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Dreams and Desire
By Cirroco DeSade


(Quotations stolen from A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1. 1)

(Or, if there were a sympathy in choice,
War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,)

B'Elanna Torres chose to give her time and her efforts to Tom Paris, the jovial helmsman with a Peter Pan complex. In the scheme of things, he was the most suitable choice available to her. He was well liked, always quick with a joke and generally fun to be around. Yet, that didn't make him a good partner.

Most of her friends wondered at her choice, but none would repudiate it. Even the Captain figured love was unpredictable in its manifestations, and she would not deny B'Elanna's right to happiness, even as she worried for her heart. The young man with the winning smile might very well be able to provide her engineer with happiness. However, he was more likely to break it with his philandering ways. She would be prepared for any outcome as it arose.

The months passed and the novelty waned for Paris. For B'Elanna, she was sure she was being punished by Kahless himself for some indiscretion. How else could she explain the misery that was called her relationship with Tom?

And before she could lament the situation for too long, Paris himself ended it. He gave her no choice, stating only that they weren't meant to be lovers and that they should pursue real love, or be happy with nothing at all. In a rare flash of insight, he grinned and told her that remaining friends was so much better than becoming enemies.

(Making it momentany as a sound,)

When he left her stunned by his words, she realized that in her heart she knew a passion that she believed was true love, but denied it with every breath she took. As quick as the thought came, she smashed it into oblivion under every violent thought and every equation she knew.

Yet, every time the woman who controlled her dreams came around, the growl that escaped her control would expose her heart's wishes. She would quickly turn that growl into shouts, derision and any angry, venomous insults she could muster in an effort to rid herself of the temptation the beauty provided.

(Swift as a shadow, short as any dream;)

In the blink of an eye her fight was abruptly derailed and her fantasies realized, yet sullied. The day came with its usual challenges; yet another piece of Borg technology plagued the crew, but most especially Seven of Nine.

Then in the heart of Engineering the former drone shifted into another buried personality and stalked B'Elanna like the prey she rapidly became. Her hearts all but leapt out of her chest even as her fears tried to rally her to fight. Except the fight was only fuel to the fire as the Son of K'Vok scented the air where she had stood and pounced upon her, declaring how she would be a good mate. And as her heart and her mind warred she was still, unable to protest.

The blonde held her tightly, making the Klingon part cry with joy. and before she could utter a word, the blonde leaned in and bit her cheek. Her knees nearly collapsed from under her; some well-meaning crewmember called for security even as the confused engineer wanted to cry. It was not Seven who had done this, who had reduced her to a quivering and needful woman. No, it was some long-dead Klingon male.

She watched as the younger woman fled; the strength her Borg implants provided gave her the power to bowl over the security guards as if they weren't even there. She closed her eyes, bringing her hand up to her bleeding cheek, and tried to exorcise the traitorous thoughts and desires from her mind.

She needed to concentrate or she would forever lose the beloved blonde to the insanity that gripped her.

(Brief as the lightning in the collied night,)

Then it was done. Seven was rescued and returned to herself. B'Elanna didn't know how to feel the next time she saw the blonde and fell back what she knew best: pushing the blonde away.

The only thing that had changed was that Seven seemed to haunt Engineering even more than before; that and the fact that B'Elanna swore she caught Seven looking at her thoughtfully at odd moments. B'Elanna would violently restrain any growing hope her heart might harbor. She would stomp away, either heading to her office, some remote corner of Engineering, or even heading back to her quarters for a mourn-filled cry and icy cold shower.

She would never let them know the torture she endured in the presence of the blonde. However, she knew that after that fateful day, her heart would never be the same.

(That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth,
And ere a man hath power to say 'Behold!')

One such day she fled from her domain unaware of her surroundings. She stepped into the nearest turbolift only to be joined by the very presence she was fleeing.

"Seven," she growled, "couldn't you find another lift, or just wait for," she never got to complete her sentence.

The tall blonde wrapped her left arm around B'Elanna tightly, using her strength to its best advantage. She buried her right hand in the brown locks of hair and pulled B'Elanna into a mind-numbingly possessive kiss. Even as B'Elanna's eyes closed and a growl escaped her quite unbidden, the blonde drove her mad with desire.

Her tongue danced inside the brunette's mouth until B'Elanna began to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen. When Seven finally released her enough so that B'Elanna could begin to catch her breath, the former Borg grabbed her lower lip between her perfectly formed teeth, raking over the sensitive flesh with a most precious pain.

At this, the engineer's knees buckled, and it was only the strength of the blonde that kept her upright. She found herself backed up against the turbolift's wall, her body trapped against the blonde's and aching with every inch of the heaven this provided. Her hearts thrummed in her chest triple time as the feeling of it sank in.

Seven nipped and nibbled her way across B'Elanna's jaw until she was laving and biting her neck. Making her way slowly up to the smaller woman's ear, she growled softly. If the blonde had not been holding her, she would have hit the floor for sure.

"I may have been overcome by the personalities of others," Seven intoned, the purring growl making B'Elanna whimper, "but they could only express my thoughts and desires, as they no longer had any of their own."

The blonde again found her lips and thoroughly erased all coherence that had been left to the engineer. Finally she slowly let the smaller woman go, straightening and stepping away.

"Do you have the strength to follow your desires, Klingon?" Seven asked, her voice deeper than usual and made husky by the obvious desire B'Elanna saw shading those beautiful eyes to a deep blue.

Yet, before the hybrid could respond, the blonde stood tall, inhaled a bracing breath, and turned, leaving the stationary lift and B'Elanna behind.

(The jaws of darkness do devour it up:
So quick bright things come to confusion.)

"Kahless," B'Elanna whispered as she hungrily watched the blonde walk away. Finally the lift doors closed, breaking the mesmerizing view.

The computer let her know that it didn't understand her destination, so B'Elanna growled out to be carried to deck nine.

Striding into her quarters, B'Elanna tossed off her jacket even as she called for the computer to log her off duty. Through the next few hours the hybrid paced and muttered. She growled and cursed, confused at the state of affairs she'd found herself in. What would she do about the enigma that was Seven of Nine?

Finally, as alpha shift ended, she came to the only solution her heart would accept. She tapped her badge, opening a channel and gave in to fate.

"Torres to Seven of Nine," she hailed, waiting with trepidation for the response. Her hand trembled where it still hung in the air from tapping her badge, and she made a fist, bringing it down to her side.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" the blonde answered. "How may I assist you?"

"Could you," the words came out timidly. Growling, she called upon the strength of her desires and her Klingon heritage. More forcefully she started again. "You can come to my quarters. Immediately."

A pause dragged out long enough for B'Elanna to wonder if her tactic was the wrong one.

"As you wish," Seven finally said, and B'Elanna could hear the triumph in the woman's voice. Then she melted at the seductive way the blonde uttered the last word, "B'Elanna."

The End

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