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Crimson Tears
By Hayseven

Chapter Four

The creature woke with a start and with a sickening realization knew someone had interfered with the timeline. With her senses opened she realized it was altered by not more than an hour, yet with a contemptible feeling knew who had altered it. The change was not a threat, but with each move the closer the prophecy had a chance to come true.

She herself had changed the timeline some years back in a frantic attempt to prevent a horror. She knew she had violated countless laws doing so, and risked exposing herself, but she had to do what she felt was right. Now though, the risks made it far too dangerous.

The creature then became aware of a familiar intangible threat. She felt it years before only now it was stronger and more desperate. Searching outwards and stretching her powers as much as she could, without changing form, the creature tried to see how far the threat was.

It dawned on her that time drew near and soon the battle lines would be drawn. Whether they liked it or not, sides will have to be chosen. This time the menace had all the signs in its favour. She returned, weary, the use of her dormant powers weakening her, and she fell to the floor in her quarters in a heap.

"Seven, wake up. Come on, open your eyes." B'Elanna had woken to find a very contented ex Borg lain on top of her.

Slowly moving so as not to hurt the Borg, she rolled Seven onto the floor. B'Elanna leant over the prone form and tried to hail someone. "Torres to Bridge, please respond."

Getting nothing for the next few minutes, she tried to open the doors only to find them firmly locked and any enquiry to the computer was met with deafening silence.

After checking on Seven again B'Elanna begun to replace the gel packs and wiring she had ripped out in her frustration. Once she had made sure all was back in its place she tried hailing the computer and anyone with a commbadge, she got nothing. B'Elanna could feel the sweat beading down her back, and wondered how long they had been gone for.

Sighing she walked over to Seven and became worried about the drone. B'Elanna knew Seven should be awake, and kneeling down started to turn Seven over and inspect for any wounds.

Finding none she started to shake her, softly calling out her name. About to shake her more, Seven moved and at the same time the doors to the Holodeck unlocked.

Seven awoke to a headache to end all headaches and what looked like a concerned Torres. Groaning a little Seven was about to say something when the events came back to her.

Sitting up and nearly knocking Torres over she spoke. "It was not a dream was it Lt."

Wiping the beads of sweat off her forehead Torres righted herself, sat beside Seven and shrugged.

"What now? Do we tell the Captain? I mean either we shared a damn weird dream, or what happened, did happen."

"We met our child selves, did we not. Or at least aliens in our child forms."

"Yeah Seven and that's not even the weird part. I was thinking and I know that we met an unknown species. For they were two of them, not one."

"Yes, I too came to the conclusion. Only I do not know of their intentions. They did not wish to harm us yet seemed surprised by my knowing the legend, the prophecy and your confusion."

"What's more perplexing is that you can't recall why you know that quote, you have an eidetic memory. And when you woke up, all Holodeck functions returned to normal."

B'Elanna explained to Seven what happened and they went over their experiences hoping to garner information. Finally after everything had been analysed and nothing more could be done there, both agreed to tell the Captain.

Chapter Five

"So you two defied orders, had a fight, got abducted and claim to have been visited by Alien or Aliens unknown. You then get stuck in the Holodeck. Yet the Holodeck states you were there at all times. Now am I neglecting to state anything else?"

Captain Janeway's voice was near to sarcasm, and she clearly needed to verify the story yet again. It seemed she didn't believe it the first three times. Taking a seat, Janeway poured her 2nd cup of coffee and rubbed her head. Some days it just wasn't worth the headache to answer her commbadge.

"No Captain. You summed up the events effectively."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes at the Borg's comment. When will Seven stop being the Captain's pet? Always eager to please. I wonder who wears the pants between them? Could that be just a rumour? I wonder which airlock Janeway is going to toss me out of? Alas poor B'Elanna, she never knew what hit her. I hope Janeway will let me have my last words.

