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Different Ends of the Law
By Stacia Braver

Part 3

To Sara, Billie was the epitome of sexiness; her voice, her body, her attitiude, the way she moved, her style. She was a woman in the purest sense of the word. "God, Billie, I can't take it when you look at me like that," she said.

"Well...then do something about it."

Sara moved in once again for another kiss. Billie squeezed again with her thighs. She ran her fingers through Sara's hair, and grabbed it firmly with her right hand in the back. Their moans were in unison, their heavy breathing in unison as well. Sara pulled herself from Billie's lips, and began to explore her long neck with her tongue. Billie held her head back, and let Sara do whatever she wanted; she was hers. Sara brought her hand around from Billie's back to her left breast, caressing it gently. She wanted to use BOTH hands, but figured one was better than none. She squeezed Billie's breast through her sexy black bra. "Here," Billie said, breathlessly, "it opens in the front," she said grasping the clamp and undoing it. Sara helped her remove her shirt. She then used her teeth to lower the straps on Billie's bra, which brought a slight squeal from Billie's throat. As Billie sat on the island topless, Sara's mouth sought out her breasts. They were beautiful. Sara inhaled Billie's scent; a combination of her sweet perfume, and a little persperation, as they had definitely gotten themselves worked up. She loved the slightly salty taste of Billie's skin. Sara's wet tongue explored Billie's rock hard nipples, biting and sucking on them gently at first, then more unforgiving. She would gently grip Billie's nipple between her front teeth, and slightly pull away; then release, watching it retract back into place. "Oh my GOOOOD," Billie moaned, grabbing Sara's head.

"Think you're wet yet?" Sara asked in that sexy voice.

"Uh-um...." Billie said, her voice cracking, "my undies are sticking to me." She lowered her head, "does that answer your question"? she whispered, looking at Sara's slightly parted lips.

"Ohhhhh, yeah."

"So, um...what about you?"

"Come find out," Sara said, moving in, her lips against Billie's.

Billie felt a charge throughout her entire body, and she leaped from the island.

"Well, hello there!" Sara said surprised by her sudden move.

"C'mere," Billie said as she turned Sara around, leaning her against the island. They kissed passionately again, and Billie's hand found the warmth between Sara's legs, and began to grab her there, and rub. She rubbed from side to side, and even through Sara's jeans, Billie could feel how hard Sara's clit was becoming.

"Oh, Billie," Sara whispered, allowing Billie to devour her neck, "Oh my God, yes. Yesssssss....." her raspy voice trailed off.

Billie's hands were now unbuttoning Sara's jeans. She kneeled on the floor, and unzipped Sara's jeans with her teeth. Sara looked down at her in lust. "Finally," she thought. Billie explored Sara's rock hard stomach with her mouth, both kissing and licking Sara's sweet skin. She reached her hands behind Sara, and began to pull down her jeans, and Sara slowly lifted each leg to get out of them, then kicked them to the side. Billie stayed kneeling in front of Sara. Sara looked down lovingly at Billie, and played with her hair. Billie looked at Sara's body, and had no complaints. She ran her crimson-painted fingernails down Sara's legs, enticing a long sigh from her. She began to kiss and bite Sara's thighs gently. "Are you really okay doing this, honey?" Sara asked.

Billie looked up at her, and their blue eyes met. She smiled. "Hell yeah."

Sara wore white, tight-fitting bikini underwear, and Billie could not wait to remove them. She brought her hands to Sara's waist, and began to inch down her underwear, painfully teasing Sara, but finally removing them completely. Billie moved Sara away from the island, and positoned her own back against it, still kneeling. She placed both hands on Sara's incredibly tight ass, and pulled her closer; her lips directly lined up to Sara's "lips." Sara hunched over, and rested her elbow on the island. Billie was about to find out just how wet Sara was. Her tongue found the crease in Sara's skin right before her lips. "Mmmmm," Sara moaned.

Billie's mouth finally reached Sara's lips, taking them firmly betwen her lips. She caressed Sara's behind as she tasted her for the first time, plunging her wet tongue as deep as she could inside of her. "Ah! Ahhhhhh....ohhhhh, fuck yeah," Sara groaned, as she began to move her hips against Billie's face. Billie's tongue darted in and out of Sara's pussy, which was tight and wet beyond belief. She had a firm grip on Sara's ass, forcing her down a little bit, so her tongue could explore Sara even deeper. She tenderly pulled Sara's lips apart, and began to lick her clit, sending shock waves throughout Sara's entire being. "Oh my God, Billie, yeahhhhh. Oh yeahhhhh, baby. Oooooh, lick it baby....faster," Sara demanded, as Billie complied, licking Sara's clit with long, gentle strokes, then pulling her hard clit into her mouth, and sucking firmly. Billie was so into it; she moaned heavily as she went down on Sara. It was amazing how wonderful another woman tasted. It was amazing how Sara reacted to what she was doing.

