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I Don't Do Christmas
By ralst


B'Elanna sneaked past the group of revellers and quickly made her way towards engineering, an off-key rendition of 'White Christmas' hastening her escape. On entering her domain she made a beeline for her office and the relative sanctuary she hoped it would provide.

Securing the door and blocking out the noise from the party that was raging across the ship, she finally called for lights. The harsh illumination dousing the room and bringing the starch form of Seven of Nine into sharp relief. "Kahless! Seven what are you doing in here?"

"My apologies, Lieutenant." Seven straightened in her seat and attempted to regain her usual arrogance. "I did not realise you would be returning to engineering."

"So what, you sneak into my office every time my back's turned?" B'Elanna wanted to pick a fight; anything to banish the memory of Neelix and Janeway singing a duet of Christmas carols.

Seven failed to take the bait. "I was escaping the pointless festivities and your office seemed the most viable hiding place."

"You're hiding from Christmas?" B'Elanna smirked.

"I am avoiding the need to repeat my protestation regarding the festivities." Moving slightly on the small couch she made room for B'Elanna to sit beside her. "And it would appear that I am not the only one avoiding the 'Christmas spirit'."

"Klingons don't do Christmas," B'Elanna huffed, taking her place beside Seven. "Even half Klingons."

"The captain attempted to use your human ancestry as an excuse to have you join in their feast?" Seven guessed.

"Tried and failed." There was a touch of pride in her voice, as if outwitting Janeway's holiday mania were akin to facing an enemy in battle. "I take it she pulled the Hansen card with you?"

"You are correct."

B'Elanna waited for Seven to elaborate but when nothing was forthcoming she was forced to ask, "and you avoided that how?"

A smug smile lighted Seven's features. "I simply informed the captain that the Hansens were Jewish."

B'Elanna barked with laughter. "I bet she birthed a tribble."

"She was less than pleased," Seven confirmed.

The two women shared a smile, both pleased with their ability to outmanoeuvre Kathryn's Christmas craze, whether by stealth or parentage. The captain's insistence that everybody, human and non-human alike, partake in her own favourite religious holiday had met with a number of complaints, but only the two women huddled in engineering had been bright enough to avoid it.

"I wouldn't have minded so much," B'Elanna confided, "if she didn't insist we all sing those stupid songs." She shook her head in disbelief. "Who ever heard of it snowing in outer space?"

"It is the mistletoe to which I object." Seven reached forward and retrieved the sprig of greenery she had pried from an overeager Chakotay's hand. "And the excuse it provides for inadequate individuals to attack me with their lips."

"Uh huh." B'Elanna looked from the mistletoe to Seven's lips, a devilish smile on her face. "But it is tradition." Leaning forward she presented Seven with her sloppiest kiss, fully expecting to be rebuffed at any second.

After several seconds with no sign of protest B'Elanna's kiss turned from sloppy to hesitant, the feel of Seven's fingers in her hair propelling it from hesitant to passionate in moments. The kiss quickly lasted past the point of holiday extravagance and settled effortlessly into a heated make-out session, the two women reclining actively on the couch.

As the sound of a zipper lowering filled the air B'Elanna mumbled a heartfelt, "Merry Christmas Seven," before the two became lost in a celebration of their own.

The End

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