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By sinjenkai


Part 16

Waking up spooned behind Natalia was one of Calleigh's greatest joys. The feeling of being totally wrapped around someone that she loved was a feeling like no other and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

Kissing the shoulder that she was nearest to, she carefully slid out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower and begin getting ready for the day.

After dressing, she walked out of the bathroom to find Natalia, curled up on her side with the sheet around her waist. Going over to knell next to the bed, Calleigh brushed caramel colored hair away from Natalia's face and gazed at her for a few moments. Smiling, the blonde leaned over to place a soft kiss against parted lips before she leaned further down to place another kiss over her son.

"Morning Caden, thank you again for letting mommy and me sleep through the night. I'm quite sure that you will keep us up in the future. I'm going to fix mommy breakfast so let her sleep about fifteen minutes more before you wake her up."

"There's no need for him to wake me my love. I'm quite awake and just listening to you have your morning discussion with our son. Did you sleep well?" Natalia asked before reaching forward to pull Calleigh down for a kiss.

"Mmm, very well thank you. How about you?"

Natalia walked towards the bathroom, leaving Calleigh standing there drooling over her body.

Shaking her head and sighing, Calleigh headed into the kitchen to start breakfast. By the time that Natalia walked out, ready for the day, Calleigh had scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and toast waiting for her on the table, along with fresh orange juice.

Sliding slowly into her chair, which Calleigh of course was holding out for her, Natalia kissed her wife's cheek softly before folding a napkin to place in her lap. "Thank you babe, this looks delicious..."

Arching her eyebrows, Calleigh quipped back. "So do you, but you already know that. What's on the agenda for today?"

Smiling, Natalia laughed lightly, lacing their hands together as soon as the blonde sat down beside her. "I was thinking maybe a family get together... To share our news." She lifted the glass of orange juice to her lips.

Reaching for her fork, Calleigh speared some eggs while nodding her head. After chewing and swallowing, she said. "We can call Jordan and make sure that he's there. He's been spending too much time alone and I think that the girls need to get to know their Uncle Jordan better. What do you think?"

Nodding as Natalia dug into her own meal, she agreed. "You're right. Without Grayson around, he's picking up some of her nastier habits; spending most of his time alone, not sleeping, he doesn't cook at all anymore." Natalia sighed, really wishing that Grayson could come home.

"Did you want to invite Sonia also?" Calleigh asked.

"Probably, she and Jordan have become awfully close, which worries me.." Natalia admitted.

Popping a grape into her mouth and chewing it. Calleigh asked. "Why baby?"

Sighing to herself, she chewed a piece of bacon thinking how to word it before she spoke it. "If Grayson comes back, she may not be in any kind of condition for a relationship, Calleigh." She was worried more than anything that Grayson either wouldn't come back or if, when she did come back, she would be more deranged and psychotic than when they first met.

Agreeing, Calleigh reached over to take her wife's hand. "We have to have faith darlin'. She's a tough character and has the mental capabilities to get through most anything."

Squeezing the hand Calleigh offered her, Natalia closed her eyes, trying not letting her emotions get the better of her. She nodded before finishing their breakfast, she left all the phone calls, except Jordan's, to Calleigh. Letting her wife arrange all the hard work, she sat on the couch, enjoying the benefits of being pregnant.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Calleigh grabbed the house phone and called up Natalia's sister with the intention of asking them over for a cook out, but Christine told her that they were already barbequing that afternoon and was about to call and invite them. After finalizing what they needed to bring, Calleigh hung up and called Sonia to invite her. After giving her the directions, she ended the call and turned to Natalia to see how it went with Jordan.

Staring at the phone in her hand, having just ended the call, she was smiling sadly. "I think our good news came just in time. It sounded like he'd been crying, Calleigh." She curled up next to her wife, burying her face in her shoulder. "What time do we need to be there?"

"Cris said that we could show up around two so that gives us time to go by the paint store and pick out a color for Caden's room. Do you realize that he's gonna be here in a little more than a month?" Calleigh grinned with the thought.

Calleigh's smile was infectious and soon she was plotting paint colors in her mind, pallets racing by her eyes. "I like hunter green... with white and gold for the baby's room.." Natalia offered plainly.

Calleigh's eyes moved rapidly for a moment, mentally seeing the colors. "Don't you think that hunter's green will be a bit dark for a baby's room? Maybe a lighter shade of green with the gold and white?"

"What color green do you think would work better?" Natalia traced her fingertips over Calleigh's, which were lying on her thigh.

Turning to face the brunette, Calleigh grinned. "Come on, let's go shopping, I'll buy you a hot fudge sundae."

"Mmm sounds good." Natalia allowed Calleigh to help her off the couch and they were soon walking into a hardware store, their hands fluttering over hundreds of paint samples that were hung on a wall.

Pulling a few paint strips and comparing them to others, Calleigh made her selections and took them over to her wife, who was sitting comfortably on a nearby stool. "What do you think about these? Which one do you like best?" Handing her the strips.

Taking several long minutes to decide, Natalia picked out Jaunty Green, then Summer Gold and a pure white to border the green. Handing them back she smiled kissing Calleigh softly. "I like these, babe."

"Oh, great minds thinks alike. I was hoping that you would pick something close to that. I'll be right back." Kissing her quickly on the cheek, Calleigh went off to get the paint and supplies, then helped the clerk take everything out to her car.

As she was walking back in, she spotted a shop, and got an idea. Asking the clerk to tell Natalia that she would be right there, the blonde went inside. Walking around the store, she looked in the display cases for a few minutes before she found the perfect item. Quickly paying for it, she folded up the bag and slipped it into her pants pocket as she walked back into the hardware store.

Natalia was gently swinging her legs and tapping the paint sample pallets against her lips, thinking quietly to herself. She had already decided on whom the Godfather for Caden would be, she would run it by the blonde of course before the BBQ to make sure it was okay. Then her mind drifted to Calleigh and the pleasant smile on her face was the way Calleigh found her.

