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Different Ends of the Law
By Stacia Braver

Part 7

Sara looked around her hotel suite, then looked down at herself. "Shower! Right," she said rising from the bed. She opened her duffel bag, and pulled a pair of light blue sweat pants and a yellow tank top. Then, she proceeded to the bathroom and took a shower. After the shower, she felt rejuvenated. However, she also felt bored as hell. She slipped on some white sneakers. "I have to get out of this ROOM!" she groaned. She grabbed her room cardkey, and headed for the elevator down the hall.

The lobby of the Four Seasons was spectacular; white marble floors, expensive statues, and a huge fountain right in the middle of the lobby. Sara was on her way to check out the fountain, when she saw a familiar face.

"Well, hi there. Enjoying your stay so far?" asked the girl who had checked her and Billie in the night before.

"Oh, hey!" Sara said, smiling. "Yeah, this place is the bomb." Sara eyed the girl and noticed she wasn't wearing a uniform. "So, are you working today?"

"No, I just came in to pick up my check, which isn't here yet," she ended with a giggle.

"Oh...hate that, huh?"

"Yeah...." the girl said, her voice trailing off.

"So, um...what's your name"? Sara asked.

"Oh, it's Stacy. And yours?"

"I'm Sara," she said extending her "good hand."

Stacy adjusted to the awkward left-handed shake. "Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, you too," Sara said, noticing Stacy's exceptional emerald green eyes.

"Wow, what happened to your arm?" Stacy said, gently touching the white sling on Sara's arm.

"Oh, um...." Sara looked around, "my friend accidentally tagged me with a crossbow."

"My God!" Stacy shrieked. "Wow, I bet that hurt! It doesn't hurt now, does it?"

"Nah, nah, it's cool," she said, trying to look tough for some reason.

"Oh, well, good," Stacy said, observing her. "Hey, where's your friend at? Dr. Simon, right?"

Sara chuckled as Stacy looked at her expectantly, "The DOCTOR is away right now. She uh, she'll be back later, though."

A young Black man wearing a dark blue uniform approached the two women, looking aggitated. "Oh, sorry to interrupt," he said politely.

Stacy and Sara turned around. "Hey Trey, what's up?" Stacy said.

"Well, the checks are late--surprise surprise. Diana said it'll be another hour or so before they get here."

"Greeeeat," Stacy moaned. "Well, I'll have to come back for it. Thanks, dude."

"No problem, girl. You working tomorrow?"

"Yup, I'll be here. You?"

"You know it!" Trey said.

"Fabu, dahling! Hey, call me tonight, okay?"

"Okay, girl. I will," Trey said, then sashayed off.

Sara laughed when he was out of ear shot, "he's got some sugar in his tank, doesn't he?"

Stacy giggled, "He suuure does. Y'know, most of my male friends ARE gay," she said, looking like this was a fact she had just discovered.

"Well...that's cool," Sara said, nodding. She noticed Stacy's cigarettes in her right hand. "Hey, do you wanna go burn one?"

"Yeah, sure," Stacy smiled. "But, NOT in the bar, blech!" she moaned, glancing at her watch, "all the drunk businessmen are in there right now having their 'liquid lunch.' It never fails, they're like clockwork!"

"Oh! Okay!" Sara said, laughing hard. "Well...outside?"


"Good, I'm waiting for someone anyway." Sara followed Stacy outside. She watched her long, curly light brown hair flow in the breeze she created by walking. Stacy was definitely easy on the eyes. As attractive and nice as she was, she was still no Billie, and noticing how attractive Stacy was made Sara miss Billie all the more.

The two reached a huge concrete bench, and they lit up. "So, are you from Colorado too?" Stacy probed, trying to start a conversation.

"What?" Sara said, taken aback. Then, she remebered the Colorado Driver's license owned by Billie's alias. "Um, yeah...Denver. Uh...nice place," she said sheepishly. "What about you?"

"I'm a California girl, born and raised." she said proudly, as Sara noticed her cute little dimples.

"Cool," Sara said, taking a long drag from her cigarette, not sure of what else to say.

"So, who are you waiting for?" Stacy asked.

"Oh, just a friend of mine. He should actually be here any minute. I work--I mean, he and my dad used to work together...a long time ago...in Colorado. But, he lives out here now, and runs a garden supply store, and a flower delivery joint. He has the funniest trucks. Milton is Greek, and he has this enormous logo of Zeus on the side all of his trucks--lightening bolt in one hand, a bouquet of flowers in the other," she finished, giggling a bit.

