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Down to One
By Aeryn Sun



The multi-colored bouquet of flowers found its way to the one empty vase on the counter that was waiting for it. Then soft lips found equally soft lips in a tender kiss full of love, longing and understanding. The press of a tongue elicited a moan but neither girl knew who had made the sound.

Spencer tightened her arms around Ashley's neck as the brunette moved from the slow sensual assault on her lips to shower attention on her slender neck. She tilted her head to the side to grant Ashley better access to that highly sensitive area. She wondered if Ashley could hear her heart pounding given the way it was thundering in her own ears. It was finally going to happen; Ashley was going to make love to her and there was nothing Spencer had ever wanted more.

Gentle lips settled over the hammering pulse point in her neck, teeth softly nipping. Ashley sucked the small patch of skin into her mouth, sucking lightly while lashing her tongue over the area. Spencer moaned and felt her knees start to buckle. She put her hands on Ashley's hips to steady herself. Wanting to touch the silky skin that Spencer knew was hidden under that gorgeous black dress, she moved one hand to slide into the open area in the front and then stroked the hot skin beneath it.

She felt Ashley bite down a little harder at the action and Spencer gasped. She wondered if she was getting enough air, her breath coming in shallow gasps and pants as Ashley slowly guided her to the bed. She was aware of her knees bumping into the mattress before she was lowered gently onto it, Ashley's lips never stopping their delicate worrying of her neck.

"Ashley, kiss me please," she rasped, wanting to experience those expert lips and tongue against her own. Ashley pulled back and smiled at her before she moved to capture Spencer's lips with her own. Lips slid across lips, barely caressing, teasing with the promise of more. Ashley's tongue snaked out and flicked across Spencer's kiss bruised lips, making the younger girl part her lips, silently asking for more.

Ashley slipped her tongue into Spencer's waiting mouth, stroking across teeth and caressing the roof of the blonde's mouth. Spencer felt herself melting into Ashley's touch, the brunette's hands slowly running up and down her back, playing with the zipper of her dress slightly. She parted from Ashley's lips to catch a much needed breath and moved to whisper in her girlfriend's ear.

"Take it off, baby," she growled lowly. Ashley tilted her head and took the lobe of Spencer's ear into her mouth, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh. Spencer whined softly as the zipper of her dress was dropped open and then pulled away from her shoulders. Spencer stood up and let the blue fabric pool at her feet and looked at Ashley.

The brunette's chocolate eyes were blackened with arousal and heavy lidded as she stared back, pausing to lick her lips. Spencer stood proudly in her blue lace bra and matching panties, items picked out and given to her by Ashley, along with the thigh high stockings and garter belt that completed the look. She reached behind Ashley and unzipped the tan girl's dress and it fell to join the blue one on the floor.

Spencer reached out a hand to touch the hot skin on display in front of her only to have her hand grasped by Ashley's own and their fingers intertwined.

"This is all about you, Spencer," Ashley said, her voice low and gravely with desire. Spencer smiled and nodded, relinquishing control of the moment to her girlfriend. Ashley kissed her again and this time led her to lie down on the bed before lying down beside her.

"I won't do anything that you don't want me to or that you feel uncomfortable with," Ashley whispered, stroking the side of Spencer's face with the back of her knuckles. "I want this to be so perfect." Spencer reached up and grasped Ashley's hand in her own.

"I trust you," she whispered back.

Ashley reached down and undid the straps on Spencer's garter, letting her hands linger and caress the satiny skin of Spencer's thighs. Spencer could feel those usually so self-assured hands trembling as they moved. She looked into Ashley's eyes and was stunned to see nervousness glittering in those dark pools.

"Baby, I want this, I want you," she said to try and alleviate the other girl's apprehension. "It's ok." Ashley kissed her, pressing her into the mattress with the weight of her own body moving to lie over Spencer's. Spencer gasped when one of Ashley's thighs slipped between her own, causing hot friction against her aching sex.