Coming up to stand beside her wife, Calleigh whispered into her ear. "You could get arrested for having thoughts like that."

"Only if the arresting officer is YOU." Natalia laughed, blushing at the way her wife's voice affected her.

"Well, you do know that I have the spare set of cuffs in the night stand next to our bed." Calleigh teased.

"After the baby Calleigh..." Natalia warned teasingly. Mentally, she was already handcuffed to the bed, crying out for Calleigh. Clearing her throat, she took hold of Calleigh's hand and they walked hand in hand back to the Crossfire.

Getting into the car, Calleigh headed towards an ice cream shop that was close by. After helping Natalia out, they went inside and ordered. The blonde got a scoop of rocky road and peanut butter and chocolate, while ordering a hot fudge sundae for her wife.

Taking her hot fudge sundae from the blonde, they sat side by side, fingers interlaced eating their cold treats smiling at one another. "I love you Calleigh DuVista, who else would help keep me plump and built for comfort and not for speed.," she laughed.

"Aw baby, you're fast enough to catch me and that's all that matters." Calleigh leaned over to kiss off a drop of fudge on the corner of Natalia's mouth.

Blushing, Natalia leaned her forehead against the blonde's, kissing her nose gently. "We have to stop to get ice and ketchup... Izzy's been putting ketchup on everything."

Laughing, Calleigh finished her cone and waited for Natalia to finish hers, enjoying the show that she was putting on, licking the spoon.

Dragging her tongue up and over the spoon, Natalia licked her lips slowly, dropping the trash into the receptacle, she took Calleigh's hands. "Tonight my love... " She laughed at the lustful look on Calleigh's face.

Tugging on Natalia's hand, Calleigh turned her to face her. "We can always go home right now and can be fashionably late."

"You are bad Calleigh.. Bad, bad, bad... And I wouldn't have you any other way, but we promised we would be there and I don't want to leave Jordan alone with Eva and Izzy for too long. Last time he came out of their room, he was wearing a tutu and make up." Natalia kissed her wife after they had slid into the car and leaned across the center console.

"Fine, be that way. I'll be the one doing a slow steam for the rest of the day, so if you see that my shirt is wet, just imagine how the rest of me is." The blonde pretended to sulk, but was grinning at the same time.

Making sure the parking lot was completely empty, Natalia's hand slid up the inside of Calleigh's thigh, dragging her nails much like the night before at dinner. Flicking open the button, she slid her hand past her slacks and panties into damp curls, teasing slowly. "Why imagine?"

"Aww fuck darlin!" Calleigh raised her hips, allowing her more access.

Pushing two fingers deep inside her wife, the brunette begin to tease and taunt as her lips moved over the tendons in Calleigh's neck. "That's what I'm doing... Fucking you." She bent her head down, biting Calleigh's shoulder under her blouse.

Rolling her hips the best that she could sitting behind the steering wheel, Calleigh leaned back her head and closed her eyes.

Sinking her fingers in deeper, Natalia suddenly wished they were in her Volvo or at home, she desperately wanted to taste the wetness that surrounded her fingers. Growling low in her throat, she pushed another finger inside Calleigh as her thumb began to tease her clit up and down. Her lips continued to tease and taunt their way up Calleigh's neck before nibbling on her ear. "You are so wet..."

Growling, the blonde reached on the side of the seat and pulled up the lever, dropping the seat back to a horizontal position and then pushed up her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts. "Please suck on them." She pleaded.

Curling her fingers before pumping harder and deepening her thrusts, Natalia's mouth sought out stiff pink nipples that were quite literally begging for her attentions. Wrapping her lips around one nipple while her free hand caressed it's twin, she pinched flicked, sucked and bit while her thumb pressed down in small tight circles over Calleigh's clit.

Biting her lips to keep from crying out, Calleigh used her hands against the door handles and the center console to push herself up and down against Natalia's fingers.

Watching the sight below her made Natalia have an out of body of experience as she watched herself lose her mind in Calleigh's body. Curling her fingers, she gently rubbed the spot that she knew would cause Calleigh to go wild.

Bucking against Natalia's hand, Calleigh dug her nails into the leather console while placing her arm into her mouth, biting it to muffle her scream.

"Stop holding back Calleigh..." Natalia growled. "Let go... Let me love you like you deserve." She pushed a fourth finger hard into Calleigh, determined to get a reaction out of her wife.

For the first time in her life, Calleigh hated that she had bucket seats and a very small back seat because all she wanted to do was, get naked with her wife and rock the car.

"Cum beautiful... Please." Natalia whispered in her ear. "I want to watch you come undone in my arms."

Sitting up, the blonde didn't care who saw her, all she needed was to kiss her wife, needed to feel her lips underneath her, to breathe in her sighs. There was nothing sweeter in the world to her than the taste of Natalia, whether it was her kisses or her cum.

In contrast to her fingers moving inside the blonde, the taller woman kissed Calleigh almost slowly, savoring the taste of the ice cream they'd just consumed, the taste of her lips and the essential taste that was uniquely her wife. Moaning softly, she flicked the tips of her fingers before making a small circle just there, she sucked the blondes tongue into her mouth to tease it with her own.

Calleigh felt the kiss all the way down to her toes, and she moaned into Natalia's mouth. She wanted nothing more than to crawl into Natalia's lap and thrust against her, instead she bucked against her hand, screaming out her name.

Fluttering her fingers for long drawn out moments, Natalia took her time retracting her fingers. Her kisses became softer and more gentle before she broke away to lick the evidence of Calleigh's love from her fingertips. "Mmm, better than bacon.."

Still trembling through the aftershocks, Calleigh's hips rolled with them and she gasped for air as she tried to release her grip from the console. "You taste better than bacon Darlin'."

