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A Change of Plans
By Ann


Tracey Kibre strolls down the hall cursing under her breath with every step she takes. "I can't believe my fucking luck. I finally get tickets to see 'Shining City,' and Branch calls an emergency, mandatory meeting. It absolutely killed me to give those tickets to Casey Novak. She's probably going to go on and on about what a spectacular show I missed. I'm sure she will be wearing one of those god-awful outfits too. How in the world am I going to make this up to Kelly, and what is so damn important it can't wait until morning?"

Finally reaching her destination, Tracey knocks on the door and enters only to find a vacant office. She walks back out to discover the secretary's desk empty as well. In fact, there is not a sign of life anywhere on this end of the building. Spouting off a 'what the hell,' she turns and enters Branch's office once again.

Rifling through the notes on his desk, she snatches up a pink message slip and reads the scribbled note. 'Tracey, sorry about the inconvenience, but something has come up in the mayor's office. We will need to reschedule the meeting for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Arthur.' A muffled scream echoes through the empty office corridor.

Several minutes later, another knock sounds on the office door. Tracey takes her hands away from her face and looks up at the intruder. Kelly Gaffney steps into the room offering her apology for being so late. As she continues to ask for forgiveness, she looks around and finally notices they are alone. Confused, she asks, "Tracey, where's Branch?"

Wordlessly, Tracey hands over the crumpled message. Kelly reads the message and instinctively looks down at her watch.

Tracey watches her movements and says, "It's too late. I've already given the tickets to Casey. I'm so sorry; I know how much you wanted to see the show. I promise to make it up to you somehow."

Kelly is clearly disappointed but makes the effort to shrug it off. "That's okay. There's always another night. I'm sure we will be able to get tickets some other time."

She walks over and extends her hand toward Tracey. "C'mon. Let's go home and take a nice long bath."

Tracey smiles as she takes the offered hand and rises from the couch. Before turning toward the door, Tracey notices something shiny on the floor next to the couch. She leans down with a puzzled expression and picks up the item.

Kelly makes the attempt to pull her girlfriend forward, but her progress is stopped when Tracey refuses to budge. Turning, she finds a grinning Tracey holding up a can of whipped cream.

Tracey begins to unzip her skirt as she says, "Lock the door, sweetie. You're about to be creamed."

The End

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