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And a Door Opened
By SDerkins

Story Idea by Golden_Ruhl


Part Nine

They were all sitting around the table when a loud chime came from the den. Kelly stood up and explained she had set the volume to let her know when emails arrived. She didn't want to miss delay if the one from the counsel members arrived. A moment later, the silent crowd heard the printer at work. Kelly returned a few minutes later.

"Is it from them?" Cierra asked.

"Yes. They also sent their names and addresses so I can do a background search on them but let me read this out loud,"

We represent a very small group from several tribes who wish to join your community in the spirit world. We understand this is not the land of the dead but the living. We wish to build our own communities and return to the cultures of our forefathers. We ask for nothing more than transportation to this magical place and promise to keep the peace between our peoples. War was something caused by the lack of resources and clearly that will not be the case as long as both the Anglo and Indian peoples live in harmony with Mother Earth.

As we will build settlements away from your own so there should be few disagreements over lands and game. However, we do realize that each community could possibly be more skilled than others in the making of crafted goods and we could have a market that caters to fair trade among our peoples. Such as one group who wish to live by the ocean and its bounty. They could easily bring in salt and seafood from the ocean and trade it for crops not easily grown near the sea or hides from mountain deer.

If your community, as the founding members, wish to discuss a common set of laws that apply to all people we are more than happy to hear your proposals. We do wish, however to retain our cultural traditions concerning marriage and family. But certainly laws concerning violence and property must and should be universal among our peoples.

We wish to live in peace with our neighbors and live quietly away from modern society, nothing more. We await your reply.

Signed, "yada yada yada," Kelly finished.

"Well," Laura said with a whoosh of air, "This certainly makes things interesting.

The group began debating the pros and cons of the American Indian tribes settling in their New World as well. The group was mostly split evenly until Jenny brought up one point.

"Some of us have kids or want kids. But let's face facts—do they marry someone from our colony or try and return to this one without a legal identity or any idea how the modern world works? Our group won't have a large enough genetic base to make it viable but with the tribes joining they have families they could marry into or at least father children if they want it."

"I agree," said one of the other women. "The tribal members can say it all they want but they've lived in the white man's world for a long time. They absorbed many of our ways and really won't be all that different from us. I see no trouble adjusting to one another's cultures. If we do as they suggested and had an annual market or something we'd interact quite a bit. Who knows, some of their people might be gay too and would rather live with us."

"Alright, let's see a show of hands. All in favor of them hitching a ride?" Hands rose. "And against?" Laura counted hands. "Okay, they've in with us—providing their background checks are okay and they agree to our charter laws. They're simple enough and I see no reason for them to disagree with them. If everything checks out I say send them some guidelines and tell them when they can transport. I assume they will travel by horseback since they want to 'live in harmony with Mother Earth.' she added.

The tribal representatives arrived two days later at Cierra's request. At first the older man, Ralph Whitefeather, was disappointed. Cierra was just a young white woman.

"I have no desire to deceive you, Mr. Whitefeather. My grandmother was indeed a Shaman but I have never been trained. I discovered the New World quite by accident and learned how to control my abilities."

The older man smiled. "You said abilities. Then you have more than one power. You may lack training but your natural talents are powerful. I am sure one day you will gain full measure of them even without guidance."

Cierra cleared her throat. "Well, we shall see. At the moment we'd like to discuss a few things with all of you." They all sat around the kitchen table. The jumper continued as her friends quietly joined them.

"I'm not sure if you knew all the facts about the community we are forming. For one, this will be an all woman colony except for children. We're a lesbian group," she informed them. "If you would have troubles with that we'd like to know now. We certainly don't hate men but only want to live as a group that we are comfortable with."

The four tribal leaders glanced at one another then shrugged. It apparently made little difference to them.

"That is fine," the woman, Jane Poma, said for them all. "But does that mean no adult males are allowed within your colony?"

"I'm not sure we ever covered that. If we allow your people to join us we will have to make allowances. There might be a time when one of our daughters is old enough to want to marry and there won't be many to choose from in a lesbian community. They may have to seek husbands within your peoples. Our groups will certainly mix but I think our original location will remain all women. Mixed groups can build near us and we won't turn away visitors just because they are male. I think we all have a duty to be hospitable to friendly visitors, don't you agree?"