Dropping her hand to rub slowly over the blonde's racing heart, she rubbed in small circles, kissing her softly, delicately, and words weren't needed. Actions spoke louder than words as Natalia helped Calleigh's body relax.

After a few minutes, Calleigh's breathing returned to normal, she rose up to kiss her wife. "I love you Talia."

Drawing their foreheads together so melted chocolate and shimmering emerald could collide in the form of an eternal bond. "And I love you Cal..." she finished.

Sitting there for a few moments, the two women held each other before Calleigh brought the seat back up and returned her clothes to normal.

"What? You sister knows that we have a healthy love life. Let's just let her know how healthy it really is." Calleigh teased.

"I'd rather not hear about it simply because the image of her and Andre coupled with Chance and Anya is a little disturbing for me..." Natalia joked.

Shaking her head to clear out the mental image her wife just gave her, Calleigh laughed. "Aw honey, you had to put Chance and Anya in my head. Yuck!"

"Sorry, but it's true..." Natalia would have continued, but Jordan had sent her a text message saying he was leaving the Complex and would be there soon.

"We had better hurry or you're going to be the one cleaning make up off his face later tonight." Natalia warned playfully at her wife.

Looking over, Calleigh found it hard to believe that she had just been make love to by this calm and beautiful woman, and there would be no one to know unless they told.

"Stop undressing me with your eyes or we're going to be late.." Natalia leaned over, kissing her wife softly.

Holding up her hands, Calleigh laughed. "I already offered the chance to go home and be fashionably late, but you had to take me right here. Now the offer still stands."

"Calleigh DuVista... I will not tell you again, you stubborn woman, GET GOING!" Natalia pinched the blonde on the arm.

Starting the car, Calleigh put it in gear and drove out of the parking lot. "Yes ma'am. Anything you say ma'am. Your wish is my command, ma'am."

Natalia narrowed her eyes at Calleigh's antics, but stayed quiet for the most part, except to add a parting shot. "And don't you forget it." She kidded.

The drive only took about fifteen minutes and they were soon pulling up in front of Christine and Andre's house to be met by two very excited little girls.

Natalia laughed as Izzy and Eva grabbed both she and Calleigh to drag them into the house. "Tia Natalia! Tia Calleigh!" Their little voices rang out as their small bodies shoved and pushed them towards the rest of the family.

Laughing, Calleigh picked up Isabel to tickle her tummy. "Hello Miss Izzy B. How are you doing today?"

The little girl laughed, hugging her Tia Calleigh hard, tugging on blonde hair, she giggled harder. "I missed you."

Sitting down on the step of the back yard patio, Calleigh placed the little girl on her feet in front of her. "I'm sorry that I haven't been over in a while. I've been busy with work and getting ready for Tia Natalia and my baby to come."

Eva walked up and stated smartly. "I know. We are going to have a baby cousin soon."

"Yes you are. In a little more than a month, you will have a brand new little cousin." Calleigh grinned and she caught a glimpse of Jordan coming around the corner. "And here's your other new cousin, and he is definitely not a baby."

Parking his sisters Range Rover behind Calleigh's Crossfire, Jordan climbed out carrying one enormous bag of ice in one hand, cigars, and beer in the other, having a feeling that the BBQ invitation had something to do with the baby. Even though Natalia's family had helped him numb the pain of losing Grayson, he still prayed for her every night and every morning. It didn't matter if she came back, just let her find some kind of peace. Sighing, all thoughts of his sister disappeared at the smiles on everyone's face.

"Tio Jordy!" Both girls ran towards the young man, almost tripping him as they ran around his feet.

Setting down the bags of ice and handing the other packages to Calleigh, Jordan engulfed the two small girls into his bear like hug. Lifting them up onto a different shoulder, he waved to Sonia who was pulling up behind their cars. He could already feel Izzy braiding his unruly curls.

Sonia waved back to her lover's twin. As usual seeing him, brought an ache to her heart, but as usual, she hid it with a smile. Walking over to the young man, she laughed at Isabel braiding his hair while Eva gave him directions to go over to their fort.

Natalia smiled, even though she knew what Sonia was thinking about, walking over she interlaced their fingers, squeezing tightly on her friends hand. "It's okay." she smiled.

"I know. I just thought that it would get easier, but it's not." The young Latina admitted.

Sighing, Natalia looked at Calleigh before shifting her eyes to Jordan, who was once again allowing Izzy to braid his hair and Eva to put make up on him. "I know that you're worried about her, we are too. All of us are... You just have to have some faith okay?" She hugged the younger woman.

Hugging her friend back, Sonia admitted. "Faith and time I have... So how are you feeling? Is the baby more active?"

"Yes, good Lord yes. But thankfully the baby lets me get through most of the night and most of the work day without much fuss." Natalia tried to edit her words, not wanting to spill the beans too quickly.

Christine and Andre came out the back door and soon the BBQ was in full swing with Andre and Calleigh discussing the best way to fix the meat while Natalia, Christine and Sonia discussed painting the baby's room. Jordan played with the girls near the grill so that he could offer his opinions on the grilling.

"Well, what colors did you choose?" Sonia asked, taking a sip from the beer Jordan had brought for them. Natalia smiled, holding up the paint colors she still had in her in her purse, handing them to Sonia, who gushed. "Oh, I love them."

"Good, you'll be helping.." Natalia teased before excusing herself to find her wife, who was standing by the grill with Andre, discussing cooking ideas. Rolling her eyes, she wrapped her arm around Calleigh's waist, kissing her cheek. "Andre, can I steal Calleigh for a moment?"

"Aw baby, you don't have to steal me. I'll come with you willingly." Calleigh leaned against the brunette.

"Good, because this is important and I need to talk with you..." Natalia smiled, leading them over to a small swing that was large enough for both of them to sit on, located nearby Carolina Jasmine. Taking the blondes hand in her own, she placed it over her tummy, leaning back to watch Calleigh fondly, admiring the way the green of the plants, the white of the chair, brought out the natural highlights of gold in Calleigh's blonde hair.

