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By sinjenkai


Part 9

Bzzz Bzzzzz BZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

'What the hell is that?' Grayson's thoughts buzzed at the edge of her consciousness. She opened one eye and moved, instantly regretting it. Her chest and face were on fire, her back was as well. Groaning deeply, the assassin pulled herself into a sitting position, blinking around at her surroundings. Sometimes she woke up and forgot where she was, other times she woke in a cold sweat, dreams filled faces of the men she'd killed. She brought her hands up to rub her face, tenderly feeling all the cuts that had scabbed over during the night and the ones that hadn't. Yesterday had been a disaster, Grayson admitted to herself. How could she of even dared toy with emotions in a dangerous situation like that? Things hadn't gone according to plan and that was putting it lightly. It seemed that in order to have a good Sunday, you had to have an entirely shitty Monday.

It took several minutes for her to climb to her feet and make her way into the bathroom, taking a half hearted shower only to rinse her body of sweat, make some gentle attempts at bathing and washing her hair. Finishing up her routine, she tied a towel around herself and shuffled towards the Gun Vault. It took a few more minutes for her to even open the enormous door, Grayson's bruised ribs were even more tender, now that the muscles had time to relax. When she'd hit the telephone pole, the assassin had done something no normal sane person would do. Grayson completely relaxed her body. It sounded so mundane and stupidly useless, but in a car accident, tensing up will pull every muscle the human body has, she'd learned that from experience, plain and simple.

Tying her hair up in a Fendi scarf, letting the trail lead down her back a little bit, she dressed in form fitting black cargo pants, a black wife beater, a black bulletproof vest, and a black stretchy long sleeve shirt over it all to conceal her bruises. The vest was part protection and part stabilization to add extra support for her already wrapped ribs. Grayson then bent down slowly, putting her feet into black combat boots and laced them up, trying to sort her thoughts through the morning as she picked out who was going to help her. She needed three men. No more, no less. Perfect to do all the legwork while she sat in the car, and plotted their next move. Normally Grayson would be all for legwork, loving to actually get her hands dirty was a favorite past time, for it occupied the mind in reality, but her body protested heavily against this idea.

Thumbing through her phone on the way down the stairs, she contacted the right men and asked them to be there in thirty minutes to pick her up. She then received a text message from Jim Young, the man who worked for the Chrysler dealership in Miami. The brand new car had been dropped off about ten minutes ago. Perfect. Grayson pulled out a slip of paper and decided to leave a set of 'preferred actives' for the day.

Ten minutes later, she finished up, making sure it was in plain view on the massive sub zero refrigerator, she heard a horn honk downstairs and made her way into the garage.

Whistling at the sight of the Chrysler sitting in the open lift, she hoped the blonde liked it. It was beautiful. There was no way Calleigh would ever be able to forgive her for not protecting her. The wave of shame hit her once again and she looked away from the car, walking past it and pulled open the SUV door, climbing in behind several of her men.

As soon as she made herself as comfortable as possible in the back of the maroon Yukon Denali, Grayson's three-man crew turned to look at her. There was Tuckers little brother Tanner, plus Craig and Kyle Valerios, Tanner usually worked when Tucker was otherwise occupied, which he was watching Natalia's family.

"Boys." Grayson's voice sounded horrible, like it had been drug over gravel and dipped in whiskey to soothe the burn left over.

It spoke volumes that Tanner didn't make a quip about her appearance, since he and Tucker shared Grayson's love for biting sarcasm and stinging witticisms. "So are we planning to visit Denton in the hospital? I stopped and bought a lovely bouquet."

Kyle turned around and pulled out a wilted several day old pitiful bunch of daisies. "I can't go into hospitals, Tanner." Grayson growled, but inwardly the flowers made her smile.

"I know. Kyle and Craig will stay in the vehicle, I'll do it personally." Tanner pulled away from the curb sliding his Ray Bans onto his face. Kyle and Craig were associates she used for legwork, no tattoo's, no scars, non-descript brothers who were good hard working men with families to support in hard times.

She was the only one who did the killing when it came to that, Grayson at least had some morals when it came to her day-to-day life working. The taking of lives was a two way street, for every life she took, she suspected she gave some of herself in return.

Opening her eyes, Natalia was momentarily confused and couldn't remember where she was, until she saw the shelves of books and walls of red bricks. She was spooned up against the back of her wife, with an arm around her waist. Kissing the golden head in front of her chin, she carefully disengaged herself from the blonde and rolled out of bed. Grabbing some clothes, she checking inside the bathroom, and finding it free, took a quick shower and got dressed.

Walking back into the bedroom, she found her wife was still asleep, so after grabbing her phone, quietly made her way out into the living room. Opening her phone, Natalia called Horatio, and while she waited for him to pick up, she walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the refrigerator door.

Good morning,

I hope you all slept well. Calleigh, your new car is down stairs, it was dropped off earlier this morning. I would ask you please to not drive it until I am home to follow you. Natalia, there are bath salts, candles, and some very rare Tahitian body talc's in our bathroom, relax. There are movies, AT&T U-Verse, On Demand, the Music room and Gym are open to your disposal. Same to Calleigh.

Jordan, I have been neglecting the Mustang, could you possibly do something with it? I would ask all three of you to stay here today. I am asking, because demanding and threatening seems to do absolutely nothing. So PLEASE stay here and I will be back much later.

If you need anything I have my phone on me. I understand that two of you have real jobs, so if you have to go into work, please call me. I will watch you personally.


"Good Morning Natalia… how are you today?" Horatio's smooth voice glided through the earpiece.

Smiling to herself as her supervisor was also so polite. "We are doing well this morning. Calleigh is still asleep, but I wanted to tell you that I…"

"Pardon me for interrupting, but with the situation as it is, I think that it would be best if neither of you would come in until it is resolved. I am not withdrawing my support nor friendship, I just have consider the department. Also Natalia... I looked up the name Jordan Jeffries, and it's part of a confidential file based on the Cerano crime family... Apparently it's a Federal matter now.. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" She could hear the worry and anxiety lacing his voice. "I'm asking because it's a closed case and I was informed to officially 'back off'." He finished.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, Natalia closed her eyes. "Horatio, please don't ask me something I can't answer right now. I'm asking you to trust us blindly and I realize that may be hard for you to do. I know that you have to think about the safety of everyone, and we'll keep you appraised of the situation, and will call when we know something more. Thank you once again for being such a good friend."

Closing the phone and placing it on the counter, Natalia sighed and looked around. She really wanted to go downstairs to look at the new car, but thought that she should wait for Calleigh. Grabbing her vitamins, she poured a glass of juice to take them with, and looked inside the fridge to see what she could fix for breakfast. Nothing in there looked appetizing to her, so she settled for some more juice and some toast.

Walking over to the window, Natalia munched on the toast as she watched cargo ships slowly go through the channel.

"It's quiet... no one bothers us down here..." Jordan's voice broke through her thoughts, he had walked out in the middle of musing about how to apologize to Grayson when he caught Natalia looking out the window at the ships. It was sometimes uncanny how many of the same traits his sister and his cousin shared, he'd lost count how many times his twin would sit at that window and just stare out at the water. "And we can play our music and rev our engines as loud as we want."

Turning, Natalia smiled at her newest family member. "Tell me about Grayson... was she always so serious?"

Coming to stand next to the window right behind Natalia, Jordan looked down smiling at his oldest cousin. "Not always... when were younger, between the ages of ten and fifteen were the best years for us probably. She wasn't so serious then." He lifted his eyes looking out over the channel, he knew Grayson often watched the boats, wondering what normal people lived like.

"What was your childhood like? How much do you remember of your parents?"

"You and Calleigh ask a lot of questions..." Jordan laughed a little, normally no one wanted to know anything about them, especially about Grayson that seemed to be a no fly zone. "Grayson holds more memories of our father, she being more like him. I on the other hand seem to remember more about our mother. When we were young our parents let us run wild, always getting into things. Very animated and very adventurous as our Uncle Carmine used to call us." He sat down on the edge of the window, pushing it open wider to let more of the fresh air into the warming building. "What we remember is mostly sayings and flashes of images."

Natalia sat opposite from him, leaning her elbow on the windowsill. "Does it bother you that we ask a lot of question? We're not trying to pry, we just want to know more about you."

"I wouldn't really refer to it as bothersome... it's new." He turned to look at Natalia. "Our upbringing after our parents died makes it difficult for us to share feelings, Grayson and I were kept apart during a traditional school year, we were sent to different boarding schools."

Looking puzzled, Natalia asked. "I bet that was twice as hard since you are twins. I'm assuming that you share a lot."

"Much more and yet, much less than you think. I've been allowed closer to her only because I am her twin..." He sighed and leaned his head back against the windowsill. "My Grandfather only had Gray boarded until she was ten, then we were allowed to be around one another, instead of the just the summers. When she turned fifteen that changed, she was tutored during the school year in Italy at my Grandfather's compound. Every summer she returned to Texas to Lake Travis and lived in a small house above the lake that was secluded. We would stay together and mostly talk, reacquaint ourselves with one another, but she has never shared her training with me and I've never been allowed to ask."

"You're adults now, isn't there a way that you can get out of this life. You have so much to live for. I can tell by this place that you have a talent for renovations, and you both love to work with cars, so why can't you walk away and do what you want?"

"What did Calleigh tell you about the man that killed our parents.. I know she must of shared some things. I'll fill in the blanks for what you ask. I can walk away any time I want, I have no ties to this violent lifestyle. My story will explain to you why I haven't left and why my sister can't." Jordan scratched his chin thinking to himself and hoping that Natalia and Calleigh didn't mention this to Grayson.

Leaning back, Natalia sighed. "I know that he is a police officer because she saw the badge, she also says that he has left her gifts or reminders and that she has fought him on a number of times. Do you know why your parents were killed or why your grandfather is so desperate to have one of you follow in the family 'business' so to speak."

