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Down to One
By Aeryn Sun



Ashley was relieved and excited that someone in Spencer's family knew and accepted it. It was a huge weight off her shoulders as well. She'd been concerned about how Arthur was going to react and how that would affect Spencer. She knew that Mr. Carlin was a wonderful and understanding man. She sometimes wished he could have been her father or that her father could take lessons from him.

At any rate, his support seemed to give Spencer more confidence and Ashley found her hand being held more often in public. Not at school yet but at the beach and mall or movies, Spencer wasn't so hesitant.

So the next week or two passed without incident, both girls finding time to be together and share each other at every opportunity. Nothing as scandalous or risky as the assembly had been but still just as much fun. They were even toying with the idea of telling Aiden about them and riding the wave of positive energy that Arthur had given them. They both knew that Aiden suspected; he was giving them odd looks during lunch when they got carried away flirting with each other.

Ashley wasn't going to stress it; she knew Aiden well and knew that once he got over any hurt that he might feel that his ex-girlfriends hooked up, he'd probably be their biggest supporter aside from Arthur.

(Although I bet Clay will be cool about it) Ashley decided as she entered her house and threw her keys on the counter. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and some of the leftovers that the maid, Sabrina brought from home and left for Ashley. Ashley snickered thinking how ironic it was that she was almost richer than Bill Gates and her maid was leaving her enchiladas in the fridge to make sure she ate.

(That's messed up right there) she decided, taking a huge bite of the homemade food and savoring it. Usually she was left with take out or microwave cuisine. The days when there was a plate waiting for her were good days.

She finished the enchiladas and water and grabbed her bag to head to her room. She was supposed to call Spencer soon to discuss plans for the weekend in three days. She was hoping to get some of her homework done first so that Spencer could check it over the phone. It was becoming a cute and fun little tradition for them. Ashley enjoyed having someone who thought she was smart and capable.

She had settled on her bed with her history book open, her iPod blaring in her ears when her mother walked in unannounced.

"Ashley, what is this credit card bill I have here?" Mrs. Davies asked angrily. Ashley grunted and took out her earplugs, leaving the iPod to continue playing on the bed and walked over to her mother.

"Mom, the bill is addressed to me, not you," she pointed out sourly. "I'm supposed to send it to Dad's accountants to pay." Mrs. Davies shook her head.

"Do you have any idea how much money you spent?" she growled. Ashley rolled her eyes.

"Yes, actually I do. I made sure to stay well below not only my credit limit but also below the amount Dad sends me each month just so I wouldn't get into trouble. It's my money, Mom, to spend how I want." Ashley watched her mother's face contort in anger and felt an old familiar fear settle itself behind her ribs.

"I don't see where you get off thinking that you can just go around spending whatever you want on whatever you want," her mother ranted. "Really, Ashley, are you even capable of intelligent thought?" Ashley frowned. Her mother's words hurt but she wasn't going to let her see that.

"It was my money…" she tried to point out. Mrs. Davies shook her head.

"It was MY money, Ashley. You're under 18, therefore I am in control of your finances," she said snottily. She put her finger to her chin while she pretended to be deep in thought. "I guess you'll just have to pay me back somehow."

Ashley stared at her mother in shock and disbelief.

"Pay you back? For spending the money that Dad sends me? That's fucked up…" She blinked to clear the sudden tears that formed with the force of the impact of her mother's palm on her cheek.

"Don't swear at me you little tramp," Mrs. Davies warned. Ashley glared at her.

"Stop hitting me every time I say something you don't like!" she screamed. "I'm not a stupid little kid anymore…"

"No, you're a stupid little whore," her mother spat. Ashley turned away and walked back over to her bed.

"Whatever, Mom. It was my money to spend and I have some left over. There's nothing to 'pay back'."

"Ramon will be visiting this weekend, Ashley," her mother said nonchalantly. Ashley felt the color drain from her face and her legs start to shake as she slowly turned back around.

"Mom…" Ashley gasped, beginning to become overcome by a panic attack. She hadn't had one since she was 13 but clearly remembered the signs.