Leaning forward to capture Natalia's lips in a tender kiss, Calleigh murmured. "And what can I do for you my love?"

"If something happens to us... " she shushed Calleigh's question that was bound to leap out of her mouth with another soft kiss. "I want Jordan to be the Godfather of our baby... with Chase and Anya so new in their relationship, Andre and Christine have the girls, and while Eileen and Court have their boys... he needs something to keep him going Cal. I think Caden is that something." she whispered.

Leaning back, the blonde looked at her wife for a moments before looking over to Jordan. "Do you think that is such a good idea? I know that he needs something to concentrate on, but is he mature enough to be a parent?"

As if on some hidden cue, Jordan's eyes softened and he looked at Izzy, who had stopped painting his face with mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss, and foundation pilfered from Christine's bathroom minutes before. Izzy was chattering on aimlessly, seemly about nothing and everything all at the same time, and Jordan for his part, was completely enamored by every word she was saying, like it was his lives' breath. Natalia answered slowly. "I think in the event of the worst case scenario... the loss of both of us coupled with a child who needed him would make him mature enough to be a parent." the brunette concluded.

"Darlin, it's not that I don't love Jordan, because I do, but I'm afraid that he would spoil Caden to death. Does that make any sense?" Calleigh tried to put her feelings into words, and failed.

"It does... and you're right, he most likely would, but remember it's OUR baby. So the child will more than likely have your stubborn streak and refuse enormous gifts of wealth and privilege." Natalia laughed.

Looking back at her wife, Calleigh saw that she was very serious about this. "If this is something that you really want, then I agree with you one hundred percent, Jordan can be Caden's Godfather."

"Not if you don't trust him as much as I do. Calleigh, our baby is more important than anything in the world, including us, I want you to be exactly sure. Who would you choose to raise Caden if not Jordan?" she whispered, honestly believing in every word she said. "I'm open to other suggestions babe.." Natalia kissed the blonde, softly rubbing their noses together, smiling at the kick Caden gave in response to the way her heart constantly fluttered around Calleigh.

Staring deep into Natalia's eyes, Calleigh tried to explain her fear. "It's not that I don't trust Jordan, because I do. I just don't know if he's ready for the responsibility." Placing her hand atop Natalia's which was resting on her stomach. "You're right, this is our son, and I want him in the best hands in the world if he can't be with us. If you trust Jordan to be that pair of hands, then that is good enough for me."

"Calleigh, it doesn't matter what I think if you don't agree with me for your own reasons." Natalia tried to voice her own need to explain it. "Maybe Caden should be raised by Court, he has boys of his own, and another would fit in well should something every happen to us." The brunette watched Eva and Isabel streak across the yard away from Jordan who was now chasing them all with water balloons tied up in grenade like fashions to his belt.

"One question. How do you feel about Caden growing up around guns?" Calleigh leaned back to watch Natalia's face.

"Is this about Grayson?" Natalia asked softly, turning to look back at Calleigh, she understood her wife's fear and love of Jordan's sister around their son.

Shaking her head, Calleigh explained. "Not at all. I am asking because it's what I do. I'm Bullet Girl and I work with guns, I love them and will continue to do so."

For a moment, Natalia felt like a fool and then she just laughed quietly. "You always keep me on my toes Bullet Girl." She leaned her head softly on her wife's shoulder, rocking gently back and forth on the swing, the breeze fluttering the floral scent over the both of them. "I want you to always do what makes you happy my love. I would never ask you to stop. Just wait until he's out of diapers at least." She joked.

Holding her wife close, Calleigh closed her eyes, enjoying the quiet moment. "Darlin, he's not touching a gun until he's a teenager. Just because I love them doesn't mean that I'm a fool. Caden will have to prove to me that he's responsible enough to use one before I even think about him holding one."

"You are going to be such a good momma...I love you so much" Natalia sighed completely at peace with the world for that one moment in time.

The two women sat rocking in the swing for a few minutes, watching the children chase Jordan around the yard while Christine and Sonia talked over things that they wanted to do for the baby's room and Andre took the food off the grill, declaring that it was time to eat.

Before Calleigh could get up Natalia wound her hand through her wife's again and stopped her. "So when should we tell Court and Eileen?" Natalia asked smiling.

"I can call them and Chance tonight when we get home. Neither one of them can get time off until the baby is due, but I do what them to know." Calleigh place a kiss against Natalia's head.

Nodding, Natalia stood up of her own accord, waving off the blonde's hands as she teetered over to the table where Jordan was holding out a chair for her smiling. Andre had brought a small table for the children to sit at while the adults ate at the large picnic table beside the grill.

Calleigh headed towards the table, feeling like she had done something terribly wrong. She loved Jordan and trusted him with her and Natalia's life, but trusting her child was something else entirely. Taking a deep breath, she sat down beside her wife.

Natalia waited until the dinner was half way through before she picked up her glass of water, tapping it softly with a fork, laughing at the hilarity of it all. "We have an announcement we'd like to share..." She turned to look lovingly at Calleigh.

"Go right ahead darlin', this is your show." Calleigh smiled back.

Rolling chocolate eyes, Natalia groaned. "Because it doesn't take two of us to make a family.." She hissed back playfully. "And it's OUR show remember... Or you're sleeping on the couch." she growled.

"What I meant to say, was that since this is your side of our family, I thought that you might want to be the one to tell them, but alrighty then." Turning to her in-laws, Calleigh smiled. "I have the great honor in announcing that we are having a boy, and he is healthy and should be here on time."

Natalia braced herself for Christine's scream of excitement while Calleigh was swept up in a brotherly hug from her husband, Andre. "Oh, congratulations you two." He smiled, patting Calleigh's back. Jordan hung back while Izzy and Eva ran to hug and talk excitedly with their aunts. He reached into the front pocket of his dress shirt, now somewhat stained with grass and make up, he pulled out a small box of fine cigars, moments later, he handed them to Calleigh along with a flask of one of his sister's favorite sipping whiskies. "Congratulations Short Stack... Natty." Tears streamed down his face.