"When my father and my mother were killed, it left a gaping hole in his organization... no key enforcer for which to make good on all his threats. My father like Grayson was a Retriever, but he wasn't as deadly or nearly as borderline as she is. Grayson kept my Father's journals, they used to be hidden in her room, I doubt they're still there. They contain several of my Fathers engagements and the way he judged his Targets. The first time The Benedict, that's what Gray calls him, found her the first time, it was at boarding school. He threw her through a plate glass window of the church. She was eight. She was in the hospital for four days with a concussion and slight head trauma." Jordan stood up, he hated talking about this. How his sister had sold her soul to settle her own personal debt.

Grimacing, Natalia shook her head. "How did Benedict track her down? I'm assuming that your grandfather would have changed your names?"

"Of course, but Grayson is a noticeable girl, even at the young of an age, she was striking; coal black hair, ruby red lips, blushing cheeks, big brown eyes, tan skin and freckles. Not to mention her scar is almost impossible to hide and that's kept in every medical file for every school in the country. I have no idea how he always found her, but that's why she can't escape, Natalia. The payment for my Grandfather's training was her service in The Family. I can't leave without her." He hung his head, admitting it all still saddened him. He was so weak it seemed, he couldn't pull the trigger, and he couldn't save his own sister.

Natalia frowned, and was silent for a moment. "Why are they in every school? That doesn't make any sense. He would have to connections. There isn't a police officer that has that much influence."

"That is the part you can personally ask my Grandfather." Jordan shivered at the thought of Natalia and that man face to face. "What do you want to know about Grayson in particular and I can answer that easier."

"Jordan, think about it. If your grandfather wanted to hide you, why do that? And Grayson was young enough to have plastic surgery, she still could, but why in every school?.. Wait a minute... back when you were in school, a police office could just show up and ask to see records, and the school would let them."

"I don't know Natalia, I can't question his methods, nor can I question hers..." Jordan growled out.

Natalia tried to placate him. "I'm not asking you to question their methods. What I'm asking you to do is to think for a moment. Benedict always finds her, finds you both now, even though you're careful. I'm not asking you to ask Gray, nor your grandfather. I'm asking you to think."

"I know... I'm sorry... I just... I worry. A lot... I have stomach ulcers from this kind of shit..." He grumbled holding his stomach, moving towards the kitchen. He was starving for food, and an excuse to avoid thinking about what she'd asked. If her line of thinking was true, that meant that her Grandfather was using Grayson as bait and hoping eventually she would take care of the problem herself, without him ever being involved at all.

Sighing, Natalia watched him walk away with worry written all over her face. She hadn't meant to upset him, but had wanted, no needed to know more about them. Their life was one that she could never imagine at all.

Getting up, she walked into the kitchen to see what the young man was up to.

Jordan had already begun a monstrous chore of preparing pancakes for the three of them, whenever it was that Calleigh was going to wake up. He thought about talking to Grayson, wondering what he could say to broach the subject.

"Nothing for my please, my stomach is all messed up this morning. I think that the stress from yesterday is catching up with me this morning. I'll just do with the toast."

"Don't worry, whatever we don't eat, Gray will come home starving. Keeping her full is a chore unto itself. Could you open the refrigerator and pull out a slab of bacon for Shorty?" Jordan nodded towards the massive steel container wedged into the red brick. He flipped a pancake a few feet in the air and caught it, happy to be doing something he loved.

Laughing, Natalia pulled out the bacon. "Just start frying up this and my beautiful wife will be up in minutes. She always seems to know when bacon is ready to be eaten. Just watch."

Realizing that his cousin was probably right, Jordan made sure to dump enough to feed Calleigh into the pan, moving it around the with tongs for a moment before pulling out two plates, since Natalia wasn't eating. It would just be the blonde and Jordan this morning.

And right on cue, less than two minutes after the bacon hit the plate, the bedroom door opened and Calleigh stumbled out, only to be met on one side of the door with the plate of pancakes with peanut butter and syrup being held by Natalia, and on the other side the plate of bacon, held by Jordan. With her eyes half closed, the blonde took the plate of bacon and headed towards the counter.

"Thanks baby, I love you too."

Chewing on a piece of bacon, Calleigh took a moment before she could answer. "Darlin', you should know better than to get in my way when it come to bacon."

Crossing her arms across her chest, Natalia pretended to be angry until Calleigh slid off the stool and gave her a good morning kiss. "Hi momma."

"Y'all are too cute Shorty.." Jordan smiled, and it was true, Calleigh and Natalia complimented one another so well, polar opposites in appearance, but so perfectly complimented. He settled himself down with a tall stack of pancakes, not to mention a few links of sausage and several strips of bacon, with a steaming cup of coffee.

Raising an eyebrow, Natalia sat as far away from the young man as possible. "You had better start taking care of yourself young man. You keep eating like that, and you're going to have heart problems."

"I'd love to steal a line from my sister, and say I'd have to have a heart to have a problem, but we all know that's a lie. I know I know... my eating habits aren't the best. I'll work on them... Can I see the note that Grayson left?" Jordan smiled hopefully at Natalia since the letter was by her hand.

"Oh yeah, Cal... You have a surprise in the garage." Natalia eyes sparkled with glee.

The tall man took the letter and read it quickly, smiling. "Wow... that says something..." His dark chocolate eyes gleamed at the blonde in amusement. If his sister had taken the time to pick out a car for the blonde, to actually think about it and do it herself, then most likely meant she cared somewhat about Calleigh and Natalia. He smirked to himself happy they were getting to her.

The said blonde started to get up from the stool to go see her newest toy, but Natalia coughed and she sat right back down with a guilty look. "Yes ma'am."

Coughing hard into his hand, Jordan smiled. "Whipped.." he coughed again looking up smiling. "Damn allergies."

A blonde eyebrow reached for the sky. "She's part Cerano... Do you want to mess with her?"

Roaring with laughter and almost knocking over his coffee cup, Jordan finally tamed himself enough to finish his breakfast and clean the kitchen, keeping idle conversation with both women.

After the kitchen was cleaned and Calleigh had changed into a pair of worn jeans, boots and a white t-shirt; they made their way down stairs to the garage.

Sitting just inside one of the bay doors was a brand new 2010 Crossfire Limited Coupe. In a quick glance it appeared to be a leaner, more elegant and refined version of Calleigh's former Crossfire. The gleaming black paint all, but dripped onto the floor, it was so rich and creamy, matching black interior with white leather piping matched the inside and the racing rim's made the low profile tires sit perfectly on the ground. To finish it all off the black hardtop convertible had a custom license plate with the words NATS GRL inscribed on Florida tags.

The male Cerano whistled loudly at the sight of the stunning automobile. "Damn..."

Calleigh was speechless, literally. She stood at the entrance of the garage with her mouth open, while Natalia slowly walked towards the car. When finally Calleigh found her voice, all she could as was, "Holy Shit!" and her accent was as thick as Natalia had ever heard it.

Looking at the license tag, Natalia couldn't help, but joke. "Babe, I think that the car is for me. It does say NATS GRL."

"No sugar, this baby is for me, I'm your girl, not this silly car.." Calleigh drawled even as she lovingly began to run her fingertips over the black paint.

"Good comeback Darlin', good comeback. You are my girl." Natalia's grin was as wide as her wife's. "Go ahead, get inside and see how it feels."

Opening the door, Calleigh was about to get in when she noticed a note on the seat. Picking it up, she read,


I will never be able to repay you for what you did for me. When Tracy ran away, we didn't know what to do, who to turn to. When a friend mentioned your name and the discretionary clause, I was very hesitant. I was even more hesitant when I met you, but after watching you assure both Kelly and Josh that you would get her back, I completely trusted you for some reason. I wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You found Tracy and you brought her home safely to us and there isn't anything I will ever do to show you how thankful we really are for what you did for us. If you ever need anything, anything at all, you can call me.

Jim Young

Handing the note to her with another look of shock on her face, Calleigh slid into the seat with a sigh. "Oh Lord, this is almost better than sex."

"You might want to rethink that baby unless you want to share an air mattress with your cousin upstairs.." Natalia warned.

Leaning down, Calleigh looked up at her wife with an innocent look. "Darlin', I did say almost. Didn't you hear the almost?"

Natalia was saved from a reply by Jordan's voice finally making its return. "Well this proves it. both of you are getting to Grayson, my evil plan has started to work." Jordan patted the hood of the beautiful car. "This is one of the ways she shows she cares, with shiny things..." he laughed smiling at them and noticed the note in Natalia's hand. "What's that?"

Handing the note across the car, Natalia opened the passenger door, slid in and couldn't stop the groan. Looking over to her wife, she smiled sheepishly. "Okay, I see what you mean."

Looking at each other for a moment, the women happened to remember a conversation that they had a few days back and they both turned to look at the back seat.

"Good, we can still go to the drive in." Natalia quipped.

Jordan read the note slowly, he remembered that particular engagement because Grayson had come home happy with herself. She'd found the girl at a bus station in the middle of Ohio waiting for a bus to LA. His sister had sweet-talked and then black mailed the girl to get in her expensive sports car, but over the twenty-hour drive home, she'd won the young girl over. Thankfully in Grayson's line of work, there was still the honest person that needed help. "Burn this when you get a chance... we wouldn't Grayson to lose her reputation." He smirked, his sister maybe a big bad hit woman, but everybody had a soft side, no matter how deep down it really was.

Natalia frowned. "I will not burn this. You sister needs to know that she has reached someone every once in a while. This may mean something more to her than you may know."

The male Cerano smiled at Natalia, and leaned down to admire the car, he was only playing. Grayson kept most of her thank you notes from the honest people. It wasn't widely known that she didn't accept payment for honest engagements, she was still somewhat moral, even though Jordan seemed to be her actual moral compass. "I know... she actually keeps them in her bedroom in a box under one of the shelves. I've seen them." He graced them both with a dimpled smile.

A cell phone started to ring, Jordan looked down as he reached into his pocket, smiling as he looked at the display. "Speak of the devil.." He pressed the speakerphone button. "Hey Slick you're on speaker."

