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By Ann


The dark sedan raced down the deserted road, its headlights casting an eerie reflection off the trees and giving the illusion that the road was much narrower than its two-lane, no shoulder width. Special Agent Monica Reyes gripped the steering wheel tightly and focused intently on the black-topped road. If she ever laid eyes on Fox Mulder again, she would kill him on the spot.

Monica had been sound asleep when she'd received the frantic phone call from Dana Scully, requesting her help - now! Mulder had contacted Scully and asked her to check out an old warehouse on the outskirts of DC, assuring his partner that it was just a fact-finding mission and she wouldn't need back-up. Monica hadn't been able to find out any more information as the line had gone dead – right after Dana had emitted a blood-curdling scream. She was just thankful that she'd been given the location before communication had been severed.

Finally spotting the fork in the road Dana had referred to, Monica veered to the right and increased her speed. The warehouse slowly came into view as did Scully's car. Pulling in next to her sedan's twin, Monica turned off the vehicle's lights and reached for her gun. There was no sign of movement anywhere in the vicinity.

Easing the door open, Monica climbed from the car, her senses hyper-alert and her eyes shifting left to right. With one last glance over her shoulder, she pulled the flashlight from her coat pocket and moved toward the building's side door that appeared to be slightly ajar. The hairs on her arms stood on end, and she began to question her decision not to call Doggett to meet her. Her promise to Dana to come alone suddenly seemed like a very bad idea.

"Dana?" whispered Monica as she stepped inside the unlit building and flashed her light around the mostly empty warehouse. She quickly ruled out the left side of the building as her light easily bounced off the metal wall without hitting anything else in its path. Blowing out a nervous breath, she gripped her gun tightly and inched toward the boxes that were stacked on the right side.

'Where are you, Dana?' This time Monica kept her thoughts to herself as she reached the edge of the boxes. Placing her back flush against the crates, she pointed both the light and the gun toward the concrete floor, before peering around the corner. The air left her lungs when something landed on her from above.


"Nice of you to join us, Agent Reyes," said her attacker, the voice feminine and somewhat familiar. Monica had lost her light and gun on impact, and she struggled to free herself from the iron grip that held her captive. She started when a rough tongue swept obscenely across her cheek and jerked her head to the side in an attempt to avoid the vile touch.

"Oh, you taste so good." A laugh accompanied the attacker's words, and Monica reacted immediately, bowing her back and successfully throwing the woman off her. Pushing to her feet, she readied herself for another attack, her flashlight lying in just the right position to perfectly illuminate the person who'd jumped her. Monica froze.

"Tricky, tricky, Monica; Scully hinted that you were good. I can't wait to find out exactly how good." The petite redhead licked her lips and cackled. Monica listened to the words and tried to reconcile what she was seeing versus what she was hearing. Dana Scully was most definitely standing in front of her, but Dana wasn't the one doing the talking. Something or someone was controlling her. Monica lowered her hands and tried to establish communication with the Scully she knew.

"Dana, I know you're in there somewhere. I need to know what to do." Monica had attended exorcisms, she'd been to more séances than she could count, and she'd even had a witch doctor on speed dial at one time, but she'd never had a colleague, one that she happened to be attracted to, attack her and make overt sexual advances toward her.

A smile split Scully's face, and she stepped toward Monica. "You want Dana to come out and play?" Walking around her prey, she raked her eyes up and down the firm body. "Why? She's such a drag." She ran her hand along Monica's spine.

Not able to suppress a shiver, Monica attempted to reason with the entity. "Look, just let me talk to Dana for one minute." She forced herself to smile at the possessed woman. "Then you and I can have some fun."

After a moment's hesitation, the redhead sidled up to Monica and reached a hand behind her neck, pulling the dark head lower while she lifted herself up on her tiptoes. A soft voice whispered into Monica's ear, and her eyes widened with each and every word. Exactly thirty seconds later, the woman released Monica and stepped back.

"Half a minute now…" The smirk was back. "… Half a minute when we're done."

Monica stared at the possessed Dana and then mounted an attack of her own, knocking the redhead to the floor and latching onto her lips. Easing her hand to a leather belt, Monica made quick work of the button and zipper.

"Oh yeah, Monie Baby, you are sooo good."

A strong hand slid home.

An exhausted Monica held on tightly to the sleeping woman, nervously waiting for the redhead to rouse. If Dana had been right, it would be her friend and colleague who awakened in her arms. A slight movement indicated she was about to find out.

"Hmmm." A soft yawn accompanied the satisfied-sounding moan and was soon followed by fluttering eyelashes. Monica watched very closely as blue eyes slowly opened and gazed into her own.

"Monica?" asked Dana as she began to take in her surroundings. She blushed at their current position, lying naked and very comfortably in each others' arms. It felt so right.

"Dana, is it really you?" Monica gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind Scully's ear. She'd been so worried that the alien entity had somehow survived her assault. Although, she had to admit, other than testing her stamina, it had been the most enjoyable assault she'd ever launched.

"Yes." She eased her hand into Monica's. "It worked."

Monica grinned and teased, "Yes, it did, but you underestimated the number."

"I did? By how many?" Dana tilted her head toward the other woman. She'd been so certain of her calculations.


"Ten! You're telling me that you gave me fifteen orgasms?" Dana really wished she'd been able to be present, other than physically, for at least one of them.

Monica shrugged. "Well, technically I've never had sex with you. I gave 'Dana the Nympho' fifteen orgasms. I've not given you any." If she was standing, she'd have strutted. "But you were right about the method of destroying the alien."

"I wasn't sure you'd understand what I'd meant." Dana unconsciously snuggled into Monica's side.

"It took me a minute to correlate your reference to 'the little death' and 'death by chocolate.'"

"I had to be careful. If the alien realized that her own cravings would lead to her destruction, I'm not sure she'd have allowed you to touch her."

"Are we sure she's dead?" Monica eased her hand along Dana's hip, down her leg, and then back again. Dana got the message and smiled.

"Perhaps we should be certain. Like maybe . . ." Dana pretended to ponder the possibilities. ". . . insurance orgasms?"

"You can never have too much insurance," teased Monica, rolling Dana onto her back and then resuming her earlier position. She looked down into blue eyes twinkling back at her – this was really Scully.

Ever so gently, she kissed a pair of bruised lips. There was no longer any need to hurry; she was going to take her sweet time.

The End

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