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Cyber Chix
By Crispaay500


Chapter 13

Pat checked her watch continually in between filling in paperwork and dealing with customers, Denny was almost an hour late, which just wasn't like her. Pat was anxious to go and talk to Nikki; she hated it when they argued. Although technically as Pat hadn't actually managed to answer Nikki's eloquent retort she couldn't actually be accused of that but Nikki had made it painfully clear that she was mad at her.

Eventually Denny blustered in through the front doors, soaking wet and covered in oil. "Stupid heap of junk!" Denny cursed as she made her way through to the staff room to change her clothes. "That's the last time I buy a motor bike from a guy in a pub!" Pat smirked, somehow she doubted that, although Denny was a great kid, with a heart of gold, she was a little naïve to say the least, she certainly wasn't the brightest button in the box.

When Denny finally emerged to take over, Pat handed over and then told her that she was going up to see Nikki. "Don't know what's got up her heiness' arse this morning, you think she'd be on top of the world, seeing as she obviously got laid last night." Denny's jaw hit the floor, "I was going to ask how the blind date went but I guess it was that good eh?" Pat nodded uncertainly, "Well you'd think so wouldn't you but she bit my head off this morning so it couldn't have gone too good now can it?"

"Who the hell do you two think you are discussing my sex life in the middle of the reception, it's about time everyone stopped interfering with my love life and just left me the fuck alone!" Nikki stormed off into her office slamming the door behind her.

"Well we had that one coming, didn't we?" Pat said guiltily,

"Yeah, s'pose. Should we go an' say sorry?" Denny said praying that she wasn't going to have to face Nikki's wrath just yet. Nikki was a great friend and brilliant boss but Denny could never cope with Nikki's tantrums.

"No. It's ok Den. I've got this. I figure it's me she's mad at anyway." Pat made her way to the office, staring back at Denny one last time before knocking on the door."

"Oh Pat, tell Nikki that Helen rang for her last night while she was out will ya? Wants her to ring her back. Might cheer her up a bit." Pat nodded and walked into the office.

Nikki was sitting in her office throwing a miniature basketball up in the air and catching it aimlessly, clearly lost in thought. Pat snatched the ball out of her hands instantly gaining her attention. "Come on then, what's crawled up your arse this morning, did you not like Caroline? What's the matter was she not energetic enough for you? Not kinky enough? Did she get too heavy? What?"

Nikki spun around angrily at her friend, causing Pat to back up hastily, a shocked look frozen on her face. "Did you know she was like that?" Pat frowned clearly puzzled, "I'm sorry mate…I don't know what you're talking about. Like what?"

Nikki stood so that she was towering over Pat, her heart racing as she tried to reign in her anger fuelled by the foolishness that she felt. "A player? She played me Pat, I thought she was quiet and sweet and she ate me up and spat out the bones."

Pat sat down on the arm of the chair, "And I'm guessing not in a good way judging by your reaction?" Pat couldn't hide her smirk but when she looked up at the scowl on Nikki's face she realised humour wouldn't be well received at the moment. "I'll be honest with you Nikki, yes I kinda new she liked the ladies…yeah go on then a player if you like but I thought that was what you needed, didn't think you'd be ready to get into anything serious just now. And beside before you met Trish you were the biggest player of them all."

Nikki sat down on the other arm of the couch, "Yeah but I was a kid then. I was a shit. Do you know how it feels to only be good enough to be a quick shag but not girlfriend material?"

"Oh come on Nikki, that's not how people see you…look I'm sorry. I got it wrong, Caroline wasn't the one for you…but I'll do better next time." Pat said grinning broadly. Nikki visibly flinched, "Just keep the fuck out of my love life from now on Pat…apart from Sheena you have terrible taste in your own women, why I ever thought it would be a good idea you finding one for me I don't know?"

"Oh 'cause you do so well on your own don't you? How is Helen by the way? Oh shit Helen!" Pat gasped as she suddenly realised that she'd forgotten to give Nikki the message.

"What! What about Helen?" Nikki said jumping to her feet.

"Oh look I'm sorry mate, she rang last night for you, I meant to tell you when I first came in." "It doesn't matter. WHAT DID SHE SAY?" Nikki said urgently, her heart pounding irrationally at just the mention of her name.

"She rang last night, wants you to ring her back." Nikki stood quickly and raced out of the office, knocking Pat onto the couch in her rush to get past her. "She's straight Nikki!" Pat shouted after her but it was no good Nikki was no longer listening as she rummaged through the filing cabinet searching for Helen's details.

When she found them she wrote the number down and began to dial, suddenly changing her mind, "no I'll go round there, take her some flowers tell her how sorry I am". Pat placed her hands on Nikki's shoulders and turned her round so that she was looking at her. "Read my lips. She…Is…Straight! You're going to get your heart broken again. Will you just stop for a minute and please listen to me!"

Nikki looked up into her friend's eyes, "I don't care, I love her and I want to be with her. I'm going to go over there and tell her whatever she needs to hear so that I can at least have her in my life and if that means we can just be friends, well…well that's the way it has to be, I'll have to learn to live with it. Anything's better than pretending that she doesn't mean anything to me…please understand…I've got to do this." Pat nodded silently as Nikki pulled her into an excited hug before ripping the page off and heading for the front door.

"Er Nikki?"

"What now?"

"Trousers would be good."

Nikki looked down at her tight Lycra shorts and vest and realised for the second time that day that yet again she was far too scantily dressed to be on her way out the door. Nikki turned and headed towards the stairs. "Thanks Pat, where would I be without you?"

Pat turned to Denny shaking her head and grinning humorously at the younger girl, "Arrested for indecency!"


Chapter 14

Nikki pulled up outside Helen's house in her black Range Rover and turned off the engine. Taking a deep breath she reached across for the large bunch of roses and tucked them under her arm as she climbed down from the driver seat. After one final check of her appearance in the reflection of the windows, she made her way up the drive. Another deep breath, then Nikki reached out her hand to knock on the door, only to have it wrenched open, surprising both herself and Helen as they came unexpectedly face-to-face.

"Nikki, what are you doing here?" Helen asked quietly dropping the sports bag that she held in her hand, hoping that Nikki wouldn't see that she was on her way to see her. "I told you they rang…no…Denny told me you rang…I thought you should come and see me…oh shit sorry…" Nikki took another deep breath; her nerves appeared to be cutting off her 'brain supply'. "I mean…I thought I should come and see you…can I come in?" Helen nodded dumbly and moved to one side.

Nikki stepped nervously inside. Helen closed the door and turned to Nikki, "are those for me?" she said motioning towards the flowers, Nikki snapped back to consciousness, "Oh yeah…sorry."

Helen took the flowers and headed towards the kitchen. Nikki looked around her, "this is lovely Helen, did you decorate it yourself?"

"No, we had to get someone in."

"We?" I thought you said you were single?" said Nikki suddenly realising that she may have said too much.

"I don't believe I told you anything of the sort."

Nikki blushed furiously, "Well Pat may have mentioned it…so we?"