"You remember him, don't you dear? He can't wait to see you," Mrs. Davies went on, oblivious to her daughter's sudden distress.

"No…" Ashley protested weakly, fighting tears that were stinging her eyes and threatening to reveal her vulnerability to her mother. She was starting to hyperventilate and become light-headed.

"I expect you to attend this function and behave accordingly," her mother instructed, a low warning lacing each word. "If you do that and I am satisfied with your behavior, then I won't inform your father that you're spending your monthly allowance on drugs and alcohol while you're out whoring around."

"But I'm not!" Ashley argued, angry at the situation, frightened and feeling trapped. She trembled slightly, hoping that her mother wouldn't notice because if she did then Ashley knew that she'd attack her weakness. She was almost gasping as her panic attack grew, cramping her stomach.

"He won't believe you." Her mother shrugged arrogantly.

"He only has to think maybe that it's true and then he'll give me complete control over your finances and you'll be out of luck." Ashley's mouth gaped in shock.

"You wouldn't…" she countered, hoping that she was right. She was hoping to call her mother's bluff and stop the situation from spiraling out of control. Her mother pinned her in place with a cold glare that made Ashley shiver violently.

"You know that I would," she snarled back. "And not only that but you know that new friend of yours, what's her name, Shirley? I'll call her parents and tell them that you're screwing their precious daughter, plying her with drugs and alcohol to seduce her into this 'game' of yours."

"Mom, no…" Ashley nearly begged. She was desperate now, to get out of the situation and protect Spencer. "Leave Spencer out of this, please?" Her mother looked her up and down, walking around her in a predatorily way. Ashley shifted uncomfortably under her scrutiny.

"God, look at you," her mother scoffed. "You've become such a tramp. Look at this horrible tattoo. I tell you Ashley, if I was aware of when you did it, I would have…"

"I know, I know," Ashley cut her off. She didn't need to hear her mother's low opinion of her tattoo yet again. She'd lost count how many times the elder Davies had ranted about it. Her stomach turned painfully, bile burning the back of her throat.

"Look at your lip. It's bruised. Honestly I don't know what kind of people you get yourself involved with. And what is this?" Mrs. Davies growled, pulling Ashley's collar aside and glaring at the red mark on the teen's neck. "Fucking little slut." Ashley felt her face flush red with anger but bit her lip to keep from retorting. She just wanted her mother to leave as soon as possible. She certainly didn't want to vomit on the woman's shoes. She'd have to pay for them then.

"The party begins Friday at 6. Be here, ready and looking nice. Fix your lip and cover up that horrible mark; I don't want Ramon and the others to know what a slut you are." Ashley nodded mutely as her mother spun on her heel and left.

Ashley ran into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. After a few minutes she calmed down enough to know that she wasn't going to vomit and left the bathroom. She locked her bedroom door and grabbed Murphy and Spencer's version of him before she walked into her closet, closed the door and curled into a ball in the very back corner, behind a box of shoes. She clutched the two stuffed dogs to her chest and face, tears streaming down uncontrollably.

A little while later she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket but made no effort to answer it. She was scared that if she moved, everything, her emotions, her mother, her secrets would all come crashing into her and swallow her whole. So instead, she sat quietly sobbing and praying that she never had to leave that closet again.



"Hey, Spence, sorry I didn't pick up last night. I wasn't feeling well so I laid down," Ashley lied easily, too easily to her girlfriend the next morning at school. "I ended up sleeping through."

"It's Ok, Ash. I ended up falling asleep pretty early myself," Spencer said happily. "Baby? Do you think we can tell Aiden?"

Ashley watched the scenery while she drove to school, trying not to think about the party that weekend that her mother insisted she attend. Just thinking about it made her shiver and feel cold and empty. She shifted her sunglasses, using the dark Oakleys to hide the puffiness that remained around her eyes. She's cried well into the night, sleeping uncomfortably in the closet where she was huddled. She was feeling stiff on top of everything else.

"Whenever you're ready, Spencer," she responded blandly. Spencer frowned. There was something in Ashley's tone that bothered her but she couldn't put her finger on it exactly.

