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By sinjenkai


Part 7

The sun was just now coming up, barely through the clouds; Grayson turned the music down a notch, and made her way back to the complex.

Quietly storing the Ferrari in a lift, she made her way up to the second story by way of the stairs since the elevator was so loud and she didn't want to wake her houseguests.

As she came around the corner, Grayson stopped. Lying spooned together on one sofa was Natalia and Calleigh, while Jordan was spread out on the other.

Calleigh opened her eyes to sleepily look at the brunette. "We wanted to make sure that you made it home safe." she whispered before closing her eyes, and going back to sleep.

Grayson wrinkled her nose in distaste. Those couches were expensive. Yes, The leather ridiculously pliant, she should know she bought them. But they couldn't be comfortable for sleeping, Grayson didn't understand all this... thoughtfulness? Compassion? She didn't know what it was, but she was starting to not mind it so much. She stared at them for a long moment trying to decide what to do.

Going over to quietly wake her brother, she waited until he was fully awake before whispering. "Why did you let them sleep here?"

Jordan grunted, and pushed his sister's hand away before sitting up. "Maybe because for once, there's someone else worried about your sorry ass." Jordan glared up at her sleepily before his groggy eyes flicked to their family, and back to his sisters exasperated face.

"Well, help me get them to bed. You take Natty, and I'll take the blonde." Grayson walked over to the sofa, waiting for Jordan to pick up her cousin.

Jordan nodded, still somewhat asleep, he stood and reached over, picking Natalia up easily in his arms. He carried her into Grayson's bedroom, laying her down softly in the soft Egyptian cotton sheets.

When Grayson leaned down to pick up Calleigh, the blonde pushed away her hands. "I can walk on my own. Just guide me."

Grayson sighed, and pushed a hand in the blonde's chest, shoving her back. As soon as the sleepy woman stumbled, Grayson caught her in her arms, hoisting her up with effortless strength. "Let me nice for once." Was all she said in way of a gruff explanation.

Sighing, Calleigh gave in, muttering. "You just wanted to get your hands on my hot body."

"No, despite what you think, I'm still trying to be nice. If you want, I can dump you on your Cajun ass, and you can crawl your prideful self to bed." Grayson waited for Calleigh's answer before she started moving towards the doorway.

A gentle snore was all that she heard.

Grayson smiled, holding the blonde tightly, stepping over Adonis who merely looked up without raising his head before closing his eyes again. Grayson chuckled a little bit. She nudged open the massive soundproof door of her bedroom, and laid Calleigh next to Natalia. She thought for a moment, and then took Calleigh's arm, draping it protectively over her cousin, she left the room but not before grabbing the air mattress, a sheet, a pillow, boxers and a white t shirt.

Juggling all her items, she made her way up onto the third floor. She dropped the air mattress on the floor, pumping it quietly with the foot pump, she then slipped on the sheet and pillow on top of the mattress. She unhooked the dress and let it fall to the floor in a puddle, next came the heels and the garter belt, the knife clattered to the floor. Rolling her shoulders Grayson stood gloriously naked for a few minutes, letting the cool breeze tease her flesh before pulling on the small boxers and loose fitting white shirt.

Grayson knew she wouldn't sleep; she need to unwind. She was too exhausted mentally to do anything other than play the piano. Making her way quietly towards the Music Room, Grayson sat silently on the bench in front of the Baby Grand Piano. Her hands moved softly over the keys tracing out the notes to a song she'd written a few years ago.

Natalia had awaken as Grayson placed Calleigh's arm around her waist. Keeping her eyes closed, she listened as her cousin took some items from her closet and left the room. Carefully she turned in her wife embrace, and placed a soft kiss against her forehead before sliding out of the bed. Looking into the bathroom to make sure that it was empty, she quickly took care of her needs, and went to find Grayson.

Grayson's fingers, calloused from years of playing guitar among other hobbies, slid over the ivory keys with ease told of years of practice. Her back to the door, ignoring anything else, but the sound of the music in her veins. Loving the way the beginning of the song that was just her and her piano.

Natalia stood in the doorway, leaning against the jam, not wanting to interrupt the brunette.

"Simple word we never knew, the power behind what they put us through, now it's all begun what it takes to make it real. We're standing on the edge of this, when our soul is gone what will we miss? We lost what it takes to really, really feel..." Grayson leaned over the keys, her head bowing down, eyes closed, playing more to herself than for anyone else, though her voice was loud.

Closing her eyes, Natalia could feel the pain, and the loneliness that Grayson carried around with her, and it broke her heart. There had to be something that she could do to help her cousin without jeopardizing their lives.

Grayson felt the tears slip out from the edges of her eyes, trailing through her remaining make up. Her toes shifted on the floor, taking a deep breath, she continued. "Better days behind us now, we all need someone to tell us how to save this state of where we are, it keeps demanding more and more and more. and Who will save us? Well, this can't go on.. without the meaning in the rhyming..," Grayson's memories came back to a time when she and Jordan were only four; playing at the park, she pushed out the emotional images, her tears slipping down her cheeks faster.

Grayson stilled for a moment, her hands never faltering in their pace of notes, a second ticked by and she continued to play and sing, though her voice became louder and more strong with each passing note. "Can you save? And Can you save us? Well I can't go on out of rhythm with our time. We hold these truths self evident, the lies we used to represent..who we are because it was never meant to be. And all the songs we used to sing, they used to tell us everything now we're left with all we're left with is memories.." Grayson's head dropped back down, she didn't want this, she didn't want to have to pretend anymore; she wanted to feel something, anything other than emptiness.

Before she could stop herself, Natalia went over to the young woman, and wrapped her arms around her, leaning her head against the back of hers. "You have a family now, and we're not going anywhere, you know."

One of Grayson's hands came away from the keys while the other continued to play, her hand slid over Natalia's, holding her tighter against her as the tears became more frequent, though the song continued, she couldn't stop, her emotions needed an outlet. "But the better days behind us now, and all need someone to tell us how to save this day where we are, it keeps demanding more and more and more, and who will save us? this can go on.. without the meaning in the rhyming, can you save? can you save us? Well I can't go on out of rhythm with our time, say the words, give it all the time you need, let it out... don't you say anything, say the words and make them count, say the words without a doubt, give us truth and nothing more.. wanting more and more and more." Grayson felt her body shake with an uncontrolled sob; her father's face swimming into her memories.

Holding on, Natalia let her get out what she needed; knowing that whatever words she said right at that moment wouldn't be enough. All her could give her, was her love, and acceptance.

"Who will save us? this can't go on.. without the meaning in the rhyming, can you save? can you save us? I can't go on, we're out of rhythm with our time, can you save? can you save us? I can't go on..without the meaning in the rhyming, can you save? You say you'll save us, I can't go on, we're out of rhythm with our time.." Grayson had stopped playing halfway through and was simply singing in a strong voice acappella. Finally going quiet she stared at the piano keys in silent torture. Natalia had seen her sing, seen everything broken about her that there was too see. Now she was lying exposed and bleeding at her cousin's feet. She started to cry again, she couldn't stop, even though she wanted to desperately push Natalia away, she couldn't, not physically.

Quietly, Natalia whispered as she gently squeezed her cousin. "I love you."

Crying harder, Grayson leaned her head against the keys, her body racked with unrelenting sobs.

Smoothing Grayson's hair, Natalia shushed her. "It's okay; everything is going to be alright. I don't know how, but I promise you that it will." She placed a soft kiss to her silky hair.

She couldn't say it back, she wanted to say it so much, anything to let her cousin know what it meant for her to say that to her at all. She didn't deserve that kind of love, that kind of selfless giving was so void in her own life. She turned around, her face wet with tears, looking at her cousin that was already starting to dig her way into her heart, no matter how small and black it was.

"Thank you." Were the only words she could mutter, her hands squeezing Natalia's tight in her own. She wiped her face on her shoulder, trying to clear away the tears.

"You're welcome." Reaching up, Natalia wiped away some of the remaining tears, then reached for her hand to look at her skinned knuckles. "Well, it looks like you didn't get away unblemished after all."

"Defending the family honor from time to time tends to leave one with a blemish or two.." Grayson smiled up at her cousin shyly, things would be different now. Knowing the she couldn't keep a buffer between herself and Natalia any longer was somewhat of a relief. She didn't even pull her hand back when Natalia lifted her hand to examine her mottled flesh of her knuckles.

"Family honor huh? What did the poor soul say to get you to hurt yourself? He thought that his brass knuckles were bigger than yours?" Natalia joked.

"He wanted to trade my body for yours or Calleigh's." Grayson glared up at Natalia, wincing when her hands touched a painful area. "I told him what I thought of that idea..." she shrugged a little, smiling.

"Ah... well... Then ah... I think that you did the right thing." Shaking her head, Natalia cleared her throat. "Yeah, the right thing."

Grayson chuckled. "Sugar... I think in about twenty minutes, he'll wake up thinking next time he'll keep his mouth shut. Like I should of this morning... " She grimaced at Calleigh's words internally, they were true, but they were cut deep into her.

Natalia looked at her cousin. "Okay, Calleigh must have said something this morning while she was still asleep. She does that sometimes."

"Yeah, it must be the blonde in her… Umm, listen… We have a new problem… Eric is looking for Anya, and he seems to know that she's with Chance. We need to contact them as soon as possible, and get them somewhere safe." Grayson watched as Natalia's face darkened, and her eyes went almost to black.

