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Does She Know?

"Today I'm a warrior. Today I show you my heart..."

That's what you are supposed to chant as you endure the pain sticks. Ha! Some warrior I am. A warrior is supposed to both fight and make love with honour. That must mean I'm a spineless coward. I don't have the courage to show them my heart. Not even her...

"Lieutenant, you requested my presence?"

Damn it! She snuck up on me. Again. She's so near. I can smell her. She's just standing there, back straight, feet slightly apart with her hands clasped behind her back. Cool as always. Her scent fills my head. A slightly salty, somewhat metallic scent sprinkled with a hint of musk. Does she know? Does she know what her scent does to me? It drives me insane!

I make the mistake of looking up. Straight into her eyes. Eyes blue as the sky.

"Y-Yes," I stammer. "Have a look at this, will you?" My hand tremble slightly as I hand her a PADD. I watch her face as she accepts it. Nothing. Her face is blank. Wait a minute! Was that a smile? Does she know?

The End

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