Turning her attention back to the Captain B'Elanna heard an exasperated Captain. "So we have no idea who these aliens were or their motives? However they did you two a good turn by preventing a physical altercation between the two of you. I expected better from you, Lt Torres. Violence towards other crewmembers, whatever the situation, is not tolerated."

B'Elanna feeling unbalanced by the events was about to overstep the line and let the Captain know what she could do with her gold pips, when Seven spoke up.

"Captain I am responsible for the little disagreement, no harm would have come to either of us. It was meant to let us both release our frustrations of the day. I had everything under control."

"Tell me Captain, what is better? Should we have let our anger build up to the point where we would attack each other during duty? Or allow us to fight in the safety of the Holodeck, where if any harm came to us then we were only a commbadge away from help?"

At the beginning Janeway wanted to interrupt, but by the end she leant back into her chair and saw the wisdom of Seven's point. It annoyed her no end to realize Seven's logic was correct and though unorthodox, she may have done everyone a favour by them going to the Holodeck.

"I will overlook this incident this one time due to the recent events and stresses. However I will not stand for another incident like this. Am I understood?"

She was standing now, giving the two of them firm steely looks. At the chorus of Yes Captain, she relaxed a little and motioned them to take a seat, the command was clear.

When all was seated she took a swig of her coffee she asked "Can you tell me about the prophesy Seven, and what they meant?"


B'Elanna looked at Seven seated rigidly on the chair, her face impassive.

She certainly has some balls that Borg, how does she manage to flaunt her breaking of the rules?

"No. What do you mean no Seven?"

"Just that Captain, No." B'Elanna could see the Captain was clearly unimpressed by Seven going by the stunned look on her face and her jumping out of her chair.

"Seven, unless you like looking at a small cell, you would do well to tell me why."

"Captain, I am not sure why I know what I do. But I do know that I cannot repeat it."

"Seven, these aliens obviously wanted something from you two. They may not have gotten it, but whatever you know is important. You may hold a key to uncovering their motives. They warned us of a danger, do you not think it could help us for once to have the answers beforehand?"

"Kath., Captain. Though you mean well, you do not know all the facts." Seven paused as she reached the conclusion that she was on rocky ground.

"Either you tell me or you both will find yourselves in the brig..... In the same cell." Janeway knew it was wrong to make a threat like that but she had to stamp her authority.

Janeway seated herself, picking up her coffee to calm her. I wonder if she realizes the passion she invokes from me. How I would love to see some kind of passion from her, to get a human response from her. If only she'd embrace more of her humanity. Clearing her throat, Janeway pointedly told Seven to go on.

"Captain I am baffled as to why I cannot comply. I do know this though, I cannot willingly inform you of the prophecy. The legend is old, perhaps older than the Borg, and only a few know of it. It is said only one who has lived again knows it."

"Maybe the Borg assimilated someone who knew the legend. My knowledge is lacking in this and that is a strange occurrence. Why would the Borg bother to leave that information with me? I also ask whether it is in fact a Borg memory."

At that last statement a hush settled in the room as everyone went over Seven's words. "Why can't you tell me?"

"Only one of blood can speak the words, and only the ears of one who shares it can hear it."

Janeway sat there mulling over her options. She knew getting any more information out of Seven would be like getting B'Elanna to beg for a cookie. Impossible and not worth the trouble and headache.

"Seven, tell me whether your reluctance to talk is Borg predisposition or human fear?"

"Both, however it is not fear. It is a sense of caution that prevents me."

Janeway nodded and after asking them both more questions, she decided nothing more could be gained. However she had two crewmembers who broke the rules and she had to do something to avert any more hassles.

"I want the two of you confined to your quarters for the next 24 hours, after which I hope you can have your issues resolved. The last few weeks have been a sad trying time. It is time to put aside our petty feelings and strive for a better understanding."

Janeway inwardly smirked as she saw the two of them wanting to argue with her decision, but wisely they kept quiet.

