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NOTE: The Kim/Kerry bits of this chapter will make more sense if you've seen season 7 of ER.

A Cut Above
By Humbug

Chapter Seven

"I gather you two made up then," Kerry commented, smugly, as Nikki and Helen made their way, somewhat belatedly, to the dinner table. Helen coloured instantly but was fortunate that the lights were low enough to spare most of her blushes.

So that's Nikki, Kim thought to herself, looking at the dark-haired beauty who was following in Helen's wake. I can certainly understand why Helen fell for her - she's gorgeous! Not a patch on my Kerry though.

Nikki was formally introduced to Kim and Kerry and then both women sat down and proceeded to tuck into their food, ravenous after the exertions of the last hour or so. Dinner followed without further incident until Nikki felt the need to visit the ladies' toilets. Entering the toilets, she hadn't realised she was being closely followed by Kate, the leggy lovely she had been chatting up earlier in the day, although eagle-eyed Helen soon spotted the competition.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment ladies..." Helen said to Kim and Kerry and then headed off to the toilet, realising that Nikki might need extricating from a difficult and embarrassing situation.

"Nikki..." Kate began, her hand gently rubbing up Nikki's arm.

"Aghhh!" Nikki jumped when she realised who had followed her.

"Nikki, I thought you were meant to be accompanying me to the dinner. Who's that woman you're with? I thought you said she was your boss."

"She is!" Helen added, waltzing into the room and contributing her "two penn'orth" to the conversation. "I am also Nikki's lover so I suggest you find someone else to fawn over."

"Helen!" Nikki exclaimed, shocked at how possessive Helen suddenly seemed over her.

Kate continued, her blue eyes throwing daggers at Helen: "You didn't say anything about having a lover when you invited me to dinner earlier."

"Erm, erm..." Nikki was at a loss as to what to say.

Possessively putting her arm through Nikki's, Helen saved her the trouble of answering. "Nikki was under the misapprehension that she's a free woman - all my fault of course. But I can assure you that is most certainly not the case now." She finished with a smile - a smile that looked pleasant enough to anyone who should walk in but contained an underlying message: 'Back off - she's mine.'

Kate obviously understood. She looked disappointed - hurt even - but she knew better than to go up against a woman like Helen. The way Helen and Nikki looked at each other, it was obvious nobody was going to be able to come between them. She nodded briefly at both of them before entering one of the cubicles to make use of the facilities.

Helen and Nikki stood and looked at one another, a coy expression adorning Helen's face. Nikki laughed and whispered "Quite the little tiger aren't you?"

"Just protecting what's mine," Helen smiled in return, sneaking in for a kiss.

Kate walked out of the cubicle at that point and, after washing her hands, stopped to adjust her stocking tops. Nikki couldn't help but be distracted by the sight - Kate had the most fantastic legs she'd ever seen and the sight of her running her hands up their entire length made Nikki break out in a sweat. Wonder if they use her in hosiery adverts? Nikki mused, feeling extremely hot under the collar. Helen was also mesmerised by the sight of Kate's perfect legs. At the same time, she was aggrieved that Nikki was taking such a great interest in them. I couldn't hope to compete with those, thought Helen, miserably. Finally, Kate straightened herself up, turned and smiled at Helen and Nikki, well aware of the interest her legs had generated, and walked gracefully out of the room.

"Nikki?" Helen began tentatively. "You don't regret staying with me and not her do you?"

"No, of course not Helen - I love you. I probably have done since the moment I met you."

"Awww," smiled Helen, stroking Nikki's face.

"I was just thinking maybe we should invite Kate for a threesome!" Nikki said with a mischievous smile.

"Nikki!" Helen shouted, slapping her on the arm. Nikki laughed and scooped Helen up in a heartfelt hug. Still, she thought to herself, it's a shame Helen's not up for a threesome - the fun they could have with those legs. Perhaps it was time they returned to the meal, before she got herself into more hot water.

Back at the dinner table, Kim and Kerry were beginning to wonder what had happened to Helen and Nikki.

"What do you think is happening in there?" Kim whispered to Kerry, not having seen Kate leave. "Do you think Helen is threatening to perform surgery right there in the women's toilets?"

Kerry looked aghast at Kim. "I don't think anything of the sort. Helen's a consummate professional - she wouldn't let her emotions cloud her judgement to that extent."

Kim sniped back: "Just like you wouldn't let your emotions cloud your judgement, eh Kerry?"

Kerry winced at this reminder of her shortcomings during Kim's hour of need at the time of the Shannon Wallace case.

"Hey!" Kim said, instantly feeling guilty after noticing Kerry's dejected look. She placed her hand over Kerry's in a gesture of appeasement. "I didn't mean it like that, that's all in the past now. We're together and we're stronger than ever."

Kerry was still finding it hard not to take all Kim's comments personally. "I know," she said. "It's just that sometimes I feel so bad when I think about how I failed you."

Kim decided the time had come to be firm. "Enough Kerry. We're not going to go over all that ground again. Now drink up and enjoy the evening." To Kim's surprise, the usually fiery ER Chief did exactly as she was told.