Turning quickly, Natalia growled out. "I need to wake up Calleigh."

Sighing, Grayson got up and followed her down to her bedroom where Natalia sat on the bed and gently shook her wife. "Cal… wake up… we need to call Chance right now… Eric is looking for Anya."

Sitting up, the blonde was instantly awake. "Ow… what?"

From the doorway, Grayson answered. "Part of the info that I got was that Eric is looking for Anya, and he knows that she's with Chance."

"How does he know that? We didn't even know that until earlier this week." Calleigh swung her legs off the bed with a grunt. "Where's my phone?"

Grayson leaned her head against the doorframe wondering who could be helping Eric do all of this. Who?

"He has to have a partner, that's the only way he could learn all of this, and be in two places at once." Grayson rubbed her face trying to push some kind of feeling into it. She looked at Calleigh and then at Natalia, she felt like she was slowly losing the ability to do her job, she didn't have enough people, it seemed like.

Finding her phone, Calleigh scrolled through her phone list until she found Chance's name, and punched the button calling him. "Chance hey... where are you exactly... has anything happened recently...something bad... yeah hang on...I'm gonna put this on speaker."

Pressing the button, Calleigh asked her brother to repeat what he had just told her.

"Hey Natalia...first of all let me tell you that we are both fine...neither one of us got hurt... Anya just got really scared. Anyway...school ended yesterday and we were out last night celebrating... We weren't that far from the house, but some idiot tried to grab Anya's purse as we were walking out of a restaurant."

Grayson stayed silent, she didn't have to really say anything. Shooting both of the women a veiled look of warning. Chance didn't need to know about her.

"What happened to the mugger? Did he get away?" Calleigh asked.

They could hear Chance's sigh through the speaker. "Yeah... I tried to hold him, but he pulled a knife so I let him go. I couldn't take the chance that he would hurt Anya."

Natalia jumped in. "No, you did the right thing Chance, but there's something that we need to tell you. I'm sure that you remember Eric."

"You mean the jerk from the picnic and the rehearsal dinner?... Yeah, I remember him."

Closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath, the brunette continued. "Well, he has started threatening us and our family. We believe that it's serious enough that we've already sent Christine and her family to papa in Puerto Rico. If you want, we can get you there also, but we do not want you to stay there. If you don't want to go to Puerto Rico, is there some place else that you can go?"

The creak of the bathroom door spilled a puddle of light into the semi dark room, Grayson looked over, and Jordan was holding a picture of the cabin's they stayed at last summer when they went hunting. 'Perfect.' Grayson thought.

"I have a friend who owns some cabins up in Tennessee, they're very secluded." Jordan whispered quietly, handing the photo to Natalia.

Calleigh piped up. "Hang on a second Chance. I think that we've got a plan going on here. I'm gonna mute you for a moment." Pressing the button, Calleigh turned to look at Jordan. "Is this place safe?"

Grayson walked over to her brother, and leaned her tired head on his shoulder. "Very, secluded as well. I hunt there when I have the chance. It's around Gatlinburg, Tennessee and I can fly them there if you want. I have my license and Dom can co-pilot." Jordan looked down at Grayson, who looked up at him wearily. He didn't want to be away from her, afraid something would happened to her if he left. She always got into more trouble when he was gone. She nodded. "They don't even have to know I'm there in any other capacity other than as a pilot." Jordan looked at Natalia and then back at Calleigh.

Natalia nodded her head. "That would work." Smiling up at the young man, she went on. "And I know that you will make them feel a bit more at ease."

"I really want to go with you, but I can't." Grayson rasped, her voice raw from crying and singing earlier. She flinched, not wanting anyone to really hear it in her voice. "Dom got back about four hours ago, and he can be ready again in an hour if you need him." She handed her Blackberry to her brother, who in turn chirped Dom, quietly hoping he was awake.

Jordan left the room to make some arrangements with his friend, and left the three women alone for now.

Pressing the mute button again, Calleigh spoke. "Okay Chance, we've come up with a plan. Now what..."

"Stop for a minute Cal." Chance's agitated voice interrupted. "Are either one of you hurt? Did that lunatic do anything to you?"

Closing her eyes while scrunching up her face, the blonde took a deep breath before answering him. "He punched me. That's all. I'm fine, well... I do have fractured ribs, but I got them from stopping a bank robbery?"

Chance was silent for a long period of time."Are you kidding me Calleigh?" His voice was deadly calm. "FRACTURED RIBS AND A BANK ROBBERY?? HE PUNCHED YOU? This isn't a movie Calleigh, it's your LIFE!" He was exasperated, worried, and mad about being kept out of the loop.

"I know that this is my life Chance, and I'm taking every precaution to keep my family safe. We have a place where you can go and be safe." Calleigh turned to see if Jordan was coming in with the flight information.

Jordan handed the blonde a piece of paper with the times written on it for their arrival and departure times, and the alias that he would be using. He would take off from Miami within an hour, arrive in New Orleans in roughly two and a half hours, then fly them to Tennessee, which was another two hours. He'd refuel there before coming home on a three-hour flight.

Reading from the paper, Calleigh went on. "Chance, you need to be at Lakefront Airport at ten o'clock. Go to hanger eight, and ask for Christian Jeffries. He'll get you to where you are going. Take some light jackets, as it might get cool, but regular clothes. I don't want you calling anyone from your cell phones after we hang up. And to make sure that you are talking to Christian, I want you to ask him what I did when I was five in the back of Gram's station wagon. Do you understand?"

Jordan stared at Calleigh strangely, while Grayson smiled; security questions. She had those in line for anyone that used her aliases when she wasn't around town. Her twin left the room to get ready for his grueling flight schedule.

"Yes, I understand. I hope that we will be able to contact you if necessary."

Sighing in relief, Calleigh finished up. "Yes, something will be brought to you."

Natalia interrupted. "Chance, is Anya awake?"

"No ma'am, she's still asleep, but I'll get her up if you want to talk to her."

Shaking her head, then realized that he couldn't see her. "No, we'll get in touch with you tonight, and I'll talk with her then. You can trust Christian, he's a good guy. He's almost like family. Be careful, and we'll talk with you tonight."

Closing her phone, Calleigh sighed and leaned against her wife.

"Great idea about the security question, I would of done the same thing, Calleigh. And it's a good idea for them not to use their cell phones as well, Jordan can buy new ones before he leaves." Grayson offered, rubbing her eyes. She kept her mouth closed as well as she could for the yawn that escaped.

Natalia walked over to her cousin. "Go to bed Grayson. We can get Jordan off to the airport. You've been up for more that twenty-four hours, and you won't be any good to us if you can't think straight."

"I don't think straight to begin with." Grayson grumbled. She leaned past Natalia, opened a drawer, and pulled out the Rover keys, handing them to Natalia. "It's just safer, Eric knows your car, and Calleigh's. Plus mine has bullet proof glass, and panels in the doors." She smiled tiredly. "I've got a few hours left in me yet though."

"Just go to bed. You don't need to go with us."

Grayson groaned loudly, like a petulant child, she hated taking orders, from anyone. She knew that Natalia was right however, if she wasn't rested, she was useless to all of them, if not a liability. She walked over to her bed, and slid though the covers, resting her head on a pillow, snuggling up tight to it. She hummed in appreciation for the smell of her sheets, her own bed, and the familiarity of her bedroom.

Calleigh smiled as she took Natalia's hand, and they walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Reminding her wife to take her vitamins, Calleigh went over to the fridge to get some juice. Turning around, she watched as Jordan walked into the room.

"Hello handsome, Mr. Jeffries, you are a good looking man." Calleigh laughed. Jordan was wearing khaki pants with an Oxford shirt and brown loafers. He was carrying a blue blazer with a pair of Black Oakley sunglasses on top of his head.

"Why thank ya kindly, ma'am." He flashed a wide smile, and held out his arm to the blonde. "Could I escort you beautiful ladies to the airport?"

"Why of course kind sir, but we need to make a stop on the way. We need to buy four disposable phones, and I would like for you to give two of them to Chance and Anya. We'll keep the other two so they can contact us without Eric or anyone else tracing us." Calleigh informed the young man.

"Not a problem Shorty." Jordan leaned against the counter after pulling an apple out of the fridge, and taking a large cracking bite out of it.

Natalia laid her hand on his arm. "Don't you need something more than an apple for breakfast?"

"More than likely, though if you cook you'll wake up the Beast." He inclined his head towards Grayson's room. "How about I take you ladies out to breakfast while the plane is refueling? There has to be an IHOP near the airport right?" He smiled another eye-crinkling smile in their direction.

"Deal, let us change clothes real quick, and we'll be right back."

The two women quietly went into Grayson's bedroom, gathered up a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to dress. Ten minutes later, all three people were getting into the Rover, and driving out of the Complex, but not before they set the alarm.

After a very filling breakfast, Jordan walked to a nearby convenience store to buy the phones while the two women waited for him in the vehicle. After getting back, Calleigh drove them to the airport and pulled up to the same spot that they had been the day before. Before Jordan got out of the Rover, Calleigh turned to him and said. "Chance is going to ask you what I did in my Gram's station wagon when I was five to make sure that you are Christian."

Jordan arched an eyebrow, waiting in rapt anticipation for this story.

Coughing, Calleigh blushed a little before she continued. "Tell him I bit my tongue in half."