"I'll be home soon. I've been chasing pipe dreams all morning, and I could do with a little downtime..." The young Italian woman's voice still had the low raspy growl from the previous day, making her voice rough and laden with gruff intent.

Natalia piped up, "Hey Grayson, how about us going to the stables? We can get outside and with some fresh air."

For several moments, it seemed as if the female Cerano would decline, but a few more moments and her voice came back over the line. "That's fine. I'll see you shortly then."

Looking up to Jordan, Calleigh cocked her head, questioning. "What did we say?"

After hanging up with his sister, Jordan ran his hand over Calleigh's blonde hair. "Nothing. After yesterday, don't be surprised if Grayson has all, but reverted to your original relationship of Retriever and Employer. It's what's familiar to her."

Getting out of the car, Calleigh carefully closed the door. "How can she do that? She just gave me this incredible gift."

Making sure the car was locked up tight, Jordan sat in one of the chairs in the garage. "Feelings and emotions are unfamiliar terrain to her, if you haven't noticed. She has been told what to do, what to say, what to think, how to act, how to dress, since we were six. You may think she has none, being what she is, it's an untrue assumption. She has feelings and emotions, she's just gotten very, very good at hiding them and burying them deep." He sighed, rolling the chair to the side, looking at the car. "But I think you two are getting to her."

Natalia walked up behind her wife, wrapping her arms around her. "We're a tenacious duo. We can get under anyone's skin."

"That's what I'm hoping; if she realizes that she has a support system, a real family besides our Grandfather, maybe after The Benedict dies... she'll give up this bloody lifestyle..." Jordan trailed off.

Leaning back against Natalia, Calleigh smiled. "We hope that she does, because I would love to see her laugh more."

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going upstairs to sit on that nice comfy sofa to wait for her to get home, cause these chairs leave a lot to be desired." Jordan joked.

The two women laughed and followed him to the second floor.

The Denali pulled up in front of the Complex, where both the driver's door and the door behind the driver's door opened slowly. A young man resembling Tucker helped Grayson from the vehicle, they shared a few words before he got back into the vehicle and left, Grayson slowly ambled towards the lift and rode it to the second story living area.

Grayson leaned down gingerly and lifted the gate, walking into the kitchen, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head, sitting down at one of the barstools, sighing happily at being home.

Getting up of the sofa, Calleigh walked over to stand beside her. "Darlin', I hate to tell you, but you look like hell warmed over, but I also gotta tell you that you are the second most beautiful woman that I've seen today. Thank you so very much for the car. I shouldn't accept it."

The smirk that made it across the young brunettes face at Calleigh's mix of insults and compliments was silent for the most part. "The car wasn't a gift, it replaced the one I totaled. So don't worry about accepting it because there isn't a choice." Grayson's smile was teasing and sarcastic. "Though I am glad you like it."

Punching her uninjured shoulder, Calleigh went over to the fridge to get something to drink, turning, she silently asked if Grayson wanted anything.

"I'll have a bottle of water... I'm a little dehydrated to tell you the truth." She smiled and took the bottle from Calleigh, shuffling towards her bedroom. "If you'll allow me a few minutes to change, we can go drive your pretty new toy and visit the stables."

Natalia was coming out of the bedroom as Grayson was making her way in. Stopping her, she leaned over to give her cousin a kiss on the cheek and to gently give her a hug. "Thank you for the car. It is beautiful."

Winking, Grayson said nothing more, slipping by Natalia and emerging minutes later wearing worn blue jeans, with several holes in them and a loose baby blue button down shirt that left her the freedom to move and underneath the back of the shirt there was a suspicious bump that looked like a gun. Grayson had pulled her hair into a lower ponytail and returned with the same sunglasses.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, Calleigh had to ask a question that had been bugging her. "Why do you always wear reflective sunglasses. You have beautiful eyes... plus your stare could scare the shit out of anyone... well not me, but anyone else."

"One of my biggest problems when I was younger was my ability to keep a straight face." Jordan looked at her and she smiled enormously. She sat down on the barstool, next to him while he rolled up the long sleeves on her shirt for her. "That's changed, but the habit sticks."

"Ah, habits are a bitch to break." Smiling, Calleigh got up off the stool. "Hurry up....come on." Bouncing lightly on her feet. "I want to go drive my new car, and go riding. Come on, come on."

Jordan rolled his eyes and helped his twin off the stool, towards the elevator, Grayson groaned slightly when he was too rough with her. "Watch it, brick house..." she grumbled and released herself of his arms, even though she was smiling. She reached up and groaned again, slamming the gate down and pushing the first floor button.

Leaning against the side of the elevator, Natalia smirked. "You know that you don't have to do everything yourself. There are three other people in the elevator that can pull down the gate. You don't have to be so stubborn."

"Natalia... some of us were born to lead while others were born to follow." Grayson began, but Jordan finished for her effectively shutting her up. "And Grayson apparently was born to rule.. she was born too late... our little Joan of Arc." He smirked, patting the top of her head. She choose to say nothing, but to punch him hard in the shoulder, smiling when he rubbed it for several minutes. Jordan lifted the gate for the three women and walked over to the Audi, picking up the note, and handed it to Grayson, who read it with a blank face before she slid it into her pocket.

As she was getting into the car, Calleigh smirked. "I knew that you had a soft side, and that note just proved it."

Grumbling and ignoring the blonde, she climbed into the passenger seat of Jordan's Charger and closed the door without a word. Jordan roared in laughter, clutching his sides at his sister antics; normally she would of snapped back, but it was proof of the fact she was eventually starting to allow Natalia and Calleigh past her walls.

After pulling the two coupes out of their lifts and shutting the bay doors, Jordan allowed Calleigh to lead them in her new car across town to the stables to visit Adonia and Beltran. He pulled the Charger in after the Crossfire and shut the engine off.

Calleigh quickly jogged up the path to the stables, so Jordan took off after her, while Natalia and Grayson followed at a leisurely pace. Chuckling, the brunette said. "She's like a kid sometimes."

"How did you know that you were in love?"

Natalia smiled with a faraway look in her eyes. "The first day that I met her, I fell. I mean, look at her, she's a knock out."

"Yes, Calleigh is beautiful, Natalia. You make a striking couple." Grayson's boot kicked lightly at a weed as she passed by it. Her sunglasses of course, blocked any kind of emotion, the reflective lenses showing everything she wasn't thinking about.

Stopping to face her cousin, Natalia continued. "Thanks, but we took the longest time getting to where we are now. I even dated Eric for a while. I was trying to fight what I was feeling, and Calleigh had her own issues that she was going through. Those I will let her tell you about, but we slowly recognized what we felt for each other, and it all came together after she was shot by a suspect. Don't worry, she was wearing a vest. Anyway, we've been together ever since."

If the younger Italian woman felt anything about her cousin dating Eric, she didn't show it outwardly. Inside the woman was screaming, well that explains it, Eric's jealous. Of course he would be jealous, he most likely pursued Natalia to make Calleigh notice him. The thought of her cousin being used as a pawn made her blood boil, she didn't even acknowledge they'd known each other less than two weeks and it was obviously before her time. "Romantic, but dramatic. Seems to be your style." The barely concealed smile that was tugging at the corners of Grayson's smile was obvious if anything.

Bumping her cousin with her shoulder, Natalia started back up the path. "Yeah, what can I say. It's the Cerano in me."

"I wouldn't be too excited about saying that out loud Natalia.." The female Cerano's face was amused, but the way her body language was talking she was anything, but leaning more towards anxious. She lifted her hands and slid them into her back pockets, walking side by side with her cousin.

Stopping her cousin once more, Natalia reached up to carefully pull off her glasses, wanting to see her eyes. "Gray, I understand that the world can't know about my lineage and our relationship, but when it's just us, just family, I want us to be completely honest. I may joke about being a Cerano, and I can't know all that you've gone through because of that, but I want to be someone you can talk to."

When her cousin finally raised her eyes, they weren't the usual coal black that normally glittered from behind long lashes. Instead they were a deep chocolate, filled with deep remorse and loneliness, but before anything could be said, Grayson had pulled the sunglasses out of her hand. "Natalia..."Her voice was still rough and gravelly, but it was full of concern for her cousin. Past the gravelly sound, the way Grayson said her name made it sound even more Italian than Puerto Rican. "I care for you a great deal, as much as I care for Jordan, the same courteously is extended to Calleigh. Until I find the man that killed my parents, I can't put you in that kind of danger. Especially with my Grandfather living... maybe when he dies..." The way she said it made it sound like the death would be natural, but that wasn't really her style.

Walking into the barn, they found Calleigh saddling up Beltran while Jordan was talking to Tommy the groom. "Hey Gray! They've got a horse for you to ride. I'm in the mood to race so come on." Calleigh challenged the young woman.

Smiling as impassively as she could, the young Cerano pushed her sunglasses back on and walked around Natalia. "Must everything be a competition to you Shorty?" Her voice was flat and toneless, but it was meant in a sarcastic manner.

"No, I just want to show off my boy here. Isn't he a beauty?"

As soon as Grayson saw Beltran, she pushed her sunglasses up, and jogged over to the stall. Beltran for his part leaned down and nudged the dark woman with his nose playfully. "Oh hi handsome... you are a handsome devil, aren't you..." She cooed, Grayson loved horses. Actually she loved animals, preferring them more so than human. She ran a calloused hand up over the horses muzzle over the bridge of his nose and up into his mane scratching softly.

Natalia walked over to Tommy. "Hey, do you have a couple of horses that they could ride?"

"Actually Mrs. DuVista, we just had two new horses come in this morning from a farm up near Orlando." The groom smiled and asked her to follow him down the stalls to where the animals were. When they reached the last two stalls, an enormous white and tan Quarter horse neighed softly, looking down at Natalia from over the top of his stall. "This is Picasso. He's a two year old Quarter horse with the sweetest disposition."

"Here ya go Jordy!" Calleigh laughed. "He looks like something that you can handle."

