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Childhood Clichés
By A. Magiluna Stormwriter


With a sigh, I set down the pen and grab for my phone. It never fails that I get distracted while I'm trying to work through something important. "Boa Vista."

"Hey you." The sound of my lover's voice brings a smile to my lips. "Come on down and help me bring in the groceries. I got a lot of fresh and frozen stuff, and it's hotter than hell out here."

"Give me a minute to slip on my shoes," I reply, snapping my cell phone shut. Shoes on, I open the door and stop dead in my tracks as the heat and humidity hit like a slap to the face. Forcing out a breath, I head down to help Calleigh bring the groceries in from her truck.

We quickly put everything away with an efficiency that I certainly never had with Nick. The companionable silence doesn't disturb me either; I'm still trying to get used to that. We've come to have a very synergistic relationship in a relatively short period of time. When she's not pressured by the demands of her job, Calleigh becomes a very different person. She's certainly more physical when we're alone at home, and I find myself craving even the slightest touch when we're at work. At some point, without my conscious knowledge, I find myself watching Calleigh as she throws together the ingredients of our early dinner. She has this fluidity of motion that intrigues me, and I'm lost in the sun-kissed hints of white gold in her hair.


"Hmm?" I reply just as softly as she's asked.

"What's got you so introspective today?" There's a note of curiosity in her voice that doesn't surprise me, but the hint of worry alerts me to the fact that I've been far too caught up in my own thoughts, perhaps for my own good. "Is something going on I need to know about?"

Shaking my head, I reach out and pull her closer into an all-encompassing hug. "It's nothing, Calleigh." I make sure my voice is as reassuring as possible. "I've been doing some journaling again."

We're still far too new in our relationship to be complacent about potential sensitivities. We'd been together barely a month when I finally broke down and told her about Nick's abuse. And then he started showing up at crime scenes I was working. It was disheartening and disturbing, particularly because I didn't want him finding out about Calleigh and me. When Nick turned up dead, I honestly thought my entire world was going to fall out from under me. But Calleigh was there to help me pick up the pieces again. I am committed to being honest with her, at all costs.

"Wanna talk about it?"

I shake my head and smile. "No, but you can read it when I know it's been processed enough to be set aside."

Calleigh's bright smile warms my heart, and I lean in for a kiss. Suddenly I'm no longer in the mood for food when she insinuates her tongue between my lips. She rubs against me coquettishly, a sure sign that she's feeling the same way I am. "I'm all icky and sweaty after going outside. Care to join me for a shower?"

She begins to unbutton her shirt as she wanders toward the bathroom. I follow willingly behind her like a horse led to water; I couldn't stop if I wanted to, and I don't want to. Trust me. We leave a trail of clothing behind us that will be picked up later, when we're less distracted. As I turn on the water, my eyes follow the easy curves of Calleigh's spine, mesmerized by the muscles moving beneath that peach-toned skin as she loosens and combs out her hair. She steps past me, barely brushing against my skin, and into the shower with a beckoning finger.

If I had any pretenses of us actually showering, they're quickly gone as I step under the spray. Calleigh corners me against the back wall, lips latching onto one of my nipples with a ferocity that sends an arrow of arousal straight to my clit. "Oh god, Calleigh," I moan, holding her head closer.

She nibbles at each swollen tip, switching when one gets too sensitive. Her fingers map the terrain of my sides and thighs before slipping deeply into my pussy. I moan again, hips bucking against her hand. I've never had a lover that has turned me on as easily and quickly as Calleigh can. Maybe that's just new relationship fever, even though we've been together for over seven months.

Calleigh's tongue in my navel jolts me back from my thoughts to stare down at her. Her green eyes, darkened by her desire, flash impishly at me as she pushes my right foot up onto the side of the tub. Belatedly I realize what she's about to do, but all I can do is whimper and try to grip the slippery tile wall behind me for support. I close my eyes and try to remember to breathe as her tongue snakes its way down to my clit, flicking against the sensitive flesh in counterpoint to the thrusting of her fingers. It doesn't take long for that talented double action to bring me to the brink of orgasm, and I fall headlong into ecstasy, knowing Calleigh will be there to catch me and keep me safe.

"Are you sure everything's okay, Natalia?" Calleigh asks as we lay intertwined in bed some hours later. "You still seem awfully quiet."

I lightly trace random patterns on her stomach and press a light kiss over her sternum. "Yes, I'm fine, Calleigh," I reply reassuringly and raise up on one elbow to meet her gaze. "You want to know what I was writing about today, don't you?" When she nods, I smile knowingly. "I'll be right back," I add, getting out of bed. I admit that the blessedly cool air is giving me serious goosebumps, but I don't bother with clothes. Pausing long enough to grab the leather-bound journal she gave me after she first learned about my journaling, I head back into the bedroom and hand her the book.

"Are you sure?" Calleigh asks, fingering the edges of the book. "You said you weren't finished yet."

"Yeah, I'm sure." My voice is stronger than it's been all day. I know I still have more to process on this particular subject, but right now, I'm okay with what has been written. "If there's any more to add, you can read it when it's finalized, as well. This is something I want to share with you."

She smiles and settles herself more comfortably as she begins to read.

I must admit I'm a bit nervous as I wait for Calleigh to finish reading what I've written. I know it's nowhere near finalized yet; I've a lot more processing to do, but I know I can do it with her help.

"I make your world brighter, do I?" she teases lightly, setting the book aside. When she returns her gaze to mine, I can see the tears glistening in her eyes, and I pull her into a tender kiss.

"Every single minute since you pulled me out of the lab on D-day," I reply honestly. "I love you, Calleigh."

"I love you, too, Natalia."

The End

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