"Yeah me and my fiancé. We didn't have time to do it ourselves. He had his own business and I don't get away from Larkhall some nights till gone nine."

Nikki suddenly realised how little she knew about the woman who had undeniably stolen her heart. "I've got to say it Helen, I have no idea what you're talking about. Firstly, fiancé? Secondly, Larkhall? Huh?" Helen looked up at Nikki's confused expression, "Sean was my fiancé, we split up some time ago and Larkhall, well I'm the wing governor of G wing in Larkhall prison, it's no big deal," she said modestly.

"Oh come on Helen, I might only be a lowly Muscle Monkey but you're what? 31. 32? I would say that's a pretty big deal." Helen smiled, unable to hide the pride from her eyes, "31. So ok maybe it is a big deal…Muscle monkey eh?"

Nikki grinned self-consciously, "Yeah sorry, it's one of Pat's words of wisdom, it means someone who makes their living with their muscles instead of their brains."

"I guessed what it meant, but you're not though are you Nikki…far from it." It was Nikki's turn to blush.

As Helen continued to arrange the flowers, Nikki took the time to appreciate the less obvious qualities of Helen Stewert. Nikki loved the way that she constantly tucked her hair behind her right ear as she spoke, how her shirt rose up her back as she stretched for things high up, revealing soft pink flesh that made Nikki's heart beat faster how when she smiled she tucked her tongue behind her teeth, oh there was no denying it Nikki could lose herself in each and every inch of Helen Stewert…but she wasn't hers to get lost in and she never would be.

Nikki's heart sank as she realised that if she decided that she could settle for being just friends with her, she would eventually have to watch her fall in love with another guy, another Sean…maybe she would one day marry the next one, Nikki wasn't sure she was strong enough for that.

"So what happened with Sean then, can I ask?" Nikki immediately noticed Helen's body stiffen at the mention of her ex-fiancé's name. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Helen turned away from the sink and placed the vase of flowers onto the kitchen table, "No it's ok, I want to tell you, let me get us a drink and we can go and sit in the lounge, coffee or would you prefer something stronger?" Helen motioned to the array of bottles on the work surface, "Beer would be good, if you have it." Helen reached into the fridge and grabbed a six-pack, turning to pour herself a vodka before making her way into the lounge.

Nikki sat next to Helen on the couch, kicked off her boots and pulled her knees up to her chest as she turned to stare intently at her. Helen grinned, happy to see how comfortable Nikki had become in her company. "So come on then, tell me about Sean." Nikki said taking a large drink from her bottle.

"We were together about two years, he begged me and begged me to marry him, I finally agreed but then I found out he was having an affair."

"Bastard! So is that where he is now then?"

Helen looked down at her feet, swallowing hard to try to fight off the tears that were threatening to fall, "I came home early one night and found him in our bed with a twenty two year old tart…and do you know, he wasn't even sorry about it. He said it was my fault because I was so frigid, said sex with me was boring but he did say he would take me back if I agreed to loosen up a bit. He even suggested that I join him in a threesome with his tart."

"What a shit! I hope you told him where to get off."

Helen tutted loudly, "No Nikki, I stripped off right there and joined them, what do you think? Of course I kicked him out, he said he didn't want to be with a fat cow like me anyway."

Nikki gasped, "What? Who the fuck does he think he is?" Helen could no longer hold the tears back and Nikki moved closer and put her arm around her shoulders, feeling relieved when Helen didn't pull away.

"You know you're beautiful don't you, the man must be blind…you're witty, you're gorgeous…the man must be out of his mind."

Helen blushed, looking up into Nikki soulful eyes, wallowing in the sincerity of her words, "Thank you Nikki, you always know what to say to cheer me up." Helen leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on Nikki's cheek.

Nikki pulled away abruptly, feeling her skin tingle and her heartbeat quicken. "So," she said, her voice shaking with emotion, "Is that why you came to the gym then…because of him?" Helen thought for a moment, "I thought so at first but now I think I needed to do it for me. I need to get the old Helen back, the one that I was before I met him. Can you help me Nikki?"

Nikki sat up straight giving Helen her undivided attention, "Anything for you, you know that." Helen grinned nervously, "Train me".

Nikki smiled, "are you serious?"

"Yeah, I need to get my confidence back, if I'm ever going to start dating again and the first step to that is for me to feel good about myself.£ Nikki baulked at this, what could she say? The woman that had stolen her heart was asking her to train her so that she could go out and find herself another boyfriend. Nikki sighed, she would have to get used to this, she knew what being friends with Helen would be like, she would have to take the rough with the smooth.

"Ok, if that's what you want."

"It is," Helen said suddenly standing and moving over to the window, "Nikki can I ask you something first though."

"Ok," Nikki said nervously.

"Why did you kiss me?"

Nikki looked away, searching for the right words without lying to her, "I'm really sorry Helen…it was a misunderstanding…I misread the signs. It won't happen again, I promise."

Helen turned around glaring at Nikki, her temper beginning to flare in her hazel eyes.

"That's not what I meant, why did you kiss me if you already had a beautiful girlfriend. Are you just the same as Sean Nikki?"

"No, I am nothing like Sean, I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't got a girlfriend."

"Oh Nikki don't lie to me, I saw you with her, I came by the gym yesterday morning to see you, I…I saw you in the car park with her. Why did you kiss me Nikki, what was I just another notch on your bedpost, just another straight girl that you'd managed to convert?"

Realisation hit Nikki as she swiftly stood and moved in towards Helen. She wanted to take her in her arms and tell her that Caroline was nothing, that she could never love anyone else because she was hopelessly in love with her but she knew that Helen would never be interested. "Helen, she's not my girlfriend…I met her after me and you…well you know…It's new I promise, I wouldn't do that to you…I would never do that to you."

Helen paused for a moment, her temper slowly abating as she saw the sincerity in Nikki's face. "I'm sorry Nikki I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions…so is it serious?"

"It's early days," she lied "but it could be".

Helen gulped nervously, she was unsure why she had been so angered by the idea of Nikki having a girlfriend, possibly because she had found herself a really good friend in Nikki and she wasn't prepared to share her just yet. Yes that was it she thought, as she gulped her vodka down in one and reached for the bottle.

"Do you know something, we don't know each other at all do we? Let's get blasted and play some drinking games, I'm a scot…I know quite a few, I guarantee we'll know everything there is to know about each other by the time we pass out."

Nikki nodded enthusiastically, "Great idea, you better go get another bottle though, me and Pat drank each other under the table almost every night at Uni playing those things.

So, after the two had filled the coffee table up with various bottles and poured themselves very large drinks, they began to play 'I've never'. They started with very unassuming questions but as the evening wore on and the bottles began to empty the questions became more and more daring and surprisingly more and more suggestive.

"I've never…" slurred Helen, concentrating hard, trying to think of a question that would make Nikki drink without her, "slept with a woman." Nikki took several large drinks from her glass and then grinned with disbelief at Helen, "Oh come on, are you trying to tell me that you've never shared a bed with another woman, not even your mum?"