The towering man walked up to the horse and put his hand out, when Picasso leaned down and rubbed his nose against his palm, Jordan scratched under his chin. "Love at first sight.."

Calleigh leaned against the side of the stall. "Looks like the feeling is mutual. Do you know how to ride? I didn't even ask."

"We received lessons from the time I was six, it's a traditional Italian family hobby, being an Equestrian." Jordan smiled and offered the horse an apple; that gobbled it up quickly crunching happily to itself.

Tommy motioned to the dark woman standing next to Beltran, who was giving the horse a quick pat and walking their way. He opened the top stall door and nervously peered into dark stall. "This is Tempesta... It took us awhile to figure out what he was." Tommy opened the door wider and hooked a chain across so the group could see the rare horse. Staring out through the open window of its stall was a beautiful stallion; it's coat was a stormy gray with what looked like occasional drops of black oil to flicker through its soft coat, its legs were black from the knee down to match its mane and long flowing tail. "He's half Thoroughbred, half Australian Brumby. his previous owner attempted to gain a more sure-footed racing line in Australia. It was a little too successful."

Pushing her sunglasses onto the top of her head, Grayson held out her hand to let the horse smell her palm. "Tempesta, huh? You do look like a thunderstorm."

Calleigh agreed. "He looks like the sky over the Atlantic right before the storm hits."

"Storm is right. He is the crankiest piece of horse flesh I've come across in my years of working on this farm." Tommy grumbled. "The problem is he's so pretty that no one listens when I tell them he hasn't had a rider last more than an hour before bringing the animal back." Tempesta's ears perked forward like he understood every word the groom said and snorted loudly tossing it's head and kicking out with his back feet.

"See..." Tommy went to push the door shut, but Grayson interceded with a cowboy boot, pushing the door open and ducking under the chain. "Ma'am..." He started but stopped at Natalia's hand on his shoulder. Staying completely silent Grayson stood in the stall with the horse that was pawing the hay and staring her down in kind. She started to walk very slowly towards the horse, and the animal as if drawn in kind to her, did the same. They met in the middle, Grayson's hands sliding up over the animals neck into its mane, scratching, her forehead flush against the horses, both of them with their eyes closed.

Natalia nodded to Tommy and quietly said. "Why don't you go ahead and get the tack for both horses and we'll all go for a ride. I'll come with you."

Calleigh led out Beltran and looped his lead over a rail before walking over to look at Grayson. "Looks like you have a new buddy."

Looking past the stall, Calleigh caught Natalia's eye and watched as the brunette hitched her head towards the horse and quirked her eyebrow. Giving her a slight head nod, she could barely contain her smile.

"I'm much better with the animal kingdom then with the human hierarchy.." The younger woman quipped back, leading the horse out of the stall simply by his halter. Beltran and Tempesta were eye to eye as if regarding one another.

Beltran snorted, and pawed the ground a moment before Calleigh calmed him with a touch of her hand. Touching the black horse lightly on the side up his neck twice more, Beltran knelt down so that Calleigh could easily mount.

Natalia walked out with Adonia, and Tommy gave her a leg up.

Tempesta followed this dark headed woman towards opening of the barn where Jordan was waiting with Picasso, already mounted. Grayson quickly saddled Tempesta and slid the bridle into his mouth without a hit, but when Tommy walked forward to give her a leg up, she waved him off. "Thanks but no thanks.. I don't want to spoil his good mood..." Grayson laughed, patting the dark gray stallion on the neck. She lifted one foot up into the stirrup, grabbed the reins and a handful of mane pulling herself into the saddle before reaching down to adjust the girth on the English saddle, and then adjusting her stirrups in kind. "Ready when you are ladies..." Grayson reined her horse behind Beltran and Picasso took up the position behind Adonia.

Walking down the path, both Calleigh and Natalia easily settled into their saddles. Natalia leaned back her head, letting the gentle breeze caress her face and gently float through her hair, while Calleigh just watched.

Following from about twenty to thirty feet behind to give them a semblance of privacy, Jordan walked between Grayson and their family. The stormy brunette let her hips roll with each step that Tempesta took, trying to unknot the muscles in lower back that tensed whenever she was under stress. She kept her eyes peeled, but was soon tipping her head back as well to catch the sun and the gentle salty breeze.

Finally reaching the beach, Jordan let out a low whistle. "Man, this is beautiful DuVista's... nice choice." The water was glinting under the early afternoon sun making everything appear from a travel magazine.

Turning to Grayson, Calleigh arched an eyebrow. "Ready... Set... Go!" Spurring Beltran, she tore off down the beach.

Glaring at her cousin's wife, she yelled out. "Cheater!" She gave a gentle nudge, lengthened the rein to Tempesta and within moments she was neck and neck with Beltran. Both stallions were matched stride for stride, their riders almost becoming one with their mounts. Grayson's hair whipping out behind her almost blending in with the dark mane and tail that waved behind her. Calleigh as well was just as striking with her blonde hair rippling free like a golden halo.

Looking down, Grayson realized the only reason Tempesta hadn't left Beltran behind was because they were playing to the other horse's rules, they were racing over loose sand. Smirking, the dark headed woman reined her mount towards the wet compact sand where the waves were gently kissing the sand with every gentle motion. within moments, Tempesta had pulled a full lead ahead. Thoroughbred and Brumby blood making the gray stallion perfect for racing uneven terrain.

Calleigh immediately caught on to what Grayson was doing and followed suit, slowly catching up.

Looking behind her, the young brunettes smile grew... good it would be a shame for the win to come easily she thought. "That all you got Blondie?" Grayson grinned, lifting herself up off of Tempesta's back, taking weight off of the animal's center of gravity, using the mane to steady herself, the distance between them lengthened by a little more than a foot or so. The only sound behind the pounding of the animal's hooves on the sound was the following sound of water splattering up out of the wet sand, bouncing off the animal's stomach spraying both of the women in salt water.

The salt water splattered in Calleigh's face, and she laughed at the joy that she was feeling. This is what she needed right now, the feeling of being free. Letting loose of the reins, she sat up in the saddle, threw back her head and arms, very reminiscent of Kevin Costner in 'Dances with Wolves'.

Pulling back on the reins, pulling in the breaking speed that her horse was apparently capable, Grayson wheeled Tempesta around in a whirl of sand, smiling at Calleigh, happy that she was happy.

"I loved that movie!" She called.

Jordan eased up beside Natalia. "Ya gotta love our girls. They are two very competitive women."

"You have no idea. You should have seen Cal with her brothers. All three of them are blonde hair, green eyes, and Lord, always trying to outdo each other."

"We have other cousins, who are employed in the same manner, but not to the extreme that Grayson is by the Family. In the beginning she was the outcast, they purposefully wouldn't trade information with her until the last Family Reunion. There was a friendly boxing match between the young men... Grayson entered and bested everyone of them in less than a minute. It cause a huge scene and our Grandfather couldn't have been more proud. She doesn't really care much for showing off unless there is actual competition... it's when her emotions and feelings really show that and when's singing, or performing." Jordan watched his sister smiling, he was deeply happy to see her laughing and having a good time.

Looking at her wife and cousin down the beach, Natalia felt a wave of love rush over her so quickly, that she was afraid that her face flushed. Taking a deep breath, she asked. "When was the last time that you saw Grayson laugh like that?"

He took several long moment to answer, adjusting his seat in the saddle, hearing the leather creak, he looked from Calleigh to Grayson. "When she was with Quinn, she was very happy,.. but as always, our Grandfather caught wind of their fledgling relationship and it was suggested that it end or Quinn would disappear."

Shaking her head, Natalia just smiled as she watched her wife and cousin slow their horses down and begin to make their way back towards them.

Noticing movement out of the corner of her eye, Grayson looked up at the access road running next to the beach, seeing a car parked on the side of the road with a man standing next to it. 'It's just a flat tire Gray... Relax', She told herself. Motioning to Calleigh with a flick of her head, she cantered back to their small group, standing on the beach.

"Feeling better babe?" Natalia asked as Calleigh drew alongside her wife, leaning over to give her a gentle kiss.

"You have no idea Darlin'. Even though I let Grayson win the race, I feel like the winner." Calleigh laughing answered.

"That's why she's the blonde and I'm the brunette.." Grayson thumbed her nose at Calleigh behind her back and smiled, leading Tempesta around Beltran who's ears were pinned back. "If today is opposite day then yes, you won, otherwise eat my sand, white girl..." Grayson tossed her hair over her shoulder in a snobby imitation of a rich girl.

Bursting into a fit of giggles, Jordan doubled over leaning on Picasso's neck for support. "I love this family..." He croaked.

"White girl! Who you calling white girl?" Calleigh laughed.

Reaching over carefully to caress Calleigh's face, Natalia tried to keep the smile off her. "Babe, I hate to tell you, but with that peaches and cream complexion... you are most definitely a white girl."

Sneaking around Natalia's hands, Grayson flicked the end of Calleigh's nose, smirking at the offended look on her face. "Come on cutie pie... let's get that fair skin out of the sun before you turn into a blister." The female Cerano led her horse around them and the group set of a easy pace towards the stable.

The group made it to the stables and while Jordan hopped off Picasso and went over to help Natalia off Adonia, Calleigh and his sister, started to remove the saddles. Leading both Beltran and Tempesta towards the area reserved for cleaning off the horses, Grayson clipped them both to steel posts. She let Calleigh store the tack while she filled up the water bucket with cold water. Turning her attention to the horses, she hosed them both down, making sure to get all of the sand and salt water off the dark horses. Before she could turn around however, she was drenched in freezing cold water. Grayson sputtered, gasping and turned around to find a smug Calleigh holding an empty water bucket.

"You looked like you were a bit burnt, and I thought that you needed a cooling off. Glad that I could help."

The look on the brunettes face was murderous; she grabbed Calleigh in a one armed bear hug, keeping her close, she shoved the water hose down the front of the blonde's pants, laughing. "Likewise!"

Natalia snorted, literally biting her tongue, and shaking her head. Crossing her arms over her chest, she just gave up. "Gray, it's gonna take more than that to cool her off."