"If I wasn't play Cloak and Dagger with you two on a time table, I'd love to hear the real story. Obviously it still works or you and Natalia wouldn't be married." Jordan flashed them a cheesy smile, ducked out of the car and ran up the steps to the plane.

Natalia turned to her wife. "You bit off your tongue?"

"Yeah, it's a long story. I was five, and was walking in the back of my grandmother's station wagon. You know how I sometimes bite my tongue when I concentrate? Well, I was doing that, and for some reason I stood up and when I did, I hit my head, and the force made me bite my tongue in half."

"Ow baby."

Calleigh shook her head. "I can still
remember my mother holding the back of my tongue, my grandmother was holding the part that I bit off, and the doctor was sewing it back on. Court was three at the time and it was Chance's second birthday party that I spoiled, so he has never let me live that down."

Natalia leaned close to her wife, rubbing their noses together before capturing her lips in a searing kiss. She teased the blonde's bottom lip with her tongue before tugging on it with her teeth, finally letting go to lean back. "Your tongue works just fine with me, babe." Natalia smiled warmly at her beautiful wife.

Sighing, Calleigh had to agree. "As does yours Darlin', as does yours. Ready to go back to the Complex?"

"I'll go anywhere as long as you're going with me." Natalia rubbed her thumb across Calleigh's knuckles, remembering how Grayson's fist had looked this morning. When she woke up, Natalia was planning to put ice on the fist, and make sure it was fine.

Leaning over to kiss her wife once more. Calleigh started up the vehicle and headed back to the Complex, but when they were about halfway there, she changed direction and drove toward their home.

Natalia noticed the change of the direction, and smiled. "You better not tell Grayson we didn't come straight back." Natalia warned playfully.

Laughing, Calleigh replied. "Darlin', I may be a blonde, but I ain't stupid. And we did come right back, we just took a very long route."

Natalia smiled and leaned over to brush her lips against Calleigh's neck, dragging them up towards her ear. "I would never think you're stupid baby, ever..." She bit down lightly on Calleigh's ear.

"Um... If you don't want to wreck, can you at least wait to do that when we are at a stop sign."

"No.." Natalia ran her tongue along the outside of Calleigh's ear, before sucking the earlobe in between her teeth, biting gently again. "I can't wait..," Her breath was warm and sweet against the blonde's skin, her voice husky.

Calleigh looked around to see where they were, and found that they were three blocks away from a park. Quickly she drove into the park, and went to the furthest area, then throwing the Rover into park.

"You better be careful with the automobile baby..." Natalia tsked her playfully. Biting her lip, she looked sideways at Calleigh, leaning over the armrest of the expensive SUV, her cleavage more prominent from this angle.

"Darlin', this is Grayson's car. I'm quite sure that she treats it much rougher that I ever will." Leaning forward, Calleigh dragged her tongue over Natalia's exposed collarbone. "Do you think that you can make you way into the back?"

Natalia's hands drug their way up the blonde's back, her breathing already becoming slightly heavier, from the mouth on her skin. "God yes..." Natalia pushed Calleigh back into the leather seat, and climbed into the back, curling a finger at the blonde. "Come and get me.." She smiled a flirty smile towards her wife.

Calleigh's eyes grew darker and as she climbed over the seat, pulling off her shirt as she went. "Cumming is what you are going to be doing, this I promise."

Natalia groaned at the way the blonde was looking at her. She grabbed the blonde's hips, and pulled her body on top of her own. She kissed Calleigh roughly, her tongue demanding entrance into her mouth.

Moaning, Calleigh slid her hand between their bodies, finding the snap to her wife's pants, popping it and pulling down the zipper. Moving her hand through the opening, she was thrilled to feel the wetness that she caused. She was always astounded that she could cause this reaction with this woman.

Natalia whimpered into Calleigh's mouth, her hands digging into the blonde's lower back, trying to crush their hips together. "Cal.. baby please.." she whimpered softly over and over again. She was drowning, and Calleigh was the only land she could see for miles.

Tearing her mouth away from Natalia's, Calleigh moved down her body, pulling off the pants and the tiny piece of silk to place her mouth on her. Drinking in her essence, laving her tongue against the tiny little bundle of nerves, and sliding in three fingers into slick heat.

The brunette drove her hands into blonde hair, pulling the mouth tighter against her as her hips instinctively began to roll into Calleigh's waiting mouth. "Oh God..." Natalia threw her head back over the seat, her caramel hair contrasting starkly with the black leather.

Wrapping her free hand around Natalia's thigh, Calleigh held on, and drew hard against her clit. She twisted her fingers just a bit, angling them so that she could stroke the tiny ridges, causing Natalia to tremor, pulling her ever closer.

Natalia could feel the tremors begin around her bellybutton, and lower, her hips grinding into the blonde's mouth. All she could do was hold on as Calleigh showed her how much she needed her, loved her. "I... love... you..." Natalia cried out, her orgasm tearing through her, leaving her nothing more than a shaking leaf under the blonde's care.

Calleigh continued to lav against Natalia's clit, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. Humming, she lightly bit down on her clit before pulling it with her teeth and sucking on it. Sliding in another finger, she filled her wife, and increased the speed of her thrusts.

All Natalia could do was hold on as wave after wave of stars lit up behind her eyelids. She whimpered softly in the back of her throat, and her body went completely still in the blonde's arms. Her hands tightening in Calleigh's hair, pulling her mouth up to her own, greedily drinking the taste of herself off Calleigh's lips.

Holding onto her wife's hips, Calleigh ground her own into them hard, moving her lips across Natalia's jaw line, licking the sweet sweat that was running down her neck.

Natalia unbuttoned the blonde's slacks, pushing them down along with her panties, her hand sliding between the slippery folds, biting her lip, she slid three fingers deep inside Calleigh, her thumb seeking out her clit.

Arching against Natalia's hand, Calleigh growled and bit down on a thundering pulse point between Natalia's shoulder and neck, then licked it to soothe the sting.

Natalia rolled them over, pinning the blonde beneath her longer frame. She growled, thrusting harder into the beautiful body beneath her. She became fascinated with the sun kissed skin beneath Calleigh's ear, teasing it softly with her lips in tongue while her thumb drew lazy circles over Calleigh's clit.

"Holy Shit!... Ah... Talia!" Calleigh rolled her hips in time with the thrusts, trying to get her in deeper, needing to be completely filled by her wife.

Natalia complied, twisting her wrist slightly, making the tips of her fingers tease that soft spot that she knew would drive her wife wild underneath her. Her lips sought out Calleigh's, her kisses slow and teasing, unlike the motions of her hand.

Groans and moans filled the Rover, the heat of the two bodies was creating almost the same slickness on the outside that Natalia was feeling on the inside. All Calleigh could do was to try and hang on as explosion of fireworks were going off behind her eyelids and she was gasping for air.

Natalia swallowed the moans that seem to drip from the blondes lips, she fluttered her fingers, once, twice, and then slid out of her wife. Rubbing her nose against the blondes, she indulged herself in one final kiss before sliding her panties and pants back up her hips. "You're amazing baby. " She kissed her again out of habit and need.

It took Calleigh a few minutes to catch her breath, when she finally did, she wiped her sweaty bangs off her forehead, grinning. "Who me?" She squeaked.

"Mmhmm yes you..." Natalia smiled down at her, kissing the trickles of sweat making their way down Calleigh's chest. "We might need to get the car detailed though..," Natalia smiled at the thought of Grayson's face if she found out what had happened in her car.

"Uh yeah... I don't even want to imagine what she would do." Calleigh slowly sat up, looking around for her clothes.

Natalia's eyes raked down Calleigh's half-clothed form, the hungry need for her wife rising up almost again before being pushed down as she looked at the clock on the dash. "She could hardly blame me though..."

Leaning forward to steal another hard kiss from her wife, Calleigh molded her hands to Natalia's breasts, tweaking her nipples. "She could hardly blame either one of us Darlin'."

Natalia squeaked in a little voice, slapping the blonde's hands away. "We are going to get caught if she wakes up and realizes we're not there, and sends out some kind of Gangster Hunting Party... or something to that effect." She blushed at her wife, who as always, looked good enough to eat, over and over again.

Sighing sadly, Calleigh pulled on her pants, jamming her panties into her pocket, before finding her shirt and pulling it back on. Looking over at her incredibly edible wife, she growled low. "Just remember where we left off, because tonight, I plan to do this all over again."

Natalia trailed her hands over Calleigh's lips, sighing longingly. "I'll always remember babe. Always."

Natalia let her wife climb back over the seat first before she got up there beside her. They made themselves presentable, and headed to the nearest auto detailing business. After paying them double for a rush job, they were soon headed back to the Complex, and to a sleeping Grayson.

Pulling up to the Complex, Calleigh hit the alarm switch, then the garage opener and waited for the door to open so she could pull the Rover into its lift. After parking the vehicle, they got out and headed towards the elevator.

Calleigh turned once more to her wife. "Thank you for a lovely morning. "

Natalia lifted the gate for the elevator, then shut it behind her, turning around, she pinned the blonde between herself and the wall of the elevator. Natalia then leaned over her wife, and pushed the button for the second floor. Leaning down, she brushing her lips against Calleigh's, she smiled before sealing the kiss with all of her love and affection she could pour into it. "No, Mrs. DuVista, thank you."

Pulling the brunette hard against her, Calleigh answered her back with her own kiss. Growling, she pulled away, "I wonder if we can kick Grayson out of her own bed?"