Stacy laughed, "Well, maybe Zeus had a soft, sensitive side that Hera didn't know about," she said, still laughing. Stacy snuffed out her cigarette in the large metal ashtray to her left. "Well, It was really nice talking with you, Sara. I think I'll go run a few errands before I come back here for my check," she said, getting up.

"Oh, okay. Well, it was nice talking to you too. Maybe I'll stop by the front desk tomorrow and visit ya for a little bit," Sara said, smiling up at Stacy.

"Yeah, I'd like that. Okay, so, I'll see you then, okay?"

"Yup," Sara said squinting up at Sara, the sun in her pools of blue, "have a good one."

Just a few minutes later, Milton pulled into the crecsent-shaped entry way in the front of the hotel, honking the horn. Sara jumped up, and put her cigarette out in the ashtray. She walked over to the passenger's side, leaning on the truck with one arm. "Goin' my way?" she said, jokingly.

"I sure am, doll," he said, smiling through stained yellow teeth. "Hop in, kiddo."

"Oh...well, I didn't know we were going somewhere," Sara said, surprised. "I um...really can't go anywhere, Milty."

"Oh, that's riduculous! Here's the deal: you see, I'm 73 years old now, doll, and my memory ain't nearly as good as it was when I was 72..." he said, interrupted by Sara's robust laughter. "so I hurried out with your check in hand, but left it at the damn flower shop! I didn't even realize it 'till I was almost here! Plus, I still have that gift for you, courtesy of good ol' Milty. So, come on, kid, let's go back to the shop. I'll bring ya back here in one piece."

"Um...." Sara said, tapping the concrete with her toe. "Alright. I could use some time away from here anyway. But, I CANNOT stay out long," she said as she climbed in the truck.

"I'll have you back by 'Caviar at the Four Seasons' time," he said, once again teasing her about staying there.

"Yeah, yeah, just drive," she said, giving him a friendly poke in the arm.

Billie was becoming totally frustrated by her search. By then, Deaq had showed up, and was helping Billie and Van go through the seemingly endless list of names.

"Billie," Van said.


"I don't know. We've gone through a shitload of names, but Zeke Walsh is the only one I can't get out of my head."

"Oh, good ol' Zeke!" Deaq said. "Yeah, he don't play no games, man."

Billie sighed, "Okay. Van, I trust your instincts. If you think this guy is worth checking out, then you guys go do that. I'll stay here and concentrate on the list. So, how are you gonna do this?"

"Dirty Ricky," Deaq chimed in. "He's has a history with the Zeke- man. I say V and I hit him up on some hits that he may know about Zeke being involved in right now."

"Hey man, do you always have to steal my thunder?" Van whined.

"Van...this is not a good day for meee...." Billie warned.

"Sorry, boss. Okay bro, let's jet. I'll get my bottle on the way out," Van teased, bringing a partial smile from Billie's full lips.

"Ai-ight. We'll be in touch, boss."

"Okay. I'll be here," Billie said, watching them leave. Billie's mind drifted to Sara. She knew she was in big trouble. She feared that she wouldn't be able to protect her, and she absolutely despised being away from her right now. But, at the same time, she knew that Sara could take care of herself, although she didn't always think before she said or did things. In any other situation, Billie loved that about her, she thought it was cute; but, in this situation, it could prove to be deadly. She finally shook herself back to reality; ten minutes had gone by. She rubbed her eyes, and continued looking at the print out of names, gliding her index finger down the page. "Wait a minute," she said, her finger coming to a halt. "Milton Sirtis. Milton. Hmmm," she said typing his name into the computer. She took a drink of her coffee as the computer beeped. Billie studied the information on the screen. "Okay... ties to the Mafia, I knew that, star by his name," she said, rubbing her chin, annoyed by old information. "Born in 1930 in Santorini...spent his adult life in Chicago...a former...police officer? Retired in 1989, and now resides in Santa Monica...suspected of dealings at his..." Billie's ice blue eyes picqued, "home gardening store, 'Greek Garden Supplies,' but this information is unfounded? Shit!" Billie screamed. "Sara works for this asshole!" She said, both alarmed and appauled. She grabbed the phone, and began dailing.

"Good afternoon, Four Seasons," greeted Trey on the other line.

"Yes, hello, I need suite 710," Billie said urgently.

"Yes, just one moment, please."

There were tones while the phone connected. "Come on, come on," Billie said impatiently.

