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By Inspector Boxer


"This is not happening."

For her part, Cindy Thomas wasn't really all that surprised with this turn of events. "It's no big deal. I get arrested all the time," she joked. "I have a bail bondsman on speed dial."

Jill groaned and smacked her forehead against the metal grid separating her from the front seat of the patrol car. "I can see the headlines now, in your own damn paper. 'DDA arrested and charged with prostitution.'"

"Only because you didn't run when I told you to."

Jill looked down at the handcuffs on her wrists. At least she was cuffed with her hands in front. She'd made sure of that, unlike Cindy who'd gotten lippy with the officers. Jill remembered being shoved into a cruiser, hands behind her back, on some of the more ill-advised adventures of her misspent youth. She had no desire to repeat the experience. "Denise is going to love this."

Cindy glanced back, wondering what was taking the police so long to get moving. Maybe they were still trying to track down the gaggle of real prostitutes that had left them like a cheap john when the cops had shown up. Jill had tried to explain who they were… that they were working on a case, but when she'd tried to present her ID she realized she'd left it at home on her dresser.

The cops were less than impressed.

"Forget Denise," Cindy muttered. "What about Lindsay?"

Another groan came from Jill's side of the car followed by another smack to the grid.

Cindy winced. "You're going to have waffle face if you keep that up."

Jill leaned back abruptly and turned to face her. "This is all your fault. If just once you'd do what Lindsay told you and stayed out of it…"

"Hey! No one made you come along. I would have run instead of standing there like a hood ornament. The only reason I'm stuck in here with handcuffs on is because I wouldn't leave you." Cindy shifted and flexed her fingers. Her cuffs were a little tight.

"I didn't ask you to stay," Jill shot back.

"Well that's what friend do," Cindy retaliated.

Jill swallowed a nasty retort realizing that she was taking her anger at her own stupidity out on the reporter. She bit her lip and watched Cindy shift again. "What's wrong?"

"The cuffs are too tight. They hurt."

Jill sighed and rotated her body toward Cindy. "Turn away from me."


"I'll massage your wrists."

Cindy stared at the attorney for a moment before slowly doing as asked.

Jill scooted closer and started rubbing the reporter's aching wrists with her thumbs. "Better?"

Cindy swallowed, wondering if she was half out of her mind that the touch and circumstances were actually turning her on. "Yeah," she murmured, clearing her throat when she heard how husky her voice sounded.

Jill noticed and smiled. Her relationship with Cindy had evolved since the shooting. She often found herself spending more and more time with the reporter outside the club. There was something terribly adorable about the redhead that Jill found hard to resist. The more she was around Cindy the more she wanted to give in to whatever was brewing between them. Curious, she slowed the circles her thumbs were making on the inside of Cindy's wrists before letting her touch ease higher up the reporter's arms. She grinned like the Cheshire cat when she heard Cindy swallow again.

"Um…" The reporter struggled with an uncharacteristic loss of words. "Jill?" The touch stopped abruptly and Cindy frowned. She started to turn her head then froze as she felt her hair being gently brushed away from her throat. "Uh…"

"Face forward, Thomas," Jill breathed right next to Cindy's ear. She took one more quick glance around to make sure they were still alone before placing a feather soft kiss on the curve of Cindy's neck.

"Oh jeez," Cindy breathed as a second kiss followed only higher. Her heart started jack hammering against her ribs. "What are you doing?"

"You're young, but you're not that young," Jill teased as she nipped lightly and watched, delighted, as Cindy jerked in reaction. Her friend wasn't moving away. In fact, Cindy was tilting her head, granting Jill all the access she wanted. "I'm making out with you in the back of a patrol car."

"That's what I thought. Just… making sure though." Cindy groaned softly as Jill's mouth resumed its previous task. Finally she couldn't take anymore and she turned her head, finding Jill's lips unerringly in the dark car.

It was Jill's turn to groan. Apparently talking wasn't the only thing Cindy could do well with her mouth. The kiss deepened and the windows fogged as their breathing grew heavier and more labored.

They finally parted to breathe, staring at each other in the pale orange of a distant street light.

