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By allie


The argument slowly brewed from a storm in a tea cup to a full fledged mug of Typhoo as the pair dug their heels in and defended their own viewpoint.

The rest of the engineering crew ducked for cover and scattered to various hiding places throughout the department; two even took refuge in the Jeffries tubes but that was more down to the fact that they had just started dating and were still in the first flush of 'can't keep your hands to yourself' stage of love.

As the volume rose so did the tempers, the cold arrogant tone of Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct to Unimatrix zero was back with a vengeance and assimilating everything in her path, completely different from the 'Seven' the crew had come to know; and in one particular case, love.

"You are in error Lieutenant. That particular method of bypassing the cross containment units will fail. It will overload the circuitry and cause permanent cascade failure in all of the systems involved."

Growling low in the back of her throat at the tone being used B'Elanna bit back a copious curse and pulled her shoulders back as straight as she could while glancing up at the tall drone. "You have your opinion Seven and I have mine. Since I am Chief Engineer and as this is my department I will do it my way."

"You have no scientific data to substantiate your claim that this will work. You are basing your hypothesis on nothing more than a guess. You have no idea of whether or not this course of action will work."

Seven practically purred in delight as she knew that the Lieutenant would have no comeback to that argument as it was one that B'Elanna frequently used herself when defending against the introduction of more Borg technology on the Federation ship.

Busted! B'Elanna knew that Seven was right as she couldn't prove her hypothesis scientifically, logically or even by blaming gut instinct. "I know Seven but it will work. Don't Ask Me How I Know, I Just Know OK."

The End

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