Looking up at the young man, Calleigh whispered to him. "Thank you Godfather Jordan. Just make sure that our son ends up as good as you are."

Natalia's ears perked up at Calleigh's words and she turned to stare the blonde down in fake anger. "You are the sneakiest... Most... Ooh CALLEIGH!" She growled, stomping over half-heartedly to tweak her wife's nose while Jordan just stood there staring at the both of them. "I can't accept that... Court or Chance... or Anya... or, or, or..." He waved his hand in a circle, searching for someone else to take his place at the moment, eyes scrambling for some sort of help.

Walking over to the astonished young man, Calleigh placed her hand on his chest. "Jordan, you have dealt with more life altering events than anyone else that I know and you are the most well adjusted person in spite of it all. There is no one else that I would trust to raise our son than you. Court and Christine have their own families, while Chance and Anya are just starting out in their relationship. We love and trust you to teach our son to grow up into a good man."

Dissolving into tears of a blubbering fool, the large man wrapped both women in a very gentle hug for a moment before straightening his appearance, though never wiping off the makeup, or removing the barrettes from his hair, causing it to stand on end. "Then I guess we need to light those cigars and open that whiskey." He joked lightly looking at Calleigh, Christine, Natalia and Andre.

Wincing, Calleigh stopped him. "Trust me when I say this... Go clean up. I can't have a drink with a man who has on more makeup than I do." She was trying very hard to keep a grin off her face.

Placing a delicate hand over his shirt, Jordan waved the other hand mockingly. "You're just mad because my hair looks better than yours." He broke into laughter before trudging inside the house to go wash his face and take the clips out of his hair.

Wrapping her arms around Calleigh, Natalia whispered to her wife. "You are full of surprises."

"I try." Calleigh was about to say more when her phone vibrated. Reaching into her pocket, she looked at the caller id and saw that it was Ryan. Opening the phone, she said hello and listened for a few moments. Sighing, she said that she would be there in about a half an hour, she hung up to turn to her wife.

"What's up Cal?" Natalia turned to the blonde, who had just closed her phone, Jordan was walking outside, rubbing his face with a towel, lighting up a cigar from his pocket, smoke streaming out of both nostrils, the flask in hand. "Ready oh blonde one?" He teased.

Sighing, Calleigh shook her head. "I need to go into work. There's been a burglary at a convenience store on the outskirts of town and they're short-handed today. I shouldn't been gone for more than a few hours." Turning to Jordan, she asked. "Can you give Talia a ride home?"

"Of course, I can give the mother of my Godson a lift home." Jordan smiled, hugging Calleigh tightly, fishing into his pockets while Natalia kissed Calleigh softly. "Here" He handed her the cigar case, but kept the flask, both of which had a large C and the Cerano family crest stamped on them. "See you tonight when you get home, I'll stay with her until you get back."

"Deal, I'll see you then." Kissing Natalia, she whispered. "I won't be long. Have a good time and I'll see you later. I need to go as it looks like it raining over where I'm headed."

Waving by to her wife, Jordan and Natalia returned to the BBQ in the back yard.

Calleigh thought nothing of the slowly clearing spring clouds. The sun cast the sky brilliant orange, purple clouds breaking overhead. Crossing the glades was nothing more than a happy memory job, Calleigh grinned, watching the beach line where she and Natalia rode the horses now and then on their long evenings off. Her eyes wandered back to the road, then back at the breathtaking beach view. One hand on the steering wheel of her Crossfire, other in her lap, relaxed after the visit with Natalia's family. Shaking her head, Calleigh smiled at Jordan's reaction of being asked to be Caden's Godfather.

A light honk caught her attention, noting the semi in her rearview mirror she waved and moved over for him. He hung back a bit allowing her to do so. He started to speed up slowly and changed lanes, hell he even enjoyed the view, but he had a schedule to keep.

As he was about get back into his lane, a Suzuki Hayabusa came hauling up beside him and waved, then cut in front of him, causing him to slam on his brakes in fear of hitting this insane adolescent driver. With the brakes and the slick roads, came a fishtail, in turn causing his whole truck to swerve into the other lane. The one Calleigh's tiny Crossfire happened to be in, peaceful and relaxed, concentrating on the evening sky before her.

The car was clipped on the left rear panel, causing her to turn and drive straight into the guard wall between the opposing lanes. The truck slammed into the car's driver's side door. The whole car was pushed over fifty yards as the truck driver sat there in shock, every ounce of his body leaning into the brake pedal, trying to stall out the truck, shifting while pulling the emergency brakes. He jumped out after radioing in the wreck, trying to pull the door free with all his might, but nothing budged. Calleigh wasn't bleeding, having but a few small cuts on her face; but her head hung like her neck was that of a newborn. Her eyes opened for half a second; the sky stood unchanged; the sky, the land, the ocean even the parts of the engine, visible by lack of a hood were sun kissed a gorgeous brilliant orange. That moment felt like an eternity, time stood still while the accident happened in slow motion. "Ma'am..!" He shook her shoulder, but she fell limp against the seat belt, trapped where she sat.

Calleigh watched the sun sink to the ocean, only to be engulfed by darkness.

The barking of the dogs alerted Jordan, who was sleeping on the sofa in the DuVista house that someone was at the front door. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he stumbled to his feet and headed to the door. Throwing the locks, he opened it to find Horatio Caine and Alexx Woods standing there in the dark.

"Mr. Cerano…" Horatio whispered under his breath, the tone in his voice was foreboding and his normally brilliant blue eyes were dull and lifeless. Jordan recognized Alexx Woods, the Coroner that his cousins kept in high regard. He stared at them in shock, terrified of what Horatio would say next. "There has been an accident, and we need to talk with Natalia."

