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Cocktails at 30,000 feet
By ncruuk


Today was not going well. Or was it today? When you were taking off from D.C. at the end of the working day and flying on Air Force One West across the International Dateline, was it still today? Or was it yesterday? Confused, CJ Cregg dropped into the comfortable leather recliner and willed her brain to stop making trouble.

"Can I get you a drink Ma'am?" enquired the steward politely, hovering just outside her personal space and slightly to the side, allowing the exhausted Chief of Staff to extend her legs out in front of her.

"Yes....I'll have a..." CJ paused as she tried to decide what sort of a drink she felt like. She'd just got as far as deciding it needed to be strong and alcoholic when a new voice cut into her musings.

"CJ will have whatever she normally has when she's feeling in need of a cocktail, and I'll have a Mojito..." declared a new female voice, the owner of which sank into the adjacent recliner, one which afforded her an excellent view of her lover's mile long legs.

"One Mojito and a Grasshopper?" asked the steward, waiting for confirmation from CJ.

"Sounds about right, thank you," agreed CJ, nodding in thanks to the steward before turning her attention to the blonde now seated besides her.

"How did you know I'd want a Grasshopper?"

"I didn't....what is it?" asked Kate Harper, settling back into her chair and crossing her legs, enjoying being able to stretch her legs out and not have the longest female legs in the cabin.

"A strong alcoholic cocktail, mint and chocolate.....god, I haven't drunk cocktails in years, certainly since re-election...." explained CJ, resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose. That really would do nothing to help her headache.

"Headache?" asked the Deputy NSA kindly, rubbing her own forehead lightly in an attempt to shift her tension headache.

"How'd you guess?" grumbled CJ.

"What's he said now?" asked Kate, wondering what strange decision Bartlett had made now. This trip had supposed to be a fairly routine, end of administration trip to Japan for an Economics Summit, with Jed Bartlett getting to play the elder statesman and Nobel Prize winning Economist. Instead, it was beginning to turn into a game of 'Go Fish', with Bartlett wanting to engineer little deals and side agreements with as many leaders as possible. Instead of dealing cards, he was asking CJ and Kate to deal World leaders.....

"Nothing, at least not for twenty minutes....."

"So what was making your brain hurt?" asked Kate bluntly.

"We left D.C. at 9pm and we're flying west to Tokyo, crossing the International Date Line. If he never lets me sleep, when does today end?"

"Easy....when I get to see you change your bra," replied Kate practically, seeing the steward come back with their drinks.

"Thank you," she replied on CJ's behalf, seeing that her comment had left the Chief of Staff speechless.

"I can't believe you said that!" protested CJ, accepting her Grasshopper from Kate.

"What did you think I'd say?" asked Kate, amused.

"Something sensible about time zones....don't the Navy run the clocks?" replied CJ, taking a long and satisfying sip of her Grasshopper.

"They do, but I'm an inactive Commander at present..." explained Kate as she enjoyed her Mojito.

"So the bra comment?"

"Was from my CIA days.....you've got a cherry?" asked Kate suddenly, eying CJ's cocktail glass.

"Yes, I like them, so I get one whenever I have a cocktail, even if it's not right...." explained CJ, turning to look at her friend's glass.

"Hey!" she suddenly protested, seeing Kate's arm sneak out and grab CJ's cocktail umbrella which had been stabbed through the cherry.

"What?" teased Kate, chewing on the fruit.

"I can't believe you just did that!"

"What?" Kate was enjoying being able to surprise CJ twice in one conversation. It rarely happened that the former spy could score points against the Press Secretary turned Chief of Staff.

"You stole my cherry!"

"Ate it was more accurate....." taunted Kate, enjoying every minute of the exchange, before continuing "....but since you're you, I'll give you back your cocktail umbrella....."

"You're too kind...." murmured CJ sarcastically, taking back the proffered paper umbrella, "...I can't believe you said that!"

"What, that you can have my umbrella? Or that I ate your cherry?"

"Neither....that tomorrow is distinguished by today by what bra I'm wearing!" exclaimed CJ, smacking her lover's arm.

"So, when do I get to see you change it?"


The End

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