Helen blushed, "well yeah, me and Claire used to share a bed all the time at Uni, it just depended where we past out." Helen conceded and drank from her glass, "Come on then your turn…and stop with the lame questions."

"I've never…had sex with a man." Nikki said grinning. Helen leant her head on one side and looked at Nikki through very red eyes, "that's not fair…come on we can do better than that… I've never… been with anyone and truly been in love with them."

Nikki sat up straight, staring intently into Helen's eyes as she drank from her glass twice, "What? Never?" Helen shook her head sadly, "So you've been in love Nikki, but you drank twice. I know about Trisha, who was the other one?"

Nikki blushed wildly, "erm…I…it's no one…she's straight anyway so it's never going to happen." Nikki looked away guiltily, unable to look in Helen's eyes for fear that she would tell her the truth, but Helen had moved on. "I never really thought about how hard it must be to be a lesbian. How do you do it Nikki?"

Nikki turned back abruptly, "Eh? How do I do what? You don't mean…" Helen sat upright, suddenly realising how she must have sounded. "Oh shit, no I didn't mean…you know 'it', although I'm not really sure about that but no I meant how do you cope with it, how do you know when women are into you?"

Nikki smirked almost sarcastically, "Well I don't always get it right do I?" Their eyes met and held for several seconds, Helen's eyes seemed to soften and for the first time Nikki thought that she could see emotion within them. Was it possible that her feelings were reflected back at her?

Nikki rested her hand on Helen shoulder, "Thank you for tonight, I'm glad you decided to give me another chance, see I'm not all that bad am I?" Helen raised her hand and placed it on top of Nikki's, "I'm glad you came round, I like spending time with you."

"I like spending time with you too." Nikki felt her body tingle at Helen's touch and found herself wanting more. She looked intently at her lips, wanting to taste them more than she'd ever wanted anything in her whole life. "Look I better go, it's getting late." Nikki said quickly getting to her feet, the alcohol robbing her of her stability and knocking her back over again, she unceremoniously landed in Helen's lap and they both dissolved into fits of giggles. The laughter stopped and the two stared intently into each other's eyes, "Stay tonight," Helen croaked, surprised at how fast her heart was beating and how dry her mouth had suddenly become, "You can't drive now anyway".

Nikki sat upright, her heart pounding loudly, was she imagining it? Was their desire in Helen's voice? Whatever it was Nikki was certainly not going to miss an opportunity to spend more time with Helen. "Thanks Helen that would be great." Helen beamed, "Shall we turn in then, I've got an intensive training session with the best personal trainer in the business tomorrow, I need to get my beauty sleep."

Nikki sniggered, "Oh have you? I don't remember agreeing."

"Pat said she'd train me, didn't I tell you." Helen laughed and dodge out of the way as Nikki threw a cushion at her, narrowly missing her backside as she disappeared out of the room. "Can you grab me a blanket and a pillow then H please and I'll turn in too."

Helen reappeared at the door with a puzzled expression on her face, "Don't be daft, that couch is tiny, you'd never fit your massive long legs on that thing. I've got a big bed, as long as you promise not to pounce on me…unless I ask you to that is…"

Helen giggled and disappeared back around the doorframe and made her way upstairs. Nikki stood in the lounge staring after her, now I definitely didn't imagine that, she thought to herself incredulously. Had Helen's feelings changed or was this just the alcohol talking; she had after all drank most of a bottle of vodka.

Nikki made her way nervously up the stairs, suddenly feeling much more sober than she had a short while ago. She pushed the bedroom door open and peered into the darkness, as her eyes adjusted she saw Helen lying face down on the bed, slight snores emanating from her petite body.

Nikki sighed frustratedly, she removed her trousers and climbed into bed next to her, she ran her hand gingerly over Helen's ruffled hair, "Oh Helen if you only knew what you do to me." She rolled over and pulled the covers up to her chin, ensuring to keep a safe distance from Helen as she slept. Moments before sleep claimed her Nikki whispered, "I love you Helen" before drifting off, blissfully unaware that a sleepy Helen had chosen that moment to open her eyes, "I love you too" she mouthed before smiling contentedly and slipping back into her peaceful slumber.


Chapter 15

Nikki awoke the next morning with an unfamiliar feeling of contentment deep within her. Looking down she saw Helen had rolled into the middle of the bed and was sleepily snuggled into her body, her legs entwined with hers and her head on her breast.

Nikki gulped nervously, realising how close Helen's head was to her breast and felt a wave of arousal course through her. She couldn't imagine anywhere she would rather be, but she knew that Helen would be embarrassed if she awoke and found herself in this position. Reluctantly, Nikki slid out from under Helen's body, realising for the first time that she had removed her clothes at some point during the night and was lying next to her in just her underwear.

Nikki made her way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower turning the temperature down to curb the frustration that screamed through her body. As the cool jets stung her skins, Nikki began to doubt her decision; it had seemed so easy to become Helen's friend, easy even to convince herself that she could be happy with that as long as she had her in her life, but the reality was that she was struggling with the temptation of being so close to her without being able to touch her, taste her…make love to her.

Nikki quickly dried and dressed and began to make her way downstairs but found herself unable to pass the bedroom door without staring back at a sleeping Helen. Her heart ached with the love that she had inside her for the small scot as she lay motionless in the bed, her leg and shoulders exposed, Nikki knew that she would never love anyone more than she loved her right now. Waves of sadness and regret ran through her as she realised that her feelings would never be returned and Nikki turned, swallowing the lump in her throat as she made her way out of the house and back to her car.

When Nikki returned to the gym she found the lights on and the doors already open. Peering inside she found Pat behind the desk filing paper work. Pat spun around in shock when she realised Nikki was standing behind her.

"Where the bloody hell did you come from?" Pat said crossing her arms and sitting on the side of the desk. "Thought it was my turn to open up today…so maybe I should be asking you what the bloody hell your doin' here?" Nikki said frowning at the shorter woman.

Pat looked at her friend critically, "I knew you went after Helen yesterday, knew you hadn't been home, thought you'd past out in some woman's bedroom somewhere after drowning your sorrows, 'cause Helen kicked you out. Didn't think you'd be in for hours yet."

Nikki smiled sarcastically at her friend as she pulled out the chair next to her and sat down. "Actually, I spent the night at Helen's." Nikki announced smugly.

"What? You slept with Helen?"

"No, well yeah…we slept in the same bed but we didn't 'sleep together' sleep together, not in the way your filthy mind means."

"Oh god, Nikki," sighed Pat frustratedly, "I hope you know what you're doin'…she's straight, she's never gonna love you back mate."

"I know that Pat, I'm not a stupid kid, I can handle it." Nikki's voice trembled with emotion as she tried to suppress the insistent tear that began to roll down her cheek. Pat moved over to the door and locked it, "come on mate, make me a coffee and we'll see what we're gonna do with ya."

