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By ralst


Harry Kim was confused. He knew he wasn't the most knowledgeable person on the ship when it came to romance, but even he knew that it was unusual for a couple to take two extra people on honeymoon with them. It was even stranger to find out that the group of four had in fact split up on arriving at their holiday destination, with one spouse and a friend going to one hotel, while the other spouse and her supposed enemy went to another. Very confusing.

Then there were the accommodation requests, that surfaced hours after the party rejoined Voyager. The requests were perfectly worded and even accompanied by detailed schematics, but their content truly threw him. Newly married couples don't usually request quarters for four, with inset borg alcoves and emergency coffee grinder. Even less common is the request to share their extra large quarters with the two people they'd just spent their honeymoon with. There was something going on there, but Harry just couldn't work it out.

Of course, he was never meant to know about the accommodation requests or the hotel arrangements, but fate had somehow landed them on his screen and left him a confused little ensign. Normally he'd talk over his troubles with his best friend, Tom, but seeing as the helmsman was one of those involved, he thought it prudent not to mention it. His only other recourse was to bring the matter up with his commanding officer, but Janeway was too busy moving in to Tom and B'Elanna's quarters to speak with him. He was at a loss.

He had heard a rumour that prior to her marriage, B'Elanna had begun to spend more time with the ship's resident borg, without any need for security intervention. It was a move he approved of, having thought the two women would make good friends if they ever gave it a chance. But, he hadn't realised their friendship had expanded so rapidly that B'Elanna was willing to take Seven into her home and offer her a place to live.

He pondered that thought for a second. There was really only one possible answer, B'Elanna had decided to play the big sister and was keeping Seven close in an effort to help her with her struggle for humanity. That was probably why they shared a room on the honeymoon too. How sweet.

He did worry about the captain, though. She was such a strong, proud woman, but he knew she was married to the ship and as such denied herself a certain degree of closeness with those around her. It was a known fact that she had turned down Chakotay's many offers of a sleep-over, as she felt it her duty to remain above such dalliances with her crew. Yet by moving in with Tom and B'Elanna, she would daily be faced with the image of the happy couple. He hoped it wouldn't break her.

His fears had been somewhat lessened when he'd witnessed the four leaving the holodeck, arm in arm, laughing freely and playing some game he was unfamiliar with. Whatever the rules, it seemed to revolved around kisses and words of endearment. It was just Tom's bad luck that he never seemed to get the winning number that would allow him to kiss his wife, and was instead forced to share lip-space with the captain. Not that he'd looked concerned. B'Elanna, too, had taken her bad luck in stride, kissing Seven with a fervour he thought due to the alcohol they had consumed or perhaps her Klingon genes. The captain and Seven certainly seemed happy enough, and perhaps in some small way, it made up for their own lack of partner.

He was still confused. But he also knew that he'd never seen his friends so happy, and what was a little confusion compared to that?

The End

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