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Caught in the Act
By bank_farter


Elliot increases the pace of her thrusts, and Jordan is so close to coming that she doesn't even hear the bedroom door open.

"Jordan!" Perry bellows.

Elliot screeches a surprised frick and nearly falls off the bed before she manages to steady herself and press a sheet to her chest.

"Oh, don't mind us, ladies," JD says hopefully, peeking over Perry's shoulder. "As you were."

Jordan glares at her ex-husband. "What? I'm not breaking the 'no other men' rule."

"No, but… Barbie?!" Perry brushes his nose and flinches in anguish. "Why, Jordan, why?"

"What about you?!" Jordan fires back as she points at JD. "You're not even following the 'no other women' rule."

Perry rolls his eyes, but concedes. "Fair enough. Come on, JD, we'll go to your apartment."

JD beams and practically tackles Perry from the side, hugging him tightly. "I knew you'd come around! A month of dates and you finally called me 'JD' instead of some girl's name!"

Jordan stares at the pair with raised eyebrows, and Elliot recovers from her shock enough to smile and coo an aww.

"Oh no! Nonono!" Perry exclaims, horrified. He shoves JD off of him. "First of all, you did not just refer to what we do as 'dates.' Secondly, since you made Broomhilda here—" he gestures toward Jordan "—name our daughter 'Jennifer Dylan,' 'JD' is now, officially, a girl's name." He pauses and smiles at Jordan. "By the way, I never thought I'd say this, but thank you for that."

"Don't mention it," Jordan replies brightly as she pulls Elliot back on top of her. "Now get out."

The End

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