Birds of Prey The Power of Touch by ocean grazer.

Helena Kyle and the Policeman's Ball by Rysler.

BtVS The Things She's Used to... And Not by TheAgonyOfBlank.
Dark Angel The Speed of Light by onyx_regret.
The Facts of Life The Chain Rule by Ann.
Firefly/Serenity Set the Scene by sheepfairy.
Fried Green Tomatoes Why She Stays by Rysler.
Karen Sisco A Little Deceit, A Little Effort, and a Beautiful Friendship by Debbie.

Law & Order: TBJ Observations by lysachan.
Murder in Suburbia Forced Confession by Angie.

Engagement and a Rolling Pin? by LoriDragus.

Poltergeist: the Legacy Beginnings by Selenay_x.
The West Wing Busted by Fairytaleaddict.

Reality by bluflamingo.

Xena Winter Dreams by Annette.

Sharp Prong Thingies by KC.

Solstice Presents by Teara.

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