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Desk Sex & Illegal Downloads
By Demeter


Cindy sighed heart-wrenchingly, wondering if it qualified as weird going back to that scene. For the third time. In a public place.

Granted, she was sitting at a corner table and the window she'd opened on her laptop screen was rather small, so unless somebody very tiny had been hiding under her chair, she wasn't in danger of being discovered. Much.

This new TV show a friend of hers had sent her was nothing but a cruel tease for her, fueling fantasies that would go nowhere. God knew, Cindy already had enough of them.

Also, Lindsay's workplace was unfortunately in the middle of the room, so that particular scenario didn't even work out in a dream of the more adult variety. Claire's office had this nice comfortable couch, but in Cindy's opinion, that would be too much of a kink. Jill's office – let's say it had seen enough action. More than that, it was crazy to even think...

"Hey. What are you watching?"

At the sound of that particular voice, Cindy jumped and quickly closed the lid of her laptop. Her heart was hammering, now not entirely from good feelings.

"Nothing. Special," she breathed. "Just this new show that's airing on BBC Three right now."

"BBC Three, huh?" Lindsay drawled. "Something tells me you're not receiving that channel with your laptop here."


"I wonder if I could arrest you for that." She seemed in a particularly good mood, as she sat next to Cindy in the booth.

Cindy thought she should maybe be offended or cautious or both, but the images she'd watched earlier didn't help at all. Lindsay certainly had a way of making all of her caution disappear. "There I thought you had worse criminals to catch than a girl who likes a little entertainment..." If it sounded like flirting, maybe it was because she wanted it to be. Maybe she had just lost her mind.

"How about we watch it together? If it's any good, I might forget that it most likely came from an illegal source."

"Um, no, thanks." Lindsay might get ideas if she discovered that Cindy kind of liked the scene of two women of which one of them was a cop, making out on a desk. Well, actually they had done more than that. Her cheeks were burning. It seemed to be really hot in the room.

Lindsay shrugged. "Well, too bad we both have such an exposed workplace, right?"

Somebody turn off the heat, because it was melting her brain. There was no way Lindsay had actually made the suggestion Cindy had just heard. No way. Unless she hadn't been quick enough closing the file...

"I wonder if the desk in my bedroom would do," Lindsay concluded, in a low suggestive whisper that Cindy couldn't possibly misunderstand. She finally held Lindsay's gaze, realizing that she hadn't been the only one wondering.

She smiled. "Just nicely."

The End

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