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By ralst


- Knowledge is power -

Every time I get within touching distance of Lieutenant Torres, her heart rate accelerates and her pupils become dilated. Both classic signs of arousal. I experience no such symptoms, therefore, I must conclude that I am not sexually stimulated by the Lieutenant. Which is strange, considering the number of times I have fantasised about her - but there is no arguing with logic and logic dictates that I have no romantic feelings for her.

- Power corrupts -

I have found that when I wish to gain concessions from the engineer it is best to capitalise on her attraction. It might not be considered ethical, but accidentally brushing up against her as we talk or letting my eyes wander across her body, do have the added bonus of flustering her enough that she would agree to anything.

I tried to use that knowledge sparingly but there are times when I just can't help pushing things further than I should. It is almost as if I'm hoping she'll acknowledge what I am doing, and thus, acknowledge her own feelings. Of course, she has so far refused. It is to some extent annoying but at least I've gained five percent extra power to Astrometrics and an improved alcove because of it.

Perhaps I should test her a little further - just to see how far I can go.

- Absolute power corrupts absolutely -

I thought I had her at a disadvantage. I would provoke and she would succumb. Then she kissed me.

Suddenly I'm the one being manipulated. Agreeing to anything she suggests, just to feel those lips against mine once more. No more arguments. No more superiority. I am hers to do with as she likes.

I don't know when she developed this power over me - but I like it.

The End

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