"Ashley, are you all right?" she asked softly. Ashley spared her a glance and nodded.

"I'm fine, hon," she said, trying to mean every word and hoping that Spencer bought it. The last thing she wanted was for Spencer to press the issue and end up divulging too much. Spencer titled her head.

"Are you sure? You seem…off or something," she said worried.

"Well, I was gonna wait to tell you but I can't hang out this weekend," Ashley said quickly. She knew that she had to tell Spencer she was unavailable eventually and thought now would be a good way to distract the sweet blonde.

"Oh," Spencer said, clearly disappointed. Ashley squeezed the hand that had been clasped in hers since Spencer got in the SUV.

"I want to, babe. Believe me I would so much rather hang out with you," she said, this time her tone easily able to convey how much she'd rather be with Spencer. "But my maternal unit is in town for the weekend and has gotten it into her miniscule little brain that we're overdue for some 'bonding' time and I can't get out of it. She's taking me away until like Monday or so."

Ashley automatically hated herself for lying to Spencer the way she was, especially seeing how easy it was to do, how the words simply rolled off her tongue without a problem. It made her feel dirty and deceitful to lie to Spencer. Spencer trusted her with so much and yet Ashley was lying and holding back from her. She felt like shooting herself.

"Aw, I understand, Ash," Spencer said, lifting their joined hands to kiss the back of Ashley's. "I'm sorry we can't hang out but I understand. Besides, how often do you get to spend time with your mother? Maybe it's a good thing?" Ashley swallowed the acid she felt burning the back of her throat at the thought of what her mother considered 'quality time'.

"Well, I doubt that," she said under her breath, pulling into her customary parking place. "Hey, there's Aiden." She pointed through the window over to the dark haired boy who was sitting in the nearby quad with a book open on the table, obviously cramming for a test.

"Maybe we shouldn't bother him?" Spencer wondered as they exited the car and started walking over to him. He saw them and looked up to wave.

"Guess he won't mind," Ashley said. Spencer nodded, taking a seat next to the basketball player who smiled brightly.

"Morning ladies," he purred, trying to sound seductive but ending up coming across as a bad extra in a porno. Spencer giggled.

"Morning, Aiden," she responded. She watched while Ashley stood a foot or so away, hands in her pockets, waiting to see what Spencer did. Spencer nodded at her slightly, indicating that she was ready.

"How've you been lately, Aiden?" Ashley asked, getting the ball rolling. They'd discussed possible ways of telling the tall boy but Spencer nixed her idea of letting him catch them making out. She was slightly disappointed in that.

"Not bad, really," Aiden answered, slightly perplexed by the out of place question. Ashley saw him practically every day so having her ask him that seemed weird.

"Aiden," Spencer whispered, rolling her eyes at her girlfriend. She knew that Ashley was leaving it to her to tell; not to be difficult but because she understood that it was something Spencer needed to do.

Aiden turned his attention to the blonde.


"You know that I'm…gay, right?" she whispered, looking to make sure no one was near enough to overhear. She then noticed that that was why Ashley hadn't sat down; she was scanning the grounds from behind her dark sunglasses to be on the safe side. Spencer felt a surge of gratitude towards the brunette for her thoughtfulness.

"Uhm…so you figured it out, huh?" he asked, his voice sounding slightly disappointed. Spencer chewed her lip and nodded. "Ok. Well, that's…great, Spencer. And I'm totally ok with that." He laughed. "Ask Ashley." Spencer and Ashley exchanged a quick look.

"Yeah, Aiden, about Ashley…" Spencer started and stopped, seeing how his eyes were widening and mouth suddenly dropped. He turned towards Ashley.

"You didn't!" he hissed. Ashley arched an eyebrow from behind her shades.

"'Didn't' what?" she asked scornfully. "Didn't shower? Didn't put socks on? What Aiden? What 'didn't' I do?" Aiden shook his head, a smile tugging on the corners of his lips.

"You totally fell for her, didn't you?" Aiden couldn't keep the amusement from his voice. Ashley smacked him in the chest.

"Shut up," she warned although she too was smiling.