"Oh, I have the perfect solution." Grabbing the feisty blonde in a fireman's carry, she walked toward the massive water tank for the pasture next to them. She stepped up on the lid and flipped them both in a loud splash.

Jordan doubled over laughing while Natalia just stood there shaking her head, before looking over to the young man. "I do hope that you realize that they are riding back in your car, because there is no way that Calleigh is getting into her new car and getting the leather wet."

"I'm sure the two of you will have plenty of other occasions to get the leather wet.." Grayson sputtered from the tank, yanking Calleigh up by the belt loops of her pants. "Alright down there, Short Stack?"

"Yeah, that's alright. We found yours last night Slick. Very Impressive." Natalia shot back.

Collapsing back into the tank with a loud splash, Grayson laughed loudly. "Don't be such a prude..." She flicked water at Natalia with a dirty wink. "I'm surprised you haven't found the rest of my things since you two are apparently so nosey.." Grayson blew kisses at them smiling.

Jordan flicked his eyes between the three of them; his sister never made these kinds of jokes with anyone except for him, it was kind of cute.

"Who said we didn't?" Came from behind her.

Grayson stood up, suddenly her hands flying to her face. "Oh my god... you guys found my midget porn..." When no one said anything she continued. "And my Eskimo porn? Shit is nothing sacred!" Grayson threw up her hands, spraying everyone with water.

Everyone froze, just stared at her with a look of shock on their faces.

Letting loose one of the deepest laughs Jordan had ever heard come from his sister, Grayson held her sides throwing her head back, the laugh was deep and rich, full of mirth. "You three are more gullible than a new born baby."

Taking a quick step forward, Calleigh wrapped her arms around Grayson's waist and just leaned backwards, pulling them both underwater, before scrambling out.

After getting out and toweling dry, Grayson toweled dried the horses as well, Beltran going into his stall first, followed by Tempesta being put into a foaling stall since Thoroughbreds were so large. She gave the animal a soft kiss on the nose before smiling at her family.

Calleigh toweled herself off and the two remaining horses before going over to her wife to give her a very careful kiss. "You wanna tell 'em or should I?"

Smiling, Natalia turned to her cousins. "The horses are yours. Welcome to the DuVista family?"

The male Cerano turned around slowly to stare at Natalia, then at the horses, then at Calleigh and lastly at his speechless sister who hadn't even turned around from facing the opposite direction. "Uh... wow Natalia... Calleigh...Than-" He was interrupted by his sister. "I do not accept this. I cannot accept this... This is too much..." Grayson started up.

Quietly, Natalia asked. "Why not?"

Turning around and crossing the space between them in two long powerful strides, Grayson was in Natalia's personal space, but her voice was weak and pleading. "Natalia... you draw too much attention to our relationship.." Even Grayson flinched with how cold and hateful it sounded, but it was true. The more she dwelt on their relationship as family, the more dangerous it would become to her personal well-being. Grayson was as close to her cousin as she could possibly be, without touching her.

Watching them warily from a distance, Jordan kept his own counsel, it was Grayson's right as the older sibling to voice family business on their side. She spoke for both of them, even though he didn't believe in her train of action, her ends justified her means

"Step the fuck back now Grayson. I don't care if you are her cousin. Back off. Now." Calleigh growled. Her thoughts going back to Eric and the day before, with her hand curling into a fist. "How much did that damn car cost and you talk about us drawing too much attention. Just how am I supposed to explain that car on a police officer's salary. It doesn't matter that I or Natalia have money of our own, and we just spent, well I don't know how much on our wedding, which we can justify, so if you won't accept our gift, then just fucking fine."

Turning her head slowly to the side, she looked at Calleigh before pushing up the reflective sunglasses to let the blonde see her features. A luxury like that wasn't afforded to just anyone. She stepped several feet back from Natalia and then looked at Jordan, her features obviously talking of frustration and annoyance. "Fine." The fight drained out of her and she stalked past the trio of people towards the parking lot, snatching Jordan's keys out of his pocket without a word grumbling to herself about "Family Ties." Yanking open the Chargers trunk, she stripped herself out of the wet jeans and shirt pulling on a pair of lime green shorts and a black Longhorns shirt with a lime green Longhorn logo on the front, she put on flip flops and sat pouting in the front seat behind the steering wheel.

After watching his sister's mini temper tantrum, he turned to face his cousins. "She may have gone about it in the wrong way, but her point remains the same." His voice was gentle. He walked between and past both women, towards the parking lot.

Calleigh turned and walked away, muttering to herself. "I can't do a bloody thing right."

Natalia followed her wife, stopping behind her, resting her chin atop her head while wrapping her arms around her waist. "You didn't do anything wrong love. She was too close even for me, but maybe we are pushing her too fast."

"I don't want anyone that close to you unless it's our family... but she is family. Maybe your right..." Turning around, Calleigh wrapped her arms around Natalia, burying her face in her hair. "After yesterday... After yesterday and watching what she's completely capable of scares me Natalia."

Rubbing Calleigh's back, Natalia tried to reassure her. "I trust her with your life Calleigh. I believe that she will do whatever she has to do to keep us safe."

Tilting her head back, she captured Natalia's lips in a searing kiss, pouring all of her love into just the simple motion. Finally after a few stolen moments, she broke the kiss looking up into beautiful chocolate brown eyes, it was unnerving that both Grayson and Natalia had the same eyes. "I love you... if that's what it takes to keep you safe, then so be it, but promise me that after all this is over we can talk her into seeking professional help?" The blonde pleaded her wife softly.

Smiling down at her wife, Natalia whispered. "We'll get her the best babe. She deserves it."

Behind them in the shadows a dark skinned man had slipped out of sight into an empty stall, pulling out his phone, he dialed quickly. "Yeah man, it's me... yeah Delko relax, I'm watching 'em right now... I can't, they have that crazy bitch with them... YES, the one who took fucked up your eye...Okay I will call you when they leave." The man closed his phone and disappeared out of sight.

Giving her taller counterpart a parting kiss, she lead then towards the Charger where Jordan was waiting for them.

"Why don't you and the master of pouting ride together in the Charger since your both still slightly damp, Natalia and I will follow you." Jordan offered in his soft voice. "It'll give you a chance to soothe ruffled feathers..."

Natalia looked concerned. "Do you actually think that's a good idea to put the two of them together?"

"Hey, I can be mature when I have to be." Calleigh complained.

"I wouldn't really put it past Grayson to dismantle Calleigh limb by limb just for fun, but since she's married to you, she can't. Family honor not permitting, she'd have to actually emotionally hurt or put you in physical harm's way for Grayson to be allowed to harm her." Jordan smiled playfully at Calleigh, even though what he's saying was true.

Getting into the Charger, Calleigh mumbled. "I feel so much safer now." Turning to her wife, she shouted. "Let's go to Del's. They had t-shirts and shorts for sale and I can change there."

Leaning down to brush her lips against Calleigh's ear she whispered softly. "But I like you all wet." before kissing her wife's cheek and shutting the door behind her, letting Jordan stuff his enormous frame into the tiny sports car. Grayson for her part, just ignored Calleigh, pushing her glasses up onto her face, cranking the enormous engine and pulling out onto the highway.

Calleigh was seriously going to keep quiet the whole trip, but she just couldn't help herself. "Grayson listen, let's just both admit that we were both right and... we were both wrong. We both love Natalia and will do anything to protect her, okay?"

For several moments which seemed like eternity, before Grayson finally answered the blonde, but she never turned, nor looked at her at all. "Fine." was the gruff reply.

"Fine, fine... you do know what fine stands for, dontcha Gray? It stands for Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.... or Floridian In Native Environment." Calleigh grinned at the young woman.

"Well... I'm neither." came the quick razor sharp reply from across the classic muscle car.

Turning to look out the passenger window, Calleigh muttered to herself. "That remains to be seen."

Pulling into Del's parking lot ahead of the Charger, Natalia turned to her cousin. "We need to get them to chill out. Any suggestions on how to do that?"

"I would say get them royally shit faced, but I think that would make it worse... a game of pool couldn't hurt.. Is Sonia working today?" Jordan answered watching as Grayson waited at the light down the street.

Getting out of the car, Natalia started inside. "Lord, I hope so. Maybe seeing her would put Grayson in a better mood."

"Natalia stop." Jordan had climbed out of the car and was staring hard at her back, his voice was no longer gentle, instead it was the same tone Grayson was so fond of.

"What? I'm going inside. No one knew that we were coming here?"

"That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. I understand that Calleigh is protective of you, she's your wife. Grayson's blame should only be with her way of doing things and not her reasoning." Jordan stood next to her. "Young, rude, and surly she maybe, but she only has your safety in mind, can you blame her for being terrified of a man that's ruled her life for the last nineteen years?"

Whatever Natalia was going to say was drowned out by Grayson parking the Charger next to them and Calleigh getting out of the vehicle while Grayson chose to take her time.

Calleigh took one look at her wife before turning to look at Jordan with narrowed eyes. She was about to say something, when Natalia placed her hand on her shoulder. "Don't... let it go."

Glaring down at Calleigh, Jordan walked past her, opening the door for his twin, who in turn smiled impassively at him and walked into the restaurant without a single word.

Looking up at her wife, Calleigh shook her head. "I'm awfully tempted to say the hell with it and let's go home, but I can't. I need to know that you're safe. Maybe I should..."

Interrupting Calleigh's tirade about the twins, Natalia brushed her lips against her wife's. "Do you expect them to just let us into their lives? And at such a dangerous time Calleigh? I think for the most part Grayson wants us ignorant of her world, afraid that if we are in too deep it will only put us further into harm's way. But her method is horrible." She smiled, holding Calleigh in her arms.

"Ya think Darlin'? Let's go eat. I can't believe they left us her in the parking lot anyway." Hand i hand, they walked into their favorite pub.