"The guest in the suite is not answering at this time," the voicemail system relayed. "Please press one to leave a message, press two to--"

Billie pressed the button. "Sara. Sara, it's me. You need to call me back at this number now. Right now. It's 837-8984. Or, my cell is 909-2674. Call me on either number, right now, right this second," she said, slamming the phone down. She sat there, looking at it. She grabbed her cell phone from the desk, making sure it was on. She couldn't sit any longer, she jumped up from the black leather chair and began pacing her office, her black high-heeled, lace-up shoes clicking with each step. She had her cell phone in hand, while shooting looks to the phone on her desk. "Sara, where the hell ARE you?!" She dailed on her cell phone.

"Yeah, who dis?" Deaq answered.

"Deaq, you need to leave wherever the fuck you are, and go check out a place called Greek Garden Supply," Billie ordered. "It's at 1957 Welton Avenue. It's run by a guy named Milton Sirtis, S-i-r-t-i-s. He's dirty, and he also happens to be Sara's boss."

"Got it. You think she may have let him in on her lil' secret?"

"I have no idea. It's possible. She looks at him as a father figure. She may have told him, I don't know. What I DO know is that I called her 10 minutes ago, and she hasn't called me back," she said, trying her best not to panic.

"Ai-ight, G. Well, lemme tell my boy V that you need us, and then we'll cut outta here," Deaq said. He and Van had already arrived at Dirty Ricky's pad, and he couldn't afford to sound suspicious.

"Hurry," Billie said, clicking her cell phone. She hurried back to the computer, and made a print out of Milton's photo. She paced even faster now, still eyeing the phone on her desk. "God damn it!" she yelled, in utter frustration. She knew that the guys could take care of business. But, what if Sara wasn't answering because she was with Milton? Would she really tell him where she was? And, where the hell WAS Sara? Why hadn't she called back yet? These questions parading around in her head was driving Billie mad. And, the worst part was that she couldn't help Sara personally.

"Fuck this," Billie said, grabbing the printout of Milton, and her keys to the Corvette.

Part 8

Billie was driving like a maniac; she was going through the back streets to avoid the notorious L.A. traffic. Getting to the Four Seasons was first and foremost on her racing mind. Just as she pulled up to a red light, her cell phone rang.

"Yeah?" she huffed.

"Ay, boss, just wanted to letcha know that V and I are about to roll to this garden place. We should be there in about 15 or 20 minutes," Deaq said. "Where you at?"

"I'm going to the hotel right now to see if I can find Sara," she informed.

"Uh, boss, you really think that's a good idea?" Deaq asked, concerned.

"You know what, Deaq? I don't care anymore, okay? You and Van are in one car--you can't be at two places at once!" She caught her breath, "I'm sorry. This is just--"


"Very. Look, Deaq, I'll just--deal with the consequences later. There's no way in Hell I can just sit on my ass at the office and not do anything. I just cannot do it."

"Okay...I understand. Well, good luck. We'll be in touch."

"Okay," Billie said, anxious to hang up and concentrate on driving.


"Bye." Billie threw her cell phone on the passenger's seat. Just a few minutes later, she reached the Four Seasons, and parked in the driveway out front. She hurried through the revolving door, and through the lobby, looking around. Maybe Sara just needed to get out of her room. Mabye she was looking around the hotel. Billie passed by the bar, and poked her head in--no sign of Sara. She came upon the gift shop, and looked in the large windows as she passed--no Sara there either. She finally reached the elevator. While going up to the seventh floor, Billie's eyes peered through the glass elevator, still eyeing the lobby for any sign of Sara, but there was none. She reached the seventh floor, and ran to Sara's room.

"Sara?" she said knocking hard. "Sara!" she continued, still knocking. But, there was no answer. "Damn it!," she grunted, then ran back to the elevator. When she reached the lobby, she made a b- line for the front desk.

"Hello, may I help you, ma'am?" Trey asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Billie chuckled. "You see, my friend and I checked in last night, but we were only given one room key. And, my friend is gone right now, and I can't get into our room, can you believe that?"

"Oh," Trey said laughing. "We can take care of that right now. Which suite is it?"

"It's 710."

Trey clicked on the keyboard in front of him. "Are you...Dr. Simon?"

"Yes, I am," Billie said.

"Great. If I could just see your I.D. for one second, you'll be on your way," he promised.

"Oh, yeah, of course," Billie said, reaching into her purse for her wallet, and pulling out the I.D. for her alias. "Here ya go."

Trey studied her I.D. rather quickly, then presented her with a room key. "This should solve your problems," he said, smiling.

"Thanks very much," Billie said, collecting her room key and I.D. from Trey.

