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Can You Hear Me?
By SDerkins


Part 8

Seven woke slowly, feeling disoriented. She hated sleeping normally since it left her unaware of both time and existence.

This time waking was different. She felt surrounded in warmth and realized that arms held her snuggly. Taking stock of all the sensations of her body Seven felt pleasantly overwhelmed. She could detect B'Elanna's scent, warm and spicy beneath her cheek. Warm lips and moist breath tickled her forehead. Arms were wrapped protectively around her back and along her arm. The thumping of B'Elanna's twin hearts could be felt against her palm.

Seven sighed with contentment as memories of earlier replayed in her mind. She nuzzled the olive-toned skin under her cheek and gave it a peck.

"Awake I see. How do you feel?"

"Happy. I never want to move from this spot."

B'Elanna chuckled and ran her palm over Seven's alabaster skin. "We have to get out of bed eventually."

"But not at this moment. I have longed to be held by you for too long. Let me savor this while I can."

B'Elanna felt her hearts pause for a second. "What do you mean by that?"

Seven let out a sad sigh and pulled away from B'Elanna, rolling to her back and staring up at the ceiling. "I know that I lack something although I am at a loss to what quality that I am deficient."

The engineer moved closer to Seven, trying to read her facial expressions. "You've lost me there, Seven. I thought we were courting and if I remember this morning correctly, we've become lovers." B'Elanna didn't utter the fear she felt. The insecurity she was burdened with. The fear that she was too Klingon for a human to accept. Now it sounded like Seven found one experience was enough to determine that they didn't suit.

The blonde woman felt her human eye tear up. "There is no need to feel obligated to continue this courtship, B'Elanna. I have researched the Klingon sexual databases and understand that although our sexual encounter was pleasant that it wasn't one that made your blood burn. I have failed to satisfy your soul's needs."

"Wait, are you telling me that because I didn't lose control and treated you gently that you're leaving me? You're a damned fool, Seven of Nine." B'Elanna lunged forward and took possession of Seven's lips with a nearly brutal kiss.

Seven fought it for a moment as her lover had pulled her tight against her with no intention of letting her go. Then she realized that the hot tears that were running down her cheeks were not her own. B'Elanna was crying even as she ravished her mouth. The fight left Seven and she relaxed, allowing B'Elanna to do as she wished.

Almost instantly the kiss softened. B'Elanna brushed her full lips tenderly along her bruised ones and the hand that gripped her tightly began stroking her softly. Seven felt B'Elanna break the kiss but her lips barely left hers as she whispered to her.

"Don't leave me, Seven. I need you."

Seven raised her human hand and gently wiped the tears from B'Elanna's cheek. "You need me, but do you want me? You didn't offer me the Oath. I could only conclude that you didn't truly want me."

The engineer sniffled. "Shit, I finally find someone who brings out my gentle side and she wants me to batter and bruise her. Damn it, Seven. You just had to be a contrary child, didn't you?"

Seven didn't answer immediately. "You find your 'gentle side' a desirable trait?"

"Yeah, I do. I've resented my violent temper all my life. No matter how hard I've tried I couldn't tame it." B'Elanna smiled warmly and kissed the tip of Seven's nose. "You make my Klingon hearts purr like a Tika cat. Even if you are annoying and an irritant thorn who interferes with my department," she teased.

"You are irrational and inefficient. You would do well to listen to me more often," Seven teased in return.

"Why you little…" B'Elanna's fingers sought out Seven's ribs and found to her delight that the former Borg was ticklish.

The pair tormented the other for several minutes until the touches became more like caresses and their eyes met. It would be a long time before the lovers would leave the bed.

"I was glad it was you who woke me this morning and not one of your doppelgangers. If I had kissed them I would have needed therapy later on."

Seven licked the honey from her fingertips. They had bathed together then wrapped up in thick robes. They had prepared dinner and ate on the sofa as they sat comfortably.

"Why would you require therapy?"

B'Elanna laughed and stuffed the last bite of pastry into her mouth. "Because kissing a kid like I do you would weird me out."

"In a few more days we will be out of the nebula and will no longer have to concern ourselves with their behavior."

B'Elanna gazed at her fingernails. "Actually, I'll kinda miss them."

"Why is that?"

"It was fun to see 'you' acting like a kid. I think the Captain likes them too. She got to indulge in her softer side when they visited with her."

Seven's eyepiece lifted. "Is it common for strong women to long for such times?"

B'Elanna laughed silently. "Yeah, I guess so. It's hard to relax and allow your shields to drop. That's why it's so necessary to take the armor off and just breathe once in a while, ya know?"

The blonde nodded, getting a glimmer to what her lover needed from her. It wasn't the fact that she could stand toe to toe with B'Elanna and hold her own as any Klingon lover desired. What B'Elanna needed was to…find someone that allowed her to drop the attitude and be soft without judging her negatively. Seven sat back and watched the hybrid as she picked up two stuffed animals and held them to her chest.

The sight made Seven recall one of the conversations with her therapist. They had once discussed body language. If she 'read' B'Elanna correctly then the smaller woman was silently asking for contact. The former Borg placed her plate on the side table and scooted closer to B'Elanna and held out an arm.

The engineer smiled shyly and leaned into her shoulder, the toys still held tightly.

Seven made a mental note to thank Dr. Carol.

"Let's go to our bed, meu amor. We have unfinished business to attend to."

"Oh?" B'Elanna grinned.

"Yes. I believe it is my turn to make you faint with pleasure." Seven glanced down at the purple toys. "Bring them along also. They might be useful."

B'Elanna held the toys up and spoke to them "I think someone has a kinky streak, huh?" She held the toys to her ears. "Ahhh, good idea." The engineer grabbed the bowl of strawberries and whip cream.

"Playtime for all the good girls," she mumbled wickedly.

The End

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