Grayson was lining up a pool game while Jordan was picking out the perfect table for them to watch his sister play. After picking out the table, and smiling at Sonia, Jordan relieved Grayson of her purse and placed it at the table.

Sonia strolled over with a very sexy display of sway hips, and leaned against the table, leaning over to let Grayson enjoy the view. "And what can I get for you folks today?"

Smiling from ear to ear, Grayson bent over in front of Sonia, ignoring her cleavage, her eyes instead glued to her face. she knew how short her shorts were, but she also realized how low Sonia's shirt was cut. "Sonia... I'll have a sprite and a hamburger. Jordan will have a Bud Light with lime and a hamburger as well.. I don't know what Talia and Cal would like though..." She nodded towards her cousins with her chin.

Natalia asked for a tuna salad sandwich with a tonic water and Calleigh asked for a French Dip sandwich and a Coke, before she turned to challenge Grayson to a rematch.

Cocking her head to side examining Calleigh much like she would a difficult math problem, Grayson's black eyes turned curiously towards Calleigh. "Why the rematch, you won last time. If I'm not mistaken..."

Rolling his eyes at his sister's antics, Jordan folded his hands and watched the two women interact. It was almost like his sister was enjoying keeping them at arm's length. He hoped she didn't share their Grandfathers love for power, he refused to believe his sister was that cruel.

"I just thought that you might like a rematch. A chance to whip my ass." Calleigh grinned.

The young brunette took the bait, even though she knew Calleigh was playing to her pride. Grayson waved a hand at the rack allowing her to break, "Beauty before Youth this time..."

The male Cerano relaxed when Grayson finally allowed Calleigh to be around her, it probably had something to do with the wait staff, his eyes drawn towards Sonia who was watching Grayson like a hawk from behind the bar. He nudged Natalia gently with his elbow, smiling.

"Well, thank you. Nice to know that you think that I'm better looking than you." Calleigh smirked.

"Better looking? No. I believe you are just as beautiful as I am." The brunette smirked from behind her sunglasses, grateful that Del's was full of sunlight and she could get away with having them on.

Sonia walked up behind Grayson to whisper in her ear. "Well, I believe that you're the sexist woman in here, even though you do have a few more marks for me to kiss."

Turning to look at herself in the reflection of the glass, Grayson calmly regarded her once beautiful features; now in their place were cuts and chunks of missing flesh. One of her hands rose up to run calloused fingertips over the marred flesh, then suddenly as if realizing where she was, she turned back around, a smile pasted back on her features when she came face to face with Sonia.

"I hope that's an offer..." Her voice was still rough, but it was softer now. She stepped as close as she dared, as this was Sonia's place of business after all. Covering his mouth with his massive hand, Jordan on was trying not to destroy her smooth moment with his laughter. "Smooth operator.." he gasped between fits of giggles.

"That was most definitely an offer...one to do more than kiss if you would like?" Sonia purred as she placed the drinks down on the table, winking at Natalia.

Dipping her head and scratching behind her left ear, the young Italian blushed to roots of her hair. She had it bad for Sonia, which wasn't all her fault really. Sonia was beautiful, smart, charming, and knew exactly what she wanted, what wasn't to like? Biting her lip, Grayson cleared her throat looking at Calleigh hoping she would take her shot eventually.

Leaning against the table with the pool cue in her hands, Calleigh enjoyed Grayson's unease.

Grinding her teeth together, Grayson realized she had absolutely no reason to be mad at all. At anyone. Natalia didn't' deserve her wrath at all, she had simply wanted to give a gift to show she cared. Calleigh might rub her the wrong way at times, but she meant well, if only trying to take her pride from her, which was what she clung to. Grayson was ashamed of herself for letting her pride get in the way. Lastly Jordan, her beloved brother, her safe harbor in any storm no matter how devastating. He only wanted to protect her from herself if that's what it came to. Lifting her eyes, Grayson pulled the sunglasses off of her face and laid them on the table in front of Natalia and Jordan smiling warmly at the both of them, she turned around still blushing.

She circled the waitress until she had her effectively pinned between her body and the pool table, but within professional standards, she was working. The way her body language was talking though gave the impression that if they were alone there wouldn't be anything stopping Grayson from having her way with her body.

Sonia grinned as she knew exactly what Grayson wanted to do, and she wanted the exact same thing. "Well, ma'am... everything that you see here is on the menu...for you and you alone. May I take your order?"

As much as she wanted to pin her to the table and give something for her family to look at and really tease her for, she couldn't so she settled for leaning against the table. Leaning close to whisper in her ear seductively. "Hmmm let me see let me see.. how about a large order of..Everything, I'm feeling just ravenous if you'll excuse my choice in words." Grayson's voice just dripped suggestion.

"I'm off work in an hour, so I'm all yours." Sonia leaned forward and quickly ensnared Grayson's lips in a kiss, before she slid away.

Slapping her face to make sure that just happened, Grayson laughed for the second time that day, one that actually was felt to tips of her toes. "Aye.. I feel like I need a cold shower.." She smiled at everyone.

Calleigh tried to keep a straight face when she finally walked over to the table. "Hmm, I gave you the shower too damn soon." Leaning over, she aimed and took her shot.

"Ain't that the damn truth.." Grayson muttered back sheepishly, taking a long gulp of her Sprite while Jordan kept poking her in the back of the head laughing. "Is that my sister.. speechless? Oh my..." he laughed again even though she ignored him.

Walking past the blushing brunette, Calleigh nudged her before sitting down. "Hey Slick, it's your shot... You know... Using the cue to hit the balls in the pocket."

"That was your plan all along wasn't it?" Grayson playfully poked Calleigh in the chest. "Distract me with a good looking woman... I know your game." Sticking out her tongue and nudging Calleigh, Grayson lined up her shot, sinking two balls. She went through two more shots before she missed and handed the table over to the blonde.

With a critical eye, Calleigh looked over the table before leaning over and taking her shots, missing the eight ball.

Natalia watched the blonde prowl around the table lining up her shots, and she swore that Calleigh was putting a little extra wiggle in her step, just so Natalia would get excited.

Grumbling at his horrible luck at being single all the time. Jordan muttered to himself. "Thank God I have to work tonight.." Grayson heard him and shot him the bird from behind Calleigh so she wouldn't get caught wiggling her tongue at him, completely missing the fact Natalia was sitting next to him. In her opinion the more uptight of the two was Calleigh.

Sonia came back over with the food, placing it in front of each person. Calleigh told Grayson to take her shot, then excused herself to go wash her hands. On the way back from the bathroom, she waylaid Sonia, asking her if she knew someone for Jordan. Sonia smiled, and reassured her that she had a friend that would be perfect for him.

Finishing the game quickly and effortlessly, Grayson replaced the cues and made sure the balls were placed back inside the rack for the next customers. Sitting down next to her brother, they both devoured their burgers, fries and soft drinks at an alarming rate.

Shaking her head, Natalia took her time, keeping a look out for her wife. She didn't realize how much she worried when Calleigh was out of her sight.

Noticing his cousin's body language he was quick to reassure her. "Talia.. look up." he nodded with his chin, almost all of the people in the bar had moved out of Grayson's direct line of sight, which was zeroed in on the blonde across the restaurant.

Quietly, Natalia leaned over to her cousin, "Jordan, I need to go outside. Can you take me please?"

His eyes flickered to Grayson, who had over head them, her eyes flashed a dangerous black before fading once again to a calm chocolate color when Jordan nudged her knee in reassurance, she moved out of their way. Jordan helped Natalia from the table and outside into the parking lot, worried about her.

Walking outside the door and underneath a palm tree, Natalia turned to her cousin and as soon as he was close enough, wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning into his strength.

Becoming increasingly alarmed at her behavior, he held her close. "Talia your scaring us..." He laughed nervously.

"It's just horom... It was getting too loud in there for a minute, Bear. I just needed to come outside." Natalia sniffed slightly, before straightening up and moving away.

Reaching out and catching Natalia's small hand in his infinite grasp, he pulled her back into his arms. "Just be quiet. It's fine." Jordan assumed the stress of Eric's looming insanity was starting to encroach on her sanity.

Sighing, Natalia leaned back into his strength, almost sighing at the protectiveness that she felt from this young man.

"I'm going to tell you what I tell Gray.. I'd rather you say nothing than lie to me." he answered back gruffly.

"I'm not lying to you. It was really too loud... and I worry when I can't see Calleigh."

"I understand.." He kissed the top of her head. "I think Grayson would burn this city to the ground with everyone in it if something happened to either one of you." He rested his hands on her shoulders looking down at her. "I'd help her too.

Watching her brother escort her cousin out of the bar, Grayson's hand silently slipped into her purse, she thumbed off the safety on her pistol and kept her eyes on the exits while she chewed. If Eric showed up, she had no qualms of shooting him in front of an entire restaurant.

Sitting back down at the table, Calleigh looked around nervously. "Where's Talia?"

"Outside. With Jordan." Instantly Grayson went from friendly to bodyguard in flash of an eye. Her sunglasses were back in place and her jaw was set in a determined fashion ready to murder everyone in sight if it came to it.

Stepping away from Jordan, Natalia started back in. "We had better get back before Calleigh drags Grayson out here looking for me."

"Or they both come charging out here with guns drawn ready for the third world war.."Jordan smiled still holding onto Natalia's hand, not letting her go.

Laughing, they walked through the door and made their way back to the table, where Calleigh stood up as soon as she saw them coming up the aisle. "Is everything aright Darlin'?"

Kissing her wife quickly on the lips, Natalia reassured her. "Yeah, it just got too loud and I needed to go outside."

Thumbing the safety back on, Grayson slid her hand out of her purse and stole a fry out from under her brother's nose. "Missed you... I got hungry so I ate all of my fries what was left of your hamburger." She eyed his fries in fiendish manner, offended when he stuffed them all into his mouth and then spoke around them. "Oh I'm sorry.. did you want those?"

Natalia handed hers over to Grayson. "Here... I'm not as hungry as I thought."

