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By sinjenkai


The sun was shining. The sky was cloudless and very so blue. Birds were singing and flowers were in full bloom. While the day was one of the special days that everyone always talks about, to Natalia Boa Vista, it was the darkest day of her life. Nothing of that day was going to bring her joy, as this was the day that the person to whom she had fallen in love with was marrying another.

She couldn't remember when she realized that she had fallen in love, but Natalia knew that she loved with every fiber of her being. And even though she desired to declare her love to the world, she had remained silent, saying nothing while watching from afar.

Each day, Natalia would awake and her first thought brought a smile to her face. While dressing, Natalia told herself that that day would be the day that she'd admit her feelings. Driving to work, she would practice what she would say and imagine the response that she would get. Parking her car, she'd get out and confidently walk into the department building.

Sometime during the morning, Natalia would look up and would see Eric standing in the hall with Calleigh. Standing there behind her lab table, all she could do was to stare, all her bold intentions disappeared, and she was barely aware of the rushing blood through her ears.

Sunlight should be dimmed when it caressed the color black, but on Eric's hair and Calleigh's clothes, it seemed to shimmer, and each time, the sight stole Natalia breath. Turning away, her heart would ache, filling her soul with a sweet sorrow of an unrequited love.

Now, standing in the bride's dressing room, Natalia watched as Calleigh settled her veil about her shoulders, and smoothed her dress with nervous hands.

"You're a lucky woman Calleigh. Eric loves you so very much and will give you the world if you wanted it."

Looking at her friend's reflection in the mirror, the blonde had to agree, "Yeah, he would, wouldn't he, but I don't deserve it or him."

Walking to stand behind her, Natalia cast a worried look into the mirror, "Why do you say that?"

"Because I don't love him… not the way that I should."

Shaking her head, Natalia tried to make sense of what she was hearing, "Then why did you agree to marry him?"

Bowing her head, as she couldn't meet her friend's gaze, Calleigh admitted, "It just seemed the right thing to do… It's what everyone wants. My father is overjoyed."

Going around to face her friend, Natalia took Calleigh's hands in hers, "What do you want Calleigh?"

Slowly raising her head, Calleigh looked into the pair of warm, chocolate colored eyes that were filled with worry, and something else. Something else that she hadn't noticed or allowed herself to believe in, and her heart soared.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Calleigh whispered, "I want you. I want to quit pretending that I'm not in love with you. I want to share my life with you as long as I can, and I hope that you feel the same."

Standing in shock, it was all that Natalia could do to remember to breathe. She stared back into glistening, green eyes, and imagined what she could do right at this moment. This was her chance to declare her love, to grab her happiness.

Slowly releasing Calleigh's hands, Natalia took a deep breath, and then a step back… then another. Finally, she had enough space between herself and the blonde, where she could breathe.

After what seemed like an eternity, Natalia sighed and walked towards the door, not daring to look at Calleigh's face. Silence filled the room, as it seemed the world held its breath for that space in time.

'Snick' the sound of a lock being thrown shattered the silence, and Calleigh whirled around as Natalia pulled her into her embrace, "We can leave through the side door, but I'm not kissing you while you're wearing that dress. I know some place that we can go for a while, if you want, and yes. Yes, I love you too."

Both women smiled at each other and all of a sudden the world released its breath and sounds of birds singing filled the air. Calleigh laughed as she pulled off the dress before pulling on a pair of jeans and a tank top. Grabbing Natalia's hand, Calleigh whispered, "It's a beautiful day, don't you think?"

Smiling down at her love, Natalia had to agree, "Never seen a more perfect day."

The End

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