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Meanwhile on the Dance Floor
By Sparx

Seven turned easily in Harry's arms. She always enjoyed dancing with the young ensign. He was a good dancer and an easy partner to follow.

As they turned across the floor Harry asked. "So what are they saying now?"

"Tom is merely offering the Lieutenant a drink." Seven replied.

"For now. Look at his expression, he's up to something." Harry answered.

"I agree with your assessment. However, I do not agree that Mr. Paris has intentions to cause me trouble as you suggest." Seven answered as they came out of a turn.

"How can you not agree, Seven. Look at B'Elanna, she's watching you like a hawk. Has been all night. Tom's noticed too, you can be sure of that." Harry said with a smug look.

"You are correct. He has just accused the Lieutenant of harboring feelings for me." Seven almost stepped on Harry's toes a moment later, as she continued. "She admitted she had feelings for me.

"Why do you look so surprised, Seven. Half the crew lusts after you." Harry said with a laugh.

"I seem to recall that you used to be one of that half." Seven teased. She was glad that she and Harry had been able to form a friendship. She had come to trust him in a way that she trusted few others.

"I still am." Harry admitted with a blush. "Just because I'll never get anywhere with you, doesn't mean I can't enjoy a healthy crush." Harry teased back just to make Seven blush.

"I did not think that Lieutenant Torres would be interested in me." Seven said quietly.

"I've been telling you that for weeks. Now that you've heard her say it will you believe me?" Harry asked with a grin.

Seven merely nodded as they moved into a new series of turns.

"What are they talking about now?" Harry asked.

"Mr. Paris has proposed a bet." Seven replied evasively.

"Details!" Harry demanded with a grin.

"Mr. Paris has offered a weeks replicator rations if Lieutenant Torres will ask me to dance. A months rations if she can get me to say 'yes'." She replied. "The Lieutenant has accepted." she continued wide eyed.

"Told you." Harry grinned. "B'Elanna is too easy. Everyone knows she'd do it just for a chance to get you in her arms."

"What do you mean?" Seven demanded.

"Look at her face." Harry instructed softly. "She's convinced you'll turn her down. She's been wanting to get close to you for a long time now. This way she doesn't have to risk Klingon honour, or whatever it is she thinks she's risking. After all, it's just a bet. She can ask, you can say no, and no one gets hurt feelings. If it weren't for one small detail she'd have it made." He added.

"What small detail?" Seven asked.

"You want her to ask you and you plan on saying yes." Harry stated with a wide grin.

Seven almost lost a step at being so easily caught. "You are not as innocent as your looks would imply." Seven accused.

"Thank you." Harry said with a grin. "So how about we make a little bet of our own?"

The next few moments went quickly as they made their own bet. Before Seven knew it the song had ended. As expected, she and Harry were immediately joined by a very serious looking half-Klingon.

"Remember," Harry whispered, just before walking away, "on the second date you get to pet."

The End

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