"I don't believe it," he chuckled. "Ashley 'I'm not the dating sort' Davies totally got caught! And by Spencer Carlin!"

"Aiden, keep your voice down!" Spencer growled, looking around frantically to make sure no one had heard his outburst. Aiden had the good grace to blush and look ashamed.

"Sorry," he apologized, chastised. "I just kinda got carried away." He looked up at Ashley. "So you two, huh?" She nodded.

"Are you OK with that?" she wondered. Aiden shrugged.

"You're both my best friends and I care a lot about you. If you're happy then I'm OK with it," he decided. "So, when did this start?"

"Over a month ago. Remember that week Ashley was missing and her father had me driven out to Venice Beach?" Aiden nodded, remembering. "That weekend." Aiden let out a low whistle.

"Damn. And no one noticed?" He looked at both girls. "You two are awesome at keeping things from people." Ashley snorted.

"I think most people think we're together but have no proof," she pointed out. "So keep this quiet Aiden. I don't wanna have to hurt you." She lowered her glasses and sent a warning glare at him. He raised his hands in defense.

"Trust me, the last thing I need to tell people is how my two exes are now dating. I'll get branded as 'Most likely to turn a girl lesbian' for the yearbook or something." Spencer gave him a hug and smiled.

"Thanks, Aiden," she said happily. The first bell rang, sending students scurrying across the quad. Aiden stood up and grabbed his books as Spencer and Ashley started to head to class. Ashley stopped and turned around.

"By the way, Aiden. I forgot to tell you how much I love that jacket," she smirked. Aiden watched Spencer blush and hide behind her hair as she swatted Ashley's arm and walked away with the laughing brunette. He looked at his green wind breaker, the memory of Ashley borrowing it for the assembly flittering through his mind. Suddenly a hot flash of hormones shot through his body along with some very vivid images of possibilities.

"Oh my God! Ashley! You so didn't!" he protested. Ashley spun around again and grinned ear to ear as Spencer tried to shrink into herself and pulled Ashley along by the arm. The smaller girl waved and then bowed before heading to her locker.

Aiden stood and thought a moment before he noticed a problem and carefully took himself to the men's room.



"Spencer, you got a minute?" Spencer frowned and closed her locker, looking over at Madison. She arched her eyebrow.

"What do you want?" she growled knowing that whatever the fiery Latina wanted wouldn't be good. Madison put her hands on her hips and glared.

"Look, I know that you might not care what hanging around with the bottom of the barrel riff-raff does for your reputation," the shorter girl hissed. "But it's damaging Glen's. Everyone thinks that you're a snatch diving freak like Ashley."

"Ashley is not a freak," Spencer warned. Madison rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. She's not 'a' freak, Spencer. She's the fucking Queen Freak of all Whoredom and since you hang out with her so much, people are starting to think that you're a freaky whore too. And it's making Glen look bad…" Madison explained, speaking as if Spencer were a developmentally challenged two year old. Spencer clenched her hands into fists to keep from slapping the head cheerleader. Then she realized that fists were probably a bad idea and jammed them into her pockets instead.

"Madison, I don't give a shit what my choice of friends does to Glen. I'm not him and he's not me. We're two separate people," Spencer argued. She was proud that so far she was remaining calm but wasn't sure how much longer that was going to last if Madison didn't lose interest soon.

"I don't choose his friends for him because if I did, you wouldn't be one of them," she added. "So don't choose mine for me."

"Look, tonto," Madison sneered. "Glen is not going to get the attention of a good school if his baby sister is prancing around with a piece of trash like Ashley Davies." Spencer frowned.

(Tonto? What the fuck? Ok, either she just called me a 'fool' in Spanish or she's calling me second banana to Ashley. And that would make Ashley the Lone Ranger so I think I'll go with 'fool'. Bitch) She paused in her thoughts. (And I don't 'prance')

"Oh no, Madison," she said overdramatically. "If that happens you won't be able to keep riding his coattails to a lush life as a professional athlete's wife and mother of his two point five children! You'll have to find some other hormonally driven shmuck to suck the life out of while you drain his bank account! However will you cope?" Spencer clutched her chest and staggered, falling against her locker with a mock cry of outrage.