When Billie reached the room, she slid the car through the access slot; she watched the small light turn from red to green. She reached behind her, and took her gun from her belt, which was hidden beneath her lightweight brown leather jacket. She opened the door slowly, one focused blue eye peeking in. The only sound she could hear was the hustle and bustle of L.A. traffic, courtesy of the open patio door. She creeped inside, and closed the door gently. The kitchenette was directly to her right; she noticed the empty coffee mug on the counter. Then, she placed a hand on the coffee pot; it was cold. She stayed close to the wall, and went straight--past the bed, past the wet bar, past the huge television set. She reached the bathroom, peeked inside, then quickly jerked her entire body in front of the doorway, her silver .357 Magnum fully brandished. The bathroom was empty. Billie leaned against the door. She looked up, rolled her eyes and sighed deeply. Her eyes then caught a glance of Sara's duffel bag, which was lying on the tan antique chair. She put her gun back in her belt clip, and looked through Sara's bag. She saw the clothes Sara was wearing the night before, she saw her pain medication. Billie went out to the patio, and looked down over the railing, purely subconcsiously. She spotted an ashtray with 5 snuffed out cigarettes in it. She then went back inside, and searched the room for Sara's cigarettes, but they were no where to be found. "Where did you go, Sara?" she said to herself, quietly. Her cell rang.


"Hey, it's us," Van said on the other line. "We just pulled up to the garden place, and it's closed. We're about to do a perimeter check, to see if there's any way in, if that's cool with you. Did you find anything?"

Billie sighed, "I'm in Sara's room right this second. She's not here, and I have no idea where the hell she could have gone. I have a really bad feeling about this, Van. A really bad feeling. I'll meet you guys down there. And, go ahead and check the place out--see if there's any way you can get in."

"Okay, we're on it," Van said, hanging up. Billie walked towards the door, giving the room one more intense look over before closing the door. She reached the bottom floor again, and decided to check out the pool area, but the only occupants in the pool was a man and two young children. Billie walked back through the lobby, her head turning everywhere, ears alert, heading for the revolving doors. She would not quite make it there.

"Hey, how are you, Dr. Simon?" A voice behind her said.

Billie quickly turned around, and was met by Stacy, whom she recognized immediately.

"Hello....." Billie searched for her name in her head, but realized she had no idea what it was.

"Stacy," she said, assisting.

"Right. Hi."

"I noticed you kinda looking around. Did you lose Sara?"

For a split second, Billie wondered how Stacy even knew Sara's name. But, that was quickly disregarded. "Yeah, I sure did. Have you seen her, by chance?" she asked, moving closer to Stacy, giving her full attention.

"Yeah. I was here earlier to get my check, which of course wasn't here, and she and I had a smoke outside." She giggled, "she said she couldn't stand staying in her room any longer."

"How long ago was this?"

"Um...it's been about an hour now."

"Well, she's not in our room. Do you know where she went?"

"Yeah, she was waiting for her friend to come here, the flower delivery guy."

"FLOWER delivery?" Billie asked, making sure she had heard Stacy correctly. She wondered what the hell was going on. "Did she happen to tell you his name, Stacy?"

"Yeah, um...Mmmm..."


"Yes! Yeah, that was it."

Billie shook her head to the side abruptly, and whispered a profanity under her breath. She looked back at Stacy, "what did Sara say about him delivering flowers? Anything?" She asked, confused.

"Um...that's what he does, and I think she said something about garden supplies, like he does that too," Stacy said, trying to remember.

Billie nodded her head at the sound of something familiar. "Did you happen to see him?"

Stacy felt an intensity coming from Billie. "Um...is everything okay...with Sara?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's fine. I just need to find her, that's all," Billie said, trying to sound reassuring.

"Actually, I did. When I was leaving, he pulled up in the yellow truck that said 'King of Gods Flower Service,' or something like that. The logo had Zeus on the side, holding--"

"Did this man see you?" Billie interrupted.

"No, I don't think so, but I like I said, I saw him. Older guy, looked real sweet."

"Stacy, thank you for everything. I have to leave now," Billie said quickly, then headed for the revolving doors.

"You're welcome!" Stacy said perturbed, after Billie had left.

Billie ran to the 'Vette, and started it up. She called directory assistance. "Yeah, I need the address for 'King of Gods Flower Service." She wrote down the address, and studied it. "Fuck, that's right near here." She looked through the windshield, her eyes glazing over. "I'm coming, Sara. God, please, please let her be okay," she said, then peeling left out of the driveway.

Part 9

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