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By ralst

Mitzoti looked down at the brown object in her hand. It was a strange substance, formerly solid, it had started to transform into a glutinous liquid only seconds after she had first been presented with it. It also produced a slight odour; sweet, with a hidden chemical formulation that affected the saliva glands in her mouth. It was very odd.

"What is the purpose of this substance?" she enquired of Seven.

Seven looked down at her own hand, which was also covered with a rapidly melting piece of chocolate. "Apparently," her voice dripped disbelief, "it is a form of nutritional supplement."

The young girl looked from Seven to the piece of chocolate in her hand. "It is not very efficient." She poked the half-melted chocolate with the index finger of her other hand, only to have it smeared with a coating of brown. "I believe the replicator is malfunctioning."

"Lieutenant Torres replicated this 'treat' personally."

Mitzoti cocked her head to examine the chocolate from another angle. "Have you and Lieutenant Torres resumed your adversarial relationship?"


"Are you engaging in romantic overtures with other members of the crew?"


"Withholding sexual favours?"


The young former borg had the good grace to blush. "I apologise, Seven, I failed to adhere to protocol 43; which prohibits the discussion of your physical relationship with Lieutenant Torres, unless said revelation is needed to save a life or prevent the severe physical or mental pain of a favoured individual."

Seven paused. "Accepted." She again observed the chocolate. "Perhaps I missed an anniversary or customary celebration and this is my punishment?"

"Perhaps," Mitzoti sniffed at the oddly enticing aroma, "but I am sure I have done nothing to offend the lieutenant."

Just as Seven and Mitzoti were about to discuss the best way of removing the melted chocolate from their hands, B'Elanna wandered into the cargo bay. "Well?" Her voice held just a trace of suppressed excitement. "Did you like it?"

"We..." Seven looked down at her charge. "We were unsure how to proceed."

"How to..?" B'Elanna didn't care how long they'd both been incarcerated as part of the Collective, eating chocolate was an automatic response, just like breathing, they couldn't not know how to enjoy it. "Just eat it Seven."

Seven held up her chocolate smeared hand, a look of distaste on her face.

B'Elanna rolled her eyes. "Come here." Taking Seven's proffered hand, B'Elanna bent down to run her tongue through the melted chocolate. "Mmmmmm."

Seven gulped.

"Here." B'Elanna used one of her fingers to scrape the remaining chocolate from Seven's hand and present it to waiting lips. "Open wide."

Seven did as she was told. "Hmhmmmmmm."

Mitzoti looked at the two women, one of whom had the other's finger in her mouth and didn't look to be releasing it anytime soon. "I have to... I... Goodbye." She rushed from the room, hoping that Naomi Wildman would now how to remove the chocolate stain from her palm without forcing them to visit the EMH. She didn't want to get B'Elanna in trouble.

Seven just smiled at her lover. "I like chocolate."

The End

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