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Deep Water
By Aubz


Nature walks were supposed to be fun, carefree and entertaining. They lost all three of those when the heat was lingering over the city. Jill had wondered almost seven times that day how she let Lindsay and Cindy talk her into this. The two women walking along in front of her, looking amazing in shorts and tank tops, seemed to be having no trouble with the heat. She, however, felt like she was going to die at any moment. There was not a single cloud to be seen in the sky, and the sun was painfully beating down on her shoulders.

Sighing happily as the other women placed themselves on a rock, she joined them, feeling like she was going to pass out. Her eyes closed against the bright sunlight as she lay back, ignoring a giggle from Cindy. One of the two women was using her stomach as a headrest, and from the lightness she guessed it was the redhead. "How did I get talked into this?" She mumbled, wanting so much to sit up.

"Because you love us," Lindsay replied, somewhere to Jill's right. That meant it was Cindy on her stomach, and it gave her butterflies. "Well, that, and the sensible part of your mind must have ignored that you hate the heat, you hate running and you hate outdoors in general."

She felt Cindy sit up, inwardly frowning at the absence on her stomach. Slowly, almost painfully, she sat up and looked to where Cindy was following the trail further. "Where are you going?"

"What does it look like? I'm going this way. I am gonna go walk in the creek," she said, not stopping. Jill and Lindsay quietly followed her, and Jill almost laughed as Cindy used the tree roots in the ground to quickly jump down a steep hill. She stopped at the edge of the creek and looked up. "Aren't you coming Jill?" She smirked, watching the blonde carefully. "It's nice and shady down here. Plus, the water is cold. You could wet your face down to cool off."

"On that note, I am going to start heading on back to the Jeep. Will you two be okay?" Lindsay asked, crouching down for a moment.

"I'll be fine. I'll also make sure Jill gets back in one piece," Cindy smiled, watching Lindsay walk off. "So, I'll ask again Jill. Are you coming down?"

Slowly and carefully, with none of the grace the redhead showed, Jill made her way down the hill, almost slamming into Cindy as she tried to stop her feet from moving. She watched as Cindy bent over to remove her shoes and socks, she sometimes wondered how the woman could be so comfortable wearing those Converse all day, setting them carefully to the side. She then jumped the two feet down into the creek, ending up knee deep in the water, staring up at Jill. "I am not getting in that water."

"It isn't going to kill you," Cindy said, staring at Jill. "Come on. For me?"

Jill couldn't refuse any longer. She removed her shoes and socks, placing them next to Cindy's, and took the redhead's offered hand as she climbed into the water, shivering and enjoying the coldness of it at the same time. "There aren't like, leeches, in here or anything, is there?" She asked, her voice shaky.

Cindy had begun to move around now, slowly going into the deeper water. "We'll find out soon enough, won't we?" She asked, laughing as Jill stood frozen to the spot. "I'm kidding! I swim here all the time. I have since I was like, five." Jill still hadn't moved from her spot as she watched Cindy quickly disappear under the water and reemerge further out. She floated there for a moment before making her way back to Jill.

The blonde, who normally had no problem hiding her thoughts and feelings, found it very hard to keep everything under control. Cindy had grabbed her around the waist and was slowly dragging her further into the water.

"You don't have to be scared," she whispered, keeping her arms around Jill's waist as the water reached their stomachs. They stopped moving, Jill trying to control her breathing, absorbing the feel of Cindy's hands moving from her waist to slide gently across her stomach, hooking into the waistband of her shorts, pulling her slightly closer. She made no move to stop the redhead as her hand drifted lower under the clothing, quickly connecting with the exact spot Jill wanted her to.


"Shh…" She whispered, placing a light kiss on Jill's neck as she let her fingers move quickly. It only took a few more minutes before Jill had her face pressed into Cindy's neck, stifling her cries. The redhead gently kissing Jill's lips, her tongue lightly applying pressure, waiting for access to be granted. Jill let the kiss deepen, not wanting that moment to ever end.

Cindy slowly pulled back and smiled at her. She then took a deep breath and disappeared under the water, popping up again in a depth where she couldn't stand. Jill followed her, wanting nothing more than to just get her hands on her and hold her. Cindy smiled at her again as the blonde wrapped her arms around her, kissing her neck.

"We should get heading back before Lindsay suspects something…" She whispered.

"Let her suspect," Jill said, letting her own hand dip below the waistband of Cindy's shorts. "We aren't done here yet."

The End

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