Billie was beyond turned on by Sara's breathy demands, by her gyrating hips, by every little sound she made. She never wanted to stop. "Billie!" Sara squeezed out from her clinched teeth. "Please- - please don't stop. Fuck me, baby. Oh, suck it harder...harder...oh my--" she threw her head back, and her hair flew across her shoulders. Billie sucked harder. She inserted two fingers inside Sara's pussy; they slid right in. Sara began to buck against Billie, even faster now, even more determined. Billie moaned through open lips, and fucked Sara almost violently with her fingers, inserting a third. She worked. She worked harder, and then....."AH! Ah yeah! Oh Billie, I'm coming....ahhhhh, yeah.....don't...stop...please..." Sara said on the verge of screaming. Billie sucked and fucked her even harder, praying that she could satisfy Sara. Just minutes later, she found out that she COULD satisfy a woman. Sara grabbed Billie by the back of her hair. "Billie!!! Oh, Billie, you're gettin' me off, oh my fucking God!" Sara gyrated madly against Billie, completely reaching orgasm, exploding from within. Her body went through spasms, and for a few seconds, Billie had a hard time keeping Sara in her mouth. Sara finally started to come down, and gave her hips a rest. She sighed heavily, totally relaxed.

Billie looked up at Sara, her lips, chin and cheeks glistening from Sara's juices. "Oh...my....GOD. Sara...that was...I have never felt anything like that before."

"Yeah, it's pretty fuckin' awesome, isn't it?" Sara said through a giggle. "Kiss me," she demanded, as Billie rose up. "Mmmm," she said breaking their kiss. "Tastes like someone I know," she said as they shared a laugh.

"My...I swear the front of my thong feels like it's glued to me," Billie said looking down at her legs. "You'll have to peel it off of me."

"Really?" Sara asked intrigued. "Uh...wait a minute...did you say 'thong'? Hmmmm....." she grinned.

Part 4

"I think I'm gonna have to check that out," Sara said in her breathy voice. She began to kiss Billie softly, as her hand explored as much as one hand could. Billie embraced her tightly as they kissed, moaning lustfully into her mouth. Their world in which they only saw each other was totally shattered when Sara's phone rang.

"If you answer that, you're dead," Billie said.

Sara sighed, "I'm so sorry, Billie. It'll only take a second. I promise," she said as Billie helped her pull up her jeans.

"Oh, I see what's more important," Billie said, watching Sara go to the phone just a few feet away. She found her shirt and bra, which had fallen behind the island. She put her shirt back on, and chuckled to herself because all of the buttons were still strewn across the kitchen floor.

"Hello? Hey. Actually, I'm really good right now. REALLY good," she said giving Billie a glance and a wink. "Okay....well, what is it?" She paused to listen to the voice on the phone. She rubbed her forehead and released a heavy sigh. "Are you fucking kidding me? Are you POSITIVE it's him? Okay, okay, Jesus! Fuck! Okay," she said biting a fingernail, looking totally serious. "I...appreciate you telling me this, thank you. Um...I'm not sure WHAT I'll do. This was bound to happen, though, right? Yeah, I will. Okay, well, I gotta go. Thanks again. See ya." She hung up the phone and stood there with her hand still on it, staring at it as if it was going to ring again.

"Hey..." Billie said walking towards her, "what was that about?"

"Um," Sara said turning to Billie, but only giving her half of her attention. "Shit! Um...Billie...I may be in some trouble here, and...you may too. I really think you should leave now. And, I don't think we should hang out anymore. At least not for a while."

"What?!" Billie huffed. "Sara, honey, what the hell is going on? Who was that on the phone? Tell me. Maybe I can help you. And, whatever the hell it is, don't worry about me. Trust me, I can damn well take care of myself."

Sara released a long sigh. "Well, you know how they say 'your past always comes back to haunt you?'"


"Well, I think mine is. God!" she said shaking her head. "Okay, that was a friend of mine. Actually, she's Jill's ex. She gave me a heads up that Jill's lovely brother is in L.A.," she said sarcastically.

"Okay, and what's his story?" Billie asked concerned.

"Well, let's just say that I'm not afraid of too many things, but this fucker scares the shit outta me. He's here from Chicago. He's not someone you wanna fuck with, Billie, and I know he's gonna be looking for me. I mean, I put his baby sister in prison, for God's sake."