"Oh God," she ground out with difficulty when Ashley propped herself up on her hands to hover above Spencer and the older girl's knee pressed into her again. Spencer's own thigh was pressed up against Ashley's heat, sending jolts of desire and want racing through Spencer at the feel of her girlfriend's arousal.

Ashley kept kissing her, alternating between sucking Spencer's bottom lip into her mouth and biting lightly before then moving to rain kisses and nips along the blonde's jaw up to her ear as her hips moved against the body below her, rubbing in an unconscious rhythm.

Spencer dug her fingernails into Ashley's back, arching her body into the older girl's, seeking more contact on her center. Ashley complied, putting more weight and strength into each press of her thigh. Spencer could feel the wetness of Ashley's thong on her leg and wondered if her own moisture was doing the same to Ashley's.

"God, you're making me so wet," she panted, wrapping one leg around the one Ashley had pressed against her, trying to hold her closer and keep her from moving.

"Me too," Ashley breathed. The brunette moved to suck and lick at Spencer's neck and collarbone, their hips meeting in an increasingly rough and wanting pattern.

Spencer wanted to feel more of Ashley against her. She reached around the thin form above her and unbuckled Ashley's bra, slipping the straps down toned arms. One at a time, Ashley raised her hands and let Spencer peel it off her completely and throw it to the side. With Ashley's breasts free, Spencer cupped them in her hands, testing their weight and teasing her nipples.

"God…" Ashley whimpered, thrusting down harder onto Spencer's leg, then pushing her own against the wet heat on her leg. Spencer's hands fell to the bed sheet, digging in as the pressure on her clit brought her closer to the edge.

"Ash, you're gonna make me cum…" she moaned. Ashley smirked, unseen by the blonde's closed eyes. That was what she wanted, the way she wanted to start what she hoped would be a long night.

Focusing her somewhat wandering attention, Ashley began to grind against Spencer's hips with more purpose and determination, feeling the younger girls' thighs trembling as she rapidly approached her release.

"Oh God…God…" Spencer chanted, raising her hips to meet each of Ashley's moves, any actual coherent thought totally gone as the swirling mass of need burning in the pit of her stomach sought its peak. She suddenly wrapped her arms around Ashley and roughly pulled her down on top of her, the last bit of this action bringing the brunette's leg against her hard and causing Spencer's climax to roar through her.

"GAAAAAAH!" she groaned loudly. She heard a low moan of satisfaction against her ear but it felt far away as she rode out the contractions and felt the bliss of her orgasm flow through her body. It was several long minutes before either girl spoke.

"Damn, Ashley," Spencer rasped against the skin of her girlfriend's shoulder. "You felt so good…and I've still got clothes on. Wow." Ashley lifted herself back up to hover above Spencer and grinned down at her.

"Well, I'm just getting started, baby."



Adrenaline surged through Spencer at that whispered promise. Already, her new first time with Ashley was worlds better than that awful night of fumbled touches, lurching and crushing disappointment in the barn back in Ohio. Spencer knew that at least part of that was due to the fact that she genuinely and fully loved the girl who was currently removing the last pieces of clothing that separated their bodies.

"Spencer, you are so beautiful," Ashley whispered, her voice full of awe. She danced her fingertips over the skin now laid bare under her on the bed, resting on her hunches as she straddled Spencer's legs. The ghost of her touch brought goose bumps to Spencer's sweat slicked skin and made her crave more.

Ashley moved so that she was straddling Spencer's stomach, her wet heat coming into contact with the younger girl's abdomen and making the blonde moan at the feeling. Her moan was cut short as Ashley kissed her, taking the wandering hands that were trying to reach her own body and pinning them to the bed above Spencer. Pulling away from the kiss, Ashley looked down at Spencer whose arched brow spoke volumes.

"Still my turn, baby," she purred, starting to rock her hips against Spencer's tummy, spreading her dampness on the skin there. The dual sensations of hot liquid then cooled by the air made Spencer shiver with more than ordinary chills. The desire to touch and taste Ashley made her pull against the hands gently holding her down. Ashley shook her head.