The two women made their way up to Nikki's flat, settling down with their coffees at the kitchen table. "What's going on Nik, why are you putting yourself through this. You could have your pick of available women…available gay women, I've seen the way they throw themselves all over you, you've got to let this go mate."

"Yeah I know, it's just I can't stand the thought of my life without her in it."

"Christ, Nikki have you really got it that bad?" Nikki nodded despondently, "Look mate, I know you're gonna tell me to keep my bib out but you've got to start meeting other women, this obsession, it's…it's just not healthy."

Nikki sighed, admitting defeat, "Yeah you're right, maybe if I'd got someone else in my life I wouldn't be quite so fixated on Helen."

Pat stood and put her cup on the drainer, "Now you're talking, look I better go and unlock, I can always hook you up with someone if you like."

"NO!" Nikki shouted loudly, "I'll be ok thanks."

"Well don't say I didn't offer." Pat said disappearing down the stairs.


Chapter 16

Helen awoke feeling an undeniable sense of loss. Looking around the room she saw no sign of Nikki, surely she wouldn't leave without saying good-bye to her. Helen slipped out of bed and put on her gown, looking around the house but finding no sign of Nikki she sat on her couch with her aspirin and water to quell the pounding in her head.

She thought back over the events of the previous evening. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed anyone's company the way that she had enjoyed Nikki's. She thought back to the way that she had felt lying close to her in her bed, how she had awoken in the night with the undeniable urge to feel skin on skin and had quietly got out of bed and stripped to her underwear before snuggling up to her back under the covers.

Somehow everything seemed to slot into place in Helen's mind. She had never felt so safe and secure in anyone else's arms, she had never felt such sincerity in anyone's words as she had when she had unwittingly heard Nikki profess her love for her. She had known without a shadow of a doubt that it had been her that Nikki was referring to when she had told her that she was in love with someone earlier in the evening.

Helen found herself thinking back to how it had felt that night when she had kissed her, how her lips had tingled and her body had burned with desire after she had left. Why had she left? Every part of Helen's mind and body had screamed at her to stay yet she ran. Oh how she wished she hadn't ran.

She had never felt this way about Sean. Never before had anyone intrigued her as she now found Nikki intigueing her. Could it be possible that she was attracted to Nikki, she certainly found herself wanting to spend every minute of every day with her and when she wasn't with her she found herself thinking about her, she had even completely blanked during an adjudication of a prisoner because she was thinking about how good Nikki looked in her tight shorts and T-shirts after her workouts.

It was no good she was going to have do something about this intolerable situation that she found herself in, it was starting to affect her work and she had always swore that she would remain professional whatever problems she may have.

Helen realised that she would have to go and see Nikki, confront the situation head on if she was ever going to calm her feelings for the tall brunette, and yes Helen realised, they were feelings, feelings of attraction and now Helen was sure of it, feelings of love.


Chapter 17

Later that day Helen made her way over to the gym, leaving her training clothes at home as she had opted to confront Nikki alone in her apartment and not in the gym. She had dressed to impress, wearing a black, silk blouse and black skirt, the hemline of which sat just above her knee. Her black stockings and 3" heels finished the ensemble and as Helen looked in the reflection of the big front door of the gym, she had to admit she looked good.

As she entered the reception she was met with an opened-mouthed stare from Pat, as she didn't even attempt to hide her lascivious leer up and down Helen's body. Helen noticed for the first time that she was not alone as a rather cross looking red-headed woman smacked her arm firmly, "Hey, put your tongue back in. Remember me?" Pat shook her head and suddenly found her voice, "Sorry babe, I was just…", "Yeah I know what you were just…!" the other woman said scowling harder. Pat cleared her throat; "let me introduce you to Helen Stewert, Nikki's…er… 'friend'. Helen this is my wife Sheena."

Helen shook her hand, "Hi Sheena, Hi Pat. Is Nikki around?"

"Yeah, she's in the studio, she's got a keep fit class in there for another ten minutes, you could go wait in the office if you like."

Helen shook her head thoughtfully, 'no way…she wasn't going to miss out on seeing Nikki in her sports gear, hot and sweaty, jumping about in front of a load of middle-aged housewives. "No, it's ok I think I'll just go watch if that's ok."

"Sure no problem, go ahead."

Helen headed out of the door and heard Sheena say, a little too loudly, "So that's the one that you told me about," closely followed by an even louder "SShh!" Helen stifled a giggle; at least it meant that she had made an impact if nothing else.

Helen approached the studio and immediately felt the bravado that she had earlier leave her as she could hear Nikki's voice shouting out her instructions to a group of about twenty women, who were all hanging on her every word.

She hung back, not wanting to distract her from her class, but somehow Nikki knew that she was there. Her eyes lifted and her words stumbled clumsily as she saw her react to the clothes that she was wearing. Helen sighed lustfully as the clothes that Nikki wore, or rather almost wasn't wearing, began to have an effect on her too.

Nikki rushed through her last exercise and wrapped the lesson up as quickly as possible, "Thank you ladies, that was a great session, see you again next week." Most of the women grabbed their towels and made their way to the locker room quickly, but Helen noticed that the black haired woman that had been exercising directly in front of Nikki had hung back and was now standing way too close to her.

Helen watched as she leaned in and said something in her ear, throwing her head back and laughing, leaving Nikki to smile politely. The woman ran her hand down Nikki's arm suggestively and moved in even closer, Helen's temper began to rise, who does she think she is mauling Nikki like that?

Helen squared her shoulders and went to step forwards but found herself stopped by a hand on her arm. "Nikki can deal with it, don't worry about her," Helen turned to see Denny beaming at her, "Look," she said pointing over to the two women. Nikki caught hold of the woman's hand very gently and placed it by her side, leaning in to say something quietly before they both turned and stared in Helen's direction. The woman seemed annoyed as she grabbed her towel and rushed past her.

"Ya a very lucky woman, young lady. If you ever get fed up with 'er just give me a shout." Helen nodded but did not have a clue what the older woman was talking about. Denny laughed, at Helen's obvious confusion, "It's ok, miss she's played the ' I don't think my wife would like it' card. Looks like it's your turn today, she's already been married to me, Pat and Sheena this week!"

Denny started to walk away, laughing loudly but Helen pulled her back, "Doesn't her girlfriend get fed up with women mauling her like that?" Denny frowned at Helen, her eyes still twinkling with laughter, "Nah miss, Nikki's not got a girlfriend, don't know who told you that."

Denny went back to her work and left a very confused Helen waiting for Nikki to finish clearing up the studio. Several minutes later, Nikki approached Helen, beaming widely, "Hey, I wasn't expecting you today…obviously not come for a work out then?" Nikki said motioning towards Helen's clothes."

Helen shook her head, her mind racing to analyse what Denny had just told her, Nikki had lied to her, but why? Why would she tell her that she had a girlfriend if she didn't? However it did change things somewhat, now it meant that Nikki was free, Helen's heartbeat quickened and her nerves jangled, this is it, she would finally be able to tell her exactly how she was feeling.