"Sara, you listen to me," Billie said, cupping Sara's face with her hands. "I'll be damned if I'll let anything happen to you. Don't you worry about it. Your friend is sure it's him?"

"Yeah. She saw him. But, he didn't see her, or so she said. This is just....FABULOUS!" she said throwing her hand up.

"What exactly do you know about him, Sara?" Billie probed.

Sara let out a hearty laugh. "He's a fucking COP! And, a crooked one at that! Can you believe that fucking shit? 'To Protect and to Serve' my ASS!" You know how Chicago is...it's fuckin' mafia city. I guess the word on the street out there is that Lt. Matt Kistler and some other higher-ups have strong ties to the mafia, and protect their 'organization.'"

"I'll be right back," Billie said urgently, then headed to retrieve her purse from the living room. She pulled out her cell phone. "Sara, come sit in here, and stay away from the windows."

"Great!" Sara said walking to the living room to join Billie, looking hopeless. "'Don't worry about it!'" She said mocking Billie.

"Just...sit down!" Billie ordered. "Sara, I'll be right back. I just need to make a quick private call. Just stay right there," she said heading to Sara's bedroom, looking back at her. Once Billie closed the door, she leaned up against it. "SHIT!" she grunted. Billie knew who Matt Kistler was, or at least she had heard of him. After all, she had several contacts at the CPD. Some of them suspected what Kistler was into, but he had never been caught red- handed doing anything illegal. Internal Affairs? Forget it. Some of them were crooked too, and Kistler as "in" with the ones who were. He was way to smart to ever get caught; he sent grunts to do his dirty work for them, and if he thought they'd talk (which most of them didn't), he'd make sure they had "an accident." His weapon was power, and he knew what kind of rookie cops to look for; the money and power hungry kind. He rarely had people talk, so the "accidents" looked just like that--accidents. Billie snapped herself back to reality, and began dailing.

"Who dis?"

"Deaq, it's me."

"Hey, wassup, Lieutenant?" He heard a sense of panic in Billie's voice. "Hey, you alright, Billie?"

"Ah, no...no...I have a problem. Actually, I have a problem within a problem," she scoffed, pacing the room. "Okay, Deaq, I'm gonna tell you everything, okay? And, not everything I'm gonna say is gonna be 'right' or 'by the books,'" she said glancing out the window, watching the sunset.

"Ai-ight. So, what's the deal?"

Billie sat on Sara's bed with tossled sheets. "You remember the case of Sara Matthews?" Silence. "Hello, Sara Matthews, Jill Kistler, robbery..."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm with ya."

Billie sighed, and hesitated. She knew she had to explain why she was with Sara. But, she chose to call Deaq instead of Van, because she knew that Van would throw a hissy fit, and Deaq wouldn't--most likely. "Okay, long story short, I'm with Sara right now. She was just notified that Jill's brother, Matt Kistler is here in L.A.; he'll be out for blood, Deaq. I need your help." She closed her eyes, and awaited his reaction.

"Billie...listen boss...you know you're breaking some rules here, right? I mean, it's different for us as cops. Yeah, we break rules and laws all the damn time in our unit, but it's to CATCH thugs, ai- ight? It's all part of the game. I mean, I know you don't be sharin' too many things about yourself, and that's cool, but....why are you there with her right now? I mean, I know you know this was a closed case."

"Yeah....I know," Billie said flatly, annoyed at hearing that term again. "But, I think it may be opening up again. I don't think sending Jill to prison was not the final chapter here, I'm afraid." She took a deep breath, "And, um...yeah, I know I'll have my ass in a sling if anyone IA finds out that I'm with Sara right now, but I--we- - "

"Ay, uh...Lieutenant?" Deaq interrupted.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Look, that's your business, okay? Let's just focus on proctectin' Sara, it's that's what she's gonna need."

"Oh," Billie said, a little surprised that Deaq didn't pry, "yeah, let's do that." She looked at the closed door. "Hold on one second." She pressed the mute button on her phone, and opened the door just a bit. "Sara?"


"Are you alright out there?"

"Yes. I'm great! Just sitting here being a prisoner in my own home, waiting for the shootout to begin, but thanks for asking!"

Billie shook her head and closed the door. "Deaq?"

"Right here. Okay, so what do you think we should do, here? We have to get around you knowing that this cat is in town. We can't have anything connecting you to Sara."

"Yeah, I know. But, the thing with Kistler is that if he DOES try something, I'll bet my ass he'll send some pussy to do his dirty work. He's probably just here to make sure it's 'done.'"

"Ahh...he's a clean cat, eh?" Deaq said in disgust.

"Yeah," Billie scoffed, "he defintely doesn't like to get his hands dirty."