"Nope. My turn," she repeated, bending down to kiss her girlfriend and stifle any protests Spencer might have. Ashley had been imagining this evening for a long time; longer than they had even been dating. She figured that she first started thinking about how to do this right for Spencer the moment they'd taped the younger girl's 'first time' story and Spencer had wished for a 'new first time'. It was only in Ashley's wildest (but fun) dreams that she ever hoped to actually get the chance.

And she was determined to do it right. With a stern look to Spencer that said clearly 'behave', she released the other's girl's hands and returned to kissing the lips that she'd admired from day one. Lips that were now hers to kiss at any time.

Spencer certainly wasn't about to complain about that skillful tongue currently playing and tangling with her own. Ashley's licks were slow and full of tempting promise as she played with Spencer's mouth and tongue, entering and withdrawing in quick lashes while her hands started roaming.

Spencer moaned as warm hands wandered to her breasts, erect nipples pressing against soft palms as they rubbed in slow motions. Ashley's hot mouth sucked at the slick skin of Spencer's pale neck, leaving a trail of red marks and small bites but never actually hurting the moaning girl.

Ashley moved further down the luscious skin of her girlfriend, kissing and licking along the dip of the other girl's collarbone feeling the blonde's hands stroking her back, encouraging her. The pants and humming that escaped Spencer's lips washed over the brunette; sounds that she committed to memory so that she could always remember how she made Spencer feel at this special time. She never wanted to forget the soft whispers and declarations of love that she heard coming from Spencer. They soothed all the pain and rough edges that she'd experienced as a child, filling the empty places and making Ashley feel whole for the first time in her life.

"Ohhhh, Ash…" Spencer moaned when her sensitive nipple was sucked into the warm cavern of Ashley's mouth. The older girl sucked ardently at the bud while she tweaked and pinched its mate, creating dual sensations in Spencer's body that shot directly down her abdomen and to her center. She wondered if she could orgasm from that stimulation alone and gasped loudly when she did moments later.

"Jesus!" she shivered. She opened her eyes to see Ashley smirking at her devilishly.

"Heh, someone's a little overeager," she teased, earning herself a glare from hot blue eyes. Spencer reached down and pulled Ashley by the hair rather roughly and then kissed her deeply. She sighed as Ashley's body pressed fully into hers, skin against skin.

"Ashley, please, I wanna feel all of you," she said, her voice lust laden and needy. Ashley kissed her again as she let her hand drift down Spencer's chest, stroking her breasts before moving lower to trace circles on the slick skin of the blonde's abdomen. She became particularly fascinated with a bead of sweat resting near Spencer's belly button, swirling it around in small patterns, painting Spencer's skin.

Her mouth never stopped it work, alternating from kissing Spencer full on the lips, her tongue teasing to bestowing attention on the younger girl's sensitive neck and making Spencer moan.

Spencer arched her back seeking more contact as those fingers moved lower, running through the patch of hair between her thighs, petting and caressing. The anticipation of what was about to happen made her breath hitch in a strangled gasp. Ashley looked up at her girlfriend's face to see Spencer's eyes clenched tight and her bottom lip between her teeth almost hard enough to break the skin.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked softly. Spencer's eyes shot open and focused on her, the expression wild and full of desire.

"No! God, Ashley, don't you dare," Spencer growled in warning. The tone of the blonde's voice caused desire to race through Ashley's veins, making her own blood boil with want. Nodding, more to herself then Spencer, she pressed her lips against Spencer's and slid one long finger deep inside the younger girl.

Ashley gasped into Spencer's mouth as Spencer bit her lip hard, this time drawing blood. She pulled away to look at her girlfriend to see if she'd done something wrong but Spencer's eyes were closed again, incoherent moans flowing from her tinted red lips and her hips pushing into Ashley's hand. Realizing that it was just an accident, she smirked at Spencer and wiped her mouth with her free hand as she lay beside the girl, slowly thrusting in and out in a steady rhythm.

