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PAIRING: Barbara/Helena

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Do Ask, Do Tell
By perpetualblyss

Barbara watched her from the corner of her eye as she monitored the Delphi system. It was a slow night. Dinah was at Gabby's house, Alfred was back at the manor, and Helena was in the clocktower watching ice-skating on television. It seemed odd, but the younger woman loved watching the skaters glide, jump and twirl across the ice.

Earlier in the evening she asked Helena why she was hanging around the clocktower, Helena just looked at her mysteriously then mumbled something about the clocktower having a better TV.

Helena watched Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes as the computer guru watched her. Criminals in New Gotham seemed to be taking the night off allowing Oracle to indulge one of her favorite hobbies, Huntress watching.

She was sprawled across couch in that carefree, semi-boneless way that only truly graceful people can manage. Her blue cotton t-shirt rode up slightly above the top of the low-slung khaki cargo pants, baring her flat abdomen. Her bare toes showed off a recent pedicure. One hand was buried in the bowl of popcorn that lay on her stomach, while the other lay behind her dark tousled head. God she was beautiful.

Not just beautiful but sensual. The young crimefighter radiated a sexual energy that was impossible to ignore. Especially when she wanted you to notice it. God, some of those outfits she wore.

The redhead closed her eyes and shook her head.

>>No. That is Helena. You've known her for most of her life, since she was a child.<<

>>Well she's certainly not a child now.<<

>>Stop it. It's wrong to think of her that way.<<

>> So why can't you stop doing it?<<


>>Yeah, that's what I thought.<<

>>She doesn't even notice. Plus she's involved with Reese or at least flirting with him<<

>>She flirts with everyone who stands still for it. For Helena it's like breathing.<<

>>So what about the times she's flirted with me?<<


The redhead couldn't help her speculating. She already knew that if she hadn't been Helena's guardian, she would have at least explored the opportunity long ago. As it was the verbal teasing that went on every night during sweeps was enough to cause the older woman many nights where she had to take things into her own hands just to get enough sleep to function the following day.

She looked up at the monitor again still seeing no criminal activity to speak of. She began to code more of the program she had been working on for months to track criminal activity between New Gotham, Metropolis, Bludhaven and other major cities. It was a difficult task with many variables, and usually something that could occupy her full attention. But tonight all she could seem to focus on was the young woman lying across the room.

Looking up, Barbara could see Helena's reflection in the monitors. Her tantalizing curves were stretched out like a smorgasbord. Unconsciously Barbara licked her lips and swallowed as her eyes glazed over.

Helena was a dream; a pornographic dream but just an unreachable and just as unrealistic.

>>It's not gonna happen so snap out of it Gordon.<<

Helena's raspy voice interrupted Barbara's musings. "I can feel you watching me you know." At some point, the younger woman had sat up and was looking at the redhead.

Barbara jumped slightly and then stiffened in her chair looking up at the brunette. Who knows how long her reverie lasted. "What do you mean?" She tossed the words over her shoulder as she wheeled away from the bank of consoles toward the kitchen.

"I know you watch me. You have for a long time. At first I didn't know how to feel about it, then I realized that most of the time you don't even know you do it."

Barbara froze, her spine rigid.

"Tonight I saw you watch me in the reflection f the monitors. I see you watching me when I'm sparring with the kid in the training room. I hear your voice tense when I meet up with Reese on patrol. When I flirt with him you go non-linear."

Barbara began to turn her chair to face the young woman. "Helena."

Helena stood and strode across the room blocking the wheelchair's path. Placing her finger over Barbara's lips she whispered, "Shh, don't deny it." She bent down to grasp the redhead's arm pulling it towards her. As Helena bent over the chair, Barbara could see the tops of the full rounded breasts and the intriguing shadow between them.

Helena brought the woman's arm to her nose sniffing at the wrist and up the forearm. "I know you want me Barbara. I can smell it on your skin, taste it in the air. You've wanted me for a long time. Admit it. Admit what you want." By now Helena's low voice had become a growl.

Barbara realized Helena was stalking her. The girl's eyes became more yellowish and changed shape to their more feral appearance. For the first time Barbara felt as though she truly were the prey. Her breathing sped up as she tried to pull her arm away, but Helena only held tighter.

