counting sheep going over a gate, in your head makes you go to sleep."

Ten minuets latter. "4397,4398,4399,4400!"

"Stop Seven, stop, what the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Counting sheep B'Elanna, liked you told me too!"

"I meant for you to do it in your head!"

B'Elanna turned around to face Seven, only to find her self-facing Seven's rather ample chest, clad only in a sports bra. B'Elanna swallowed nervously, and struggled up the sleeping bag, until she was at level with the blond former drone.

She had come to the conclusion, that counting sheep wasn't going to work. "When Naomi went through that period of insomnia, you helped her, how?"

"Mr. Neelix and I used to tell her bed time stories of folk law."

"Which one did you like?" B'Elanna asked, intrigued to what Seven was going to say, but terrified, that she would ask her to tell her a story.

"The Nordic Tales of Noggin the Nog!"

B'Elanna was amazed, her mother used to tell her the same tales, when she was little. "You know Noggin the Nog."

"I found it in the Federation Data bank."

"I used to love those stories when I was a kid."

"Why don't you tell me one now?"

"OK," and found she actually wanted to.

"Listen I shall tell you a tale. I shall tell you a Tale of Noggin the Nog."

Over the next few days, the two friends, explored the mountainside, not going very far, and not moving camp. Every night they would snuggle into the sleeping bag, and tell bedtime stories to one another.

However their holiday was soon over, and the two friends, were transported back to Voyager.

A few days latter. "Your kidding me Doc, B'Elanna and Seven are an item?"

"Quite so Lt, Mr. Neelix told me. Apparently he heard Ensign Shaw, talking to Ensign Green. Shaw over heard Lt Torres, and Seven talking, about the enjoyment of sharing a sleeping bag!"

At this Tom Paris dropped the tricorder he was carrying.

"Who was sharing a sleeping bag?" The Captain asked. She had just come into the sickbay, to have her monthly medical, when she over heard the end of the conversation.

"The Doc reckons that Lanna, and Seven are an item."

The Captain grinned "At last, it's taken them long enough! Incidentally who one the pool?"

"That's goanna be problem captain, as nether were on the ship, we don't know when it exactly happened."

"I'm going to make a executive decision. The winner of the pool will be the person who gives the exact date, of their first date aboard Voyager!"

Seven of Nine entered Cargo bay two, to get away from the whispers. All day she had to contend with people whispering behind her back, only to stop when she came in what they perceived as ear shoot.

However thanks to Seven's acute Borg hearing, she had already over heard what was being said. Though she was getting irked by the gossip, and even considered reprogramming the Doctor, with her assimilation tubes, when she had heard him gossip.

As she neared her alcove, she saw a decidedly pissed off B'Elanna Torres sitting on the dais.

"It is nice to get away from the gossip." She said, as Seven sat down next to her friend.

"I am getting particular tied of it."

"Seven what are we going to do, I hear there is a pool going concerning our first official Voyager date. I've tried to convince people that we are not dating, but they don't want to know."

Seven smiled "I heard about your altercation in engineering."

"It's not funny Seven."

Seven sobered up, and suddenly a devious idea came into her mind.

B'Elanna saw the Machiavellian glint in Seven's eye. "You've got an idea?"

"Yes Lt, I think we should play them at their own game," and she proceeded to tell B'Elanna her idea.

"So Tom who won the pool?" The Captain asked her helmsman, after the senior staff meting.

"No idea Captain, it was an anonymous bet, it will take me a couple of days to find out who it was.

Seven stood outside B'Elanna's quarters. Holding her hand. The date had started as `joke,' as part of the pay back, to the rumor mill, but as the evening progressed, B'Elanna and Seven, did not want the evening to end, until finally they kissed.

"I better go B'Elanna. Thank you for a lovely evening, I shall see you in the morning." Seven bent down to kiss B'Elanna on the cheek.

"Seven will you stay tonight, Toby and I want to here some more of your stories."

"I would like that very much."

"Then tomorrow perhaps we could take another camping trip, with all those holodeck rations we won."

The End

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