"Please come in." Jordan stepped aside and let his cousin's co-workers walk inside. Closing the door, he gave a quick prayer and walked around to face them. "What's happened?"

"Calleigh was struck by a large truck... She's unconscious in the hospital.... Only minor lacerations, but she's in a coma... And we don't know when or if she's going to wake up." Natalia had woken to the sounds of several voices in her living room, opening the door, she caught the tail end of the conversation, and gasped, clutching the doorframe.

Jordan rushed over and gently took her in his arms, carrying her over to the sofa and setting her down. "It's gonna be alright Natty... Calleigh's tough."

Horatio put his hand on Alexx's shoulder and she nodded as they both went to wait outside, preferring to give the family members some time.

Wiping her face, Natalia fought to get her emotions under control. Her being upset wasn't good for Caden. Absentmindedly, she rubbed her stomach, calming herself as well as her son who had fluttered about a little. "I need to go to her Jordan. I need to be with Calleigh."

"I know and I'm ready to leave when you are. I need to get you up and dressed in real clothes." Looking closely at Natalia, he laid a hand on top of the one that covered her swollen midsection. "Take a deep breath for me please. " He breathed with her, their eyes locking.

"What am I going to do Jordy? I need her so much." Natalia stared at her cousin, knowing that she needed change clothes.

"You are going to walk into that bedroom and get dressed. I will help you with my eyes closed." He helped her stand, his voice strong and sure, he hadn't felt this sure since before his sister left. What would Gray do? She would take care of Natalia, she would take care of their family.

Shaking her head, Natalia made her way into their bedroom and left Jordan standing in the living room. Taking a deep breath, she pulled off her nightclothes before pulling on stretchy pants, a t-shirt, and some sandals. Brushing her hair, she fought to keep the tears from her eyes and from totally losing it. Grabbing her purse and her phone, she opened the door and walked out.

While Natalia was dressing, Jordan changed shirts, and pulled out one of his sister's guns, tucking it into the back of his pants, then he made a quick phone call to Dr. O'Conner, informing him of the situation. Brian said he would meet them at the hospital.

"Are you ready Jordan? Did you want to take both cars?" Natalia asked, her mind going a thousand miles an hour.

"We take one car, Natty I'm not letting you out of my sight, Period." He held open the door for her, motioning for her to get into the Volvo as he pulled the keys for her car out of the drawer.

Opening the garage door, Jordan pulled the car out, then rolled down the window to tell Horatio that they would follow them to the hospital. Horatio agreed and they were soon speeding through the streets of Miami, following his car with its flashing light.

Pulling the Volvo into a vacant space, Jordan cut the vehicle off and jogged around to help a very pregnant Natalia out of the vehicle. His hands gravitated towards hers naturally, a hand out in front of her should she fall, and one in her own to help her from the vehicle. "Come on Natty, your wife is waiting."

Taking a deep breath, Natalia held onto Jordan's hand like it was a lifeline as they made their way into the hospital. Horatio and Alexx met them at the door and led them through a maze of hallways until they were outside the ICU.

"They will only let one family member in for ten minutes, once an hour." Horatio explained.

Without a word, Jordan pushed the door open for Natalia, who of course walked right in and sat down, taking the hand of her wife. Calleigh looked like death warmed over, minus the warmth, her hands were cold and clammy, her tiny pale form dwarfed by the huge hospital room, full of machines hooked to her wife's body. The steady beat of the machines kept time with Calleigh's body brought Natalia to tears as she leaned her head against the blonde's wrist.

Horatio looked through the window in the door for a few moments before he turned to the young man, standing there like a guard, with his arms crossed over his chest and his feet, shoulder width apart. "I should warn you that they found a cigar case with your family crest in Calleigh's car and one of the ADA's is looking to find a Cerano."

Arching an eyebrow at his own stupidity, Jordan tapped his chin, thinking quickly to all the times he'd seen Grayson wiggle out from under the thumb of another lawyer, another judge, and another cop. "Anything in particular they are after? The more heads up I have, the quicker I can respond to their questions; if I'm still around when they show up."

Taking a step closer to his friend's cousin, Horatio had a suggestion. "If possible, get yourself a set of scrubs, a cap, and a mask. That way you can stay with Natalia and not really be noticed. I or Ryan Wolfe will try and give you a heads up if we should hear that they are headed this way, but I can do nothing more. If you have any pull in this area, I suggest that you use it."

"All the 'pull' I have hasn't been around for the last six months." Jordan's bitterness at being alone seeped through his tone, covering it quickly, he moved on. "If the ADA see's me, they're going to demand a lot of explanations, they can't arrest me, but they can hold me. The FBI would drop down on this entire department like a ton of bricks. I'm trusting you; a police officer, to watch my cousins... my family... my Godson." He ground out.

Holding out his hand to the young man, Horatio stated. "I will do anything that I can to help Natalia and her family to the best of my ability. This is my word."

Shaking his hand firmly, Jordan could began to see why both Calleigh and Natalia trusted the man so much, it was hard not to. He nodded with a jerk of his head as Dr. O'Conner came down the hallway.

"Jordan, how is Natalia?" He asked then listened as Jordan rolled through the details. "Then I expect you at my office early tomorrow morning, you need to learn about the pregnancy and what to do if something goes wrong."

"Doctor, I was wondering if you could help us with something?" Horatio posed a question. "Could you get Jordan some scrubs to change into so he won't be as... Obvious so to speak?"

"I see the family reputation has caught up with you once again Jordan... " Dr. O'Conner coolly regarded his employer's brother before nodding to a small closet. "There are scrubs, jackets and face masks for you to put on through that door." He turned to look at Horatio. "Lt. Caine, I need you to convince Natalia to let me look her over... and then Calleigh." He pleaded.