"Godgodgodgodgodgodgodgod…" Spencer chanted breathlessly, meeting each stroke with her hips and clutching the sheets desperately. Ashley watched her, captivated by the way the girl moved and they way she looked as she approached her release. She sped up a little, adding her thumb to her administrations. Each time her index finger disappeared into Spencer's center, she let her thumb glide up to press against and slide up Spencer's clit and then back down the throbbing nub as she withdrew.

"Ash…shh…Aaa…" Spencer couldn't even form a word, panting and gasping as she bucked into each touch. She let out a high pitch whine as she approached her crest, her hands flying from the sheet to Ashley's back, fingernails scraping against hot skin as she climaxed.

"Gahhh…Ashley!" she cried, her body curving inward as it began, her muscles clamping down on Ashley's finger, holding it tight inside her. As it continued, her back arched back in, sending her head back onto the mattress and her heels digging in.

Ashley felt the tight contractions and let Spencer ride out was appeared to be a fantastic orgasm. She felt the prick of salty tears in her eyes as Spencer kept whispering her name, so full of love and desire that it made the brunette's heart flutter. It had happened, it had really happened; she had touched Spencer in that intimate special way that she'd always dreamed. She was Spencer's 'first' with a girl and she knew she'd just given Spencer her first orgasm with another person. Ashley felt more loved and special than she ever had in her entire life.

(She gave me this, trusted me…I hope it was good enough)



Ashley waited until Spencer's breathing slowed and the blonde seemed to be resting before she placed a feather light kiss on slightly parted lips. Those lips then curled into a satisfied smirk and blue eyes fluttered open.

"How are you feeling, baby?" Ashley asked softly, kissing just above her girlfriends left eyebrow. Spencer sighed happily.

"MMM…fantastic," she responded, voice husky and sending shivers down Ashley's spine at the tones.

"Yeah?" she smiled. Spencer smiled back.

"Yeah," she agreed. Spencer then frowned. "Ash, what happened to your lip?" Ashley brought her hand up to trace the area where Spencer had inadvertently bitten her. She laughed.

"You're a biter, baby. Who knew?" she teased. She leaned down and kissed Spencer, ignoring the sting of her lip and meaning for it to be a sweet kiss but the blonde quickly deepened it, making Ashley moan at her aggressiveness.

"I thought you'd be tired…Jesus…" Ashley gasped as knowing fingers suddenly stroked through her own heat, making her entire body shudder.

"I am…anything," Spencer sucked a patch of slightly slick skin on Ashley's neck into her mouth and bit, making Ashley hiss. "But tired."

With must effort, Ashley reached down and removed Spencer's hand, smiling at the pout on her girlfriend's face. She brought the wet fingers up to her mouth and licked her juices off them, watching Spencer's eyes darken noticeably. She sucked Spencer's long fingers into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them. Spencer groaned at the heat of Ashley's mouth.

She started to grind herself into Ashley, where the brunette's knee rested against her while she still hovered above her. She locked eyes with her girlfriend and bit her lip.

"Ashley…" she panted. Ashley kissed her sweetly on the lips and shifted slightly so that her pelvis rubbed against Spencer's.

"Yeah baby?" the brunette asked softly. She rocked her hips against Spencer's loving the way the other girl felt against her, skin to skin, no barriers, nothing between them. She could feel how wet Spencer was with each thrust of their hips, their hot centers briefly touching each time.

Spencer reached down between them and stroked herself, coating her fingers in her wetness and then brought her fingers to Ashley's mouth again. Ashley licked her fingers without hesitation, a low rumble vibrating her throat as she did so.

"Shit, Spencer, you taste so good," she rasped, eyes closed and head lulled back as their hips kept rocking. Spencer reached up and pulled Ashley roughly to her by the hair, seeking her mouth. She ran her tongue along the inside of the brunette's mouth, tasting herself.

"Mmmm," she hummed against Ashley's mouth. "You're right, I do. But you taste better…" She tried to shift positions so that she could touch more of Ashley but was rebuffed each time.

