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By Tina LaMarch


You do not notice changes in what is always before you. -Colette

"Kahless Seven, am I going to have to get a prod in here and use it on you to keep you out of my core?"

Seven regarded the dark haired half Klingon with her optical implant at half mast. "Lieutenant, I am merely following orders."

"You are merely determined to land me in the brig for assault Borg! You come in here, you co-opt my, I repeat MY team, and you tear down whatever makes your cortical implants buzz without so much as a by your leave to me! Enough! Get out!"

The tall blonde looked coolly down at the short Chief Engineer. She took a step forward, clearly moving into B'Elanna's personal space. Every engineer present had the good sense to continue to pretend not to listen, but to do so two steps further back from Ground Zero.

"Are you trying to be dead p'taq?" snarled B'Elanna as she grabbed a double handful of plum biosuit.

"No Lieutenant, I am merely attempting to determine if your current rage is only for what some refer to as Borg manners or if it is indeed a part of a Klingon mating ritual." Seven looked calmly on as B'Elanna abruptly let go of the biosuit and stumbled back.

"What in Gre'thor? Mating ritual?" B'Elanna roared.

"Indeed Lieutentent, there are those who believe that your aggression is merely a prelude to what one officer referred to as 'going at it like bunnies.' This belief is held so strongly by some that there is a betting pool on our engaging in non-reproductive copulation."

B'Elanna's head whipped around. She looked at her people as if waiting for one to come forward and say, 'yes I did bet on your sex life la de da.' The crew melted further into the closest walls and many spontaneously found themselves capable of self propelled subspace travel. There was even one who apparently broke Warp 5 running for a Jefferies tube. Engineering was emptied. B'Elanna looked around and smiled. Seven's lips twitched as well.

"So Seven, I take it Neelix agreed to put in the bet for us?"

"He will be taking 10% but yes he was amenable to the plan."

"Great so how long to our spot in the pool and how do we make sure everyone is clear on the winner?"

"Two days and as I stated, B'Elanna, everyone on Deck 9 Section 12 knows when you are having sex."

B'Elanna playfully punched the Borg's arm and then kissed her cheek. "Pain in my ass you are. Don't forget dinner tonight in my quarters… and for Kahless's sake wear something other than the biosuit. I gotta keep us on the straight and narrow for two more days."

Seven twitched her lip in what B'Elanna had come to see as her 'smart ass' grin. "I will comply."

The End

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