"Helen?" Nikki's voice startled her; she had not been listening, lost in her own thoughts and feelings about the woman that stood in front of her. Helen looked over at Nikki totally unaware of what she had just been asked.

"Helen are you ok?"

"Sorry, I was miles away, did you say something?"

Nikki frowned at her friend with concern, "what's the matter Helen, you're weird today, can I help?"

Helen blushed madly, 'oh more than you know' she thought, "Can we go upstairs? I need to talk to you." Nikki nodded "Yeah sure, I've got to go get showered and changed anyway." Nikki led the way to her apartment and Helen readily followed, her eyes perusing her sweat, slickened toned body as she climbed the stairs in front of her.

In the apartment Nikki headed straight for the bathroom, "Help yourself to a drink, I won't be long." Helen heard the shower start and she began to feel decidedly hot and rather flustered as she thought of Nikki's naked body, lathered up under the hot steamy water.

Helen stood and made her way over to the bathroom door, she would show Nikki how she felt, no words would be necessary, she would join her in the shower, after all actions did speak louder than words, didn't they?

As Helen walked past Nikki's pc, unbuttoning her blouse, something caught her eye that immediately stopped her dead in her tracks. Her hand flew to her mouth as she gasped loudly, not quite believing what she had just read. Oh she was going to have some fun with this. She quickly fastened her buttons again and went back into the kitchen to get herself a drink and wait for Nikki.

Ten minutes later Nikki appeared from the bathroom in jeans and a white sleeveless t-shirt, bare foot and still towel drying her hair. As she walked past the pc Nikki looked up, horrified to see if Helen had possibly seen it, deciding that she hadn't, she quickly turned it off and made her way into the kitchen to find her.

"Hiya," Helen said turning to face Nikki as she came into the kitchen, she handed Nikki a coffee and sat herself down at the kitchen table. Nikki sat next to her, studying her confused look with interest, "What's the matter? What wrong?"

It had taken Helen a while to process what she had inadvertently seen on Nikki's pc but had come up with a plan of action, one that would solve both of their problems. "Nikki, why did you lie to me about Caroline?"

Nikki looked away nervously, "What do you mean?"

"She's not your girlfriend, is she?" Nikki shook her head guiltily,

"So why did you tell me she was? I don't understand, what difference does it make to me if you've got a girlfriend or not?" Nikki pouted silently, her temper slowly rising,

"Well clearly it doesn't matter, at all does it," Nikki spat angrily.

Helen's face dropped, "Why are you angry with me Nikki, what have I said?" Nikki's shoulders slumped, she couldn't stand to see the hurt expression on her face, after all it wasn't her fault that Nikki was hurting. Helen had been honest all the way along the line, Nikki knew that she was straight and knew that she would never be interested, she was right, why should she care if she had a girlfriend or not.

"I'm sorry, I'm not angry at you. I shouldn't have lied to you, but you kinda assumed. We had one night together, I was trying to get my life back on track, I thought it might be the start of something but I was wrong. She just played me…then in the morning she was all 'thanks for the shag it was nice, see ya around', so now you know."

Helen swallowed nervously, placing her hand on Nikki's shoulder, "I'm sorry Nikki, that's shit, but I still don't get why you didn't tell me that before, why tell me she was your girlfriend?"

"You were so angry with me when we kissed and I thought we could be really good for each other, I thought that if you thought I'd got a girlfriend you would stop seeing me as a threat and give me another chance…and you did didn't you?"

Helen nodding, taking a long drink out of her cup, "and are you? Are you a threat Nikki?" Nikki spun around aggressively, "I'd never do anything to hurt you, you know that." She stood and began to pace the kitchen, "Is that how you see me? As a predatory lesbian that jumps on any woman she fancies, just because she can, what's the matter scared I'm gonna pounce on you right now and rip all your clothes off? Is that really how you see me? Is it? IS IT?"

Helen pushed her chair back and stood quickly moving to the other side of the room, she'd never seen her so angry, "I'm sorry Nikki, you know it's not…I just don't like being lied to."

Nikki refused to look at her, "I think you'd better leave…" Helen's eyes filled up with tears, she hadn't meant to make Nikki so angry, she made her way back to the stairs, stopping momentarily when she reached the top as if she was going to say something but changed her mind and turned and left.

"BLOODY STRAIGHT WOMEN!" Nikki hurled her coffee cup at the wall, smashing it and spraying, now cold coffee across the kitchen. Helen heard the crash and decided that she should leave quickly, give her chance to calm down and ring her later.


Chapter 18

Later that day Helen sat at her desk with her laptop in front of her, she had to sort these uncontrollable feelings once and for all that were consuming her, her obsession with the tall gym owner was becoming intolerable.

Helen clicked onto her private message box, smiling smugly when she saw that TallDarkandLoving was already online.

Sexy Scottie Lass says: Hi. I've missed you. Where have you been?

TallDarkandLoving says: Sorry been really busy. I've missed you too.

Sexy Scottie Lass says: I've been thinking about you a lot

TallDarkandLoving says: Really? Sounds interesting. What were you thinking?

Sexy Scottie Lass says: That it was time that we met.

TallDarkandLoving says: Are you sure, you still don't know me.

Sexy Scottie Lass says: I know you. I like you a lot Nik.

There was a long pause and then:

TallDarkandLoving says: I like you a lot too Heather.

Sexy Scottie Lass says: Not Heather. I'll tell you my real name when I see you.

TallDarkandLoving says: When do you want to meet?

Sexy Scottie Lass says: How about tonight? Do you cook?

Another long pause:

TallDarkandLoving says: Yes

Sexy Scottie Lass says: Can I come round to yours? You could cook for me.

TallDarkandLoving says: Are you ok with that? You trust me?

Sexy Scottie Lass says: I trust you.

TallDarkandLoving says: Where do you live?

Sexy Scottie Lass says: I'll scan you a map and send it you. Are you sure?

TallDarkandLoving says: Dead sure. What time?

Sexy Scottie Lass says: 7?

TallDarkandLoving says: 7's great. I'm looking forward to it.

Sexy Scottie Lass says: I'm looking forward to it.

TallDarkandLoving says: Me too. C U later

Sexy Scottie Lass says: C U later Nik.

Helen closed her laptop and looked at the time, 3pm that would give her plenty of time for a long soak in the bath and then she would take her time preparing for her date with Nik. Nothing would go wrong tonight. By the end of the evening TallDarkandLoving would be head over heels with her and all this inane dithering over Nikki would well and truly be over.


Chapter 19

Later that evening Helen pulled her car up outside's Chix. Taking a deep breath, Helen reached across the passenger's seat of her red Peugeot and grabbed the large bunch of lilies before making her way up to the door. As she reached out to press the bell, she took a moment to steady her hand, her nerves making every muscle in her body shake.

The door opened to reveal a very nervous and then very shocked Nikki standing staring at Helen lost for words. "Hiya Nikki, I brought you these," she said handing her the flowers. Nikki smiled lamely and took them from Helen's arms.