"You in the middle of that bed..." Natalia trailed her hands up the outsides of Calleigh's thighs, pulling her hips into hers once her hands found the blonde's belt loops. "As sexy as you look right now, I'd be brave enough to try, even though, we both know it wouldn't work.." Natalia laughed, kissing Calleigh softly as the elevator groaned to a stop at their second floor destination.

A golden eyebrow arched up high. "You know, Jordan's bed is empty at this moment. It would be a shame to let it go to waste... in fact, I do believe that it is a little known law that one should never let a bed be empty for more than an hour, and we don't want to be lawbreakers... Do we?"

"Insatiable..." Natalia groaned, her lips seeking out the blonde's. Loathing to pull away from her beautiful wife, she took her hand leading her towards the couch to cuddle and snuggle, still tired from this morning. Their earlier escapades in the car had only served to make her even more sleepy. "Grayson would be so proud.. law breaking run in the family..." She flashed Calleigh an enormous smile, pulling the blonde down on top of her once they reached the couch.

"Lucky for you, I need to rest up for tonight." Calleigh settled into her wife's embrace, snuggling her head underneath her wife's chin.

All Natalia could do was hum in appreciation for the way her wife's body truly fit into her own, like they were cut from a puzzle, only to be naturally fit back together again. Her arms wound themselves protectively around the smaller body, and she closed her eyes, her body relaxing almost instantly.

Calleigh felt Natalia loosen up and smiled. Snuggling closer, she closed her eyes, and soon both women were sound asleep.

Grayson slowly swam back into consciousness, not even opening her eyes, she stretched her body out, hearing things pop and creak in certain places, rolling over hugging her pillow tightly. A few slow minutes passed, and she realized that she wasn't going to fade back into sleep. Her eyes slipped open, black orbs slowly fading into focus to reveal a brightly lit bedroom of books and dark carpet.

She looked up at the ceiling, counting the beams one by one, trying to steady her thoughts and emotions, trying to prepare for the fact that yes, for the first time in two years, she was going on a date. What the hell was she supposed to wear? What was she supposed to say? Do? Think? Act? Grayson sat up thinking about how annoying Natalia was going to be when she asked her for her advice on her outfit, like she knew she would. Groaning, and covering her face, she fell back in bed, pulling the sheets over her head.

After laying in bed for twenty minutes, mulling over how to be subtle about asking for advice in the woman department, Grayson finally dragged herself out of bed, and into the bathroom, shutting both doors to block any sound from the large stereo she was about to turn on inside the bathroom. The athletic brunette turned on the hot water, setting it to the appropriate temperature before picking out towels and throwing them over side of the giant glass divider. Grayson then slowly thumbed through songs trying to find something akin to her mood. Smirking she turned on Pink Floyds 'Comfortably Numb', she began dropping clothes, walking towards the shower. Quickly showering, and dressing in a pair of very short blue jean cut offs and a soft blue tank top, Grayson finally exited her bedroom, tying her hair up into a wet pony tail in search of Natalia and Calleigh.

At first, she didn't see them, but she realized quickly that the dark objects on one of the large black leather couches weren't her dogs. An evil gleam lit her eye as she crept on her hands and knees towards the couch in a stealth mode. Rule one of being a deadly assassin, learn to be sneaky.

Once she reached the edge of the couch, something caught her eye. A piece of teal lace was peeking out Calleigh's pocket on her black slacks. Grayson's perfectly sculpted black eyebrow arched in curiosity, her smile morphed into an downright demonic smile once she slid the lacey item of the pocket, realizing it was a pair of panties. 'Damn, I was right when I referred to her as Wild Thang.' Grayson thought to herself. She climbed up onto the edge of the couch behind them, she laughed hysterically to herself for what she was about to do. Fetching one of the peacock feathers off out of the vase by the couch, she ran the tip over Natalia's nose at first, then Calleigh's a second later.

'That tickled.' Natalia swiped her had at whatever had brushed against her. 'Must have been Calleigh's hair.' she thought.

Grayson stifled a giggle behind her arm, her other hand had a minute grip on Calleigh's lacey undergarment. Her cheeks were wet with tears from trying to hold the laughter back in as she ran the feather down Natalia's nose again.

Brushing her face again, Natalia moved her head to the side where she thought she wouldn't be disturbed, but became annoyed when it happened again. Finally she opened her eyes and she gasped as she saw her cousin perched above them, holding Calleigh's panties by the crook of her finger.

Sitting up quickly, and without any thought, Natalia dumped her wife on the floor, reaching for the panties.

"Ow, what the he... oh shit." was all Calleigh could say when she saw the reason that she was sitting on the floor.

Grayson's smile was face split, cheek hurting, ear to ear, every single pearly white tooth on display as she stared down at Natalia as she snatched the panties out of Natalia's reach, dancing back, swinging them over her head singing loudly. "I feel like makin' love.. oohhh I FEEL LIKE MAKIN LOVE!!!" Grayson laughed.

Now that Calleigh was awake however, Grayson launched herself over the counter top to stand up on it out of their reach, waiting for them to say something. The panties were still hanging by the crook of her finger, held high above her head, away from any hands.

While Natalia was turning a beautiful shade of red under her normally bronze skin, Calleigh figured the only way to fight fire was with fire. Slowly she got up off the floor, arching an eyebrow in Grayson's direction, and stretching her arms, high above her head. "You know Gray, that Rover is sex on wheels. I mean come on, all that black leather. It's like a sex shop, and I just happened to be sitting next to the sexist woman in the world." Taking a step forward, she straddled her wife, who was still on the sofa, grinding their hips together, and making Natalia gasp. "How do you expect me to act? I did what every red-blooded person in love would do. I made love to her."

Grayson's eyebrows raised to almost stellar levels, she was astonished the blonde would even behave that way, talk about don't judge a book by its cover. "I have a thing for leather... any color really, to tell you the truth, if you think the Rover is nice, I have others you can two can.. pop the clutch on." Grayson looked at the panties swinging from her fingers. "Never figured you for the commando type, Calleigh."

Grayson sat down on the counter, the feather in her hand waving at Natalia and Calleigh. "Though I am shocked however, how'd you get Natty's legs around you, the back seat isn't that spacious. Nice hickey by the way Cuz..." Grayson winked naughtily at her cousin.

"Thank you... you should see Calleigh's. By the way, we did have it detailed before we brought it back. And as for commando.... we just call it easy access." Natalia reached up, and pulled Calleigh lips down to her own for a hungry kiss. Calleigh whimpered into Natalia's mouth as the brunette wound her hands in golden strands at the base of her neck, Natalia searching out her tongue, and teasing it into her own mouth.

Grayson dropped the panties, and the feather on the floor, damn them. Fine, fair's fair. She reached under the counter for the squirt bottle she used on the dogs when they got too rough in the house. Turning the nozzle on full, she released countless sprays of cold water, dousing the couple.

"Eww, I'm mentally scarred..."

"Hey!" Calleigh complained. "I don't need any help from you getting wet."

"That's defiantly what she said." Grayson shot back. "Jordan's bed is free. You two obviously are worse than a pair of horny teenagers. I'm going to get ready." Grayson picked the panties up off the floor, shoving them back into Calleigh's pocket, leaning down to whisper in the blonde's ear. "These belong to you.." She smiled, looking down at Natalia and back to the blonde before adding a final shot. "...Slick." She slapped Calleigh's ass hard before disappearing into her bedroom.

"Watch it Cuz... That's my property that you're slapping." Natalia yelled at the retreating woman.

"If you two are going to get it on in my living room, then God and everyone is going to see your 'property' in the biblical sense!" Grayson shot back, if they were going to flaunt it in the open, then she was going to mess with them every chance she got. She wasn't the type of woman to let an opportunity to tease people slip through her fingers.

As soon as Grayson had shut the vault like door; the cockiness and arrogance vanished. Grayson looked down at her watch, it was 5:30. In two and a half hours, she was supposed to pick up Sonia at her apartment for their dinner date. She may have succeeded in teasing the hell out Natty and Cal, but she'd failed to do the one thing she really didn't want to, but knew she had to. She hadn't really gotten around to asking for Natalia's help.

 'Help?' Grayson looked skyward, her hands clasped in a silent prayer. 'If there is a God, please be listening.' She thought helplessly, her eyes flickering to the Rosary around the picture of herself and Quinn from a few years ago. Her heart clenched at the thought of her ex...ex girlfriend? Ex almost girlfriend? That hadn't really progressed past kissing at all, almost about to take that step as Grayson was so thrilled to be near the woman, she'd almost come undone at the thought of it. Then Grandfather had caught her on the phone with Quinn the night after it happened, their beautiful night together, she was saying good night in a sweet tone of voice, and he'd caught on. Just like that Quinn had to be out of her life or she would of risked losing her forever to the mad man that controlled her life.

Her Grandfather would die, just like Benedict would, at her hand. She didn't really think they were in league together, that would seem pointless. Two wrongs may not make a right, but they make a hell of a good time, she always said. Her grandfather had too much power, too much sway in the country, politicians, crooked cops, rogue agents, shifty customs agents, there wasn't anyone he didn't know or control. Everyone has their price; was her grandfather's personal motto. Grayson had a few of own personal sayings. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power… well absolute power corrupts absolutely. She hated anyone that lied, crooked government officials were the lowest on her totem pole, right above dog shit.

