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By Sparx

Lieutenant, I do not see the necessity for this procedure. What you propose is inefficient and a waste of time and energy.

Look Seven. I know it may seem inefficient to you, but can you just trust me here? I know what I'm doing.

I am trying to do that, but I fail to see the benefits of what you suggest. Your proposal will increase the time required by at least 80% and the energy expenditure by almost 60%.

I know that. But, the end result will be far superior.

I still do not see how your suggestion could have any possible advantages. Perhaps we should study the matter further before initiating your plan.

Look, we have the time and the resources to test my idea right now. There's no reason to wait, or to study anything.

That may be true, but I find that sufficient research often precludes the need for tests, especially when the results are in doubt.

The results are NOT in doubt. If you'd just let me show you, I can prove it to you.

Very well. I will cooperate and assist you with your test.





You are correct. Foreplay is beneficial. Now, come back to bed, I wish to study the matter further.

The End

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