Nodding his head, Horatio agreed. "Sir, I will do my best." Opening the door to the ICU, Horatio went straight to Natalia's side and told her that it was time for her to leave.

"What are you talking about Horatio..." She whispered brokenly, her hands wrapped tightly around Calleigh's.

"Remember I said that they only allow family members to stay in here for ten minutes at a time, and there is a Dr. O'Conner outside who wants to make sure that you're okay before he comes in here to check Calleigh out." Horatio reasoned with his young friend.

Standing up, Natalia nodded, leaning over, she brushed her lips over Calleigh's, the tears sprang down her cheeks at the cold clammy lips of her wife. She exited the room to see Dr. O'Conner talking to Jordan, who for some reason was dressed as a nurse. Confused she looked at Horatio."What's going on?"

Sighing, he explained. "One of the new ADA's found out that Calleigh had a cigar case that had the Cerano family crest on it and is now looking for information. We thought that it was best that Mr. Cerano here should blend in if he was going to stay here."

"Great..." She grumbled to herself as Dr. O'Conner walked over to hug her lightly, then led her into an empty examining room, letting her sit on an empty bed. "Okay first things first, you cannot stress out. I know this going to be incredibly difficult, but this late in the pregnancy, I'm going to suggest you rely heavily on Jordan for anything that you need, I wanted to check on you before I looked over Calleigh." He spoke slowly.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Natalia took a deep breath before she opened them back up to look at the man. "I won't do anything to jeopardize our child, I promise, but I want you to go check on Calleigh. We trust you, and I know that you'll tell me the truth. Please..." She grabbed his hands in hers. "Please go take care of my wife."

Sticking his head in the room, Jordan came in after Dr. O'Conner motioned for him to sit down next to Natalia. "When your sister left, she gave me instructions in the event of something like this. Jordan, you are stay with Natalia no matter what. No... Matter...What." He made sure to get the point across to Jordan, who paled and nodded silently while the Doctor left the room to examine Calleigh.

Turning to her cousin, Natalia leaned against him, sighing. "I know that I'm going to regret asking this, but what does, 'No Matter What' mean?"

Sliding a muscled arm around his cousin's shoulders, Jordan sighed. "If she bends to my Grandfathers will and leaves me, like he has asked her to do on several occasions, for her to take over the family and marry Stefan, bearing him more heirs."

"What does that mean for you Jordan? Where does that leave you?" She whispered.

"Nothing, my grandfather doesn't care for me as much as he does Gray, for which I am thankful. He'll leave me to my own devices, as well as stop looking at our every move... maybe it would be a blessing in disguise.." He whispered as an afterthought, balking at the idea of Grayson using herself as payment for his life.

Scooting so she could look into his eyes, Natalia asked. "Does it mean that you will have your own life? That you can do what you want?"

"Yes." He answered, not looking at her anymore, instead looking past her out into the waiting room at Horatio.

Shaking her head, Natalia got up and walked out to see if the doctor had come back out yet. "Any news?"

Dr. O'Conner opened the door, taking off gloves and throwing them in a biohazard receptacle. "She has a severe concussion, swelling around the base of her skull. She hit her head very hard and it's also from the whiplash. When she wakes up, I expect there to be some speech slurring and her eyesight might be affected, but I feel that will most likely be temporary." The Dr.. whispered softly, since the door was still open. His eyes narrowed once he saw Jordan sitting alone in the room without Natalia. When Jordan locked eyes with the doctor, he rushed to Natalia's side protectively, listening to the diagnosis.

"When do you think that she'll wake up?" Natalia anxiously asked.

"Honestly, it could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be next week or... It could be never. It's up to her body to bring her out of the coma. It is simply her body's natural reaction to protect itself." Dr. O'Conner admitted.

Turning away from everyone to look through the window of Calleigh's door, Natalia felt lost. With everything that they had already gone through, who would think that there would be more. Closing her eyes, she bowed her head for a moment, trying to calm herself down before turning back around. "What can I do to help her? Just tell me and I'll do it."

"There isn't anything you can do Natalia. I'm so sorry." Dr. O'Conner placed a hand on her arm.

"Then you had better tell the nurses that I can stay in there because I'm going to be with her as much as I can. I can talk to her, play music, read to her...I don't care, but she's not going to be alone. I won't have her waking up alone." Natalia all but demanded.

Dr.. O'Conner agreed and went over to the nurse's station to clear Natalia staying with Calleigh, but when he came back he had some demands of his own.

"I've arranged an easy chair to be brought up and I want you to keep your feet up as much as possible. If you need something, have Jordan go get it. You need to make sure that you still take your vitamins and eat properly, because you can't do Calleigh or your baby any good if you don't take care of yourself. I would prefer that you go home and sleep in your own bed every night, but knowing you, I don't think that will happen."

Agreeing with everything, Natalia was anxious to get back in with Calleigh, but she took Jordan aside for a moment.

"I don't want you to put yourself in a position that you will be detained because you won't be able to help me if the FBI have you in custody, so you do whatever you need to do to stay out of sight. I need for you to go home to get my vitamins and a change of clothes. Then I need for you to call her brothers and my sisters in the morning to let them know what's happened. Tell them that you'll call them once we know more. Horatio will stay here while you are gone."

Kissing Natalia on the cheek softly, Jordan embraced his pregnant cousin in a bear hug, holding her close. "I love you Natalia and I will take care of you and the baby... I promise." He whispered.

"Jordan, I have no doubt that you will." Natalia hugged him back before releasing him and turning to go into Calleigh's room.

Walking down the hallway quickly and silently, Jordan disappeared out of sight after making sure Horatio would watch out for Natalia and Calleigh in his absence.

Going back into Calleigh's room, Natalia closed the door and leaned against it. Letting her head fall forward, she closed her eyes and prayed. Prayed that Calleigh would wake quickly and be alright, prayed that she was able keep calm so that their son wouldn't be prematurely born and prayed that Jordan would be able to avoid being found out.