The four members nodded. It was part of their culture to welcome those who come in peace and treat them as family.

Cierra rapped the tabletop with her hands. "Okay then, would any of you like to visit the New World while you are here? I'm sure you have a few skeptics that need convincing," Cierra added.

Cierra and a group of her armed guards would drive to their location and transport them. They had argued over this point for several reasons. Robbie hated the security risk to Cierra but certainly didn't want all the abandoned horse trailers and trucks on the farm. The tribal members would have two months to gather their belongings needed for living in the New World. Once on Mother Earth, as the tribes began referring to it, they would live by the following guidelines:

  1. Meet in late May of each year for trade and cultural exchanges at a location approximately 20 miles Southeast of the Anglo community.

  2. All communities would follow a small set of simple laws. Serious offenses could be punished by bringing the criminals to the Colony and be taken back to the Old World by Cierra. Each community leader(s) could decide on the punishments of the criminals for smaller offenses.

  3. All communities agreed that no technology that required electricity, gasoline, or posed any danger to the environment could be kept on Mother Earth. Nor would such technology be allowed to be built in the future.

  4. Individuals may decide to either marry into or wish to be adopted by another group. For that purpose, such requests must be approved by the leader(s) of each community. Those individuals must bring with them personal belongings and provisions so not to be considered a burden to their new people. They can't arrive empty handed.

  5. Every community agreed to provide hospitality and aid to travelers. Travelers would often bring news and should be provided with basic housing and meals for friendly visits lasting 3 days or less. Mooching would be frowned upon and could be punishable by local leaders.

  6. Adopt a live and let live philosophy. Tolerance, harmony and living for the good of all were paramount.

Everyone was pleased with the guidelines. It gave ample room for each culture to develop as they saw fit yet provided the basics to living peacefully with each other.

The first house was being built and was intended for Cierra. She teased the women saying all the mistakes and bugs would be worked out on hers before doing the next one. The women laughed and agreed but really wanted to honor their founding mother with the first home.

The stone and mortar foundation had been laid and the floor would later be tiled with the same materials used for the roof. The frame was nothing more than posts driven into the ground with horizontal logs used to tie them together, Lincoln log style, and hold up the roof. The women lined up in pairs as they set out to place the adobe bricks on the outside. One would hand the bricks to the other after the first woman used the hand trough to set the mortar. The first pair would lay the first layer all around then the second pair the next layer and so on. The building would only be one floor but would still require scaffolding higher up. After the brickwork was finished they would use a plaster mixture made of lime, sand, and water to waterproof it.

Windows however, would be damned near impossible to make glass panes at the colony. They decided window openings would be small and covered in wire mesh grates to keep out the insects. One day they might be able to make glass but until then the grates would have to make do. Doors would be made of split logs with a wooden plank to bar it. Bears would be discouraged with a simple idea JP came up with. A wooden mat with nail spikes on one side would be placed in front of doorways at night. In front of the door would be an indent in the ground that matched the board so it couldn't be swiped to one side by the bear. In the morning, simply pick it up and put it aside.

"How do you like your new home?" JP asked quietly. She was standing very close to Cierra and felt the longing to wrap her arms around the petite woman. JP settled for placing her palm on Cierra's shoulder and giving it a light squeeze.

The brunette then surprised her. She put her warm hand over JP's and held it there as she smiled. "I think everyone did a fantastic job on it. It hard to believe a bunch of lawyers and clerks with no construction experience could whip this out so fast and do a good job to boot."

JP chuckled and gently pulled Cierra closer. The smaller woman didn't resist. In fact, she leaned lightly against her. The tall woman swallowed hard and reveled in the pleasure of the moment.

The time to take the tribal groups into Mother Earth was fast approaching. On top of that, the waiting list was growing faster than the group's ability to build homes. They decided to purchase second hand tents and equipment at the surplus store and bring in people to live at the site. Later on, when the buildings were finished, they could use the tents at the trade site to sleep in.

Only three homes were ready to occupy and they decided Cierra, Sharon, and Cyd would get them. The cooking crew would be staying in tents and working full time in the colony. The ones remaining at the farm would fend for themselves. Cierra, of course, would bring a work crew to the site every morning and take them home in the evenings.

"Well, that's the last tent," Cyd said while she watched several women haul a camp cot into the tent.