"Can I come in?" Helen said flashing Nikki her sexiest smile, Nikki looked nervously down at her watch, "Er yeah…I guess so…look I'm sorry Helen, I've kinda got plans tonight."

Helen smiled inwardly, "Please Nikki, it won't take long I just need to clear the air, I hate it when we fight," Nikki relented and moved to one side to allow Helen entry. "I'm really sorry about what I said before…you know that's not how I see you…I…really like you Nikki, you know I do." Nikki blushed, unable to look at her, "So. Am I forgiven?" Helen said, moving closer to her, trying to gain eye contact.

Nikki moved away nervously, "Yeah, look forget it." Nikki again checked her watch, it was already 7 o'clock, Heather would be here any minute and for some reason she really didn't want them to meet.

"Wow something smells good, and I don't just mean you, am I interrupting something?" Helen said making a show of looking around the flat. Nikki blushed furiously, "well I…erm…I kinda got a date."

"Yeah? She's a very lucky lady, you look gorgeous…is it anyone I know?"

Nikki looked away, suddenly feeling self-conscious, "No, I met her on the internet if you must know. There I've said it now, you can have a good old laugh at me now can't you?"

Helen stood back, hurt evident in her eyes, "why would you think I would want to laugh at you? Have I every laughed at you, Nikki?" Nikki shook her head, still unable to look at her, realising that the harshness in her voice may have been hiding her own insecurities.

Helen took a deep breath, "I've joined a Internet dating site too Nikki." Nikki closed her arms around herself, reluctant to hear how this conversation was going to end.

"That's great Helen, I bet it makes you feel good to know you can still pull the boys but if you don't mind I'm expecting my date anytime now."

"No, Nikki let me tell you…I've met someone really special…I think it could be the real thing this time…I…" but Nikki cut her off, "That's great Helen, I'm so glad you've found someone special…now did you come all this way to tell me how happy you are and how happy I'm not or was there something else?"

Nikki stood, angrily towering over her, trying to hide the pain in her eyes as Helen sat in front of her telling her that she had fallen in love with some random guy from the Internet. Anyone as long as it was not her and, oh yeah… male, Nikki thought bitterly.

"Oh here she goes again, wallowing in self-pity…" Helen spat angrily, "what's the matter Nikki, can't handle other people being in love…just because you're too gutless to tell the woman you love how you feel?"

Nikki squared her shoulders angrily; who did this woman think she was? Coming here flaunting her new relationship in her face, she must know what it's doing to me, why is she so intent on hurting me. "You don't know anything about it…who the fuck are you to judge me?"

Helen stood and took a step closer to Nikki, "I know that you're scared Nikki, I know that you love someone but you're scared she can't or won't love you back…I know that you don't really want this date tonight you're just too scared to admit your feelings. Why don't you just stop being such a coward Nikki?"

Nikki saw red; this woman in front of her infuriated her beyond words, why had she changed so drastically, why had she become so confrontational? She took a step closer so that her face was only inches away from Helen's. "You…lady, do not know what you're talking about…if you knew the truth…well…well you wouldn't be able to handle it."

"Try me…come on Nikki, grow a pair and try me!"

Nikki reared up, thumping the wall in frustration, feeling her hand crunch as it made contact with the brickwork. "What is your problem Helen? I don't get it, I thought we were friends. WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH?"

Helen's anger flared as her heart pounded in her chest, all she wanted was to make Nikki angry enough to admit her feelings. "I DON'T HATE YOU…YOU SILLY COW…I LOVE YOU!"

Both women straightened, the statement that had escaped from Helen's lips was clearly a surprise to both of them. The two women stood in the now quiet room, both breathless, both flushed with anger, both finding themselves overtaken by passion as their emotions almost crackled in the air between them.

Helen stared into Nikki's eyes, panting hard, staring up at her willing her to speak to break the silence. Suddenly the emotion overcame her and she leapt forward capturing Nikki's lips with her own, forcefully pushing her against the door.

Anger turned swiftly to passion, both women fought for dominance as their tongues explored each other's mouths greedily, their hands pulled at each other's clothes and raked roughly through their hair.

Helen pushed Nikki backwards until she felt the couch at the back of her legs; sitting slowly she pulled Helen on top of her. Nikki's passion raged through her body, her heart thumped loudly in her ears, making her feel light-headed as she kissed Helen with all the desire that she had had to keep locked up inside her.

Helen's hand moved to the buttons of Nikki's shirt, pulling frustratedly at them when they refused to yield but Nikki pulled away suddenly, forcing herself to stand up, stumbling slightly, breathless, desperate to put some space between them she stood quickly and moved to the other side of the room. Helen panting hard, stared at her with confusion,

"What the fuck?"

Nikki looked at her intently, trying to get her breathing back under control, trying desperately to ignore the arousal between her legs.

"What the hell are we doing? One minute we're screaming at each other, next we're tearing each other's clothes off. What's going on Helen? I'm supposed to be on a date…" Nikki looked down at her watch realising that Heather was extremely late.

Helen grinned knowingly, "She's not coming."

Nikki stared up into Helen's eyes, her breathing still ragged, "What? How can you know that?"

Helen approached Nikki, running her hand gently under her chin she pulled her face up so that she could look into her eyes, "I'm Heather…see even without meeting we can't deny what we feel for each other."

"What? But how? I don't get it, how did you know…how did it happen? I mean I thought you were straight."

"Well, I guess I've never been so glad that Claire rang me and pissed me off when I was filling in my form. I saw your screen when I was here before, I saw your log in name so I checked my profile and realised what I'd done. I guess it explains why I've had so many, how can I put this 'colourful offers'."

Helen pulled Nikki down to sit next to her on the couch, she took Nikki's hand in hers, "I love you Nikki…it took me seeing how I had started to feel for a total stranger to finally make me see what was right in front of my face".

Nikki pulled her hand away and began to frown, "but how do I know it's not Nik you fell in love with? I assume you thought I was a guy…tell me the truth Helen, was that the only reason you wanted to meet me, because you thought I was a guy?"

"Nikki, think about it, I knew about TallDarkandLoving before I arranged a meeting."

Nikki still seemed uncertain, Helen moved around to kneel in front of her, placing herself between her legs. Nikki's shoulders lowered as she gazed into Helen's pleading eyes, "But how do I know it's me you want? What if it doesn't work?"

"What if it does?" Helen leant in and placed the gentlest of kisses on Nikki's waiting lips, causing a low moan to escape from her throat as she felt her tongue probe further, unable to contain her desire any longer she began to kiss her back, her resolve and her misgivings disappearing with every whimper and lustful moan that passed between them.

Their kisses became hungry, their hands running through each other's hair, pulling the other in to deepen each kiss.

Helen slowly got to her feet, pulling the taller woman with her, never losing her lips, Nikki pulled away momentarily staring, longingly into Helen's heavy lidded eyes. "I love you Helen."

"Took you long enough to say it, I wondered how angry I was going to have to get you to make you tell me."

