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Down By the River
By Berg


Part 1

"So what?" Cindy asked seeing Jill shrug her shoulders and Claire shake her head. "Okay. None of us knows what's been wrong with her and at least one of us should know. Don't you think?"

"Yes I agree," The blond ADA spoke. "She has been acting odd."

"This is Lindsay we're talking about," Claire defended her friend. "She's always been hard to put in a box. Don't you think maybe you're over thinking this just a little bit?" she asked the reporter. "Don't you think that if she wanted to talk to one of us she would?"

"Look I'm just worried," The reporter began pacing. "Since this whole 'kiss me not' case she has been so out of character…changed."

"Wouldn't you?" Claire asked. "I mean we can't sit here and expect Lindsay to be her usual self."

"She is more guarded," Jill nodded her head looking at the reporter. "I've got to give you that. And she seems more distant than usual."

"She's probably trying in her own Lindsay way to keep us safe. Maybe she thinks she is protecting us," Claire offered again.

"Claire," Cindy shook her head. "Stop acting like this is an ambush. It's not. We all love her and we're all worried about her…even you."

Claire nodded silently and took a deep breath. "When she is ready we'll be here." Jill agreed. Cindy, who nodded her head as well left the morgue and sat in her car going over the events from the prior week. It seemed to start then.

"…next thing you know, wham, Jacobi knees him right in the nu…ahhh well you get the idea," she laughed with her three friends at the table. Claire sipped her margarita.

A soft buzzing sound caught Cindy's attention. "That's me," she smiled at her friends. "Hello?" she responded answering her phone. "Hi. Yeah. Dinner with friends," she nodded. "Absolutely, okay. See you then. Bye." She flipped her phone shut and looked up at 3 sets of eyes all watching her curious.


"You're blushing," Jill winked. "That was a guy wasn't it?"

"His name is Bill," Cindy looked down at the table. "We met at this press thing the other day."

"So you're going out with him?" Lindsay asked curious. Cindy looked up and locked eyes on the Inspector. There was something lined within her voice, something Cindy couldn't put her finger on…or rather didn't want too.

"You have a date," Claire smiled.

"It's not a date," Cindy shook her head. "We're meeting for dinner to toss around some ideas for a book he's been thinking about writing."

"But it's dinner," Jill teased. "Is there going to be drinking?"

"And eating," Claire added.

"And kissing…" Jill mocked her like a teenager. "Is he cute?"

"He's not bad looking," Cindy shrugged her shoulders. "I don't think I'd compare him to…" she stopped talking. 'Lindsay', she thought to herself.

She knew she had a school girl crush. She also knew it was one sided. But as much as she tried to convince herself that the idea of she and Lindsay being an item was never going to happen, she could only compare it to the idea of never really wanting to give up hope that maybe there was a Santa Clause.

"Compare him to who? Denzel? Brad?" Claire teased now along with Jill. "I'm a married woman sweetheart. I live vicariously through you three," she winked.

"He's a nice guy," Cindy finished her thoughts. "Now…any new leads on the Wilson murder?"

"Nothing new," Lindsay said tossing her french fry back on to her plate, only half eaten. "You know what guys? I didn't even realize till right now I've got to go. I've got an early day tomorrow."

"It's 7 p.m.?" Jill laughed. "How early are you talking?"

"I'll call you guys tomorrow," Lindsay smiled at the group.

"You're going to see your EMT aren't you?" Claire asked smiling. "Go on. Admit it."

"No. No EMT," Lindsay shook her head. "Wishful thinking though," she smiled. "Later guys."

Cindy watched her go, waving as the door opened.

Biting her bottom lip, still sitting in her car Cindy made up her mind. "What's the worst that can happen?"

She could shoot you.

She could have you thrown in jail.

She could handcuff you and throw you on her desk, ripping open your…

Cindy shook her head to break that current train of thought. "God, I need to get laid," she ran her fingers through her long red hair. "Okay Lindsay. You won't talk. Fine. I have a way of getting my answers." She started her little car and smiled. "Here we go…"

Sitting inside the car Cindy was shocked.

She just watched a very confident and very sexy looking Inspector make her way inside a female bar. A 'female only' bar. "No way…" she whispered as she parked her car. Maybe she is following up on a lead from the Wilson murder. "At a gay bar?"

An hour and a half later Cindy scooted up seeing the long haired detective leaving the bar, her arm around a shorter red head. The red head was leaning in close, and suddenly pulled Lindsay to her, brining her back against the side of the building, kissing her deeply.

"Whoa," Cindy shook her head. "Okay lead my ass!" she felt the little jealousy bug begin to tear into her. "Who the hell does this chick think she is? You don't molest a cop in the middle of the street!" She was ranting to herself in the car.

Do something! Stop her!

Cindy quickly dialed Lindsay's number. She watched as Lindsay pulled away and took her cell out of her leather jacket pocket. "Boxer," she held her finger up and motioned for the girl to wait.