"Nu uh," Ashley shook her head, smiling impishly. "I told you, tonight is all about you, Spence. Besides, I want a better taste." She then moved to lie atop Spencer fully, breast to breast, kissing the blonde so passionately that Spencer's head spun. Ashley then started her descent down Spencer's body, licking and kissing every inch of skin as she went. She didn't want to leave a single piece untouched.

Ashley loved the way Spencer's skin tasted, salty and fresh like the breeze from the ocean. She licked at Spencer's soft belly, enjoying the plushiness of the area, the way it felt soft against her lips. She wanted to map out every inch of silky flesh, memorize it and commit it to memory so that she could revisit it at will. So that there was no part of Spencer that Ashley didn't know.

Spencer was wiggling beneath her, desperately trying to find some relief from the throbbing between her legs. She arched against Ashley who chuckled.

"Oh Spencer, you feel so good, taste so good," she sighed, licking the sweat off the area just below Spencer's belly and above her heat. She could smell Spencer's arousal and it was making her mouth water. But she wasn't sure Spencer was ready for that step.

She skipped further down, hearing a grunt of frustration from her girlfriend and smiling slightly. She kissed the inside of Spencer's ankles, then knees, then inside of her thighs just under her core. Ashley heard the sharp intake of breath and paused.

"Spencer?" she whispered, feeling the thighs beneath her palms trembling. Spencer reached down and threaded her fingers through Ashley's luxurious chestnut locks, fingernails scratching lightly. Ashley looked up and saw the nervous half-smile on Spencer's face; the look of trust and love reflected in bottomless indigo eyes made her heart skip.

"Is this ok?" she asked, her voice barely audible. She let her tongue dart out to lick the inside of Spencer's thigh, tasting her and immediately knowing that she'd never be able to get enough of that unique flavor, Spencer's flavor.

"Yeah," Spencer responded just as softly, hips automatically twitching as Ashley licked again. She could feel the brunette's warm breath breezing over her wet flesh and it made her shiver.

Ashley didn't say anything again, instead Spencer felt her place a hot, open mouthed kiss to her sex and she moaned softly. It quickly grew in volume as she felt Ashley's skilled tongue slip between her folds and begin licking.

"Christ…" she gasped, sitting up slightly to look down at Ashley, seeing the look of pleasure on her girlfriend's face. She then heard Ashley moaning deep in her throat. Spencer pulled her knees up slightly and parted them further, giving Ashley more access. Her earlier trepidation was gone replaced by burning need and love for Ashley.

Her head fell back onto the bed as Ashley's tongue entered her, the soft feel of that muscle pushing into her making her groan loudly and clutch at Ashley's hair. Ashley's tongue licked around her entrance, teasing until she thrust her tongue in as far as she could manage, her nose nudging at Spencer's clit.

"Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Spencer hissed, voice hitching. She whined and thrust her hips towards Ashley, trying to take her in further. Ashley's tongue entered and withdrew in quick movements, making Spencer jerk and twitch. Ashley could feel the early tremors of Spencer's impending orgasm around her tongue and smiled to herself.

Spencer whimpered when she felt Ashley withdraw, pushing her hips towards her girlfriend.

"Please…" she nearly sobbed. "So…close…"

"I know, baby," Ashley breathed against her sensitive flesh. "God, Spencer, you taste so good…" She slipped a long finger into Spencer, hearing her gasp and moan and then took the blonde's throbbing clit into her mouth, softly sucking. Spencer screamed as her climax rocketed through her, pulling painfully on Ashley's hair.

Ashley winced but didn't stop, slowly stroking in and out with her finger while she increased the suction of her mouth on Spencer's clit. Spencer's back rose off the bed, bowing as she came again, filling Ashley's mouth.

"Oh God!...Oh GOD!" Spencer cried out, warmth flooding her body and her mind shutting off as the bliss if her orgasms coursed through her. She collapsed back onto the bed, panting heavily and feeling Ashley still inside her. Ashley's tongue was gently cleaning her, making her twitch and buck at the sensation.