Janeway watched the both of them stand and head towards the door when she added "And if anything unusual occurs you are to report it immediately. Is that clear?"

Two heads nodded in her direction and they were dismissed.

"Seven, why did you put your neck on the line?" B'Elanna was in the Turbolift facing Seven and she needed answers.

She wasn't as angry as she was earlier but she was curious.

"I assured you that I would take matters in my own hands. I took your words to heart and 'fell on my sword.' I had not counted on our visitors."

B'Elanna saw Seven's eyebrow twitch and saw concern in her blue eyes. Going over the events and gathering her courage B'Elanna spoke up. "You believe in the prophecy don't you?"


The Turbolift stopped at B'Elanna's floor and as she was leaving the lift she felt a warm hand touch her arm.

"They will be back Lt, and next time they will want answers." Seven let go of B'Elanna, and took a step back.

"Seven if they are, you won't be alone. Either way I am involved now. Whether it was an accident or fate we were together and they spoke to the two of us. The warning was meant for our ears."

B'Elanna then gave Seven a little nod and headed to her quarters. Seven made her way to her cold sterile Cargo bay.

Chapter Six

Sing a song of joy while you can
Hold tight your love and pray.
Nowhere are you safe in this land,
Hatred your heart can't stay.

Blood in the stars twice over
Joined souls lost.
Help come thrice over
And loss shall be your just cost.

Night or at least artificial night fell on the Starship Voyager and most of the inhabitants were fast asleep. In the quarters of an Ensign the occupant was tossing restlessly around in bed, caught in the throes of a dreams.

The Ensign was dreaming of a bloody battle, the cries and screams of the people shattering the air. The smell of despair was potent and as the Ensign watched on the image changed. She watched the spilled blood gather and form, moving and seeking to find a warm body.

She watched as two newborns were brutally introduced to the world and then the infants being marked. The cry of pain punctured the quarters as the Ensign awoke to a throbbing pain to her head. Staggering to her bathroom, she looked into the mirror and saw the blood that flowed freely. Just above her eyebrow a cut was visible, its angry red mark neat and precise. Looking closely at it she uttered the words "Valia" before she passed out.

Seven had been disturbed from her regeneration by a dream and an intense pain. Seven was now on all fours on the cold Cargo bay floor, and was desperately trying to catch her breath. Carefully touching her eyebrow star burst implant, she lowered her fingers to examine the blood. Seven reviewed the dream and recalled a battle and remembered what woke her. It had been when the infant human child had been cut. Feeling faint she called out for "Turron" and then collapsed.

In another deck a crewmember awoke to a searing pain in their chest. Recovering their breath they tried to remove the last vestiges of the dream from their memory. The battle had been so vivid it felt like they were there.

The crewmember wiped tears from their eyes as they recalled the beautiful women doing battle, and felt the pain of their deaths. The crewmember wanted to know why they screamed out the name of "Sigrid." The crewmember crawled out of bed and before they could reach their commbadge lost consciousness.

The creature was alone on Voyager in human form when she screamed in pain and fell to the metal deck plating. Crawling over to a Jeffries tube, she climbed in and replaced the hatch, letting her body sag against the wall. Her mortal form was still vulnerable, and it never ceased to astound her how the human body was capable of doing what it did. Wiping her forehead, she returned her hand to her chest in an effort to calm herself.

She knew with all too familiar clarity that time was up. The Coming was upon them. She didn't know why she still had the link to the marked ones, each time one died she shared their pain. At times she shared their sorrows.

Hundreds of years the cycle was renewed, yet still the bond remained. Another bond not broken after all this time was her ability to locate her two friends' souls, and feel the anger and love they carried with them. She prayed her kind would not find them, for death would be the outcome for all of them, herself included.

The rest of the day passed in relative calm, nothing else unusual occurred to all onboard the ship. Seven went about her daily routine, as did the other crew, seemingly oblivious to the danger that was imminent.

Chapter 7

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