 Speaking of dog shit... Grayson thought, I'm in a pile of it, cause I still don't have anything to wear, any idea what to do with my hair or myself. She knew everyone had that moment, where she was going to have to ask for help. She balked at the thought of asking for help, even though she knew it was the only way Sonia wouldn't laugh in her face or just ignore her all night for the sake of a good meal. Her smile drooped considerably, and she felt her mood darken at the thought of all of her scars, especially her most damning feature, the scar on her neck. It wasn't the vivid purple it was in the beginning, years after it faded to a subtle pink and in the last five years, she'd happily noted the face that it just a waxy color of skin now, though always lighter than her tan skin in the summer.

 She'd grown to love it though, no matter how ugly it probably seemed to other people, who messed with a crazy bitch? Not most people messed with a crazy bitch. Who started crap with the crazy bitch with a scar? No one really. Especially when she was dressed to kill, and holding a gun to their head. She assumed the reason people were mostly attracted to her was because of the smell of death she knew clung to her body like a cheap suit. Looking at herself in the mirror, she noted the circles under her eyes. Just ask for help. Natalia said if she needed anything, to ask right? Calleigh had said the same, well damn it she needed help. She turned around, and marched back into the living room, her mind full of dramatic pleas for help with impassioned speeches of self-loathing maybe.

Grayson put her hands on her hips, then dug her hands into the pockets of her shorts, biting her lip she looked up at the ceiling of her living room and cleared her throat. Loudly.

Calleigh turned away from kissing her wife. "Seriously, Gray... I'm trying to seduce my wife here."

"I know, and I'm really sorry for interrupting..." She covered her face in embarrassment, feeling the blush rise up her chest, over her neck, and staining her cheeks. 'Damn it,' she thought. "I.. shit.. I need help." She blurted out, still not looking at either one of them, this was going to be torture.

Silence owned the room for a few long moments.

Grayson opened one eye, peeking through her fingers in dismay at Natalia and Calleigh; she really hadn't wanted to blurt it out, but tact wasn't really her strong point. She had originally wanted to pull Natalia or Calleigh aside, and beg for a favor. She had the worst timing.

Both Natalia and Calleigh were grinning widely. Calleigh looked around the room in search of something.... There it was. Giving her wife a quick kiss, she pushed herself off Natalia's lap before going over to a desk to grab a pen and paper. "Hmm, let's see... today's date is... and it's around five-thirty and Grayson Cerano asked for help. Yep, this is one for the record books." Looking up at the young woman, she couldn't help, but chuckle.

The young brunette ground her teeth together, even though she knew they were teasing. It wasn't easy for her to ask for help. Pinning the blonde with a nasty glare reserved for those who were about to become fish food. "You know why I'm asking for help, oh Short One."

"Yes I do, but I'm enjoying the hell out of this, so there...Pfft."

Natalia looked very confused. "Well, I don't, so would you mind letting me in on the secret?"

Grayson dropped her gaze, tracing the hardwood floors with her toes. When it became obvious that the blonde wasn't going to let her off the hook, and answer for her, she grumbled to herself. "I have a date."

Trying to keep the smile from her face, Natalia coughed before she answered. "Really, and just who is this mystery person?"

Grayson heard the cough from Natalia's end of the couch, her eyes narrowed, her temper was in danger of being snapped in half. "Sonia... from Del's."

"Ooo, nice choice. So how can we help you?" Natalia shot Calleigh a glance, silently tell her not to push it.

Sighing more to herself out of relief that her cousin had agreed to help her, she turned around walking towards her room. "I don't know what to wear, what to say, where to take her or what to drive!" she threw her hands up in the air, at a loss for words.

Rising up from the sofa, Natalia grinned at her blonde, cocking her head towards her cousin. "Come on babe, let's go help the poor girl out. And try not to tease her too much."

"Aw darlin, that's gonna take all the fun out of it." Calleigh sulked.

Grayson bit her tongue, even though she wanted to tell Calleigh how much fun it would be to be dismantled limb by limb if she continued to tease her. Grayson opened her closet to Calleigh and Natalia; showing them every kind of material, outfit, shoe option, and jewelry available to them that she had, even though her more expensive jewelry was in a lock box in a Swiss Bank in New York City.

Calleigh contented herself by lying on the bed, letting Natalia and Grayson, sort through the outfits. She would give opinion only when asked, she promised herself.

Grayson pulled out several outfits, some conservative, some not. She held them up for Natalia to see while she went into the bathroom to do her hair at least.

Natalia looked over the choices; Grayson had excellent taste in clothes, though she tended to lean towards more revealing clothing. Chuckling, Natalia couldn't really find fault in her logic, if you had it flaunt it. Picking out a semi backless dress that was both revealing and somewhat modest in a strange way, she picked out matching heels of the same color. Setting them up, she left the closet to help Grayson with her makeup and hair, but not before leaning over her wife, and kissing her softly. "Thank you."

"For what baby?"

"For not teasing her anymore...and just being the wonderful woman you are, in general." Natalia sauntered into the bathroom, throwing a warm smile over her shoulder.

Leaning back in the bed, Calleigh buffed her nails against her chest. "Damn, I'm good."

In about ten minutes, Grayson slipped out of the bathroom with her hair and makeup styled to perfection. She ducked into the closet, and stopped staring at the gunmetal silk dress and the matching Fendi heels. Wow, Natalia had more style than she realized, they were defiantly related. Slipping on matching panties, she donned the dress, and picked out teardrop diamond earrings, a necklace wouldn't be needed with so much silk and skin on display. Leaning over, she pushed her feet into the heels and sauntered out of the closet, snapping the matching clutch off the shelf. She struck a pose in the doorway, more for fun than for real. "How do I look?" she asked, nervously looking down at herself.

Crawling off the bed, Calleigh sauntered over. "Let's just say it this way... You are the second hawtest woman in this city, and I'm so very glad that you are."

Grayson's eyes went as wide as dinner plates, her eyes flying back to her outfit. "Are you sure it isn't too much?" Her hand flew to the generous amount of cleavage on display, her eyes trailing up her own long tan legs to the dress and then back down again.

Natalia wrapped her arms around her wife, leaning her chin on her shoulder. "No, not too much at all. You are simply stunning, honestly."

Leaning back into Natalia's embrace, Calleigh agreed. "Just perfect, and I hope that you don't mind, but I called in a favor for you. I know Chef John Critchley at Area 31, and he's agreed to reserve you a table out on the terrace."

Grayson turned to look at herself in the mirror for a moment, she knew she was cute, and pretty on her best days. For someone else to refer to her as stunning, made her actually feel beautiful. And then what Calleigh had done, was above and beyond anything she could of asked for. Grayson's face lit in a enormous warm smile, looking at Calleigh and Natalia in the mirrors reflection. "Thank you both.. so much."

She looked down at the matte black Oceanius Dive watch, and started to panic. She had to leave now if she wanted to dump the Ferrari at the Warehouse and pick up a more suitable car for a date.

"So what are you going to drive? Not the Rover... not intimate enough, and not the Ferrari as it's a bitch to get out of it in a dress like that." Calleigh asked.

Grayson heard a loud beep, and knew Jordan was home. A few moments later, he made his presence known. "Damn! Sonia is going to have a heart attack..." Jordan smiled proudly at his breath-taking sister. She looked amazing. He looked at Natalia and Calleigh, knowing they had something to do with the outfit, make up, and hair.

Grayson ran the back of her index finger under her chin thinking. "The SL 600 Mercedes I bought her for Christmas." Jordan answered for Grayson, which normally would of cost him a black eye, but he knew she was at a loss for words. "Driving the Ferrari tonight would give you a Britney Spears photo op."He laughed, thinking about his sister's face if her private parts were plastered all over the internet.

Natalia hugged Calleigh before she left her to go over to her cousin. Linking her arms through her, she walked the young woman over to the elevator. "Now I want you to have a good time tonight. This is your night. Mr. Jordan is here to watch over our hot bodies... which he will from a distance." Natalia smiled at the young man before continuing. "You go out and relax. Don't think about anything other than having a good time." With a final shove, Natalia pushed her into the elevator, and pulled down the door. "Bye."

Grayson opened her mouth to say something sarcastic, about bodies and watching, but coming up blank, she just smiled a little. Tilting her head to the side, thinking about Sonia's smile. Butterflies twittered in her stomach, and she felt her palms begin to sweat, shaking her hands lightly, not wanting to ruin the material of the dress. Here we go, she thought to herself.

As the elevator doors opened, Grayson ignored the Rover and the Ferrari, impractical. She couldn't even begin to think about getting out of that damn car in this dress, and there was no way in this life or the next she was getting in that Rover ever again. Well, at least not for a while. Grayson smiled, realizing that Jordan, ever the sentimental wet blanket he was, had brought the beautiful grey Mercedes SL 600. She loved it, powerful, quick, yet subtle and classy, just the way any woman should be. She backed carefully out of the garage, and headed towards general direction of Sonia's apartment, enjoying the plush leather seats and fantastic comfort of the car, she felt herself slide into that natural relaxation mode.

All too soon and yet not soon enough, Grayson pulled the sleek Mercedes up to the curb in front of the remembered address. Leaning down, she looked up at the building; cute, tasteful white tile and stucco gleamed back at her in the last remaining light of the fading Miami sun. Taking a deep breath, she checked her appearance one last time in the mirror, making sure she looked alright. Climbing out of the car, she beeped the alarm before making her way up to Sonia's apartment, knocking on the door quietly. 'Rip off the band-aid right? Think on your feet girl,' was Grayson's only thought at the moment.