"Oh Ashley…oh god…" she sighed, satisfied. She was pretty sure she had never felt so good in her entire life. She was catching her breath when she felt Ashley moving inside her again, slowly curling her finger up and rubbing. Her eyes shut tightly, Spencer's hands left Ashley's hair and grasped at the sheets as her hips rocked against Ashley. She exhaled heavily with each thrust, teeth grinding together as another orgasm approached. When teeth slightly grazed the tip of her clit, Spencer was lost.



Spencer curled up on her side cuddled up against Ashley, the brunette's arms around her protectively. Her body was humming with satisfaction and happiness. Ashley making love to her was better than she ever imagined that it could have been. She'd been so gentle, so considerate.

"I love you, Ashley," she said softly, stroking the tight abdominal muscles of her girlfriend with her fingertips, watching goose bumps follow her touches. She felt Ashley's embrace tighten.

"I…" Ashley started.

(Why is this so fucking hard?) she wondered to herself. She knew that Spencer deserved the words but they wouldn't come; they were stuck somewhere behind her tonsils and ticking her throat.

"It's ok, baby," Spencer soothed, knowing how hard it was for Ashley to form the words and not at all bothered by it. Besides, actions speak louder than words and judging from Ashley's actions, Spencer knew she was very loved.

"I heart you," Ashley whispered. Spencer felt tears in her eyes at Ashley's effort. She leaned up and kissed pouty full lips.

"I like that," she said happily, settling back down into Ashley's arms.

"So?" Ashley asked tentatively a few minutes later. She needed to know if it had been what Spencer expected; was the beautiful blonde happy with her decision to be with Ashley. Spencer smiled as she closed her tired eyes and snuggled closer.

"Everything and more, Ashy," she said sleepily. "I wish…*yawn* I wish I'd waited for you in the first place." Ashley felt the younger girl drift off into a satisfied sleep and couldn't help the broad smile and tears that slipped down her cheeks at Spencer's loving and heartfelt words.

She finally felt loved; finally felt justified for existing with Spencer giving her and trusting her with so much. The pure and endless love that she received from the blonde seemed to patch all the holes, seal all the cuts and heal all the scars that had been left from her childhood. A tiny voice deep inside her mind kept trying to tell her that she wasn't worth it but she pushed that voice down and focused on the wonderful way Spencer made her feel.

She fell asleep with a smile still on her lips.

They slept through till morning, wrapped around each other. Spencer woke first and carefully extricated herself from Ashley's embrace to head to the washroom. She went about her business, her head buzzing with thoughts and ideas and her heart full of happiness.

(I'm not sure I've ever felt so…right. I mean, it's more than just happiness that I feel. It's like this…full complete feeling. God, I am such a dork.) She giggled and went to wash her hands, looking at herself in the mirror. She knew that she looked the same but looking into her cornflower blue eyes she saw something else behind them. There was a knowledge, some sort of extra spark in there that made her smile.

(I get it now) she thought. (That whole 'losing your virginity should be special' thing that everyone seems to think; that romantic version people have. I see why it's not just something you should do because 'everyone else is'. *sigh* I should have waited. I could have given everything to Ashley then; she would have been my real first, not some farm boy who I was never going to speak to again. I don't have many regrets but that is my big one)

She went back into the room to see Ashley sprawled out on her back, naked and sound asleep. Spencer didn't think she had ever seen something so breathtaking in her entire life as Ashley lying there with the early morning sunlight streaming in through the white curtains making her glow. Even with her hair messy and sprawled on the pillows as it was, no makeup (most of it having worn off during the night) and mouth open slightly, she was a heavenly vision.

Several sneaky thoughts of interesting ways to wake Ashley up flittered through Spencer's mind, making her blush and bite her lip. She wanted the brunette, wanted to pay her back for everything she'd done the night before. She thought a minute and then chuckled to herself.

Ashley was having the best dream. She was lying naked on a white beach and a beautiful blonde head of hair was between her legs, licking and making her feel fantastic. She stretched, beginning to wake up and regretting that her dream Spencer wasn't going to finish the job.

