Name: ncruuk


Title: Denim Tush, one careful owner, not for sale….

Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of SG1 belong to MGM and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down). Alice Stanton however, is mine….and no, not a Mary-Sue….

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Pairing: Sam/Janet

Rating: PG

Summary: Samantha Carter copes with retirement…..

"Can I help you?" My stealthy progression through the waiting room is brought to a sudden halt by the deceptively gentle sounding tones of a formidable matriarch.

"You must be Alice Stanton."

"And what if I am?" was the feisty reply from the figure as it hove into view. Alice Stanton was a lady of generous proportion in both physical and spiritual size. Her reputation as the most determined receptionist/personal secretary cum office-guard was only matched by her reputation for being a genuine Good Samaritan and owner of a colossal heart capable of embracing any and all who needed it……but only if they deserved it. Right at this moment, I didn't seem be deserving it.

"If you are, which you are, then I need to offer my thanks to you for assisting and supporting Dr. Fraiser as you do." Perhaps grovelling would help.

"That's all well and good, but only if the person offering the thanks is good."

No luck with the grovelling then. Negotiation was never my speciality on SG1, that was what we had Daniel for. Shame there's no destabilising naquaddah reactor that needs fixing around when you need it……time for the direct approach.

"I'm here to see Doctor Fraiser."

"You have an appointment?"

"I umm, no." Of course I don't have an appointment, why would I?

"And you're not in danger of dying in the time it would take to dial Emergency or go to the Emergency Clinic as shown on the door you walked through?"

"No, of course not." Is anyone else confused? Oh wait, I'm the only one involved in this. Hang on, I'm having a conversation with myself, maybe I am sick?

"Well then, in that case, you turn around and take that denim clad tush of yours right back out that door. Doctor Fraiser ain't seeing no more patients today, and unless you have an appointment, she won't be seeing you tomorrow either."

"That denim clad tush is staying right where it is, and if anything, is coming over here to me!" countered a rather amused voice from the doorway I was trying to get to…..oh god, when did Janet start eavesdropping this conversation? So much for her big badass Colonel….can't even get past the reception committee.

"D…D….Doc..Doctor Fraiser?" Good, I'm not the only one in shock!

"Alice, I appreciate your concerns about my not overtaxing myself or getting pinned by extra patients at the end of the day, but on this occasion, I would be most upset if I didn't see this person daily." Uh oh, Janet's got that glint in her eye that usually means she's suppressing her smirk. She's enjoying this far too much.

"I don't understand, there are no more appointments for the day." Poor Alice. I think I need to stop Janet from enjoying herself too much, plus, I need to get revenge for the 'tush' comment

"Alice, allow me to explain. My name is Sam Carter. You may remember Janet mentioning serving with Colonel Carter immediately before she retired her commission? Well, to cut a long story short, I used to serve with Janet but am also retired. Being a Doctor of Astro and Quantum Physics, my days are somewhat less structured than Doctor Fraiser's here, so I can come by whenever it suits her, hence I have no appointment." I have to suppress the urge to finish that sentence with a 'Sir' and coincidentally notice, too late I might add, that I have been standing at military ease. In effect, Alice has scared me into behaving like a junior officer again. A quick glance at Janet shows the smirk has broken out in full…..she set me up!

"So you're not a patient? You're a friend of Doctor Fraiser's?" Alice, clearly anticipating a long explanation, settled herself comfortably against her desk in the reception area.

Normally, I would respond to that question quickly, rushing to acknowledge the friendship before gabbling something to quickly change the subject away from a potential minefield. Today however was different, because now, everything had changed. When the Stargate Programme as we knew it from the early years ceased, things changed for everyone. Many lost lots of things, from research funding and opportunity to friends and family.

After completing the rest of her commission, Janet retired from the Air Force to take up a civilian post in General Practice as well as a Professorship at the Academy Hospital. In some ways, her life had not changed at all, since she was still patching up damaged soldiers and teaching and advising a new generation of medics about infectious diseases and field medicine. However, in one fundamental aspect it was different, she was a civilian, her rank of Colonel now post scripted with the tag 'ret'd.' For me, life was very different. I too saw out my commission before retiring into Air Force academia at the Academy. With the exception of the occasional lecture and my pseudo-mentoring of Jennifer Hailey, I had never been involved with the Academy once I had graduated. Now, I too held a Professorship at the Academy, as well as a lab in which I fiddled with the occasional bit of physics or technology. It was a very indulgent position. Apart from some teaching, I could do what I wanted when I wanted and without answering to anyone except myself (and Janet when I tried to forget about meals!). There was no more field duty and no more military hierarchy; this Colonel was also retired from the Air Force. And so, after more years than I care to remember, and yet can never forget (8 years, 3 months, 17 days), I could answer that question with complete honesty and no fear.

"Not exactly Alice. I am a friend of Janet's, but I'm also her girlfriend, lover, partner….."


"You Ok Alice?" Janet asked, gently drifting into Doctor mode as Alice leant heavily against her creaking desk.

"Absolutely fine Doctor. I guess the physics doctor will be about a lot. Nice to meet you Dr. Carter, I'll get a mug for you for tomorrow. Coffee and cake is at 11 and tea is at 5.45, when the last patient is supposed to have gone." This final comment was addressed at Janet with a mighty glare to boot.

"Understood Alice, thank you."

"No need dear. If the Doctor here thinks you're the one she gives her heart to, then that's fine by me. I'm sorry about the tush comment Doctors, my hometown upbringing betrays me like that on occasion."

"No need to apologise Alice. As far as I'm concerned, you can mention that particular denim clad tush as often as you like." As Janet settled into an easy banter with Alice, she crossed the room and settled against me into a familiar and comfortable embrace.

Meanwhile, the owner of said denim clad tush was standing blushing quietly in the corner, wondering what the hell she'd just got herself into but feeling, in a way, perhaps the happiest she'd ever felt. Yes, the Stargate took a lot from my life both in time, effort, energy and ultimately friends and family, but at the same time, it gave me so much more. It gave me the love of my life and soul mate. If I had to do it all again tenfold to ensure I could treasure the love that Janet Fraiser offered to me, I would without thought. Everyday I am reminded of that love but today, in that Doctor's Surgery, with Janet's arm wrapped round my waist and her body snuggling into my side, I felt it all anew and with greater joy. Why was this moment so special? Because in a sense, it was my birth-day; because today, in that surgery, I told the world, starting with Alice, that I love Janet Fraiser. Samantha Carter loves and is loved by Janet Fraiser.

Am I more than friends with Janet? You bet I am, and don't let anyone try to tell you differently….