Grayson's nervous flutters disappeared when the door swung open. Sonia was beautiful, and everyone would be jealous, EVERYONE. She smiled inside at the many ways she could make the patrons at the restaurant back off her date.

With darkened eyes, Sonia's smooth voice rolled over Grayson. "I was actually afraid that you might not show."

Grayson bit her lip, 'Damn, what a voice'. She rested all her weight on one leg, cocking her hip to the side, trying to think as calmly as she knew she looked. "And why would you think that?"

Sonia looked amazing in a knee length tailored black dress, with a unique cut out of the collar off to the side, which only served to tease at the rest of what her body had to look like underneath that fantastic dress.

Sonia let her eyes slowly wander down the grey dress, past the toned thighs to a pair of very shapely ankles before making her way back up. "Because I wanted you too damn much."

Grayson throat went completely dry, and she felt her an enormous smile make her way onto her face, which she couldn't fight off, it seemed. "The feeling is more than mutual dear." She tried to keep herself from blushing at the compliment, succeeding, she played it cool, and kept herself from dragging the stunning Latina into the apartment to have her wicked way with her. "Are you ready? Or was I too early?" She was proud that her voice was even, her thoughts weren't.

"Oh no, I am more than ready. Just let me get my bag." Reaching in to an unseen table, Sonia walked out holding a black clutch and closed the door. "Ready."

Grayson smiled, and motioned for the other woman to lead, and she'd follow. Walking side by side down to the street, Grayson unlocked the Mercedes, walking ahead to open Sonia's door for her, her hand waiting to help her into the vehicle.

"Thank you." Sonia breathed, holding onto the hand a bit longer than necessary.

Grayson kept her features cool. 'Play it cool girl, you're not a fifteen year old with a crush!' She reluctantly let the hand go, shutting the door quietly behind, she circled the vehicle before sliding in next to her passenger. Pushing the keyless start button, she almost purred along with the enormous V-12 engine. It was super car power contained in elegance and class, as she listened to the engine, she turned to make sure Sonia was buckled up before doing the same and pulling out into traffic.

Reaching over, Sonia lightly placed her hand on top of Grayson's, which was resting on the gearshift.

Grayson made sure she wasn't going to have a wreck before enjoying the feeling of the soft hand on top of her own, then she realized the hand Sonia was touching had been the hand that she'd used to mangle Carlos's face. Biting the inside of her lip, she looked hesitantly at Sonia before her eyes flickered back to entrance to the restaurant that Calleigh had mentioned. It was perfect. 'What a view.' She look at Sonia one last time as she pulled the vehicle to a stop, taking an extra long few moments to lock eyes with her.

An elegant eyebrow arched slightly as Sonia asked. "I hope that you see something that you like, because I sure do." Chuckling softly, the woman continued. "I hope that I don't sound as silly as I think I do. It's just been a long time since I've been on a date, and I just want this evening to go well."

Grayson smiled enormously at the admission, she leaned forward to invade Sonia's personal space just a tiny bit, trying to still be respectful and flirty at the same time. "I know how you feel, it's been awhile since my last date as well. I promise to try my hardest to make this evening go as smoothly as possible for the both of us." She tucked a piece of hair behind Sonia's ear before she could stop herself.

Grayson's door opened as the Epic Hotel valet service went into overdrive. Even though this was Miami Beach, a gunmetal gray Mercedes SL 600 Coupe, which happened to match the driver's dress, who was showing a vast amount of leg, and whose passenger was equally hot, wasn't that common.

"Welcome to the Epic Hotel, I hope that you enjoy your evening."

Grayson barely registered the young man, so intent on getting around to escort her date she mistakenly handed him a fifty-dollar bill. "Oh I will."

Making her way around the car, Grayson maneuvered herself around the second valet that was opening Sonia's door and offered her own hand to help the woman out. "May I assist you?"

"Yes." was all that Sonia said.

Grayson helped her out of the car without making a fool of herself staring, which was quickly becoming impossible, since half the people in the Valet area were doing the same thing. She tucked her clutch under her arm and opened the door for her date, following closely behind noticing with satisfaction that most people moved out of her way. Grayson kept a hold of Sonia's hand, leading her towards the elevator, letting her enter first, while she then followed and pushed the button for the right floor.

Sonia turned so that she faced the young woman, slowly taking her free hand and dragging it up Grayson's arm. Leaning forward slightly, she breathed in the fragrance that was uniquely Grayson. "I love the way that you move."

The young Italian woman, was doing all it took not to hyperventilate in the small space, her eyes drawn to the other hand that had been drug over the flesh of her arm. She slowly brought her Smokey dark eyes to look at Sonia. "Why's that? If I may ask...?" Grayson was a flirt in her own right, it was just taking longer to engage than normal, proof that Sonia was defiantly a hell of a woman indeed.

Leaning even closer, Sonia breathed in Grayson's ear. "Because of all the possible ways that I can make you move later on, just seem endless."

The hit woman took a few moments to remember how to breathe, she looked over Sonia's shoulder, the doors were about to open. Her eyes gleamed as a wicked thought that popped into her mind, her free hand sliding around Sonia's waist, she barely made their bodies touch. "Save that thought for later on and I promise I'll give you food for thought." She kissed Sonia's cheek softly, started to step away as the door began to open.

Reaching out with an elegant finger, Sonia hit the close door button before turning back to the startled woman. "Just how attached are you to that lipstick?"

Grayson looked at her strangely, the shade she was wearing was a subtle mix of berry and pink, something a little bit darker than her natural color. Her hand instinctively rose to her lips, touching them before her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

Pushing Grayson back until she was against the side of the elevator, Sonia slowly brought up her hands to frame the Italian's face. "Because if you're too attached to it, I won't be able to kiss it off, and I really do want to."

Her only response was to pull Sonia's hips hard into hers before hesitantly brushing her lips against the Latina's. Her body melting into the contact, leaving her skin burning where ever they touched.

"Not that attached... good." Sonia murmured before returning the kiss.

Grayson whimpered underneath her, the Italians body caving to Sonia's demands. Grayson felt her hands lock together at the other woman's lower back, she couldn't even think right now, let alone pull away.

Pulling away slightly, Sonia reached over to wipe away a smudge of lipstick that had moved onto the side of Grayson's mouth. "That will do for now. And just so you know..." Leaning forward, the Latina breathed against Grayson's pouting lips. "That's just a preview of what's to come."

Grayson smiled, her body pushing Sonia's back, as her teeth nipped at her lower lip, and she leaned back away from her. "What's to come hmm? We'll see about that." Grayson checked her lipstick in the reflective metal of the elevator door before pushing the door open button, leading them both towards the maître'd. She hadn't even let go of Sonia's hand once.

The date went incredibly smooth, both women captivated by one another's conversation and general presence. As Grayson was about to order a cup of coffee, Sonia interrupted her with a hand on her arm claiming she had a better blend back home she'd be more than willing to share a cup with Grayson.

The Italian paid for the check with her black American Express card, waving away Sonia's protests' claiming it was both an honor and a privilege to escort her to dinner.

After the bills was paid, and the receipt signed, Sonia rose from the table, linking her fingers with Grayson's, not wanting to lose the closeness that they had been building all evening. She couldn't believe how she was acting, it couldn't be just because she hadn't had a date in like forever. There was something about this enigmatic woman that brought out the animal in her. All she wanted to do was to get her hands on that body, and see what it took to make her purr.

They waited patiently for the elevator doors to open along with another couple. As the doors silently slid open, Sonia turned to the couple and simply stated. "This car is full... You'll have to wait on the next one.," before leading Grayson into the lift.

Even before the doors had a chance to fully close, Sonia had her pressed against the wall, skillfully sliding her thigh between Grayson's. "It seemed to me earlier, that you don't like enclosed spaces, and I thought that I might just have something that could help you with that fear." Leaning down, Sonia nipped at a rapidly increasing pulse point on the Italian's neck.

Grayson turned her head to the side, exposing her column of flesh to the other woman. "And what might that be?" She bit back a groan at the feeling of teeth over the thundering pulse she could hear roaring in her ears.

"I thought that I might just be able to distract you just a little... If that's okay with you?"

Grayson smiled, and reached up to take Sonia's hands and to look into her eyes. She smiled warmly, biting her bottom lip, smiling shyly at her. "Please do."

Sonia smiled back at her, pushing the hair out of the dark Smokey eyes in front of her. Tilting her head to side, she captured Grayson's lips in a heated kiss. She could feel the muscular brunette completely relax into her arms.

Grayson wound her arms around Sonia's waist, pulling the woman harder against her, craving her like water in the desert.

Sonia could feel the heat radiating out from this amazing woman, and she wanted nothing more than to get her hands on her body. Reaching over, she hit the button for floor number eight.

Pulling back a hair breath, Grayson looked confused.

Leaning forward, Sonia captured her mouth once more before she explained. "When I excused myself to go to the ladies room, I got the maître'd to reserve me a room, and the waiter passed me the room card with dessert. I didn't want us to wait until we made it back to my place. I do hope that it's okay with you."

Grayson looked thoughtful for a moment, a fingertip resting against her kiss swollen lips. "Mmmm, sneaky. I like it." She graced Sonia with a large smile, but not before reversing their positions pinning the other woman to the wall of the elevator. "What didn't you want to wait for exactly?" She teasingly traced her hands over Sonia's dress, following the hemline, never really touching her.

