Bad Girls

Ghosts from the Past by Purplepapillon. Written for ralst.

Bionic Woman

Comfort and Joy by Geekgrrl. Written for cirroco_desade.

Birds of Prey

Christmas Time is Near by Ry_Rain. Written for Ocean Gazer.


Christmas Presents by rach. Written for revolos55.


Merry Christmas Baby by Erin Griffin. Written for nataixoco.


Who Hung the Mistetoe? by Ry_Rain. Written for xraex21.

Boundaries by rach. Written for scorpio2097.

The Devil Wears Prada

All Change at Christmas - Emily by Lenara. Written for Nataixoco.

The Facts of Life

Gifts by Fayne. Written for Wolfemeister.

Grey's Anatomy

Twenty-Twenty by DianeB. Written for gsrfan7.

Murder in Suburbia

Life Imitates Art by Ann. Written for ralst, eclecticfan, and the_girl_20.

New Tricks

Your Last Warning by ralst. Written for concorddawn.

Nikki & Nora

A Christmas Wish by AJ3. Written for rachel452.

Christmas Cookies by AJ3. Written for geekgrrllurking.

Silence by AJ3. Written for keinlurker and nikkiandnora.


Solstice Eve Gift by Del Robertson. Written for pocketnympho.

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