"It's hard to believe we're so close to making this all happen," Cierra murmured.

"I know. Six months ago we were just a bunch of people who chatted online and had never met one another. Now we're family. Oh, by the way, have you tried out your new bed? JP found an old-fashioned feather mattress for the frame. The rest of your stuff is being put inside so you can sort through it before going to bed."

"Really? I haven't been inside to look in the last few hours. I guess I had better do it before it gets dark. Candles will be hard to come by until the beehives produce enough wax for more."

"I still can't believe Tracy came up with those things. I never thought about how we'd replace sugar in our diets. And those beehives were brilliant. I wouldn't in a million years would have thought of using hollowed out firewood for the bees."

"Yeah. Sharon said several of them already have bee colonies. By this time next year the place will be swarming with bees. We might have to move them away from the village or risk someone getting stung badly."

"Like you said, we need candles. We could use kerosene if we really wanted to, but that means looking for crude oil. Then next thing you know someone would want to make just a teeny engine, then…well, you get the picture. We're better off with candles or animal fat lamps. Too bad bayberries didn't grow around here," Cyd commented.

"Well, I had better check out my place before I disappoint people," Cierra grinned. She waved goodbye to her tall friend and headed for her new home.

She opened the door and closed it behind her. There was little daylight left so she went to the shelf above the mantle and reached for one of the pieces of twisted paper used to start fires. She reached into her pocket and retrieved the military fire starter and shaved off a small amount of magnesium into a metal bowl and lit it. She lit the paper then quickly lit the few candles she had on the shelf.

The light they gave off was just enough to see the room and contents. Against one wall was a wooden bed frame. As Cyd said, a huge feather mattress had been thrown over it. She smiled warmly, wondering where JP had gotten it and how much it had set her back. Well, the bed was certainly large enough for two. Cierra chuckled at the thought and pondered about the tall woman who was quietly working her way into her heart.

JP was quiet, steady, and very much the loner at heart. Cierra opened the trunk and pulled out some bedding to make the bed. She lifted the blanket and held it against her. It carried JP's scent. She buried her nose into it and wondered how much longer she would keep the woman at arm's length. It was getting harder every day. The memory of her ex was growing dimmer as the image of the tall brunette visited her dreams. It wasn't even like the survivalist was even trying. JP was just quietly there, ready to support her when she was full of doubts and fear.

Cierra sighed as she spread the blanket onto the bed. JP wasn't playing fair. Now she'd breathe in her scent all night and try to ignore the longing to have the slim woman curled up behind her as she slept. If she had any guts at all she'd invite JP over and suggest it. She sighed again. She just wasn't quite ready to move on to a physical relationship yet. Cierra knew what she wanted and it wasn't temporary. JP never said she wanted to get involved. For all she knew, the survivalist was merely being friendly.

The Jumper moaned, realizing she was just tormenting herself. She undressed and put on her sleep wear. She padded over to the candles and blew them out. It was time to get some sleep.


Part Ten

Cierra joined Jenny and Cyd at one of the long tables in the communal kitchen. They were bent over a large sheet of paper.

"What are you going over now?" the Jumper asked.

"Oh, the individual gardens. We're trying to see if there are duplicate gardens. I had everyone turn in their ideas yesterday. Are you going to have a garden too? I didn't get a note from you," Cyd asked.

Cierra shrugged. She didn't have a green thumb. "Do you suggest anything? It has to be something simple the way I kill plants."

The village as a whole was only growing a few basics the first year. It would be expanded each year as they had an idea what they could handle. They planned on wheat, corn, potatoes, broccoli, and beans. They had already planted several fruit trees but they wouldn't produce for several years. Everyone else would plant a small garden next to their homes.

Jenny giggled. "How about berries? You can plant them on the side that doesn't get direct sunlight all day. You just need to prune them once or twice a year and water them," she suggested.

"Are you sure I won't kill them off?" Cierra grumbled good-naturedly. "Okay, what is planned so far?"

Cyd picked up the sheet and read from the chart. "So far we have bell peppers, onions, garlic, sunflowers, cabbages, watermelon, tomatoes, sweet peas, and chili peppers. Whew, good thing everyone is bringing a lot of seeds along. Sharon hit that flea market and bought out every canning jar she could find. I was hoping someone was going to volunteer to do cucumbers too. I'll miss pickles."