Breathing in Grayson's breath, Sonia teased. "You'll just have to wait and see." The door finally slid open, depositing them on the chosen floor. Sonia led the way, never releasing Gray's hand. Looking at the key card, Sonia quickly found the room, slid in the card and held open the door, allowing Grayson to enter first.

Grayson slowly made her way into the room, trying to give her eyes time for her night vision to kick in when she found herself spun around, and pinned to the wall.

Sonia pressed her entire body against Grayson, effectively holding her in place and buried her thigh between her legs, holding her up. The kiss was nothing like the ones that they shared in the elevator. No, this one was heat, scorching; causing both of the women's blood to almost boil.

Licking Gray's bottom lip, Sonia didn't wait to be asked for entry into her mouth. She commanded entry, and it was given; causing wetness to pool between Grayson's legs.

Dropping to her knees, Sonia reached, and found the tiny, ineffective piece of silk, and slowly drew it down the toned legs, allowing Grayson to step out of them before she tossed them across the room. Pushing up the hem of the dress that had been tempting and teasing her all night, Sonia was more than pleased to find that Grayson was clean shaven before she leaned it to run her tongue between her nether lips.

The Italian woman stared down at Sonia in shock, as soon as her tongue touched her however, her mind went blissfully blank, her legs automatically widening to allow her more room. Grayson arched her back, one hand on the back of Sonia's head, the other on her own face, trying to cover her mouth from making horribly obscene wishes.

Briefly looking up, Sonia pulled away long enough to say. "I want to hear you.," before she blissfully went back to what she was doing.

"Oh my god.." Grayson let lose a loud appreciative moan as she once again looked down seeing Sonia's mouth on her body. Her eyes were starting to drop shut, but she forced them open, refusing to be lost in the moment, she had to watch. "So good.." Grayson blushed, and then moaned again loudly at what she'd said, and the reaction it evoked.

Sonia reached up, and lifted a long lean thigh over her shoulder as her tongue slipped lower, and finally inside Grayson. The athletic brunette went completely still for a moment, before grinding her hips downward, and both hands sliding into her hair, pulling her mouth harder against her.

"Sonia.. Christ... Mmmm" Grayson was beginning to slide down the wall a tiny bit, the revealing dress left most of her back exposed, and she was currently beginning to sweat, making her body glisten in the moon light from an open window.

Humming, Sonia brought up on hand to try on steady the brunette, she didn't want to give up this position just yet.

Grayson felt her eyes roll back in her skull, it had now become impossible to keep her eyes open as the burning her in limbs begin to spread downward. "Sonia... Suga... I'mgonnacummmm.." the words all rushed together as she felt her body begin to flame out like a lit match on lighter fluid.

Drawing more of Grayson into her mouth, Sonia was rewarded as wetness seemed to flow from her core, which she drank eagerly.

Grayson whimpered, her hands tightening in Sonia's hair as she slid down the wall into her lap, her mouth urgently seeking out the Latina's. She pushed Sonia on her back on the hotel room floor, groaning in appreciation at the way things had played out. "Mmmm your turn." She traced her fingers down Sonia's chest smiling ravenously.

"Yes... I'm yours." was all that Sonia growled out.

Grayson pinned the other woman's arms above her head, grinding her body down against Sonia's, smiling still, she ran her mouth down the woman's chin. Her lips never actually making contact, content just to trace and tease her out of her skin with arousal. "Keep talking.." She husked.

Raising her head to stare into chocolate colored eyes, Sonia growled out. "If you don't quit teasing, and fuck me right now, I'm gonna scream. I want you in me."

Grayson leaned up to captured Sonia's lips in a gut wrenching kiss, grinding their hips together sensually. She growled deep into the kiss, breaking it before Sonia could make any other more than comply. "Strip and get on the bed. Now." She let go of the stunning woman. Grayson knew what she was about to do, and rug burn wasn't really her thing. She wanted smooth sheets and skin, not rough and angry.

Standing up, she peeled her lethal body out of the dress before sliding out of the heels, then ripping the bedspread off, and crawl into bed, giving the other brunette a sultry smile over her shoulder.

Sonia reached for the side zipper to her dress and slowly lowered it, taking her time removing it. Inch by inch, more bronze skin came into view until she was standing in the moonlight wearing a pale baby blue French cut panties with a matching demi bra and a pair of Fuck Me Please black heels.

Grayson's mouth fell open. 'Sweet heavenly lord above, thank you thank you thank YOU!' Grayson would of done a back flip on the bed if it wasn't the wrong place, and the wrong time. She sat up on her knees, staring Sonia down, she reached out a hand beckoning the breathtaking woman to here.

Taking the hand that was being offered to her, Sonia went to kneel in front of Grayson, offering herself to this woman. "Use me as you please." was all that she whispered.

Grayson reverently brought her hands to cup the woman's face, holding her into her gaze, she lowered her lips to Latina's. Just before sealing the kiss she whispered shyly. "I will never use you Sonia... I'm not that cruel." It was true, it was why she'd stayed away from women for so long, choosing mostly to stay celibate, afraid to be hurt, afraid for them to be hurt. She gently lowered the woman onto the bed, still not kissing her, needing her to understand that she wasn't doing this just once. Biting her lip, she stared down into deep brown eyes, waiting... hoping she hadn't implied too much.

Reaching up, Sonia threaded her fingers through the silky hair. "I'm not coming into this with any expectations. I want this to last as long as it last, but if you don't kiss me soon..."

Grayson crushed their lips together, throwing caution to the wind, something she rarely did. Her hands trailed down the beautiful body, quickly divesting her of the bra, panties, though taking her time kissing down long toned thighs to the heels. She knew that heels were essential to anyone woman as beautiful as Sonia was, so she left them on, her lips tracing back up the insides of Sonia's knees.

Fisting her hands in the sheets, Sonia whimpered as the sensitive spot was stroked. No one had ever bothered to caress her that way before.

Grayson then ghosted her lips over the tops of Sonia's thighs, her lips toying with the skin between her hip and thigh, nipping it gently. Her hands gently pushing Sonia's thighs apart, her lips tracing each nipple slowly before wrapping her legs around her waist, she ground their hips together intimately, her lips capturing the fiery Latina's in a bone-searing kiss.

'Oh Madre Dios! The way that this woman kisses should come with a warning label.' Sonia could barely keep that thought in her mind before her body reacted to something else Grayson was doing.

Grayson broke the kiss, her lips tracing down Sonia's neck at a crippling pace. Her teeth grazed the outside of Sonia's ear before tracing it again, this time with her tongue. "I love the heels Mami..." Her hands tracking the lines of Sonia's hips, never touching, just tracing, her hips doing all of the work between them at the moment.

Tossing her head from side to side, Sonia was clawing at the sheets. "Touch me... Condénelo! You're driving me insane...Tengo que sentirle."

"That was the point Sonia.." Grayson crushed their lips together, sliding two fingers deep inside the desperate woman, her hips sliding behind her hands, pressing down and pushing her thighs further apart.

Arching into the thrusts, Sonia reached down to pull Gray harder against her. "¡Más difícil! ¡Le necesito para joderme más difícil!" 'Harder! I need you to fuck me harder!'

Grayson growled deep in her throat, Sonia was soaked, it was all over the both of them. The heel of her hand ground against Sonia's clit, her other hand deep under her, pulling her hips up in into her thrusts.

Wrapping her arms Sonia's hips, Grayson easily lifted her into her lap, keeping her legs around her waist, sliding in three fingers in her next thrust. The assassin smiled evilly, her lips attacking Sonia's nipples teasing and biting while her thumb flicked her clit slowly, then quicker keeping in time with the thrusts of her fingers.

Sonia's body was going onto overload; her nerves were firing all at once; she swore that fireworks were exploding in the room. She tried to raise her head to look at the cause of her ecstasy, but every time that she tried, a new sensation exploded within her.

Grayson didn't stop, gently laying the gasping woman back, her lips traced southward, as if mapping out intimate plans for her body later. Reaching her destination between the glorious body beneath her, her nose gently grazed the inside of Sonia's thigh. Wanting the woman to be completely coherent for what she was about to do to her. She bit down on the inside of Sonia's thigh, her teeth only digging in for a moment before her tongue swirled over it, marking her. She slid her fingers out of the Latina, and gently sucked them clean, waiting for her to look up.

Trying to catch her breath, Sonia moaned at the quick sting on her thigh before a warm tongue soothed it away. Reaching up to brush the damp hair from her face, she raised her head to look down at the woman between her legs.

Grayson smiled down at her prey, her hands keeping Sonia's legs open, she rubbed her nose against wet curls. "Mmmm, you feel good, you smell just as good, I wonder how you'd taste..." Grayson continued to trail kisses over, and down Sonia's long thighs.

With her throat dry from groaning, and calling out Grayson's name, that all she could do was whisper. "Will you please quit teasing? Good Lord woman! How much do you think I can take?"

"A little bit more..." Grayson smiled wrapping her lips around Sonia's clit sucking softly, her hands lifting her hips to her waiting mouth.

"Ahh...fuck" Sonia fisted her hand in Grayson's hair, holding her right where she was.

Grayson smiled to herself, hearing the curse word falling from kiss bruised lips. She twisted her tongue just so, slipping it inside the beautiful woman above her, Grayson rolled her tongue in the imitation of a wave, flicking it gently against her g spot.