"Oh the horror!" She opened her eyes and looked at Madison whose face was turning red with anger. This amused Spencer to no end.

"I see the freak's attitude is rubbing off on you," Madison spat disgusted. Spencer pushed off from the lockers and tilted her head at Madison.

"What's the matter? Did I hit a nerve?" she taunted. "Did that hit a little too close to home?" Madison took a threatening step forward causing Spencer's eyebrows to rise in curiosity.

(Is she really gonna start something with me? God, I'd love to punch her teeth in)

"Fair warning, Carlin, don't fuck with me," Madison warned. Spencer smiled.

"Trust me, I won't. I have no idea where you've been," she shot back. "I'll let Glen catch whatever you're spreading…besides your legs that is." Madison's arm twitched, the desire to slap the taller girl nearly overwhelming. But she managed not to; she didn't want to chance making Glen angry with her. Instead she stepped even closer, leaning in so only Spencer could hear her.

"Fine, Spencer, don't say that I didn't warn you," she growled. "About me. And about Ashley. You think you know her but you don't. You only know what she'll let you see. She doesn't show you the bad things or tell you the things that she's seen and done. I've seen the real Ashley. And she's a fucking monster. You wait, Spencer. If you stay friends with her, you'll regret it."

"You know, Madison," Spencer chuckled. "I tell the same thing to Glen all the time. About you." She shrugged. "But he never listens so why should I?" Madison turned and stalked away, cursing in Spanish under breath. Spencer watched her go, shaking her head.

"Madison est une chienne folle," she muttered under her breath.

"Madison is a what?" Ashley chirped as she suddenly appeared beside Spencer. The blonde jumped and squeaked, making Ashley giggle.

"Sorry, babe, didn't mean to startle you," she said between giggles. "I heard you mention Madison when I walked up. What did the school bicycle want?" Spencer's eyebrows knit together.

"School bicycle?" she wondered. Ashley grinned.

"Everyone's had a ride," she explained. Spencer burst out laughing.

"Oh God, that's funny," she snorted. "I said 'Madison is one crazy bitch' in French. She just wanted to let me know that my being friends with you was ruining Glen's chances at getting into a good school." Ashley shook her head.

"She's really stretching to find anything she can to turn you away from me, isn't she?" she asked, slightly amazed that the other girl would do such things. She then shrugged it off as something she'd never understand. Spencer closed her locker and smiled at her girlfriend.

"There's nothing she could say or do to make that happen," she informed the brunette with a loving smile. She really wanted to kiss Ashley then and there but wasn't ready to deal with the repercussions just yet. She settled for bumping shoulders. "Hey, how would you say 'Madison is one crazy bitch' in Spanish?"

"Madison es una perra loca," Ashley said without a pause. Spencer nodded and then leaned into Ashley's ear.

"God, I love the way your voice purrs when you speak Spanish," she husked. Ashley shivered. "It's so fucking hot."

"Remind me to do it at a better time, then," Ashley suggested. Spencer winked and smiled seductively, making Ashley's throat suddenly dry. The bell rang, startling them both.

"Well, off to history," Spencer announced, heading in that direction, turning from sultry to 'sweet and innocent' as she went. Ashley groaned and followed, a pout fixed firmly on her face.



Friday afternoon rolled around and Spencer watched Ashley drag her feet. She was mopey all day and nothing Spencer said or did seemed to rouse the small brunette from her funk. Spencer was getting slightly worried.

"Ashley, if it's bothering you that much, just tell your mother that you don't wanna hang out. I'm sure she can find someone her own age to bother," Spencer said, trying to lighten Ashley's dark mood. A trace of a half-smile pulled at one corner of Ashley's mouth before it faltered and the frown previously marring her features returned.

"I wish it were that simple, Spence," she sighed. Ashley desperately wished that life had a fast forward button to it so that she could just jump forward in time to Monday or Tuesday and the weekend would be over and she could move on. Or a rewind button so that she could go back and relive every moment she'd had with Spencer so far.