"Then you had better grow your own dill and cucumbers. And snag a few bottles of the apple cider vinegar Sharon has in the root cellar. I just read up how to make vinegar and it takes six months to age," Jenny warned her lover.

"Six months? Oh Geez. Okay, I will see if anyone has any seeds. If not, I may have Cierra add them to her list of things to buy, okay?" Cyd asked of the Jumper.

"Fine. I'll be back, I need to get some breakfast while I still can." The cooks only served until 9 AM then after that people are on their own until lunch. She walked up to the large open window that separated the kitchen from the dining area. One of the volunteers spotted her and grinned.

"Not much left this late," the woman said with an apology.

"That's alright. Anything will be fine."

The woman prepared a plate of some sliced fresh fruit, a roll, and the last of the scrambled eggs. She also handed her a cup of honey sweetened tea. She thanked Hillary and returned to the couple, who had forgotten the plans and were busy making cow eyes at each other and sharing kisses.

"Tsk, didn't you get enough of one another last night?" Cierra teased.

"Hey, we're newlyweds and allowed to be mushy whenever we want," Cyd complained. "It'll happen to you too. Then you'll stop teasing us."

"Yeah," Jenny piped in, "and when are you gonna latch onto tall, dark, and silent? Better make it snappy before some other woman grabs her first," she warned.

Cierra blushed and fussed with her plate, hoping to change the subject.

"Oh, avoiding the subject huh? C'mon Cierra, anyone with eyes knows JP is crazy about you. Hallie isn't standing in your way anymore and you've been alone for the last seven months. It's time you moved on," the blonde softly advised.

Cierra dropped the roll onto the plate and sighed. "You say everyone sees it but I'm not sure about JP at all. She hasn't even so much as given me a hug. Why should I think she wants more? She doesn't give me a clue one," she complained, rationalizing why she didn't chase after JP.

"But you do like her, right?" Cyd asked.

"Yeah, I do. I just don't know where I stand with her."

"At least she's around. You left Hallie because she was never home and took you for granted. If you got involved with JP do you think she'd treat you the same way?" Jenny wanted to know why their leader was so hesitant.

"No," Cierra answered simply.

"Then go talk to her. You haven't got anything to lose except doubt," Jenny added sagely.

Cierra cracked a grin at the last piece. "Yes Buddha. If it goes well I will leave an offering at your temple."

"No way. I am the only one leaving offerings at her temple. I have exclusive rights," Cyd snickered. Jenny smacked Cyd's strong arm as Cierra blushed. She hadn't meant it to be taken that way. She waved at them and made a hasty retreat.

Cierra jumped to the farm and was greeted by worried Robbie.

"What's wrong?"

"I think we have to change jump locations. I've noticed a van with dark tinted windows hanging around. They might be watching us," she told her gravely.

"Oh crap. What about everyone here now?"

"We thought it out. Everyone is loading up their personal stuff and bringing it into the barn with them. You'll have to transport them and leave them at the colony. I'm sorry but they will have to double up or sleep around the fire. Only a few are staying behind. They'll do any last minute buying we need and drop it off in the storage unit we rented so you can fetch it. Now I want you to listen carefully. If you jump into that room and the door isn't shut I want you to jump back fast. You may only have a second to do it. Do you understand?"

"What about the tribes? I need to transport them too in two days."

"Yeah. I made arrangements. We rented an apartment through someone else and I doubt anyone else knows about it. Once you get the others away this morning I'm going to drive you there. I'll make sure we aren't followed. In the apartment I have a backpack of supplies and two loaded shotguns. When we finally jump back its going to be a long hike for us back to the colony."

"So you are going to join us at the colony?"

"Yep. I have a good reason to join you all, and no, I'm not gonna tell," the blonde teased.

"You got yourself someone special already? Damn, you're good. I haven't a clue who it is either. Is it-" the door opened and several women began hauling boxes into the barn. "I'll get back to you on this later," Cierra teased.

Several hours later Robbie unlocked the door and peeked outside. Seeing no one she told Cierra to lock the door behind her until she retrieved the car. If anyone else came to the door, she was to jump and never come back to the barn. Thankfully Robbie returned and parked the car just outside the doors. She lowered the window and told Cierra to come out. She opened the door and locked it from outside before getting into the car. She buckled up without argument.

"Where is this place we're going?"