"I'm tired of waiting for you to overcome your martyr complex and approach me. Tonight I'm in control."

"Helena, let me go."

"Kiss me. Kiss me once then deny you want me and I'll let you go."

"I don't think."

"Don't think." At that, she slid her mouth over and completely captured the redhead's lips. Barbara's lips were soft and she used her tongue to tease and flick at the corner of the older woman's mouth encouraging her to open it.

Barbara tried to stop, to pull away but it was too good. Helena's mouth was soft, firm, moist and demanding all at the same time. She could feel herself falling away and losing control. Moaning slightly, she opened to her protégée. Her hands seemed to act on their own as the grabbed hold of the younger woman.

Continuing the kiss, Helena bent and lifted Barbara out of her chair. Walking with the older woman in her arms she sat her onto the kitchen counter. The younger woman's mouth was everywhere over the redhead's face. "Push me away," Helena whispered. "Tell me that you don't want this and I'll stop." Her hands were busy pushing up the older woman's white tank top as she kissed her shoulders and the tops of her breasts. Hands slid up the silken skin of the redhead's abdomen, the shirt and bra seemingly melting away under the heat of her hands.

Topless and sitting on the counter Barbara was gasping for air. Her mind spinning, unable to grasp a single thought. Helena's hands stroked Barbara's ribcage as she nibbled and sucked various parts of Barbara's flesh into her mouth. "Tell me you don't want me."

Barbara tried to say anything but her head was swimming with pleasure. Helena moved Barbara's legs so she was standing between them, pressing her hips against Barbara's core. She slid her hands down the redhead's back to the top of her buttocks, raking her nails slightly on the journey down. Barbara arched into the delicious pressure, hissing with pleasure.

Helena lightly traced her nose along the side of Barbara's face whispering, "See you do like it. I want you to let me in Barbara, I want you to ask me for what you want." Taking an earlobe in her mouth, she lightly bit on it and breathed directly in Barbara's ear, "Ask me and I'll give it to you."

Barbara felt wet and swollen but inside she was quaking. She couldn't deny that she loved what Helena did to her body but to give her this. she couldn't. All she could do was breathe and try to survive the onslaught against her senses.

Helena brought her face around to kiss Barbara again, her tongue conquering the redhead's mouth and setting up a rhythm that made Barbara want to press into her. With a practiced gesture, Helena unfastened the older woman's pants and slid her hands inside the back to cover Barbara's buttocks and began to knead them with the same rhythm her tongue had in Barbara's mouth. The redhead began to whimper and tried to press into the younger woman's wiry strong body, but she pulled away. "No, it won't be that easy. Ask me, Barbara, ask me nicely and I'll give you what you want."

Helena began a sensual descent down Barbara's body. Strokes, kisses and licks continued across the creamy pale skin until she got to the center of her breasts. She teased by kissing around them, starting at the edge and each revolution getting closer and closer to the center peaks. The strawberry colored nipples were taut and pointed from all the attention. They were so sensitive the air in the room felt heavy on them. "Helena, please!" Barbara panted.

"Please what?" She teased, continuing to bypass the areas that needed her most.

"You know."

"No I don't. Tell me." She was so close her moist hot breath covered one nipple like a sauna.

Barbara groaned and arched her back trying to force her breast into Helena's mouth, but she pulled away.

"You tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you." The younger woman brought her mouth even closer over the turgid nipple letting it rest in between her lips, but putting no pressure on it.

Barbara panted, her frustration running high. She looked down at the top of Helena's tousled head still bent over one nipple; she couldn't take it anymore. She needed. She needed her.

She gave in.

"Oh God Helena! Suck me."

The redhead thought she heard a heard a faint sigh as the brunette took the flesh into her mouth and began to rhythmically suck her rock hard nipple. She threw her head back and closed her eyes in agony and ecstasy.

The younger woman pulled her body closer to grind her hips into Barbara's mound and continued to knead and separate the older woman's buttocks in time with her ministrations. Everywhere Barbara could feel began to clench and ratchet tighter, her breathing sped to where she was almost hyperventilating. She didn't think she had ever been this enflamed, even before the accident.

After what seemed like no time and forever, the younger woman lifted her head away pulling the nipple away from the older woman's chest, finally opening her mouth and letting it snap back towards her. "No! Don't stop!" Barbara cried.