"She's that determined to spend time with you?" Spencer asked, surprised. As long as she'd known Ashley, the older girl's mother had shown no interest in her daughter's life, at all. To Spencer, Ashley was almost an afterthought to the elder Davies, something she had to be reminded needed care and attention but she never bothered with. If the girl had been a house plant, she would have withered and died long ago. And Spencer doubted that Mrs. Davies would have noticed. It was in direct contrast to her own mother who sometimes seemed to take too much of an interest in her children's lives.

She thought back to the days after their near kiss weeks ago when Ashley had simply disappeared and Spencer discussed the brunette with Aiden. His words of warning about Ashley pretending to be unaffected by things when she was really deeply affected rang in her ears along with the fact that for as long as Aiden had known Ashley, her parents hadn't cared about her, especially her mother.

Something, some little niggling concept kept tickling the back of Spencer's mind. There was a question she wanted to ask, something she wanted to know but so far, the actual words and the clarity to understand what she was thinking hadn't come to her yet. She was still left with a vague feeling of uneasiness regarding Ashley that she couldn't explain. And since she had nothing to ground this feeling in, she didn't mention it hoping that maybe eventually that it would go away or fully show itself to her so that she could understand.

There was still so much about her girlfriend that Spencer didn't know. She wasn't sure if things just hadn't come up for her to ask and learn or if Ashley purposely kept things hidden. She was thinking that it was more the latter than the former and tried not to let it bother her. When Ashley was ready to tell her more about herself, her childhood and parents, Spencer was secure in the knowledge that she would. Until then she didn't want to pry or pressure her girlfriend for the information and end up getting on Ashley's bad side or hurting her. Her best idea was to wait.

"What time do you leave?" she asked while Ashley drove around aimlessly after school. She was obviously trying to avoid going home but Spencer was more than willing to go along with her.

"We're meeting some people, friends of hers I guess around six tonight," Ashley said absently, glancing at the dashboard which read 3:30. She sighed. She needed to get home soon if she was going to be 'appropriate' for her mother's party. A cold shiver raced through her at the thought of going home.

"That doesn't sound that bad," Spencer said innocently. Ashley shrugged.

"My mother doesn't have the best taste in friends," she retorted. "She's such a freaking social climber that whatever she has to do to impress someone or get on their 'Christmas' list, she'll do. It's kinda pathetic actually."

"Yeah, sounds it," Spencer agreed. "But hey at least it's only for the weekend."

Ashley nodded and for a few minutes, both girls were quiet, enjoying their time together in one of the silences that occur when two people are totally at ease together and feel no need to fill the quiet with mindless chatter. It was several minutes before Ashley broke the calm.

"Remember that day on the beach when I said that sometimes I just wanted to leave? Just get on a plane or drive away from here and never look back?" she asked suddenly. Spencer nodded, a small frown on her face.

"Yes, I do," she responded. "Ashley, what's wrong?" Ashley shook her head.

"Nothing babe," she answered, amazed at how confident she'd sounded. Even she believed herself. "It's just something I still think about. Of course, now that fantasy includes you sitting beside me." Spencer smiled.

"Maybe we can take a road trip this summer?" she suggested. Ashley nodded.

"Sounds good."

"We can go wherever you want to Ashley," Spencer added. She felt an unexplainable need to reassure her girlfriend, feeling an out of place unease coming from the older girl. She knew that she was not the cause of it; the past week had gone really well between her father and Aiden's positive responses to their news. Even her run in with Madison had done nothing to dampen her spirits or cause any rifts with Ashley. For the most part, Spencer was clueless as to what was really bothering Ashley and it bothered her.

"I love you, Ashley," she said, feeling the desire to share that with the other girl. She saw a genuine smile pull at Ashley's lips and felt a bit of her apprehension lift.

"Me too, Spence. Me too."



Ashley pulled the car off the main road and onto a dirt side road leading into the mountain. Spencer watched as the trees grew thicker until Ashley's SUV couldn't go any further. She turned in her seat while Ashley turned the car off.