At that movement, the Latina screamed, and shuddered her own wave that seemed to radiate out from her core, in endless cycles.

Grayson greedily drank down everything the woman had to offer, crawling her way over her staked territory, she growled in her ear softly, biting it gently. "You are mine... until I say otherwise..." Her hands mapping down Sonia's skin, she couldn't get enough of her it seemed.

"I've been yours since the moment you walked into Del's with Calleigh."

"I'm not going to lie, stealing my cell phone was one of the most inventive ways to get my attention." It was the truth, and she knew it. She'd never had anyone brave enough to pick her pocket, let alone for fun just to get her phone number. She laid her body on top of Sonia's, propping her head up on her elbow smiling.

"Well, to be honest... Calleigh did give me the eye when you two went to shoot pool, so I knew that you were okay. I had you spotted the second that you walked in the place though. You weren't leaving until I had your name, your number and a date." Sonia's eyes twinkled at her admission.

"I was hoping you'd admit to that." Grayson had seen it, and remembered it, she wasn't a fool. "And you got what you were after." She bit her lip nervously, Sonia was probably one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, not to mention smart, funny, and honest. Rare traits in her world.

Reaching out to brush hair away from Grayson's face, Sonia continued. "I know that I've made mistakes in the past as a person, and people have forgiven me, like Calleigh, so I made a promise to myself that I would as honest as I could from there on in. I do want you as long as you will have me, but if it should end, I want no regrets and no lying. Okay?"

Grayson reached out to take the Latina's hand, kissing the bare palm softly. Sighing, she didn't know how honest she could be, but she would never downright lie. If she had to start lying, then things would have to stop, but right now, she didn't care about any of that. "Okay." Grayson smiled back.

"So unfortunately in the spirit of honesty, I guess that I should tell you that I have heard that Eric is buying drugs from a dealer named Denton. I did a little bit of asking around through some acquaintances, and found out that his full name is Paul Denton, and he deals out near Little Havana. You can usually find him wearing a bright green shirt." Sonia sighed as she finished, assuming that her date would now be over.

Little Havana, Grayson knew the area. She bought fresh hand rolled pineapple cigar wraps from some of the bodegas in the vicinity. She sighed, she knew she had to tell Calleigh and Natalia, but looking down at Sonia, she couldn't tear herself away from the sultry woman. She bit her lip thinking, maybe a phone call to Jordan or Natalia? Would that be tacky calling from bed? She looked at her clutch that had been dropped on the floor next to the door, she blushed at the forgotten mementoes of their passion.

Sonia looked up at her. "I will understand if you need to leave. Calleigh wouldn't have asked me to keep my ear peeled if it wasn't something important."

Grayson placed an index finger on Sonia's lips, silencing her. She then leaned down, stealing a kiss over her finger, she whispered softly in return. "Be right back." Grayson slid out of the bed completely comfortable with her own body, scooping the clutch off the floor by the doorway, she opened it. Pulling out her cell phone, she quietly dialed Jordan's number, waiting impatiently for him to pick up.

"Grayson's Brothel... you need a room... we rent by the orgasm... how may I serve you?"

Grayson narrowed her eyes dangerously. "That was so funny I almost forgot to laugh.... Ha.. Ha. Evenin' brother. I know Calleigh and Natalia must be occupied so could you pass on the message that name Denton goes with the first name Paul, who operates out of Little Havana and he usually wears a bright green shirt." She turned around, putting the clutch on the beautiful wood table, then let her eyes wander to Sonia, stretched out on the bed, and the semi open drapes. She walked over, throwing them all open, waiting for her brother's reply, wanting to see the city lights.

Jordan chuckled. "Slick, you'll probably see them before I will. As soon as dinner was finished, they disappeared into your room and I haven't seen them since."

Grayson groaned loudly at the thought, those sheets were so expensive, imported fifteen hundred count, Egyptian linen sheets. They had to go, as did the mattress, no way was she sleeping on that. "Fuck. Awesome. Thanks." Grayson ground out, her fist clenching. "You tell those two sorry outfits that tomorrow night we are going to work out, no excuses."

"Hey Sport, they are already getting a work out. They won't need any more exercise." Grayson could hear Jordan laughing.

"Keep laughing, Hot Shot. You're the only one who's laughing, everyone else is gettin' laid." Grayson shot back, hanging up the phone, and shoving it into her purse, grumpy at being teased, and her cousins ruining her bed. 'Damn that bed. It was an evil temptress, you couldn't say no. It was the posters and the dais,' she thought vehemently.

"What's the matter? Your brother giving you a hard time?" Sonia asked, her eyes twinkling as she gazed at her new lover.

"Always. Never one to go quietly, my brother." Grayson ran her hands through her hair, looking at Sonia draped all over the bed, cast in moonlight, the city twinkling behind her. She wanted her again. Now.

Sonia squinted her eyes for a moment, before sliding out of bed to lay her arms around Grayson's shoulders. Running her tongue along the same ear that she tempted only a few days ago, Sonia whispered. "Take me again."

Grayson rubbed their noses together affectionately, Sonia was growing on her. Her hands naturally traveled up the lithe back, marveling at the texture of her skin, she walked them backwards, until Sonia's back was flush against the floor to ceiling windows. "Turn around..." Her voice was like liquid sex, pure and heady.

Sonia turned as she was asked, and Gray pressed her against the cold glass. Gasping as her already hardened nipples came into contact with the cool window, Sonia couldn't stop the wetness that started to pool. What was it about this woman that caused her to lose all of her inhabitations? She didn't know, and she didn't much care at that moment.

Grayson traced the same path her hands had touched only moments before, she bit into a shoulder blade gently, then soothed it with a soft kiss, a moment later she repeated the same thing to the back of her rib cage and her lower back. Grayson ran her hands up the insides of Sonia's thighs, dragging her nails, watching goose bumps rise in their wake.

Reaching behind her, Sonia tried to pull Grayson closer, but she kept out of reach. Growling in frustration, she almost turned around, when Grayson stilled her with a command.

"If you move, I'll stop." Her lips rained down on the backs of Sonia's thighs, down the backs of her knee's, her hands sliding over the clasps of the heels, releasing the woman from them. She was going to need her balance for this.

There was only one answer that Sonia could give. "Yes."

Grayson stood up to her full height, pressing the length of her body against Sonia's, cradling the Latina in strong arms. One hand slowly made its way towards her chest, cupping a breast, and flicking a hard nipple, chuckling deeply in her ear. The other hand was tracing circles around her belly button.

Moving her head just a little, Sonia gave Grayson more access to her neck; temping her with the rapidly increase pulse, lying just underneath the skin.

Grayson took the silent invitation. "God, you're so beautiful it hurts." She ran her fingers through soaked curls as her lips claimed the thundering pulse point, begging to be kissed. Her fingers continued to tease and torment.

"Ah... Gray... Tienen la compasión en mí, por favor." 'Have pity on me, please.' was Sonia's plea.

The way Sonia was begging for her, broke something inside of Grayson, not being to deny her anything at that particular moment, she trapped Sonia's clit between her index finger and middle finger. She began to rotate her hips into Sonia's, moving them in motion with the strokes of her fingers. "The way you beg for me, it makes me feel like some dark god and you're my sacrifice." She dragged her teeth up to Sonia's ear, swirling her tongue over it much like she had done to her at Del's.

Breathing hard, Sonia tried to keep a coherent thought in her head, but all she could say was, "I am yours... I am yours."

"Keep it that way." Grayson growled out, the hand on Sonia's breast slid up to turn her face so Grayson could kiss her passionately, while she slid three fingers deep inside her, marveling at how wet and tight she was.

Thrusting back against the fingers that was deep within her, Sonia drew in Grayson's questing tongue, and sucked in time with the thrusts. Moaning deep in her throat, she wanted more, but she didn't know what she really wanted.

Grayson knew what the Latina needed; pulling out of her, she flipped her around, and pushed her back against the cold glass. She lifted a long lean leg over a well-defined shoulder, sliding three fingers back into Sonia, she trapped her clit between her lips, flicking it with her tongue.

Knowing that strength and flexibility would allow some very spectacular feats, Grayson took the other thigh, lifting it high over her other shoulder while curling her fingers forward, and swirling her tongue in a maddening pace over Sonia's clit, moaning softly at her taste.

Spreading her arms out against the window to help keep her balance, Sonia whimpered at the sensations racing through her body. No one had ever taken her to such heights... If she survived this, she could survive anything.

Grayson slid in a fourth finger, fluttering the tips of them over and over again, determined to help Sonia keep her appointment with God. She sucked on her clit hard, scraping her teeth over it, opening her eyes only to lock them with Sonia's.

Looking down into those dark eyes, Sonia instead saw stars, and for a brief moment, a bit of heaven before the sweet fall started. She trusted that Grayson would be there to gather her up, safely in her arms, keeping her secure until they dared to dance their own personal tango again.

Grayson drew Sonia down tenderly into her arms, resting her lips against her forehead, her body naturally protecting her from the cold of the air in the room now that their passion had been temporarily doused.

Lifting Sonia's body easily, Grayson carried her to the bed, and laid her down gently before sliding in beside her, and pulling the tan lithe body against her own, but not before tugging the sheets over them both. She kissed Sonia softly, her hands sliding up into her hair, fitting their bodies together.

"Thank you." was all that Sonia said before her eyes fluttered closed, and she drifted off to sleep.

Part 8

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