"Lindsay," Cindy said watching the woman across the street.

"Hey Cindy. What's up?"

"Nothing," Cindy said drumming her fingers against the steering wheel.

"So…you called to say nothing was up?"

"No. Yes. I mean…" Cindy was trying to come up with anything. She saw the red head come in closer and wrap her hands around Lindsay's waist, running her hands up inside Lindsay's jacket.

"Can you tell her to keep it in her pants till you're at least off the phone with me," Cindy mumbled without thinking.

Lindsay's head shot up.

Shit. Oh shit. Shit. Shit.

She saw Lindsay scanning the cars in front of the bar. "Where are you Cindy?"

"You know what?" Cindy took a breath. "This was a mistake. I'm sorry. Go back to your date."

"Honk your horn," Lindsay said still scanning the streets. Cindy did as she was asked. "Stay put." Cindy watched as Lindsay flipped her phone shut and turned around, saying something to the woman she was with. The woman waited a moment and then went back inside. Lindsay looked both ways before crossing the street and making her way down the road.

"I stayed put," Cindy said as she watched her passenger side door open.

"You're spying on me?" Lindsay asked. She didn't sound as mad or 'ready to take aim' as Cindy assumed she might be.

"And you're not drawing your weapon," Cindy looked innocently to her right. "I'm sorry. It was stupid. I was just worried. You've been so…distant."

"Did it ever occur to you that I've been distant for a reason?" Lindsay asked curious.

Cindy sat there in silence.

No it hadn't.


Part 2

"Did it ever occur to you that I've been distant for a reason?" Lindsay asked curious.

Cindy sat there in silence.

No it hadn't.

"No," Cindy shook her head. "I realize now I shouldn't have followed you."

"You broke a rule."

"What rule?"

"The trust rule Cindy," Lindsay shook her head. "How am I supposed to trust you now that I know you've been snooping around, following me? I mean how long has this been going on?"

"This is the first time," Cindy held up her right hand, as if taking an oath. "Lindsay I swear to you."

Lindsay watched the young reporter and nodded. "Okay. I believe you."

She began to get out. "So that's it?" Cindy asked. "You're going back inside to…her." Cindy said the last word with such hate and discontent.

"That was the idea, yeah."

"So you're dating women now?"

"I've always dated women," Lindsay answered. "Well not when I was married of course."

"So you're dating them now…and before."

"Yes. Is that a problem?"

"Do Jill and Claire know?"

Lindsay raised her eyebrows. "Yes. They know."

"What about the EMT?"

"What is this? 50 questions Cindy?" Lindsay paused and took a breath realizing she wasn't exactly giving the reporter a fair shot to catch up. "Look I'll talk with you more tomorrow. How about we meet for coffee?"

Cindy turned her head and looked forward. "Sure. Coffee."

"Great. I'll call you," Lindsay smiled. "We're good?"

"We're good," Cindy nodded. She watched as the Inspector crossed the street. A few moments went by before Cindy made up her mind. It was now or never.

The dimly lit bar brought a relaxed calm to the inspector who walked back inside. She approached the bar. "Beer," she smiled at the blond.

"Didn't you just leave?" The bartender smiled.

"Now I'm back," Lindsay reached out accepting the beer. "Thanks."

"Hate to break your heart, but that red head you were with before…she just took off about two minutes ago." Lindsay nodded. 'Of course she did,' she thought.

"So much for getting lucky," Lindsay laughed and shrugged.

"She isn't your type," the voice spoke softly from behind Lindsay. Lindsay didn't turn around.

"And I suppose you know my type?" she challenged. She recognized Cindy's voice immediately.

"You need someone who keeps you on your feet. Someone to keep you guessing? You don't like it when there is no puzzle to figure out."

"Is that so? Anything else?"

"You need someone who is as fiery about her work as you are, someone who understands what makes you tic, what drives you."

"Good point," Lindsay said still not turning to face the red head.

"You need someone who won't leave here tonight, spend a few heated hours of passion in your bed or hers and then never call you again. That's not what you want."

"What do I want?"

"You want love. You want someone who sees the real you. Sees when you're scared, afraid. Someone who knows how to make you laugh…when the chips are down. Someone who loves you as much as you love them," Cindy finished. She knew it was a chance. She knew deep down she could be making the biggest mistake of her life.

"Love me?"

"I love you," Cindy said as she watched Lindsay turn slowly around. "I love you. And I want to leave here with you not because I have too, but because I want too. Can you see me Lindsay? Can you see that I'm telling you the truth."

Lindsay nodded. "I can see." She approached slowly, kissing Cindy softly. "I can see." She pulled back and smiled. "Only a few heated hours huh?"

"That's just to start," Cindy smiled pulling Lindsay toward the door. "Let's see if you can keep up."

The End

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