"Shhh, it's OK." Helena extended her tongue and licked a path to the other breast and again began sucking in the surrounding flesh while her tongue toyed with the nipple. Barbara laced her hand through the tangled hair at the back of Helena's head to keep herself grounded. The world had spun out from under her. At that moment Helena was the world. She didn't care if every alarm on Delphi rang. She didn't care if Dinah came home with her entire class, she didn't care if Alfred came in and wanted to serve tea. All she wanted was for Helena not to stop, for her never to stop.

Barbara had to touch more of the young woman, feel skin moving under her eager hands. She began to pull at the younger woman's cotton tee, and put both her hands inside, running them over the flesh of her back. Feeling bones and muscles sliding, moving.

Pulling slightly away from the enticing flesh Helena whispered, "God Barbara you taste so good." Then returned to devouring the older woman's exposed skin.

The statement sent a shiver of need down the redhead's spine. She reached for the brunette's head trying to guide it downwards toward the open front of her pants.

The brunette resisted the ploy maintaining her current position between Barbara's breasts, alternately inflaming her nipples with sharp nips and then soothing them with long licks. Again the redhead, tried to move the younger woman's head down.

"Tsk, tsk," the younger woman chided. "You've been good so far Barbara, very good, but you still have to ask for what you want."

Without hesitation the older woman grabbed the brunette's head forcing it lower saying, "Use your mouth."

Staring into Barbara's eyes the Helena lifted the redhead just enough to slide her clothing down. The younger woman stroked the pants and underwear down the redhead's legs to the floor.

Barbara sat naked on the counter watching her young lover being fascinated by the length and softness revealed to her; stoking her legs from foot to hip. Even though, she couldn't feel most of it, she had to watch Helena's hands make their caressing journey.

Finally, Barbara felt warm breath wash over her amber patch. She felt Helena's thumbs separate her outer lips to view the pink frosted confection inside. She saw the brunette's head move even closer and felt her mouthing, kissing and sucking her inner lips. Barbara couldn't speak, all she could do was watch and feel Helena's tongue dart out to flick the bundle of nerves situated at the top of her crease.

Helena moved closer hooking her arms under Barbara's thighs and lifting her so the redhead was better positioned. Barbara fell back on the counter barely catching herself on her elbows, knocking utensils and a bowl of fruit to the floor in a loud clatter.

The kitchen counter was cold against Barbara's back compared to the flaming heat of Helena's probing tongue.

Barbara felt the tip of Helena's tongue firmly swirl around her clit, which by now was achingly sensitive and swollen to and astonishing degree. Barbara thrust her hips toward the younger woman as Helena's mouth slipped lower, penetrating as far as she could. Barbara shuddered as Helena returned to the nugget at the top of her slit capturing it between her lips and sucking it. Alternating between lapping at her wetness and fondling the hardening nodule, Helena's efforts caused Barbara to gasp for air as tremors raced through her body.

"Helena," she moaned. "Oh God, Helena."

The younger woman intensified her ministrations and Barbara felt herself peaking, spasming beneath the younger woman's lips and tongue. Copious moisture flooded out the older woman, anointing Helena as well as the countertop. Barbara couldn't keep her eyes open, the sensation was too intense, as the waves of orgasm seemed to go on and on.

Helena continued pleasuring the redhead, gradually slowing before withdrawing to kiss along the inside of the older woman's damp thighs.

Barbara could vaguely sense being moved. As she slowly came back to herself from the intense climaxes, she saw that Helena had deposited her on her own bed. She looked over and saw her protégée standing a few feet from the bed inscrutably looking at Barbara's naked form. Helena was still fully clothed but the girl looked wild and untamable. Barbara wanted to ravage her. Hooking a grab bar, Barbara lifted herself to a more comfortable position propped up against her pillows.

Still contemplating the woman on the bed, Helena began to back away into the shadows towards the door to the bedroom.

"Don't go," Barbara's husky voice murmured into the stillness. "You asked me to tell you what I want. I want to see you, take off your clothes."

