DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story contains a loving/sexual relationship between women...herein also lies a smattering of bad language (no, not just my usual grammar catastrophes) and scenes of a sexual nature...who am I kidding, it's a PWP with no redeeming features what so ever and suffers greatly from Hallequin-romance-syndrome, which is rather odd considering I refuse to read them...okay disclaimer done.
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By ralst

After a trying shift in engineering B'Elanna made her way back to her quarters and what she thought would be a quiet evening. Activating the door she was about to head for the nearest available chair when her ears were assailed by the sounds of moaning emanating from her bedroom. Heart pounding with shock and anger B'Elanna stormed into the room, only to witness the nauseating sight of Tom and Seven engaged in what she thought must be a game of mild bondage. The sandy haired helmsman was tied down on the bed with leather ties, his mouth covered by a red silk scarf making it impossible for him to form any sound louder than the moaning she'd heard before. Seven stood at the end of the bed, her hair down and wearing a blue silk shirt that barely reached the tops of her thighs.

"What the fuck's going on?"

"You are late Lieutenant." Seven informed the angered woman, moving around the bed to stand in front of the now dangerously quiet engineer. With movements too fast for B'Elanna to object, Seven reached out her hand and grasping the back of B'Elanna's neck, pulled the other woman in for a deep and forceful kiss.


"Get undressed Lieutenant." Seven ordered, going over to Tom she placed another scarf across his eyes. Looking back at B'Elanna she noticed the Klingon woman had yet to move. "Take off your clothes; unless you would prefer me to rip them off?"

"I.. " B'Elanna found that her brain had stopped working the moment Seven's lips touched hers, and the talk of the young blonde undressing her was not making them come back anytime soon.

Displeased with B'Elanna's slowness, Seven strode up to the shocked woman and taking firm hold of her uniform jacket, pulled the material apart to reveal the t-shirt underneath. "That is better." But it obviously wasn't enough, as Seven's hand shredded B'Elanna's t-shirt and bra in one deft movement.

"Seven!" Forced from her inaction, B'Elanna brought up her hands to try and deflects Seven's movements. "What the hell are you doing? Are you ill?"

"I am functioning under acceptable parameters." Seven stepped in even closer, causing the silk of her shirt to brush against B'Elanna's nipples. "I am going to copulate with you Lieutenant."

"Like hell you a..." B'Elanna tried to move away but was stopped by an iron grip on her upper arms.

"You will comply." Quickly moving forward Seven again forced a kiss on B'Elanna, the pressure of her lips at first met with resistance, before they yielded to welcome and explore. Seven's hands slid down B'Elanna's toned back to rest lightly against her firm arse, with slow and sensual movements she massaged the tender flesh, causing a whimper from B'Elanna. Then with a decisive gesture her borg enhanced hand clutched at the waistband of the Klingon's uniform trousers, ripping the material just as she had done to the t-shirt before it.

A decidedly un-Klingon whimper escaped the engineer, as cool air hit her now exposed skin; the icy touch of air soon dispelled by the fleeting touch of a pale hand, delicately arousing eager flesh. "Seven...I...oh gods..." Lips descended to dance across B'Elanna's shoulder, their soft caress a direct opposite to the power inherent in the hand still encircling her upper arm.

"We will copulate?" Although voiced as a question, there was no doubt in Seven's voice; she was simply waiting for B'Elanna to acknowledge the truth in her statement.

Eyes entranced by the smouldering blue of the blonde vixen in front of her, B'Elanna almost forgot about the sight that had greeted her entrance. "Tom?"

"He cannot see us." As if to prove her point, Seven's hand rose to caress a needful breast, her fingers arousing the aching nipple to full attention. "If you are quiet, he won't even know what we are doing." Fingers squeezed, eliciting a groan of decided volume from deep within the Klingon's throat. "Although it appears you may need some assistance in that area." Lips lowered to meet a welcoming mouth, the kiss transforming from demanding to accepting to arousing in moments. Tongues merged, battled, and danced, as moans of pleasure were consumed within eager mouths.

B'Elanna's fingers rose to grasp the edge of Seven's shirt, her hold tightening until she ripped the material asunder, scattering buttons haphazardly about the room. The material parted to show an expanse of pale flesh, bejewelled with the metallic artwork of a Borg childhood. The skin glistened with health and vitality, singing out to be touched and admired; B'Elanna's fingertips obeyed that call. Her touch was light, barely grazing the skin as she worked her way underneath the blue silk, slowly exposing more of the luscious Borg for her appreciation. "Beautiful." With that benediction, the shirt fell to the floor, the naked form of Seven of Nine proudly on display for the engineer alone.

"We will copulate?" This time the question was nothing more than a whisper, the dominance of moments before submerged by the look of acceptance and longing directed at her from the fiery engineer.

"No..." Fingers travelled across Seven's skin, stopping to marvel at the warmth of embedded metal, before moving lower to caress a satin thigh, "we will make love."

"I...I shall comply."