"I'm not saying it aloud. I can't be certain the car hasn't been tampered with since it sits outside unprotected."

"They could have a tracking device on it too, couldn't they?"

"That's right. So we won't drive this again once we get there. We'll hire a taxi if we have to," Robbie told her grimly.

Cierra sat silently after that, allowing the tall bodyguard to concentrate. Surprisingly, they stopped and parked down town.

"Don't say anything and just come with me," Robbie told her mysteriously. Cierra was beginning to wonder if trusting the tall woman had been right. This would be a good way for her to disappear if she had gone to her SS buddies. The tall woman took her hand and led her into a tiny used clothing store.

Inside she walked briskly to a back room and opened a door to a small office. She shut the door and opened a cardboard box sitting on the desk.

She whispered to Cierra to change and quickly. Inside the box was clothing she could just pull over her current attire and a curly red wig. At the bottom of the box was a man's suit. As she changed, she watched in shock as Robbie took an electric shaver and cut off her long locks of blonde hair.

"Oh my God Robbie, your beautiful hair!" she gasped.

"It'll grow back eventually. Right now there's no way to tuck it all under a man's hairpiece so this is easier." She quickly pulled on the suit to hide her attributes and attached a fake mustache to her upper lip with some brush on adhesive.

"Ready? Okay, let's get out of here. Nice and casual. We're a couple who just finished some shopping." She picked up a bag with the store's logo and they left the office. Cierra had assumed the owner was a friend of Robbie's since the stuff was waiting for them.

They walked out the front door and Robbie guided her to the right. They strolled up the street until they reached a small SUV. The blonde pulled out a set of keys and deactivated the alarm then opened the door for Cierra as any well brought up gentleman should. Within a few minutes they were back on the road.

"Well, that was surprising," Cierra giggled.

"It was necessary. I didn't want to lead them to the jump site. BTW, there's no way to pull this stunt a second time. If they are Federal then they will have every road watched—waiting for us to return."

"Do you mean we can't come back to town once we jump the tribal groups?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. The only way back to the colony is from Mother Earth at the tribal jump zone. When I realized we were being watched I contacted Whitefeather and asked him to bring four extra horses. We'll have to take along supplies with us in the car so we have them for the trip."

"How do you know the phone lines aren't being tapped?"

"I don't. All I told Whitefeather is that four more horses would be needed by advice of their travel guide. Anyone who might be listening, unless they know everything may not understand. That was the best I could do. I called from a payphone by the way."

"And wasn't on long enough to trace it?"

"You watch too much television. All the Feds have to do is contact the Telephone Company and get records of all calls made from that phone around the time I made the call."

"Will Kelly and Laura be safe at the farm?"

"I don't know. I told Kelly to download whatever she needed from her computer onto a disk and wipe the hard-drive then destroy it. She can buy a laptop and use that to contact other hopefuls. Laura has already contacted a land broker who is willing to buy the farm as is. They will take possession of it in nine days and transfer the funds to one of our accounts. We have to take the tribes to Mother Earth then ride back within those nine days. Kelly and Laura will be at the third jumping zone at noon sharp nine days from now. They plan on loading up a pick-up truck to the gills and have you bring it all back with them."

"Damn, you weren't kidding when you said you all had planned it out. Can we really ride more than 90 miles in a week?"

Robbie laughed. "I guess you've never ridden before. We can easily make 30 miles a day if we travel at a decent pace. Even at 20 a day we will have plenty of time to get back," the blonde reassured her. "Okay, here's the apartment," she alerted her as she entered a small complex parking area. She pulled into a vacant parking spot and stopped.

"Okay, just follow me in and keep your eyes open," she warned.

They got out of the car and entered the empty apartment without incident. Seeing that nothing had been disturbed Robbie began stripping out of the suit. Cierra also discarded the designer athletic wear she had been wearing. Actually, it would be a great outfit once the weather cooled. She decided to bring it with her. She shoved it into the backpack and helped lift it onto Robbie's shoulders. They each took a shotgun and checked its chambers. The blonde picked up an ammo belt and handed it to Cierra.

"Oh Geez, I don't know. How can such a delicate thing like myself carry such a heavy thing?" she teased.

"Hardy har har," Robbie returned and stuck out her tongue. "Ready?" Okay, let's go."

Part 11

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