Locking gazes with her mentor, the young woman stepped closer to the bed, and slowly began taking off her clothing; first stripping her t- shirt over her head flinging it back into the darkness. As mesmerizing flesh began to appear, Barbara's body began to flush with heat once more. As the girl opened her front clasp bra Barbara gasped with desire. The brunette's breasts were small but perfectly formed, topped with chunky brown nipples. The older woman's mouth watered with anticipation. Slowly the girl unbuttoned and unzipped her pants; hooking her thumbs in the side seams she quickly pushed both pants and underwear to the floor.

Finally naked, the younger woman stepped away from the pile of clothing and stood proudly next to the bed. "Now what."

"Now you tell me. Tell me why you approached me tonight."

Helena sat of the bed next to Barbara's supine form, her fingers absently stroking up and down the older woman's legs and toying with her navel. "I've wanted you since I knew what wanting was. Having you has been my fantasy since I was seventeen. I teased you so you would notice me as more than just a protégée. I waited for you to get past your guilt for having been my guardian."

Helena stood, lifting her leg onto the bed. She crawled up the bed and over the older woman so she was kneeling across Barbara's abdomen.

"I got tired of waiting, tired of spending nights dreaming of you. Do you want to know how I spent those nights?"

She deliberately pulled Barbara's hand toward her forming it so two fingers were extended. She drew the fingers to her mouth, sucking in the digits coating them with saliva. She pushed the older woman's hand down between her legs and inside her molten core. Holding Barbara's forearm she guided the fingers in and out.

"I did this Barbara. I did this and I thought about you. You doing this to me." Helena was breathing heavily and undulating against the fingers plunging inside her

Barbara listened, and watched with shock and fascination. She felt the heat and wetness exuded by the younger woman and couldn't help but be caught in the eroticism of the moment. She took over the pumping action of the own hand, gradually speeding up; her thumb stroking the woman's sensitive nub as they rocked toward ecstasy.

Riding Barbara's hand, Helena was glorious. Her eyes were squeezed shut, head thrown back, thick nipples excruciatingly tight and sweat beaded on her torso. Her slickness coated Barbara's palm, wrist and abdomen; each thrust further smearing it across the older woman. The speed of Barbara's fingers, her own rocking and the slapping wet sound that accompanied both had fully consumed her senses.

Barbara had been using her hips to reinforce her thrusts into Helena's cleft, but she stopped and pulled her hand away slightly. Helena grabbed the older woman's arm commanding, "No! Don't stop." But Barbara had only slowed long enough to add another finger as she resumed impaling the girl on three fingers. "Yes! God Barbara I'm almost there!"

Barbara lifted her head to suck feverishly at Helena's fat nipples. Her lips grasped one diamond hard peak as tongue and teeth alternately raked across it, delicately straddling the line between pleasure and pain. Barbara curled her fingers upward and stroked her fingers across a rough patch of skin inside the younger woman while her thumb continued its gyrations around her clit.

Helena grabbed Barbara's head letting out something that sounded almost like a howl while her hips jerked violently as she fell into a body stuttering come, flooding Barbara's hand and abdomen with her juices. Her vision faded away and her body convulsed; the only sound she heard was the blood rushing past her own ears.

Barbara's fingers continued to move inside the girl extending her pleasure as incoherent cries of ecstasy echoed through the clocktower. Helena's inner muscles clenched around her fingers and slowly settled to the occasional flutter. Finally drained, Helena collapsed, dropping her head to Barbara's shoulder, both of them trembling, shaking and satiated as they wrapped their arms around each other until the storm had passed.

After some time had passed Barbara murmured, "I never expected this" In a dazed but happy voice.

The younger woman looked up with swollen and reddened lips. They kissed again, this time slower and Barbara felt her still tingling nipples grind into the younger woman's chest.

Barbara broke her mouth away from their kiss and tried to calm the dizziness before speaking. "I want you Helena. I guess I can't deny that now. But I want this to be more."


"More than just this. More than just sex. More than just tonight."

"It can't be more."

Barbara froze and began to pull away from the younger woman ducking her head.

Helena pulled Barbara's head around so she could look directly into her protégée's blue eyes. She kissed Barbara again, this time tenderly and with so much emotion the older woman could feel it bursting from her. "It can be all. Always. Everywhere. Everything. It's always been you. For me, it always has been."

Barbara relaxed and put her arms around the younger woman's neck, laying her head on a shoulder and whispered, "Don't just tell me, show me."


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