"Wow," was all Cindy managed before she leaned back in and kissed Jill again with deliberate intent. At that moment she could care less if their arresting officers showed up. The swat team could have them surrounded and she wouldn't notice. Cindy released the attorney's lips to turn and leverage herself up.

Jill watched her, her blue eyes hooded, forgetting all about their circumstances and their location, as Cindy kissed her again. The reporter urged Jill back against the seat, kissing her with barely contained passion. Jill gave her hands permission to wander, smiling against Cindy's mouth as the redhead gasped into hers. Again she was grateful she was cuffed with her hands in front. She had the advantage here and she intended to use it.

"We're gonna get caught," Cindy whispered as Jill's hands slipped under her shirt. Cindy moaned softly as she felt the heat of Jill's fingertips and the chill of the cuffs against her skin. What they were doing coupled with where they were doing it was proving to be as erotic as hell.

"Not if we hurry," Jill teased with a seductive grin. Her fingers found the button on Cindy's jeans.

Cindy shuddered in time with the lowering of her zipper. Her brown eyes did a quick scan of the surrounding area. She bit her lip when she saw nothing but empty streets as far as the eye could see. "This is crazy."

"So was coming out here in the middle of the night to talk to a bunch of transsexual prostitutes," Jill pointed out with a devilish chuckle. "We make each other do crazy things." Jill leaned forward and found Cindy's mouth again. "Now I just want to make you crazy."

Cindy's head snapped back as long fingers somehow soothed and simultaneously enflamed the heat between her legs. It took some logistical wrangling but after a few feverish minutes she managed to wind up straddling the attorney lap, Jill's talented touch driving her out of her mind. Cindy's hands strained against the cuffs, bruising her wrists as she struggled in vain to touch Jill's pale skin.

In the distance, Jill spotted two forms moving toward them. She quickened her pace, her own breathing growing more irregular. "We've got company."

The knowledge was enough to send Cindy tipping over the edge. She hissed Jill's name as the attorney kissed her again, keeping her from crying out further and alerting the police to their activities.

By the time the doors opened they were side by side again, the only outward sign something had transpired their flushed cheeks and swollen lips. The officers didn't notice.

"You two ladies just relax. We'll have you to the station in no time."

Jill and Cindy both tried to bite back a laugh and couldn't. The officer glanced in his review mirror, confused.

"We're relaxed already, thanks," Jill drawled as she let her head drop back against the seat. That wasn't completely true, she admitted, but she suspected it would be once they made bail. Her face split into a wide grin.

An hour later, Lindsay Boxer appeared outside the bars of their holding cell. She looked at them both smugly. "I guess being a reporter and an attorney doesn't pay as well as it used to, huh? Gotta supplement the income?"

Cindy smiled as her gaze met Jill's through the bars. They were in separate cells which was probably a good thing or they might have added additional charges to the night's growing list.

"You going to make fun or are you going to let us out of here?" Jill stood and went to the bars.

Lindsay made her wait a beat before displaying the keys she'd been holding behind her back. Jill shook her head as her friend unlocked the cell and let her out.

"That's what you get for going where I told you not to," Lindsay drawled.

Cindy stood and let her wrists rest between the bars. She was grateful her shirt had sleeves long enough to cover the lurid bruises. "Did you… you did! You sent those cops out to arrest us!"

Jill's blue eyes snapped to Lindsay's busted expression. Lindsay expected to get yelled at or punched but instead she was kissed on the cheek. She blinked at Jill in confusion.

"Thank you," the attorney said cryptically. She took the keys from Lindsay's slack hands and let Cindy out of the cell. She tossed the key ring back at the inspector and smiled. "We free to go?"

Lindsay watched them, baffled. Something was up but she couldn't place what it was. "Yeah, all the charges have been dropped."

"Then we have some things to finish up," Cindy said with a straight face. She exchanged a knowing look with Jill whose blue eyes danced with imagined possibilities.

"Hey, Linz?" Jill called just as they were leaving the precinct.

Lindsay glanced up from the key ring she'd been studying with apparent fascination. "Yeah?"

"Gotta spare set of cuffs lying around?" Jill laughed as Cindy playfully shoved her out the door into the night.

"I am so missing something here," the inspector said with a shake of her head.

The End

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