A fleeting glance at Tom's wriggling form reminded B'Elanna that the bed was already occupied, cutting off the easiest avenue of release. Hand dropping to clasp Seven's slightly trembling one, B'Elanna led the blonde towards the couch, a place where she could no longer see the disconcerting sight of Voyager's chief pilot. Turing, she smiled up at intense blue eyes, urging Seven to sit down, facing her. It was strange how their roles seemed to have changed, from dominant and submissive to innocent and teacher. B'Elanna was now the one in control, but not once did she think of ending their impromptu tryst.

Eyes wide with expectation, Seven's heart began to beat erratically as she watched the enticingly naked form of B'Elanna Torres slowly lower herself to straddle her legs. For once it was she who had to look up into the face of the engineer, the dusky skin only a moment from her lips as she tasted the heated flesh of B'Elanna's neck, the feel of her pulse racing against Seven's tongue. Pale hands worshipped the contours of a sculptured back, caressing ever lower until they cupped firm cheeks, begging for attention.

"Mmmmhhhhhhh." Arching her back, B'Elanna was rewarded with the feel of Seven's skin pressed intimately against her. Nipples peeked with arousal were forced against the delicate underside of her breasts; heat and liquid desire merged as their centres collided. Moans of pleasure issued from deep within both their chests, the gentle reverberation only adding to the erotic sensations that were already making it hard for them to think.

A red haze of desire clouding her vision, Seven surged forward to capture a dusky rose nipple in her mouth, the sensitive flesh receiving the lavish attentions of her eager tongue. The cry of joy this produced from B'Elanna urged on the aroused blonde, her fingers capturing the neglected peek in a grip both teasing and sure. With each pass of her heated tongue against responsive skin, Seven felt a surge of liquid heat pool in her centre, to be met with the slick desire of the woman pressing firmly into her from above.

Fingers buried in blonde hair, B'Elanna urged lips to make fuller contact, while at the same time her hips rocked with the built up need for release. The feel of tapered fingers sweeping across her skin, lightly brushing her hips to place ghost like caresses against her thighs, was torture; was heaven. "Seven...plea...please.."

For just a moment Seven rose from her task of worshipping at her lovers breast, blue eyes searching out hooded brown in a need for complete understanding. "I will comply." The words barely left her lips before fingers brushed against B'Elanna's most intimate of flesh, teasing with their promise of heightened delights.

"Mmmhhyessss.." Rising, B'Elanna opened herself up to more easily welcome the delightful touch, the fingers that were still entwined in Seven's hair, forcing the flushed face of the younger woman to meet her own. Soon lips merged, as tongues caressed in velvety warmth, their arousing movements mirrored by fingers now deep within the folds of B'Elanna's sex, "goddddssssyeessssss"

The call to deities far from her understanding, would normally have earned the engineer the sardonic rise of an ocular implant, its owner amused more than anything by the reference to such beings. In this instance, however, any such thought was chased from Seven's mind, as fingers captured her nipple in a pinch of burning desire and longing. The names of alien gods almost ripped from her own throat in the ensuing pleasure.

B'Elanna's hips rocked frantically against Seven's hand, her eyes forced closed by the trembling sensations that were assaulting her body. Seconds felt like hours as she hovered on the edge of release, her nerve endings calling out for that final touch that would send her spiralling down into ecstasy.

As if her wishes had been spoken aloud, Seven complied. A determined finger brushed up against B'Elanna's most sensitive of nerves, setting off a chain reaction that drew a strangled scream from B'Elanna's lips and a clenching of muscles deep within. Heart pounding and face glistening with the sweat of their coupling, B'Elanna could do nothing more than lay her head against Seven's shoulder and thank Kahless for the ingenuity of the former borg.

Seven cradled her lover, fingers slowly combing sweat soaked hair away from B'Elanna's face. "Resistance is futile," she murmured, a smile in her voice.

"No." B'Elanna disagreed. "Just resisting you."

Having recovered sufficiently to raise her head, B'Elanna turned in the direction of her bedroom and the increasing sounds of a distressed Tom Paris. Placing a gentle kiss against Seven's ear, she whispered "How am I supposed to make love to you all night if Paris is hogging our bed?"

"I thought you would appreciate him being here." Seeing B'Elanna's confused expression, Seven tried to explain. "You have said many times that if he could see us together he'd probably die of jealousy."

"Well yeah, but I didn't actually mean you should..."

"I have erred?" Seven's bottom lip began to pout in a way B'Elanna found adorable. "You are displeased with me?"

"Of course not." B'Elanna showed just how pleased she was with a blistering kiss. "I... I just don't like the idea of him being here while we make love. I'm sorry." At the sound of an exceedingly loud groan from Tom B'Elanna couldn't help but wonder at the ramifications of Seven's actions. "I also don't like the idea that Janeway's going to put you in the brig for the next fifty years."

"She will not," Seven assured her.

"I dunno, flashing your big baby blues at her hasn't worked so well since you chose me over her." B'Elanna once again looked towards where she could just see Tom's foot sticking over the edge of her bed. "And technically this is kidnapping."

"You are in error." Confusing her lover was fun, but Seven was far too aroused to waste any more time on idle chatter. Reaching behind her she just managed to snag a tiny black box that was sitting on the coffee table. "You cannot kidnap a non-sentient hologram." With the click of a switch Tom and his moaning ceased to exist.


"Happy four months anniversary, B'Elanna," Seven whispered, "now take me to bed."

The End

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