Later that night, when the dinner had finished and entertainment in the form of a disco had begun, Nikki and Kim decided to go and check out what was happening on the dance floor, leaving Helen and Kerry to continue discussing life, the universe and everything. As they were watching the dance floor, Nikki and Kim's attention was soon caught by a spectacle they could not draw their eyes away from.

"Just look at her dance - she's so hot." Nikki whispered to Kim Legaspi as they both stood , mesmerised, by the sight of Kate dancing, her short, tight, black dress riding up her thighs as she gyrated to the music.

"You're not kidding," agreed Kim, her eyes almost popping out of her head. "But you wouldn't really want her would you Nik? What about Helen?"

"Of course I'm not prepared to risk things with Helen - I love her. This is just a simple case of lust. I was hoping I could persuade Helen to go for a once-in-a-lifetime threesome."

"No!" Kim exclaimed. "There's no way she'd go for that. Jesus Nikki, she's only just coming to terms with the fact that she's in love with a woman - she'll never be up for a threesome."

"Oh, I don't know," quipped Nikki, pointing at Helen and Kerry who were still seated at the dinner table. "Just take a look over there."

Kim Legaspi turned and looked to find Helen and Kerry, instead of being deeply engrossed in conversation, were now staring with ill-concealed desire at the spectacle that was Kate.

"Well, I'll be..." Kim muttered.

Nikki laughed. "Perhaps you should be keeping an eye on Kerry too. It seems these "straight" women learn way too fast."

"Hmm, perhaps you're right. Let's go and claim our property shall we?"

Later that night, after making love, Helen and Nikki lay back in their giant bathtub, pampering themselves while they still had the opportunity. As relaxed and comfortable as Nikki was, she was sure Helen had something on her mind. She just hoped it wasn't second thoughts.

Out of nowhere, Helen suddenly asked: "You're serious about wanting a threesome aren't you Nikki?"

Nikki looked down at Helen and, seeing the frightened look clouding her beautiful face, tried to placate her. "Hey come on now, I was only talking about sex - it wouldn't threaten what we have, no way. It couldn't even come close. Besides, it was only a suggestion - not something we have to do."

"I guess I'm just frightened that it means you fancy someone more than you fancy me," Helen admitted, feeling like the world's biggest prude.

"Never," stated Nikki. "That's just not possible. Anyway, I'm not the only one who was doing a spot of window shopping earlier - I saw the way you and Kerry were dribbling over her too."

Helen blushed. "Okay, I'm guilty as charged but I still wouldn't have slept with her because I don't feel anything for her. It's not just about sex for me. You're going to have to face it Nikki, it's all or nothing with me and you've got it all."

Nikki stroked Helen's face "I couldn't think of anything I'd rather have."

Helen felt mildly relieved. "No regrets then? I just couldn't bear the thought of you with anyone else - even if I was there to - cough - assist."

Nikki leaned forward and kissed Helen softly on the lips. "No regrets. You're more than enough for me Stewart."

The following morning Nikki and Helen left the hotel room with their bags, ready to return to London at the end of that day's conference proceedings. As they walked down the corridor of the Brighton Grand, Nikki paused suddenly as she spotted Kate coming out of a room about half way down the corridor. As Kate stepped over the threshold, an arm snaked out and pulled her back for a quick kiss.

"Well somebody got lucky," Nikki muttered. "Wonder if she ended up with a man or a woman?"

"A woman, judging by that beautifully manicured hand," piped up Helen.

At that moment, both Nikki and Helen's jaws hit the floor as none other than Kim Legaspi appeared in the doorway to give Kate one final hug.

"Poor Kerry," Helen said softly. "She'll be absolutely devastated when she finds out."

"You're not going to tell her are you Helen? I think this is something we should definitely stay out of."

"She's my friend, Nikki. I owe it to her to tell her. If it was you I'd want to know."

Nikki blushed as she thought about the far from pure thoughts she'd had about Kate. Thank God she hadn't acted on them. Just as they thought they couldn't be surprised further, Kerry appeared out of the doorway, holding what looked suspiciously like a pair of suspenders and said, with a cheeky smile, "Don't forget these, Katie. We wouldn't want you to be walking about half undressed would we?"

At that precise moment, Nikki and Helen could have been knocked down with a feather. "I don't fucking believe it," Nikki commented, unable to tear her eyes away from the scene unfolding in front of her.

"Well, it looks like someone went for a threesome after all," Helen added, relieved this scene wasn't happening outside their bedroom door.

As Kim and Kerry turned to wave Kate off, they finally noticed Helen and Nikki standing in the corridor. Kim instantly blushed and looked at her feet whilst Kerry just grinned as though she'd just discovered what life was all about.

Kate whispered a hurried "Might see you later" to Kim and Kerry before squeezing past Helen and Nikki with a smug grin plastered over her face. Nikki couldn't help but stare at Kate's legs as she walked past and it was only when she felt Helen give her a gentle clout round the head that she turned her attention back to Kim and Kerry.

To Be Continued

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