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Die Comma Die
By Cirroco DeSade


"Hey bangwI" <smooch> "whatcha doin?"

{{"there!! Should I put one in? yes no maybe??"}}

"I am watching the author."

{{grunting and growling noises… strange southern sayings and curses mixed in with a variety of languages}}

"Wow, she curses like me!" <big snarky grin> "but what is she doing?" <sits down behind her girlfriend and rubs her shoulders>

"She is frustrated with a story she is writing. Apparently the debate over commas and realism has finally made her snap."


"Indeed commas."

{{'no no no! I swear that should be "Indeed, commas."}}

"Kahless she's angry. We should be thankful she doesn't have your enhanced strength."

{{AGGHH! Is it "Kahless, she's angry" or "Kahless she's angry"}}

"Indeed." <leans back and steals a kiss>

{{ sure you two kiss! I like that.. you two just <grunt> have fun while I <scary crazy giggle> remove this (censored) key! [snap] [comma key goes flying across the room] [maniacal laugh]}}

"Uh bangwI? I really think we should get out of here before she does something awful to one of us… like writes a J/7 story or something…"

[sigh] "She has to finish that one to get us back together remember? This comma thing is causing her to delay. I think we should do something so I can get back to you."

{{[looking at other keyboards in room] HAHA! I seeeeee you mr comma.. you can't hide from meeeeeee [more maniacal laughing]}}

"There's no reasoning with her when she's like this Seven. Let's just go mess around and try to inspire a PWP for her to write while she's blocked on that cruel story"

[raised ocular implant and subtle smile] "Acceptable"

[fade out to sounds of another comma key being ripped off another keyboard and crazed author saying "If you don't exist how can I use you hehe ha heh ah DIE DIE DIE COMMA!"]

The End

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