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A Cheer Up
By Skye

"Knock, Knock."

B'Elanna stared dumbounded at Seven of Nine. Did she really said "knock, knock"?

"You're supposed to say 'Who is there?'" Seven supplied helpfully.

"Err…Who's there?" B'Elanna tried, unsure of what else she could say.

"It's me." Seven stated, seemingly emotionless.

"Me?" B'Elanna was at a loss. What was Seven up to?

"No, not you. You have to ask 'Who is me?'" Seven remained patient, although she wondered, whether the Lieutenant has never come across this particular kind of joke.

"Who is me?" B'Elanna tried again, now almost certain that she had been sucked into an alternative universe.

"You do not know who you are?" Seven questioned smirking.

"Not anymore" B'Elanna succumbed. "Seven, what are ya up to?"

"I was attempting a joke to lighten the mood, to cheer you up. I am not sure though, that I have succeeded. You are not smiling." Seven said, sounding slightly disappointed. But then, B'Elanna actually did smile upon hearing that explanation.

"Thank you. But maybe next time you try another kind of joke. I don't believe that I ever understood these ones. And well, there are other ways to make someone laugh." B'Elanna truly appreciated Seven's attempt, but wondered nevertheless, why she would do such a thing.

"I will consider it." And Seven did. She recalled every method Naomi Wildman ever told her about to make somebody else laugh. Given the facts, that there were no pillows arround, that she didn't know about other jokes and that she was currently alone with B'Elanna, she opted for another possibility.

Slowly approaching the other woman until she was by her side, Seven prepared her attack.

B'Elanna, deep in thought, almost missed what her companion was doing until Seven stood besides her.

"Err…Seven, what are you doing?" She never got an answer, at least not verbally. When Seven suddenly pushed her against the wall, hands roaming all over her body, searching for sensitive spots, B'Elanna realized what exactly she was about to do.

When the engineering crew finally opened the door of the stuck turbolift, they were greeted by a certain Astrometrics Officer and a certain Chief Engineer, who were trying to tickle each other senseless, squealing, panting and generally looking very childish, while they were laughing like maniacs. A sight to behold indeed.

The End

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