(I'll have to finish it myself in the shower; Spencer might not be awake…) Her eyes drifted open and she gasped, realizing that the feeling of a talented tongue tracing her sensitive folds hadn't stopped. If anything, it had increased. She sat up slightly, looking down to see Spencer lying below her, head between her thighs. She reached down and threaded her fingers through silky blonde hair. Spencer looked up for a moment and smiled.

"Good morning," the blonde whispered, throat thick with arousal. Ashley nodded.

"Oh hell yeah," she rasped back. She let out a happy sigh as Spencer lowered her face again, resuming her licking. It wasn't long before Ashley was panting, begging and then crying out Spencer's name as she tumbled over the edge.

Spencer held her for awhile after, letting her float back down slowly. Ashley nuzzled her nose into Spencer's neck, breathing in her scent.

"That was a fabulous way to wake up," Ashley said, voice low and rumbling, still basking in the afterglow. She pushed herself up on one arm and looked down at her girlfriend. Her hand drifted down Spencer's bare abdomen only to be caught by one of Spencer's hands. She frowned and looked back up at Spencer's face.

The confused and slightly hurt look on Ashley's face tugged at Spencer's heart.

"I want you to, baby, but I've got a few sore muscles," she said sheepishly. "And I really wanna be able to enjoy the whole thing." Ashley smiled wickedly and nodded.

"I understand. Hell, you left me pretty sore this past week," she teased. Spencer grabbed a pillow and swung it at the brunette, getting a startled squeak from the other girl. They were soon involved in a vicious pillow fight, giggles filling the air along with feathers from the pillows.

"OOPH!" Spencer gasped as she fell off the bed and landed on her ass. Ashley stood on the bed, raising her arms over her head in triumph.

"The winner, Ashley Davies!" she mock shouted. "And the crowd goes wild. Wooo yaaaaa!" Spencer giggled.

"You're a spaz," she accused. Ashley dropped her arms and flopped back onto the bed, looking over the side at Spencer.

"And you look mad shexay sprawled out on the floor nekkid," the brunette responded, wagging her eyebrows suggestively. Spencer gave one last swing with the pillow still in her hand and laughed.

"Spazzy perv, is what you are," she said, standing up. Ashley grinned and nodded. She suddenly stood up and dashed off the bed, Spencer watching her curiously.

"I bought you stuff!" the older girl exclaimed. First she reached into a bag and pulled out a pair of black boys underwear and slipped them on. She didn't mind being topless but being totally naked for too long made her feel vulnerable. Behind her, Spencer pulled on some new underwear as well along with a light pink baby doll t-shirt that said 'it's always the quiet ones' across her chest. She bought it a size too small so that it was stretched tight over her chest and exposed her stomach.

Ashley spun around with a few bags in her hands and stopped short. She didn't quite how Spencer could look so innocent and so damn sexy at the same time. But there was no denying that the Ohio native was good at pulling the look off. Ashley swallowed hard, eyes drifting to gaze at the ample chest barely hidden behind pink cotton.

"Oh stop undressing me with your eyes and give me my presents, spazzy perv," Spencer instructed, blushing at the unabashed desire and love in Ashley's eyes. Ashley reluctantly pulled her eyes away from the points she could see straining against the thin material. She shook her head.

"You are so not calling me that for a nickname."



Ashley 'squeeed' at the posters for her father's band that Spencer had gotten for her along with some rare Damien Rice CDs. There were various other gifts from Spencer spread across the bed but Spencer felt that it wasn't enough. She held her new black iPod and looked at the stack of DVDs and CDs next to her sadly.

(I'm never going to be able to treat Ashley the way she's used to) she frowned. (I just don't have the money) She sighed, only to have her chin grasped lightly between warm fingers and brought to meet a pair of soft lips.

"Mmm, don't baby," Ashley whispered against her lips. "I know what you're thinking and don't, ok? Money means nothing, Spencer. Trust me, I know." Spencer smiled against Ashley's lips that still hovered over her own.