Nikki bent down and kissed seductively along the length of Helen's jaw line, slowly sucking on her pulse point, instinctively holding her up as her knees began to weaken, she moved her way back up to her ear and breathed, "I will show you how much I love you every day for the rest of our lives if you'll let me."

"Oh Nicola!" Helen gasped as she felt Nikki's tongue begin to run back down her neck, "make love to me". Helen felt Nikki smile as her lips left her neck, bending down she picked her up into her arms and carried her gently into the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom Helen found Nikki's lips once more as she kissed her with such passion. Nikki found herself pinned up against the bedroom wall the second that she placed Helen's feet on the floor. Her body screaming out to be touched, her heart pounded in her chest, she had never felt this way about anyone and she found that she was aroused beyond explanation.

With shaking hands she began to pull frustratedly at the buttons of Helen's blouse, sighing lustfully as they finally opened allowing her to push the soft silky fabric from Helen's shoulders.

Helen's heart was pounding so loudly in her ears, she was sure that Nikki would be able to hear it too. She had never felt passion like this; she had never needed anyone as much as she needed Nikki right now. She reached up and kissed her with all the passion that was welling up inside her, she ran her hands up the inside of Nikki's shirt pulling it up and over her head.

Helen stopped kissing Nikki, gasping loudly as her eyes settled on Nikki's breasts, her hands slid around her back and unclasped her bra, moaning loudly as her breasts escaped their silky confines. Helen's eyes widened, she would never have imagined that she could be so aroused just by looking at another woman's breasts…but this wasn't just another woman, this was Nikki…her Nikki.

She reached forward nervously, placing her hands gently under Nikki's breasts, cupping them in her palms and softly running her thumbs over her nipples, marvelling as they puckered in response. Nikki gasped with desire at the sensation of Helen's gentle touch.

Nikki reached around Helen, expertly unclasping her bra and dropping it to the floor, she captured Helen's eyes with her own and held them insistently, her raw need obvious within each desire filled stare. Her hands dropped to the waistband of Helen's trousers, running her thumbs around until she found the single button that kept her from her goal. Still refusing to release her stare Nikki's nimble fingers released the button and Helen sighed involuntarily as they pooled at her feet.

Nikki's hands slid down to Helen's backside, slowly pushing her panties down her legs as they fell to the floor and Helen stepped out, pulling Nikki passionately back onto her lips before she pulled away again and their eyes found each others searching in to the other's very soul.

Helen sat on the end of the bed and pulled Nikki to her using the waistband of her jeans; opening each button she placed a gentle kiss on each new piece of Nikki that was slowly being revealed. Nikki took a step back and pushed her jeans and panties onto the floor, returning to push Helen forcefully back onto the bed before placing her body lovingly on top of her, placing an arm either side of her head and delving deep into her willing mouth with her tongue and sucking her bottom slip eliciting sensations deep within Helen that she had never experienced before.

Realising that Helen's legs were still hanging off the end of the bed, a wry smile crossed Nikki's face as she left the warmth of Helen's lips and seductively made her way down her body. Her hands cupping both of her breasts Nikki brought her lips down lovingly onto her nipples, flicking them roughly with her tongue, smiling smugly as she felt Helen's body arch with desire as she pushed them closer to Nikki's mouth.

Nikki continued to travel down her body, leaving a trail of gentle kisses over Helen's stomach, stopping momentarily to dip her tongue in and out of her navel, an erotic promise of what was to come before she slowly made her way further down Helen's body. Running her hands slowly up the outside of her legs, Nikki pulled Helen's body carefully down the bed, hearing her moan frustratedly as her centre came excruciatingly close to Nikki's mouth.

Nikki began to kiss slowly up the soft skin on the insides of her thighs, before placing both of Helen's legs over her shoulders. Helen's body again stiffened with excitement as she whispered, just one word, but that one word was almost enough to push Nikki over the edge… "Please…"

Nikki bent her head towards Helen's centre, for the first time taking in the intoxicating aroma of her lover's arousal, she ran her tongue painfully slowly across Helen's glistening folds, "Oh God…" Helen breathed huskily, grabbing at the sheets to steady her passion. Nikki, taking pity on her forcefully slid her tongue deep inside her, immediately finding her wet and swollen, her clit hard beneath her tongue. She immediately began to flick her tongue rhythmically over the hardened nub of nerves as Helen began to writhe ecstatically beneath her. Helen's hands fell to Nikki's head, urgently running through her thick hair, holding her firmly as she began to lose herself in the waves of sensations that were beginning to ripple through her body.

As her body began to shake uncontrollably, with one final surge Nikki sucked her clit hard, causing Helen to arch her body almost off the bed as she came harder than she had ever had before, her body trembling with muscles spasms for several minutes as she found herself unable to speak and a single tear escaped falling onto the bed beneath her.

Nikki looked up into her lover's tear filled eyes, immediately fearing that Helen now regretted what had happened. "What's the matter, what did I do? Are you ok? Oh god did I hurt you?" Helen smiled at the concern on her lover's face, feeling her heart melt at the love that she saw there.

"Nikki, I love you, there is nothing wrong…in fact I have never felt more right in my life." She lovingly took Nikki's hands in her own, pulling her up the bed until they were lying face-to-face with their heads resting on the pillows. Helen ran her hands, slowly through Nikki's hair pulling her into her lips, feeling her body instantly respond to the passion that she found there. She realised that she could taste her own arousal on Nikki's lips and found it unbelievable erotic.

In one swift movement Helen pushed Nikki onto her back as she straddled her hips, her hands massaging her breasts, her eyes wide, her mind struggling to cope with the vast array of feelings and sensations coursing through her body as she realised that she would probably never get tired of touching her soft, silky body, she realised above everything else that she wanted to make love to this woman lying beneath her, to make her experience the euphoria that she had just experienced…but simply did not know how.

Helen looked down into Nikki's searching, brown eyes, "Oh Nikki, I want to make love to you so much…but I don't know how." Nikki smiled knowingly, "just do what you feel" Helen shuddered involuntarily as her words comforted her, her body aching to touch her, she reached forward and began to caress Nikki's breasts, revelling in the effect that she was obviously having as she closed her eyes blissfully enjoying the feel of Helen's fingers on her, her body instantly responding, her wetness seeping down her leg, every inch of her begging to be touched.

Nikki's hands began to slowly inch up Helen's legs, finally meeting at the wet, curly hairs at the top. Her eyes opened and she fixed Helen with a stare that went through to her core as her fingers slid forcefully into her velvety opening and back out again, forcing the air from Helen's lungs as she felt the passion in each thrust.

Helen copied Nikki's movement and promptly found her fingers playing in the wetness that she found between Nikki's legs. With one forceful push, she felt her fingers slip inside as they both gasped with the pure emotion of the situation. Helen began to copy the rhythm that Nikki's fingers had now found and could feel her starting to push down firmly on her fingers, her muscles tightening around them, as she got nearer and nearer her goal. Helen's own body began to respond to the insistent thrusts as Nikki's fingers, now stimulated her already sensitive clit, and that's when it hit her, something that had never happened before with any of her other lover's. Helen orgasmed loudly for the second time, her whole body shaking violently as the intensity travelled up and down her body unchecked.