Grayson's eyes went a bit unfocused as Sonia made her way up the aisle, the black skintight jeans, hugging every curve and the red tank top only accented her charms. "I'm officially off the clock. Would you care to check me out?"

The ability to speak had temporarily left Grayson, her mouth hung open as her eyes drank in the image of Sonia, cut from her dreams. Grinning out of glee, Jordan leaned forward and closed her mouth for her. "What she means to say is you look lovely dear." Jordan offered.

Grinning widely, Sonia sat on Grayson's knee. "Well, lunch was on my so whenever you are ready to leave, we can go. I can follow you if you want."

Gulping hard and clearing her throat Grayson pushed her plate back and eyed Sonia in her lap, climbing into her lap was the equivalent of being a thrown into a Lion's Den. She slowly brought her eyes up and drug them over Sonia's body almost like a physical caress, then she finally met her eyes smiling shyly. "Ready when you are sugar." Her eyes flashed to Jordan who smiled back.

"I have to work tonight Slick, the bar doesn't run itself you know. Why don't we get home, I'll go to work, you and the ladies can chill at home for the evening? Give Sonia a chance to see how the Geoffries live.." He elbowed her playfully, using their typical alias last names.

"So should I follow you or what?"

"Mmhmm maybe then you can enjoy the view.." Grayson smirked sliding out from under the stunning Latina and moved towards the door waiting for her group of family and her date to follow out into the early afternoon air.

When Sonia caught up with Grayson, she wrapped her arms around her waist, putting her hands against her ass, pulling her hard against her. "Darlin', I'll take whatever view I can get of you' front, back, left or right."

Shivering in the Latina's arms, Grayson bit her lip and rolled their hips together backing the woman into her car door. Dipping her head, she captured Sonia's lips in a passionate, but short kiss. Breaking the heated union, she let her hands trail over her hips before backing away towards the Charger, her hips swinging more for show than actual need.

In no time at all, it was Grayson and Jordan in his Charger, then Natalia and Calleigh in her much deserved Audi, followed by Sonia in her Jeep. After leading them all through too much traffic and heat, Grayson finally pulled into the garage beneath the Complex, she and Jordan both opened a bay door so their cousins and Sonia could park indoors.

Natalia and Calleigh got out of the Audi laughing. Calleigh slid a glance over to Grayson to see how she was handling having someone else in her home.

Without realizing it, Grayson had started to pick up every spare piece of nothing that happened to be laying around, which wasn't much since she believed strictly in a good clean home. Clearing her throat, she finally put down a rag and wiped her hand on a towel hanging from a steel girdler next to a lift. Jordan thankfully took over for her. "Sonia, welcome to our home."

Walking around, looking at the cars, and the posters on the wall, Sonia turned to Grayson. "Good taste in women."

Walking around the Charger, she realized that the Ferrari was hidden under a black tarp, lifting it she smiled that one of her babies was still fine. She looked up, letting her eyes devour Sonia's curves, 'God that woman was beautiful.' "We mostly prefer brunettes.. I guess." Grayson looked at Jordan who was admiring a picture of Olivia Wilde. "Well I do anyway..." She laughed and lifted the elevator, groaning under the stress of over extending her ribs.

Sliding past, Sonia let her hand slide along her thighs. "Lucky for me."

Calleigh and Natalia, followed behind them slowly, grins threatening to break their faces.

Shutting the gate behind them, and waving to Jordan who was opening the back door to the bar, she shouted out. "I love you!" Her brother stopped, waved and blew a kiss to the four ladies. Grayson satisfied with her response, pushed the button for the second floor, then lifted the gate again when the moving box had stopped.

Trying to keep her eyes off of Sonia, Grayson walked out of the elevator and stood in the middle of her home, hoping nervously that Sonia liked it.

Sonia's eyes snapped up to Grayson's face as they had been watching the most delectable sway of her hips as she walked away. Licking her lips, she stepped out, and looked around. "Wow." was all she said.

"Isn't it beautiful? They have excellent taste... in well almost everything." Natalia had grown to love the enormous black and white photographs that were placed all over the second story. She'd come to realize some of them were actually Grayson and Jordan's photographs blown up and framed.

Blushing and hopping up on the countertop, she let Sonia wander around and look at her home. She was actually quite proud of it, well all of them, it was a labor of love to make a home. What little heart she had left, Grayson poured into making a home for her brother.

Walking over, Calleigh leaned against the counter, placing an elbow on Grayson's leg, and whispered. "I take it, you don't bring many people here."

Looking down and gracing Calleigh with a rare unguarded emotion, Grayson allowed her nervousness to shine through. Slowly but surely she was beginning to trust Calleigh, like she trusted Jordan. "No." Her chocolate eyes locked with Calleigh's jade.

"Mmkay...Hey Talia, let's go upstairs and watch a movie. I don't know about you, but I need to relax." Calleigh pushed away from the counter.

"I agree baby.. but let's get you out of these wet clothes.. okay?" Natalia took Calleigh's hand leaving Grayson and Sonia alone while she lead her wife into her cousin's bedroom to change, winking over her shoulder at Grayson.

"Only if you scrub my back baby." Calleigh wiggled her eyebrows.

"Mmm perfect." Pulling the door closed behind them Natalia lead her beautiful wife towards the bathroom.

Grayson watched them retreat with mixed emotions. Both of them were from the same source, excitement and trepidation at being alone with Sonia. Her deep chocolate eyes flickering back to Sonia's form watching her.

"So.. umm.." she hopped down off the counter and opened the fridge."Are you thirsty? Did you want a beer? I have the good stuff up here if you want.." Grayson shut the fridge and indicated a higher cabinet, when she realized she was babbling and quickly shut up.

Sonia walked over to the young woman and effectively trapped her between the fridge and her body. "I have the good stuff right here in front of me, and I'm dying of thirst."

"Are you now?" Grayson was in the mood to tease and flirt, as she slipped out from between Sonia and the fridge laughing. "Really... how thirsty might you be Sonia..?" Her voice dripped dangerously low, remembering their last encounter and exactly how the woman had made her feel.

Dropping to her knees, the Latina swiftly pulled down Grayson's shorts and panties in one move, before leaning in to delve her tongue between the already slick folds. Moaning at the taste, she reached behind to grab Grayson ass, pulling her closer.

"Jesus..." Whimpering, Grayson clawed at the countertop trying to stay on her feet, her nails scrambling across the wood, leaving light abrasions in it's beautiful surface. She threw her head back. letting out a low growl her hips arching forward. "Sonia.. God.."

Pulling away for just a moment, Sonia chuckled. " Sonia and then God... I like that." Leaning back in, she drew the tiny little bundle into her mouth, letting her tongue trace tiny circles all around it.

"I forgot to tell you..." Gasping and arching hard again, she ran one of her hands through Sonia's hair pulling her mouth harder between her legs, her body shivering into her mouth. "You have the most amazing mouth..." Feeling a burn start work itself in the pit of her stomach, Grayson bit back another moan and closed her eyes, being now unable to keep them open.

Humming, Sonia ran one hand up the inside of Grayson's thigh, lightly dragging her nails across the sensitive skin before pressing three fingers inside her warmth, loving the tightness that she felt.

Mentally thanking herself for installing soundproofing in both bedrooms, Grayson almost screamed at the welcome feeling of Sonia sliding inside her, but she wanted something else. She gently tugged on Sonia's hair, begging her to look up. "Kiss me...please..." Grayson begged softly, her breath coming in short gasps past kiss swollen lips.

Rising up, Sonia kissed Grayson hair, letting her taste herself on her lips, while still thrust inside of her.

Raising up on one leg to wrap around the Latina's waist Grayson opened herself up more to her lover, wanting to be completely consumed by her until there was nothing left in the wake of their passion but ashes. Whimpering at the taste of herself on Sonia's lips, she drove her hands into the woman's hair pulling her mouth hungrily against her, while her hips struggled to keep her grueling pace.

Faster and harder, Sonia thrust into the young woman, wanting to take her over the edge. Twisting and driving, Sonia curled her fingers to tease the ridges inside.

Dragging her nails hard down Sonia's back, scoring lines through the red fabric of her top, Grayson gasped her eyes flying open, like she was surprised this was happening. Instantly Sonia's fingers were grasped tightly and coated in warmth and wetness differing from what she already felt inside the sultry brunette. "Mmmm Sonia..unghh.." She went limp in the Latina's arms.

Smiling against Grayson's lips, Sonia asked. "Is there a bed nearby? I would love to get you horizontal."

Taking a few long moments to calm her racing heart, Grayson kissed Sonia passionately pulling off her shirt and bra, dropping them onto the floor of the kitchen, not caring who found them. Walking past Sonia, she let her hips sway as she disappeared into her bedroom and locked the bathroom door, hoping Natalia and Calleigh would get the message when they realized her side of the bathroom was locked.

Stretching out in a feline fashion, Grayson let her lithe body rest into the hunter green sheets, waiting for Sonia to catch up to her

Sonia took her time, coming into the room, slowly pulling off her tank top, dropping it to the floor, before reaching down to pop her jeans buttons to draw down her zipper.

Propping herself up on the pillows, Grayson crooked a finger at the woman. "That can't be all you've got, right baby...?" Grayson was purposefully pushing buttons to get the best reaction out of the woman. She wasn't really in the mood for sweet and tender, more in the mood for down and dirty. Biting her lip, she pulled back the sheet, letting Sonia have an eyeful of the body she had spent years perfecting. Long tan arms gave way to a beautiful chest with perfectly sized breasts topped with small dusky nipples. Her stomach was flat but Sonia could count the muscles on display in the six-pack and the ones running down her hips, which gave way to the most beautiful legs the Latina had ever seen.

Pulling off her jeans, Sonia placed her hands at the bottom of the bed and crawled up the body, like a stalking panther, until she was hovering over Grayson's body. Slowly she lowered her center until it was pressed against Grayson's, both women gasping at the contact.