"Where are we?" Spencer asked. It was a beautiful view, tall trees covered in brightly colored leaves stretched up and seemed to cloak the car in a canopy, blocking some of the sunlight and making it seem like dusk instead of mid-afternoon.

"Some place quiet. Where 'out there' doesn't exist," Ashley said softly. She unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to Spencer, the intense and hungry look in chocolate eyes making desire shoot through the blonde and the burn to settle low in her belly.

"Ash," she warned. She was a little nervous about getting into what she knew that they were about to in an area like this. Ashley placed three fingers over Spencer's mouth, silencing her.

"Shh, Spencer," she instructed, shaking her head. "It's just us." Spencer pursed her lips and kissed the soft fingertips still pressed against her. Ashley's hand then moved to wrap around the back of Spencer's neck, pulling her gently forward until their lips met. The kiss started out gentle, a brushing of soft skin against soft skin but Ashley's need for Spencer, her desire to lose herself in the blonde's scorching touch overwhelmed her causing her to deepen it.

She pulled Spencer almost into her lap, the younger girl stretching a little uncomfortably across the divide between the seats. She twisted slightly to get comfortable and felt Ashley's tongue slip inside her mouth. She moaned at the touch, her own desire skyrocketing.

"Oh God, Ashley," she rasped, tilting her head as the older girl trailed kisses and licks down her neck. Ashley bit down suddenly, making Spencer hiss.

"Mine," Ashley said, her voice a ghost of a whisper. The sound of that voice, heavy with want and need, tinted with possession and a small amount of desperation made Spencer's head spin and blood boil with an intense craving for Ashley. She buried her hands in midnight tresses and pulled Ashley back in for a searing kiss, their tongues dueling for dominance as Ashley's hands moved up the blonde's chest, brushing lightly over her shirt and pausing at each breast, palms pressed against aching nipples.

Spencer could feel the heat of Ashley's hands through the material of her shirt and bra and arched her back to get closer to the tempting touch. Lips pressed against her lower neck and collarbone, teeth grazed along the same path, hands pressed and kneaded while low moans escaped both pairs of lips.

"Backseat, Ashley, now," Spencer growled. Ashley nodded and pulled away, causing Spencer to shiver at the loss of the extra body heat. Wordlessly they exited the front seat and both moved to the backdoors on their respective sides, reentering the car. They exchanged only a brief glance before their mouths met again, their kisses growing hotter and more intense with each passing second.

Ashley's hands dipped under Spencer's shirt, fingers circling the skin of her abdomen, tracing patterns there. Spencer grunted in annoyance and yanked her shirt off, throwing it towards the front seat. Ashley smiled slightly as she watched it land on the steering wheel and stay there. It struck her as incredibly funny.

Her low giggles seemed to annoy Spencer and the younger girl glared at her. Ashley's breath caught in her throat at the dark glare, the throbbing between her legs suddenly growing exponentially. She whimpered softly as Spencer reached out and grabbed her shirt, pulling it roughly up to pull it over her head. Silently, Ashley obeyed the unspoken order and lifted her arms. The shirt was suddenly gone as hands then found their way to the clasp on her bra and discarded it almost as quickly. Spencer then removed her own bra and they sat devouring each other with their eyes.

Ashley was the first to move, leaning over to kiss her girlfriend and laying her down on the wide and comfortable seat. Her hands danced across heated skin, bringing forth a sheen of sweat as fingers teased and pinched erect nipples and her tongue stroked the inside of Spencer's mouth. Their hips rocked against each other seeking friction.

Spencer gasped as Ashley's hands slid down to her legs, with her fingers caressing the inside of her sensitive thighs. Her legs automatically spread further apart and Ashley took advantage of the opportunity, moving her hands higher to the waistband of the blonde's underwear and then pulling down. Spencer raised her hips to help and soon the small garment disappeared into the dark recesses of the car.

"Ashley…" Spencer hissed, shivering at the hungry look on her girlfriends face. One hand slowly slid under the skirt, inching further up as they locked eyes and stared at each other. Long fingers twitched over inflamed skin, teasing and making slender hips jolt suddenly.