Looking down on Nikki below her, Helen became fascinated as her body began to tremble, her back arched erratically whilst every muscle in her body seemed to constrict in a beautifully erotic dance as the passion claimed her mercilessly again and again.

Several minutes later, when they had both managed to gain control over their bodies once more they rolled into each others arms, holding each other tight, both waiting until their heartbeats found a steady pattern.

Nikki stroked Helen's hair, sending shivers up her spine as she stroked her neck and scalp. "I love you Helen. I have never loved anyone the way I love you. Please tell me this is what you truly want. I couldn't stand it if this was all some sort of experiment."

Helen leant up on her elbows, pulling her face around so that they were staring into each other's eyes she said, "Nikki if I didn't feel the way I feel, I wouldn't have done what we've just done…Please don't think I'm so fickle in my feelings for you. I've tried to deny it but I guess I've always known from the very first moment that we kissed that I loved you, if not before."

Nikki beamed, instantly reassured, "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Helen breathed huskily, leaning in to kiss Nikki passionately once more.

"So when did you know that you loved me?" Helen said smiling. Nikki never failed to respond to Helen's smile, her body screaming to hold her tighter, never let her go.

"I knew the minute you fell at my feet. When you left that day, you already had my heart." Nikki said running her hand playfully down Helen's spine, trying to memorise every bump along the way.

"So what now?" Nikki asked gazing down into the tired scot's eyes, "where do we go from here?"

Helen smiled suggestively, "well, I wasn't planning on leaving this bed for a very long time, although I wouldn't mind a wee bit of sleep right now, but when I wake up I'd like to do it all over again. I want to get to know everything about you Nicola Wade, every inch of your body, everywhere that you liked to be touched, everywhere that you like to be kissed…everything."

A tear rolled down Nikki's cheek as she wiped it away quickly with the back of her hand, "I can't believe I've actually got you…I love you Helen."

They kissed slowly sensually, their lips conveying all the love that flowed between them, "I love you too Nikki, more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. Thank you?"

Nikki gazed down at Helen, confusion evident in her questioning eyes, "For what?"

"For coming into my life and showing me what was missing, I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

As contented smiles settled on their faces, the lovers slipped blissfully into a satisfied sleep, both feeling for the first time in their lives that at last they were finally complete.



Two years later Nikki stood nervously next to Pat, constantly checking her watch, certain without a shadow of a doubt that time had indeed stood still. Pat smirked at Nikki's obvious concern, remembering how she had felt when the roles were reversed and she had stood in the same position with Nikki at her side, saying the same words that were about to leave her own mouth now.

"She'll come Nikki, she loves you despite getting to know you…can't think why…so just chill ya beans, and sit down." Nikki turned to Pat, nodding reluctantly and sitting next to her friend, allowing herself one more glance at her watch before trying to relax. Within seconds Nikki was once more back on her feet, staring intently toward the back of the room. Pat turned to Sheena rolling her eyes, as her wife knowingly smiled, rolled her eyes back and began to rub her stomach. She only had three weeks to go now before the baby was born and all this waiting around was agony on her back. In the two years that Sheena had known Helen she had never known her to be on time for anything, why did she think that today would be any different.

Suddenly the music started to play and the large group of family and friends descended into silence as all eyes turned to the back of the room to feast upon the radiant beauty of one very happy Helen Stewert.

Nikki's breath caught in her throat and she found that she had to force the air out of her lungs as her body forgot this basic function as she became totally immersed in the beauty of her soon-to-be wife.

Helen was nothing short of a vision as she came to stand next to Nikki in her ivory dress that sat off her shoulders and trailed slightly at the back. In her hair she had a single white orchid that matched the orchids in both Claire's and her own bouquets. As they came together, Nikki reached for Helen's hand, but found herself unable to find any words to express her feelings, but as had become the norm they did not need words as they stared deep into each other's eyes they both felt the depth of emotions so readily given and received.

For Nikki the ceremony went by in a blur, she found it almost impossible to concentrate on the words that the minister was saying, as she could not take her eyes from Helen's.

Suddenly there was silence and Nikki felt all eyes on her, finally breaking away from Helen's eyes, she became aware that Pat was pulling at her arm frantically trying to push the ring into her palm, "the rings Nik, the vows…come on love, you've got the rest of your lives to stare into each other's eyes, how 'bout we get this wedding thing over with first eh?"

Nikki grinned at Pat sarcastically, taking the ring out of her hand and sliding it slowly onto Helen's finger, "Helen I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, it has no beginning and no end as does my love. I promise to love you with everything that I am and everything I will ever be, because without you I am nothing. Until I met you, I didn't know the depths that my love could reach but now that I have you, I intend to spend the rest of my life proving it to you."

A single tear fell from Helen's eye as she took her ring from Claire and placed it onto Nikki's finger. "Nikki I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. As the ring will always wrap itself around your finger, then my love will forever wrap itself around your heart. Until I met you, I knew I was not complete; I always knew that there was a part of my soul missing, now that I have you in my life I realise that this was because you had it all along. For the first time I feel complete and I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you how grateful I am to you for taking such good care of my heart and soul."

After a few more words from the minister, which again she did not hear, Nikki became aware that everyone once again was staring expectantly at her, Pat once more leant forward and whispered in her ear, "Well kiss her then…or do you want me to do it for you?"

Nikki turned around, again grinning sarcastically, "No thanks I got this!" She leant forward and kissed Helen's lips, hoping that the intensity of feelings would be conveyed through that one simple action to the woman who, in two short years had become her life.

As the couple's lips parted an enormous cheer erupted throughout the room, as rice and confetti began to hail down on them from all sides. Turning to greet their guests, Nikki and Helen Stewert-Wade couldn't have been happier. Their love had finally been blessed and their lives had been joined together for eternity and neither woman could ever remember another moment when they had ever been happier.

The celebrations continued on into the night, but after a while Helen and Nikki disappeared up to their hotel room, the need to be alone becoming undeniable. Shutting the door behind them Nikki took Helen, tenderly into her arms, lavishing kisses over her mouth, face and neck.

"This is it swee'heart, this is the rest of out lives," Helen said sighing lustfully as she felt Nikki's hot lips moving on her skin. Nikki pulled away and stared deep into her hazel eyes, "and I can not tell you how happy that makes me"; Nikki said scattering kisses liberally over Helen face and neck once more.

"So what happens now?" Helen said pulling Nikki in closer to her body, feeling her muscles move suggestively against her.

Nikki's hand moved to the back of Helen's dress, sliding down the zipper and watching greedily as it slipped from her shoulders, revealing the ivory Basque underneath, "Now…" Nikki said pushing her wife backwards on to the bed, covering her body with her own, "Now… this is where we get to live happily ever after."

The End

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