Stretching out her body beneath Sonia, Grayson flipped them over until she was on top. Leaning down, she captured the woman's lips in a searing kiss, leaving no doubt in her mind what had in store for her. Breaking the kiss, she trailed her lips down her neck over to her ear. "Do you trust me even a tiny bit Sonia?" She husked, teasing the shell of her ear with her tongue before taking the lobe between her teeth, flicking it softly with her tongue.

"I trust you with my body... is that enough?"

"That's what I was asking beautiful." Grayson rewarded her with a long deep passionate kiss, her hand opening the drawer under the bed, pulling out the black leather harness with its match black dildo. Breaking the kiss, she leaned back to gauge Sonia's reaction to make sure it was okay with her.

"Ride 'em cow girl!"

After slipping on the harness and securing the phallic device, Grayson kisses Sonia again, laying her back. Her kisses trailed down her beautiful neck, taking particular time to caress her collarbone before her lips wrapped themselves around a nipple while her fingers toyed with its twin.

Reaching up, Sonia pulled Grayson hard against her. "I want it hard and I want you now." She growled out.

"Patience isn't a virtue anymore I take it.." Grayson growled in her ear, pinning Sonia beneath her by her hands, nudging her legs apart, Grayson smirks. "Behave yourself or I'll handcuff you to my bed.." Kissing her roughly and possessively, then goes back to trailing her lips down her body, pushing her legs further apart.

"Oh please do!"

"You are bad for my self control Sonia.." Grayson was back at her lips, kissing and biting, teasing her every which way she could, pulling her tightly against her body, she snapped the cuffs in place to each pillar surrounding her bed and then placed Sonia's delicate wrists in them. Kissing each wrist softly knowing they would be red afterwards, she kissed Sonia slowly and tenderly, wanting to draw this out for her.

Hearing the woman beneath her moan and tremble, Grayson took pity on her at last, kissing her gently before placing the tip of the silicone at her entrance, she slid all seven inches of the molded plastic into her waiting hips, pinning her to the bed with her weight.

Sonia pressed up against Grayson's hips, while rising up to kissing her.

"I have no idea how a woman like you can even be interested in someone like me.." Grayson pushed the sweaty pieces of hair out of her beautiful brown eyes and kissed the waiting lips softly, her hips starting a slow but deep pace with every roll of her hips.

"How can I help but not to." Sonia breathed. "You are what every woman wants."

Lifting the woman's legs, Grayson pulled them over her shoulders and bent her over, reaching deep inside of her with every thrust now, which were picking up speed and depth. "And what is it exactly that everyone woman wants Sonia?" Grayson gently slid her hand between them to tease her clit with a fingertip, tracing circles around it, her mouth brushing up against Sonia's kiss puckered lips.

Breathing hard, Sonia licked her lips. "Um, someone who knows what they want...uh little bit dangerous, and who knows how to fuck."

Smirking, Grayson slammed her hips hard into Sonia's, each thrust was deeper and harder than the last, her lips seeking out the Latina's, she kissed her hard enough to bruise her lips.

Rising up to meet each thrust, Sonia screamed her release.

Whimpering in kind, Grayson shuddered her orgasm through her body, leaving her trembling as well, her body joined with Sonia's in sweaty union. Leaning down to kiss and caress the beautiful Latina, Grayson pulled out of her, unbuckling the harness and then uncuffing her to kiss her wrists softly, holding the woman in her arms.

Resting her head against Grayson's chest, Sonia tried to get her racing heart and breathing under control. Closing her eyes, she also tried to get her thoughts in order, there was something that she wanted to ask, but didn't know how to broach the subject.

Running her hands through the beautiful dark hair, Grayson smiled knowing something was on the young woman's mind. "Just say it Sonia.." tipping the woman's head back to grace her with a beautiful smile, running a thumb over swollen lips.

Raising her head to looking into chocolate eyes. "Are we just fucking or are we dating?"

Brushing her lips against Sonia's, Grayson's heartbeat sped up increasingly at the question. Were they dating? They were certainly fucking. "Would it be too much to say both?" Grayson smiled playfully, trying to lighten the moment for her.

Looking at the woman above her, Sonia smiled. "I can live with that."

"Good, because I don't like the idea of anyone looking at you the way I see you when I see you." Grayson growled and kissed her softly.

"No one will see me this way as long as we are together." Sonia stated.

"Good answer.." The feisty Italian smiled pulling Sonia's body all the way on top of hers. Stretching out and yawning underneath Sonia, Grayson rolled them so they were facing one another, legs tangled together intimately. She traced her shoulder blades and down her side to her hips with her fingertips.

"Did I wear you out baby?" Sonia joked.

"No one can wear me out... I was just up early this morning working." Grayson smiled back at her, watching her fingertips trace her hips and then over the planes of her stomach before glancing back up at her face.

"Mmm, a challenge... Will have to take you up on that sometime, but right now, I want to sleep." Sonia whispered. "May I sleep with you? I'm not quite ready to leave."

"Is that you actually being sweet to me outside of trying to get into my panties Sonia?" Grayson teased, kissing her, laying back down with her, pulling their hips together, her kisses dripping from her lips, to her chin, to her neck to her collarbone resting finally over her rib cage looking up at her.

"Baby, you're not wearing any panties, and no, I just want to spend more time with you."

Smiling at the answer, Grayson wrapped her arms around Sonia's waist, pulling them back together and into her arms. "Go to sleep, babe." She nuzzled her nose running along the skin under her ear.

Sighing, Sonia whispered. "Don't leave me. I don't want to wake up alone."

"You won't..." Grayson held her closer, kissing her softly again and again, pouring comfort and security into every kiss.

The two women closed their eyes and soon drifted off to sleep.

"I cannot believe that your cousin dunked us into a horse through. She is absolutely crazy, you know that right darlin?" Calleigh drawled as she dried off her wife with a soft, fluffy bath towel.

Lifting her arms, letting Calleigh dry all the hard to reach parts, her mind drifted back to the image of Calleigh dripping wet in that white dress shirt and riding gear. 'My Lord, what just one thought does to me.' Natalia thought. "But it was also really cute..." Natalia dipped down, capturing Calleigh's lips in a soft, but chaste kiss.

Rising on her toes to kiss the brunette's nose, Calleigh joked. "Yeah, well, we'll just see how funny you think it is what she does it to you in a white shirt...The hell she will. No one puts you in a wet white shirt other than me."

Smiling adorably at the gesture, she tugged Calleigh into Grayson's gunmetal silk robe that hung to mid thigh, then she took the extra white one off the hook behind it, slipping it on to find it was identical to Calleigh's, except in color. Sighing at the feeling of silk on her skin, Natalia took Calleigh's hand leading them into Jordan's enormous bedroom that was the polar opposite of his sisters. Instead of dark and foreboding with a splash of librarian, Jordan's room was open, light, airy, and welcoming to the eye. Instead of bookshelves and dark windows, there were open blinds and soft paintings with an enormous bed propped up in front of a large plasma screen television.

Seeing that Natalia was heading towards Jordan's bed, Calleigh stopped her. "Let's go into the living room and snuggle on the sofas. I'm in the mood to wrap myself around you, watching a good movie and I don't feel comfortable taking Jordan's bed."

Changing the shift in direction, and pulling Calleigh by the lapels of the robe, Natalia led them into the living room to fall onto a big leather couch, tangled in each other's arms. "What kind of movie are you in the mood for babe?" The brunette wrapped both arms around the blonde in front of her.

"Hmm, I was thinking that a comedy would be good... and if you really want to tease your cousin tomorrow, you can tell her that she's forgetting where she leave her clothes." Nodding towards the kitchen where a shirt and bra was hanging from the potholder. "I guess that clothes can be hung there."

Covering her mouth, fearing that the giggles would escape their confinement, indeed Grayson's black bra and black shirt were hanging from the potholders, it looked like they'd be thrown up there. She also noticed black silk panties and neon green shorts on the floor beneath them, making the laugh bubble from her lips. "I haven't had the chance to really tease her yet... I guess I'm afraid that she won't take very kindly to it..." Natalia slid out from under Calleigh to examine the movie shelf to look for a good movie.

"Aw babe, she's getting better. She actually laughed earlier... Find something really funny." Calleigh plumped up the pillow behind her back.

"Is it sad when we count an actual laugh out loud to be an improvement in someone's character?" Natalia quipped, plucking Tropic Thunder from the shelf and sliding the disc into the expensive looking DVD player. She returned to the couch and slid back into Calleigh's waiting embrace, kissing her softly before turning in her arms to watch the credits start on screen. "Robert Downey Jr. is a riot in this movie.." Natalia smiled up at her wife.

Sighing happily, Calleigh let her tongue trace the outside of Natalia's ear. "I hear that you can't even recognize Tom Cruise in it."

Shivering in the blonde's arms, Natalia laughed at the thought. "Wait till you see his victory dance at the end of the movie." Natalia breathed.

"Have you seen it darlin?"

"If I have, I won't ruin it for you, I promise baby.." Natalia turned around, buried her face in Calleigh's neck so she could watch the movie more comfortably and still be in her wife's arms.

Calleigh glanced down at her wife's face, "Okay... when did you see it?" The blonde was puzzled.

"I bribed the nurses at the hospital to have it brought into my room the last time I was there.." Natalia battered her eyelashes playfully, trying to look coy and innocent.

Scooting so she could see her wife's face more clearly. "Any exactly what did you bribe them with?"

"My charm..." Natalia blushed discreetly, truth be told she had made some shouting claims and thrown a bedpan. Looking back on it, she realized Grayson was right, they shared the same temperament. It made her wonder if her young cousin would ever be able to live a normal life. Natalia turned her head to look at Calleigh through long lashes.

"Well, you do have that." Kissing the cute little nose in front of her, Calleigh focused on the movie.

Silently agreeing with her, Natalia turned as well and curled up against Calleigh to watch the movie.

After the credits had started to roll, Natalia had curled herself further into Calleigh and was snoring slightly into her hair. The blonde had been asleep as well since the first note of the ending musical score of the credits, both women oblivious to the static now playing on the screen too caught up in their dreams.

Part 10

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