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The Crush
By Outsidethebx


"Well don't just sit there looking heart-broken; it's back to the cell for the likes of you." Sylvia Hollamby stood in front of Nikki Wade and gestured toward the door. "And don't think I don't know what's going on in your mind."


"I saw the way you were looking at Miss Stewart. All glossy eyed and rosy cheeked, like a school girl crush during mid summer holiday…"

"Did you get tired of staring, or just decide that I'd never fancy an old bag like you?"

Sylvia sighed and shook her head. "I've been in this job for too long."

"Either that or they're starting the hiring age at sixty."

Sylvia straightened her wrinkled white uniform shirt and looked over at the inmate. "The way you were looking at her…I thought you'd be drooling all over yourself."

"..Bit jealous are you? Wish I was getting off thinking 'bout you?" Nikki smirked as she stood up and walked toward the door. "You don't know what you're missing, Miss."

"Miss Stewart might be a little naïve, but I know what you're planning."

"What are you going on about?"

"She's not going to fall victim to your lesbian tendencies. There's no way she'll fancy someone like you."

"Maybe not, but you on the other hand…"

Sylvia shuffled forward and stuck her finger in front of Nikki's face. "Listen here. I've got half a mind to report you for disrespect."

"Half a mind? Yeah, that's about right." Nikki grinned as Sylvia's lips pursed together in anger. "The lot of us always wondered what happened to the other half." She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. "Did it happen with age or in taking care of 'ole Bobby?"

"Oh get on with it." Sylvia pointed toward the exit and impatiently tapped her foot.

"Believe me…" Nikki turned and winked at the officer. "I will."

Sylvia's face turned red and she tripped over a chair as she walked toward the inmate.

"Need me to lend you a hand? Been told I'm pretty good at that sort of thing."

"Why I…stop spreading your disgusting and unnatural ideas around here." Sylvia grabbed Nikki's arm and began escorting her back to the cell.

"You afraid you'll catch it?"

"That's it, Wade, I've had about enough of you. Ms Betts is going to hear about this." Sylvia chuckled. "Your Miss Stewart can't save you anymore."

"You becoming obsessed with Miss Stewart?"


Nikki leaned forward and looked down at the prison officer. "The way you keep going on, you'd figure you're starting to fancy her. Always bringing her up and all. Should I tell her to expect flowers?"

Sylvia unlocked Nikki's door and motioned for her to enter. "One more word out of you and you'll be on report."

"I know I shouldn't 'ave called, but this couldn't wait." Nikki covered the pay phone receiver with her hand and waited until no one was in earshot. A smile spread across her face as she lowered her voice and continued. "…so be careful Helen. Not only might you be my next victim, but ole Bodybag's got a crush on you."

The End

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