Spencer bit her lip, suppressing a moan as the fleeting touches grew more concrete and Ashley watched her intently. Fingers danced over her folds, knuckles applying pressure to key areas causing Spencer to buck and groan, rocking her hips towards the touch. Ashley's other hand stroked up and down the blonde's smooth thigh before journeying up over soft but firm abs and then coming to rest on a heaving breast. Her fingers rolled and pinched Spencer's sensitive skin, making her arch and hiss and close her eyes.

"Ash, please no more teasing," she begged. She felt like she was on fire; she wanted to be freed from the conflagration and feel the waves of release wash over her relentlessly. She was putty in Ashley's hands, being molded and shaped by the brunette's fire into something new, something beautiful and unique and belonging to Ashley and only Ashley. And she loved every second of it.

She whimpered loudly as the hands suddenly left her. She opened her eyes to see Ashley's hooded ones still watching her. Then the slender teen bent down and crawled across the seat, looking like a panther stalking its prey, her head bent low but eyes firmly fixated on Spencer's. Hands pushed the skirt up, revealing Spencer's glistening sex and Ashley wasted no time bending down the rest of the way to taste her.

"Oh Ashley," Spencer gasped, her voice breathless. She 'mewed' in the back of her throat as her girlfriend's tongue moved up and down her slick slit, brushing against her clit before traveling down to tease and circle the entrance to her core. The pattern repeated, again and again, causing Spencer's hips to buck and her breath to hitch.

She pushed her hips closer, moving in concert with that talented tongue. She could feel Ashley's fingers digging into her thighs and the brunette's own moans adding vibrations against the sensitive flesh.

"More…please…" she pleaded. Ashley started licking harder, her tongue exploring every millimeter of hot flesh within reach. Up and down Spencer's slit, around folds and across her throbbing clit. She left nothing untouched.

Spencer was panting and whimpering, wanting and needing more but unable to articulate that need. She cried out Ashley's name in a broken rasp as she felt that tongue slip inside her, wiggling and pressing deep. Her hands, already buried in her girlfriend's soft hair, pulled sharply, trying to pull that muscle deeper within herself. The tongue left but before Spencer could protest, two slender fingers replaced it, thrusting deep and curling upwards to rub her g-spot.

"Oh shit," Spencer whimpered as Ashley stroked that sensitive spot, sending intense jolts of white hot pleasure through her entire frame. The smell of her arousal surrounded them in the car, thick and heavy. Ashley loved it; it made her hotter to know that she was what was turning Spencer on so much.

"Ashley…I…" Spencer gasped, unable to express what those expert fingers were doing to her. Ashley had brought her to orgasm many times since that night she had her 'first new time' and each one was powerful and unique. But this one felt different, stronger and it scared her slightly. She didn't want it to stop.

She growled as Ashley's hot mouth enveloped her clit, adding to the intense sensations rocketing through her. The edge was spiraling closer and closer, the sharp twinges of her impending orgasm growing hotter with each stroke of Ashley's fingers and each gentle lick and suck from her mouth.

Her orgasm struck her suddenly, her fingernails digging painfully into Ashley's scalp and a scream ripping from her throat. She felt something inside her release but was too far gone into the atmosphere to care.

"I love you! IloveyouIloveyouohgodIloveyouIloveyouAshleyIloveyouIloveyou," she chanted as she continued to come. She fell back onto the seat, limp and shaking as the orgasm passed, leaving only tremors behind in its wake. Ashley continued to lick, making Spencer jump and twitch with each swipe of that tongue.

As she returned to full awareness, Spencer noticed that she was soaked; between the sweat coating her body and other various liquids, she felt slippery. She wondered for a moment what happened and lifted her head to look down at Ashley. The brunette glanced up at her, still licking and smiled.

"Ash…?" Spencer whispered, her voice shaky. Ashley finally stopped and moved to lay on top of the slightly larger body. She kissed her blonde girlfriend, sharing her flavor. Spencer noticed that Ashley's face was wet. She pulled away and arched an eyebrow. Ashley giggled.

"One in fifty, Spencer. My sweet, sweet baby."

Part 66

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