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By allie


She looked at the pad in disbelief and blushed from her naval to her ridges. There was no way that this was intended for her; she couldn't be the recipient of such amorous thoughts.... Could she?

Blushing anew at the words printed quite clearly on the padd she thought about the sender. Who in their right mind would send a grouchy, bad tempered plasma monkey like herself a graphic description of what they wanted to do….

Kahless's left testicle, if this was just another of Paris' attempts to get her back into her bed then she was going to rip him a new one... or maybe two, it would depend on whether she saw him in public or not.

The description of just how sexually attractive her admirer thought she was made her reconsider how low her self-esteem was. She wasn't beautiful by human standards but she was by Klingon ideals. She had that classical grace and delicacy of movement they loved.

The thought of the words on the padd made her look once again at the text written there….

{I will claim you as my own. Regardless of what you think or feel about the situation you will be mine. I have waited long enough and will wait no more.}

Blushing anew at the thoughts running through her head she knew this wasn't one of Paris' jokes. She just knew that he didn't have it in him to pull something like this off.

{I will start at your beautiful ridges and kiss my way down your face with featherlike softness and tender caresses to your beautifully distinct features. Then I will spend an eternity kissing and nibbling on the pulse point in your neck. From there I will travel down your body...}

Feeling the sudden need to be alone and in the privacy of her quarters B'Elanna Torres growled for her second in command to take over and coldly informed him not to disturb her for anything less than a red alert.

Fleeing Engineering and lunging into the nearest open turbolift she demanded it transport her to the floor her quarters were located on. Her Klingon libido had jumped to attention at the words on the padd and had made their demands on her body; they wanted satisfaction and there was only one person who could fulfil that desire.

Almost running as she exited the turbolift she growled at the oncoming crewmen to get out of her way and furiously punched her code into the entrance panel located just outside her quarters.

{...until I reach your succulent breast and nibble on the luscious nubs of your nipples, making you growl deep in your throat and curse in several languages at how good it makes you feel. Your musky scent and hedonistic cries fill me with desire making me more determined to hear you growl your passion and squeal in the most un-Klingon like way as I travel from one breast to the other. I will make you hotter than you ever have before and I will succeed in making you...}

Entering her quarters B'Elanna quickly scanned the room ensuring that she was alone before activating her console and placing a hurried request to the main computer to locate the whereabouts of her best friend.

{...squeal my name several times before even your renowned stamina gives out and your hearts momentarily stop and you lose your grip on reality long enough to sigh my name with a sated smile on your face... then I will renew my efforts as I travel lower down your body...}

The computer intoned in quiet tones the location of her friend as B'Elanna removed her jacket and draped it over the sofa while kicking off her boots, preparing to make herself comfortable now that she was home.

{...I will traverse your body like a well known and loved star chart of my favourite area of space while kissing and caressing your body like a finely tuned instrument. I will have you writhing and bucking under me like a bronco in the eons gone by. I will have you squirming and squealing in the most undignified manner as you succumb to my ministrations. I will have you...}

Placing a second command to the computer she demanded that her friend join her in their quarters...now! She stewed over the fact that it was her own fault... encouraging her friend to state her feelings and discuss them had put her in this predicament, she knew she was playing with fire when she encouraged the slightly teasing sexual behaviour... It was her own fault ... damn she was lucky!

As Seven walked in the room she picked up on the increased respiration of her paramour, the slightly musky scent of her arousal and overwhelmingly the sight of her friend's dark eyes dilated beyond belief; their was almost no colour showing.

"B'Elanna, I clearly stated on the padd; DRAW... I thought you knew that meant Don't Read at Work?"

The End

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