"How did you know?" she wondered. Ashley pulled back and grinned, brushing a stray lock of blonde hair behind Spencer's ear.

"Cuz I know you…or well I know you well enough to know that you're worried about money. Look, I have more money than God and my life's been fucking miserable," Ashley said honestly. She looked Spencer in the eye, momentarily getting lost in the endless blue staring back at her. "Until you, that is. You love me, Spencer. You're the first person that I really believe when they say that. And to me, that's worth more than any amount of money."

"Besides, isn't the expression 'it's the thought that counts'? And you obviously thought about what to buy cuz I love it all!" Ashley declared, throwing her arms around Spencer and hugging her tightly.

"You put thought into yours too, Ash," Spencer pointed out when they parted. Her momentary guilt chased away by Ashley's words, she looked at the DVDs. All of them were for movies and TV shows that she had at some time or another mentioned liking or had watched with Ashley. The thoughtful brunette had even bought her a boxed set of 'Boy Meets World' despite the fact that Ashley herself wasn't a fan of the show. Spencer had loved it growing up and frequently watched the reruns in syndication.

"Bah!" Ashley huffed, rolling on her back on the bed. Spencer thought she was the cutest thing she'd ever seen. Smiling, the blonde watched her girlfriend lay holding a poster up above her, examining it. After a few minutes, Ashley noticed that Spencer was quiet and lifted her head to look at her.

"What?" she asked, curious. Spencer bit her lip, trying not to laugh. Ashley frowned.

"What?" she repeated. Spencer moved to lay beside Ashley on the bed, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Nothing, hon. I just think you're soooo cute," she explained, snuggling up as Ashley wrapped her arms around her. "I never really realized how…silly you could be."

"Silly?" Ashley wondered, baffled. "I'm not silly."

"Yeah huh, you are," Spencer disagreed. "Dancing on the bed earlier, rolling around on it now, giggling. It's…nice to see you that way." Ashley shrugged.

"I'm happy, Spence," she said simply. "It's new to me too. I don't think I've ever been this happy…ever."

Spencer pulled Ashley closer, her hand brushing the underside of Ashley's breast and making the older girl shudder slightly. She loved having that effect on the other girl. But right now, more than that, she was beyond happy knowing that she made Ashley so happy.

Although at the same time, it made her sad that Ashley had apparently never had an opportunity to be so completely relaxed like Spencer knew she was now. She understood that the reason Ashley was acting as silly or spazzy as she was that weekend was due to the fact that she felt absolutely safe and comfortable with Spencer. She didn't need to pretend to be what she wasn't.

The real Ashley wasn't the cold, sarcastic, 'devil-may-care' person she pretended to be. The real Ashley was romantic, funny, loving, deeply wounded and guarded with a sharp sense of humor. That was the Ashley that Spencer knew and had fallen deeply in love with. The Ashley Davies that was kind, sweet, thoughtful, loving and sensitive was the Ashley Davies only Spencer got to see. And she felt privileged that it was that way.

"Oh, I have something else for you," Spencer said rolling over and leaning off the bed to reach into a bag. She came back up a few seconds later, successful in her effort to get the item while not tumbling head first off the bed.

"Here," she said shyly, handing the yellow box to Ashley. Ashley looked at it, tilting her head slightly.

"Spencer…" she started, taking the box and staring at it. Spencer bit her bottom lip.

"I…I've seen an old one on your bed every time I've been in your room. It's so old and worn. So I tried to find one exactly like it. You don't have to replace yours cuz it obviously means a lot to you since it sits in the middle of your bed." Ashley looked from the box to Spencer, blinking blankly.

"Um…" Spencer stammered.

"Murphy," Ashley said suddenly. "I named him Murphy Brown because my dad always watched that show when I was little and I liked the name." Spencer smiled.

"So you like him?" she asked, watching the corners of Ashley's mouth quirk up until it was a full grin.

"You bought me a Pound Puppy!"

Part 56

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