"So, where's this dude from?"


"Ahhh, Chi-town. So, you think he'll bring one of his own, or you think he has a connection here?"

"I'm not sure, Deaq. He probably has connections all over the fucking country. I'm not sure what he'll do," she said, frustrated. "And, I can't get police protection for Sara without a legit reason, and I can't tell them WHY or HOW I know she may need protection."

"Billie, here's what we do: V and I will check this dude out, and see if he has any connections out here, people he may have hired to take Sara out."

"Oh, God, " Billie sighed, putting her face in her hand. Deaq's words about "taking Sara out" resonated painfully in her ears. She regained her composure. "Yeah, do that. ASAP. Oh, and Deaq?"

"Yeah, boss?"


"No problem. Ay, um....we're here for you, Billie. You know that, right?"

"Yeah," Billie said curling her lips into a partial smile, "I know that, and I appreciate it. Okay, well let me know the second you know something. Bye."


Billie clicked off her phone, and looked around Sara's room; it was small but quaint. She noticed the carnations in a small vase on the dresser. She shook her head vigorously as if to wake herself from a dream. "Okay, keep it together, Lieutenant," she said to herself, as she rose from the bed. She walked back into the living room, and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Sara. "Sara! What the hell are you doing?! I thought I told you to stay away from the damn windows!"

Sara jumped, startled. "Don't DO that shit to me, Billie! Coming in here yelling? I'm already nervous enough!"

"Why the hell are you looking out the window?"

"I'm looking for the fucking Avon lady," she answered sarcastically, "why the fuck do you think I'm looking? That bastard is gonna be after me, okay, and he'll do anything to find my ass!"

Billie's voice turned soft, as she grabbed Sara's hand, and moved her away from the window. "Honey, I told you that I won't let anything happen to you, right? I swear on my life."

"Yeah, well, that's something you may not wanna swear on in this situation!" She stopped herself, caught by Billie's startled look. "God, Billie, I'm SO sorry. I just--I'm worried here."

"Hey," Billie said giving her a firm, loving hug. She broke away, and grasped Sara's waist, as their eyes met. "We have to get you out of here--just in case," she said sternly. "And, uh, unfortunately, you can't stay with me. As you know, I'm not even supposed to be here with you right now."

"Yeah, I know," Sara said, looking down at her feet.

"Is there anyone you can stay with?"

"You mean, like someone who's NOT a criminal?"

"Yes, dummy!" Billie said through a laugh.

Sara looked to the ceiling, her mind racing. "Yes! Milton!"

"Okay, who is that?"

"He owns the garden supply store I work at. He uh...doesn't know about my...well, you know, the robberies and stuff. He'd do anything for me."

"You're sure? You're sure he's clean?"

"Yeah! God, Billie, he's like 70 years old!" Sara paused, semi- deep in thought. She looked torn. "But, I don't wanna stay with him, if he may be in danger because of me. No, Billie, I can't do it. We have to find another way."

"God, what am I thinking?" Billie said to herself, but out loud. "I'm totally losing my focus here," she said as she began to pace the room.

"What do you mean?" Sara asked, confused.

"The LAST thing I should be doing is asking you to put someone ELSE in danger, especially an innocent! I'm just--I'm a good cop, Sara. But, the way I feel for you is definitely impairing my fucking judgement. If you were just anyone else, I never would have even thought to suggest that! I just want you safe, but I sure as hell should know that that's not the way."

Sara put her hand on Billie's shoulder; she could see the torment in her eyes, hear it in her voice. "Hey, it's okay. I know this is hard for you, it's hard for both of us. But, you will do what's right. I trust you."

Billie rose her head to look into Sara's eyes. Her face was serious. "You do?"

"Yup, with my life," Sara said returing the same serious look. She looked down and noticed Billie's breasts poking out of her shirt. "Look at you!"


"Babe, you need a shirt."

"Oh," Billie huffed, "yeah, I guess I do," she said looking down at her open and mutilated shirt.

"I mean, you look sexy and all, but you can't go anywhere like that. So, come with me," Sara said, grabbing Billie's hand and leading her to the bedroom. Once inside, she opened up her dresser drawer and grabbed a T-shirt. "Here," she said, tossing the shirt to Billie.

"Pink? Sara, I don't DO pink," Billie said raising an eyebrow.

"Oh my GAWD," Sara gawked. "Dark, mysterious Billie. Here," she said tossing a black T-shirt to Billie. "This is more your style, I suppose."

"Thanks," Billie said taking her shirt off and putting Sara's shirt on. She moved to Sara and kissed her softly. "Okay, let's find a place for you to go," she said firmly.

Part 5

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