The loud click of expensive high heels came striding down the hallway as Spencer Hurst stopped in front of Horatio, her eyes fiery green, almost yellow with intensity. "Where is the lovely Mrs. DuVista?" She growled.

Standing in front of the woman with his hands lightly clasped. "Ms. Hurst, Natalia is unable to talk with you at this moment. I'm sure that you understand."

"I understand that her wife has been injured and is unconscious so when she finds the time, I would love to ask why the hell her wife was carrying a cigar case with the CERANO family crest on it." She hissed under her breath, folding her long arms across her chest in a hostile manner.

"Was the cigar case found on Calleigh's person, in the car or at the scene Ms. Hurst? I thought that the DA department would be more specific than this?" Horatio posed the question.

Narrowing her eyes, she stepped closer to Horatio. "In this area, the DA isn't pulling my strings Lt. Caine, it's the FBI. The cigar case was in her pocket... Because it was found wedged between the driver's seat and the center console. Which means it fell out after someone handed it to her." Her voice dropped several octaves, speaking in a whisper. "I know there is a Cerano still in town..."

Looking down at the young woman, Horatio's voice dropped also. "If it was found wedged in the car, that means that anyone could have put it in there."

Before he could continue, Natalia opened the door and walked over to the ADA. "I'm the Cerano. My mother was Denato Cerano's daughter and I recently found some of her possessions and I gave it to Calleigh as a gift."

Turning on her heel, Spencer's stride faltered at the new information. "Then I have to take you into custody." She crossed her arms again. "You may have answers to where one of the world's most dangerous criminals is hiding." She curtly stated, waving a hand around, then tossing a long wave of chestnut hair over her shoulders, her haughty expression back in place.

Natalia went to stand directly in front of the offensive woman. "I just recently found out about my heritage. Anything that you want to know about me can be found in my personnel files. And I don't care what you do, but I'm not leaving this hospital until my wife walks out of here."

"Sadly, the horse shit you're attempting to pull doesn't have the smell I'm after DuVista..." Spencer growled. With the FBI breathing down her neck to find this known Mafia Hit man, she had very little time and no leeway. "I'm interested in anyone with information on the Cerano family. Specifically their hit man, 'The Nightmare'. So when you find the spine to quit hiding behind your LT., give us a call." She tossed a business card at Horatio. She growled, never backing down from Natalia, in fact stepping closer.

Not backing down, Natalia growled back. "I haven't and never will hide behind my Lt. Ms. Hurst and I can honestly say that I have no idea where this 'Nightmare' is right this moment. And if this is such a crime-oriented family, they would stay as far away from me as possible because I am the law. Why would any of that family contact me?"

Turning on a high heel, Spencer picked up her Fendi Briefcase off the floor next to her. "I don't have time for games. This professional killer has racked up over two hundred kills we can't link him to, but know that he committed. He's destroyed crime families one by one, he's all over the world Natalia... And I know you know something about it." Spencer growled, her high-heeled steps echoing off the walls of the hall as she disappeared into the elevator at the end of the hallway.

As soon as the woman turned the corner, Natalia almost collapsed, it was only Horatio and Dr.. O'Conner's quick reactions that saved her from hitting the floor.

Calling out, Dr. O'Conner had several nurses help Natalia into Calleigh's room while they brought in the lazy chair, he began checking on her vitals quickly. "You need fluids, something to eat, and rest..." the Doctor asserted with a stern glare. "Were you not listening earlier Natalia?"

Breathing deeply, Natalia looked over to Calleigh, hoping that the noise might wake her. "I heard what you said. I was resting until I heard that woman arguing with Horatio and I needed to set her straight. I can't have her coming around here disrupting everything."

"I will see to it that she isn't allowed back on the floor, which should please Jordan to no end. If you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to call him and inform him of the new situation. Lt. Caine, could you make sure that the nurses bring my patient anything she needs?" Dr. O'Conner asked sternly, he wasn't used to having his patients collapse in his hospital.

Lt. Caine nodded quietly, he knelt next to Natalia, keeping the cold compress provided by the nurses to the back of her neck and holding onto her hand. "Breathe Natalia..."

"She's going to be a problem, isn't she. I was hoping that my admitting that I was a Cerano would diffuse the situation." Natalia closed her eyes, breathing deeply though her nose.

"I made the mistake of taunting her about the DA pulling her strings when she made the comment that it's now the FBI that's doing so. She's not interested in you or Jordan at all, she seems mainly concerned with Grayson." He admitted to his friend slowly, helping her lean back and prop her feet up.

"Well, neither one of us knows where Grayson is. She doesn't contact us by phone or email. I mean, it's been six months and she could be in the next room for all we know." Sighing, the brunette reached for Calleigh's hand, wanting to keep a physical contact as much as possible.

Horatio pulled up the chair that Natalia had previously been sitting in prior to Spencer Hurst arriving. "The woman has a vendetta to settle and I think it's personal. I've never seen her that ferocious, not even in court or the Del Toro case that was the high light of her career this past year."

Closing her eyes for a moment, Natalia declared. "Well, she can get off her high horse because she's messing with the wrong people right now. I'm not in the mood to deal with her." Opening her eyes, Natalia stared at her friend. "Thank you for being here. I don't know what we would do without you."

Horatio smiled warmly, holding Natalia's hand tightly in his own, he answered the question. "You will never have to find out."

"I'm going to try and sleep for a bit. Would you mind waking me when Jordan gets back?" The brunette quietly asked before turning her head to look at Calleigh.

"Not at all, I will be just outside the door in case our pompous ADA returns with anything else to say. " Horatio smiled, patting her hand softly, leaving through the door.

Looking at her wife, Natalia finally couldn't stop the silent tears that now fell from her eyes. Whispering she pleaded. "Calleigh... You've got to wake up. I need you... Caden needs you so you have to wake up."

Part 17

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